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Sat 22 Apr, 2023 04:18 am
Hi everyone,
I need help to think, because i cannot find a clear solution for myself in this question. Putting things simple i have reasons to assume my wife can be cheatting with a specific person. I dont have definitive proof, but some very suspicious things happen some months ago. I talked, she denies firmly. I know the person i suspect so i remembered to go to whatsapp and see last seen on whatsapp, and it always online in specific hours that: match her work time breaks, minutes before work start and when it ends, its creapy. Sometimes his number is "offline" hours, and then in 5 min break, or 10 min break he is online matching a work pause of her! Not once, almost everyday! Other coincidences happen in other situations (besides work). Her whatsapp isnt used in same timeline, but her work is different everyday and it is always matching.... in weeks. I thought she could be using other phone at work, but strange coincidences also happens when we go on holidays, or at weekends (example, sometimes when she goes to bathroom he stay online for the exact amount of time she is in there). So, it might not be other phone just on work, and i think it would be hard to have other phone at home, or in holidays without me to notice. Its not her phone because sometimes this happen with her phone off. I am not an abusive peson. I dont want to stay in this relationship if this is happening, but i cant ignore this issue also. Does anyone have an idea what might be happening? (one last example, this number stay online for the first time in the day almost everyday at our different waking up hours (in the different days of the week), and it is last seen almost at the same time at our sleeping time. If this is coincidence... probabilities and statistic here... its hard to understand. Any ideas? Any other device can be use to link with whatsapp besides tablet/phone/pc? Is SHE using his number using other device (in bathroom example she left her phone at the table)? Any thoughts?
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Sat 22 Apr, 2023 06:40 am
oh well i think it’s best you ask questions before you take any further actions
Sat 22 Apr, 2023 03:44 pm
all answers are in the path of deny everything. i can trust, but the situation is still awkward and suspicious. sometimes i detect strange mood swings in conversations, and if i go check he is online, however i never could find any device at home that could be connected. i am not a tech geek, nor i am informatic or app expert.... but i believe its not from her phone.
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Sat 22 Apr, 2023 08:28 pm
I hope she will divorce you - you sound like a horrible creep who is obsessed
with what your wife is doing. In addition you have her phone tagged and constantly check when it's in use. You're sick with jealousy and need help!
Mon 24 Apr, 2023 04:25 am
Im sorry you think that. I am actually a sane and functional person, and i am not watching her phone, if you read what i wrote. If this are coincidences i feel terrible. However the day to day coincidences makes this very unprobable. Thats why i asked a global invisible human consciousness like this forum, to try to understand if someone has dealt with similar situation, or someone has an idea what is going on (besides the theory that i am driving myself to the path of craziness).
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