Wife with history of emotional cheating wants male friends IRL

Reply Thu 29 Sep, 2022 07:25 pm
My wife and I have been married for 9y. A few years into the marriage she asked me to check her phone for something saw she was talking to guys. Pics, our problems, sexual and otherwise. We talked about it she didn't see a problem with it I told her I did and asked her to stop she said she would... Few months pass I found out she's still doing it we argue I find out she never stopped. I get mad tell her to stop talking to these guys. She again agrees even gives me permission to go into her phone when I want, truth. Seems fine a few years go buy I start getting strange vibes. Shes turning the phone from me going out side every time the phone wrings. We get into a fight about some bullshit out of nowhere. Later I check her phone like she gave me permission to. Shes sent nudes to these guys, her face, where she works everything, doesn't look like she stopped at all.
I try a new approach icry and beg her to stop. She says she would again erased all the apps she used and contacts. Over the next few years check her phone every now and again I find random phone numbers now again can't prove anything seems fine. So present day she gets a new phone at the same time shes about to get an operation understandably scared. A few weeks after the operation we get into another stupid fight she gets drunk I check her phone. I think you get the next part. This time I wrote down everything I had a problem with. This time I tryed to compromise didn't want to get lied to again. Agreed she could talk to these guys on the phone as long as I'm not home. Seems fair she agrees. Two days letter she's talking on the phone laughing having a blast. Ask her who she's talking to and she says nobody. Long story short argument lies bullshit. Five days ago she sits me down and tells me she want to make friends I say cool. she says male friends. She asked me permissionto have male friends IRL because it's easier to make friends with them. My nightmares. I need advice to trust or not to trust. Compromise. Just lost. Thanks for your time.
Reply Thu 29 Sep, 2022 08:35 pm
Your wife is making a fool out of you. She a) doesn't respect you or your wishes and b) has obviously no boundaries while flirting and sending nude pictures of herself. Now she wants to meet men in person to get on with her flirtatious ways. Frankly, I think she's met some in real life already, you just have no clue about it.

You have two options : either accept what she does - she will not stop, regardless what you say or how much you threaten her - or you leave ! That's it!
Good luck!
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