Love triangle (please I need your opinion) thankies

Reply Thu 20 Oct, 2022 04:34 am
I have a friend who has a gf. Her gf is poly and sleeps with other people. I know from the start that her gf is bad news cuz she was encouraging my friend to do bad things. I asked my friend to cut things off with her gf but she doesn't want to. I kinda understand cuz her gf is also her childhood friend. There was a time when my friend called me if it was okay to stay over. I saw she has cuts and bruises, I asked her who did it and she told me she fought with her gf. They're always fighting.
Curiosity ate me at that time, I asked her what they fought about and she told me it was about a girl she was talking to, online.
The girl she was talking about followed me on social media, after 3 days. I noticed that my friend change a little bit, she told me she wants to stop smoking and do better in school. I'm happy cuz she's finally taking care of herself. But her gf found out about the girl and also followed her on social media. I was shocked cuz her gf didn't get mad. I asked my friend what is the status of her and the girl online, she told me they were friends. I know that the girl she met online is a good person cuz I'm also talking to her and video chatting. The girl told me she likes my friend romantically but she doesn't wanna ruin my friend's relationship with her gf, and that being able to be friends with my friend and help my friend to be a better person makes her happy.
There's a big fight between the girl online and my friend's gf. My friend was panicking and don't know what to do. She told me, her gf and the girl online were friends. But I know for sure that her gf was being evil, a fake. My friend told me that her gf saw the girl online messages reminding her to take care of herself and her gf get angry cuz the girl was acting like my friend's lover.
I don't wanna take a side cuz I know that the three of them have faults.
The girl online video call me and said sorry. I know she wants to cry cuz her eyes were glossy. She said she doesn't know what she was sorry about but knows she did something wrong, loving my friend who has a gf and acted like she is the lover.
I asked her what exactly the reason my friend's gf mad about, and she told me she confessed that she likes my friend romantically. The girl said she is not dumb and knows that the gf knows her feelings. She admitted her feelings and confessed that she doesn't wanna rob my friend away from the gf and only wants to be friends. She also told me my friend's gf said it's okay and relieved she admitted it. The gf said that the girl needs to wait until she broke up with my friend. The girl online told me she was mad cuz the gf told her to wait like she was giving away my friend.

The girl said if my friend decided that she wants to end their friendship, she'll accept it and stay away from them.

After a day, I found out that my friend's gf posted a lot of negative things about the girl.
I was worried cuz she lacks confidence. She told me it was fine and deserves it. She told me that my friend ends their friendship and blocked them so that she can stop contacting my friend.

I'm glad she doesn't block me cuz I consider her a friend.

After that, my friend is back from always smoking and drinking, she also doesn't wanna go to school. Her gf is still the bad news.
3 days ago, she was hospitalized. Her gf? Complaining.

Me and the girl were still friends. She's worried and always asking me if she's okay...

(I don't speak English very well)
(What do you think guys? I need your opinion about the circumstances, if you're my friend what will yah do?)
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@Emery rabbit,
If I am reading this correctly, you're not involved in this triangle at all and are just one the sidelines, yes?

If so, then 2 things:
1) be friends with whoever you want to be friends with and
2) stay out of other people's relationships.

Your friend can make her own account if she wishes. Or maybe she doesn't want any advice, I don't know. But you will do best to just butt out of it.
Emery rabbit
Reply Thu 20 Oct, 2022 08:45 pm
I already did that. I didn't say anything since the day my friend refused to cut things off with her gf. I supported her but I can't stay quiet right now cuz I don't wanna lose a friend. She's in the hospital. She's a mess. The reason she was hospitalized can't relate to smoking and drinking. I don't know what her and her gf was doing. If I stay out like before I will regret it.

But thankies for your advice.
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