I'm the worst wife ever.

Wed 8 Mar, 2023 08:35 pm
I am convinced that I am the worst wife ever. My husband hates me. I'm fat, ugly, selfish, annoying, needy and all around just a terrible wife. He wants nothing to do with me. He is not sexually attracted to me, I know he's not but I can't find the motivation to change so that he will be. My depression has really been kicking my butt lately, but when I cry I have to cry alone on the bathroom floor because I don't want to bother him. At this point I'm nothing but a burden to him. I honestly would make his life so much better if I just wasn't alive anymore. We don't spend any time together anymore, but I don't blame him, I barely want to even spend time with myself. All I want is his happiness but I know that as long as I'm around he won't be happy anymore. I can't cook, what man wants a woman who can't cook? I'm a terrible parent, my daughter is disrespectful and a spoiled brat and it's all my fault. Even if I ask him what's wrong when I can tell something is wrong he won't open up to me. I just think that I would make his life so much better if I didn't exist.
Wed 8 Mar, 2023 08:47 pm
Contact your doctor and tell him or her what you just told us. Have your doctor give you a full workup to make sure nothing is physically wrong. And, if there isn't, get a referral to a mental health professional—and go.

Life doesn't have to be this way.
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Thu 9 Mar, 2023 02:28 am
You're a beautiful human being who's going through a really tough time.

Jespah is right, see a doctor.
Thu 9 Mar, 2023 01:01 pm
Agree with both above.

You are down on yourself and need someone who can positively help you. A full medical evaluation and suggestions on how to care for yourself both physically and mentally. You need someone on your side; someone that can be unbiased. Anyone can make a change, you just need a good "coach" someone to push you a little and give you a positive outlook.
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bobsal u1553115
Wed 5 Apr, 2023 06:51 am
Are you seeking validation or argument? Are you the husband trying to prove a point to the "worst wife ever"?
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