should i ask her?

Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2019 11:13 am
theres this girl i like and recently she been very "changy" one day she likes me the other she dont, so should i sent her this message or should i change something?
btw i really like and, we're around 14 y/o
"im confused, you only kissed me once, while not being drunk or playing a game like truth or dare, so i want to know if you like or you dont, i dont know what to think anymore. should i keep trying or just give up?"
please help me ASAP
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Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2019 12:13 pm
Don't send her a message. Talk to her face to face.

And don't ask if she likes you. Instead, ask, "Do you want to get a soda?"

And then her response will tell you if she likes you.

Whenever you think you should approach someone romantically, assuming neither of you are already attached to other people, the answer is always yes, you should. And you should do it in as personalized a manner as possible. That means, in order of preference:
  1. In person
  2. On the phone, talking, not texting
  3. Snail mail letter with a stamp and a return address and everything
  4. Email
  5. Text
  6. Facebook wall or Snap or Instagram post, etc.
  7. Whispering to friends and hoping they'll take the hint
  8. Mixtape in a boombox held over your head at two in the morning while you stand on her front porch
  9. Smoke signals
  10. Interpretive dance
Okay, so the last few are kinda silly. And others here might take issue with the order of some of the serious methods. But I think everyone will agree that the most personalized way to talk to someone is in person.

I am assuming you like this girl. So why not go the most personalized route you possibly can? This will demonstrate you do like her, as opposed to you just doing the convenient, easy thing. Be different from other people your age. You'll stand out. And that's a good thing.
Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2019 01:02 pm
yeah you're right, i should do it in person if i even do it, as it might screw up our friendship, (we go to the same class and i even sit next to her)
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Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2019 01:07 pm
one day she likes me the other she dont,
This is normal behavior for 14 year olds. Er, excuse me, around 14 y/o. (Which means you are both probably still 13.)

Also, since I can, I will add that neither of you should be getting drunk. It is illegal at your age and can lead to poor decisions that can affect you for the rest of your life. (Your proposed message to her seems to indicate that you may have kissed when she was drunk.)
Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2019 02:58 pm
actually i am 14 and she is 13, in my country i can drink whenever i like, i just cant buy it, i know it can lead to poor decisions, which is why i didnt drink a lot. and yes we have kissed while she was drunk
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