Husband is secretive very much

Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2022 12:02 pm
Should I be suspicious my husband has two phones and each one of his phones has two lines, five email accounts, four Facebook pages he asked me to leave the room to check on something as soon as I walk away he starts texting 11 PM at night and says it’s work.
Should I be suspicious of him?
Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2022 04:08 pm
Ask him why he needs all that stuff, and what he's doing with it.
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Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2022 05:49 pm
Sucker bet.

A person does not need two phones, five email accounts, four Facebook pages, and does not need total privacy at 11PM. This many accounts is only useful for curbing views of his private life, and I'll bet that all of those Facebook pages but one (which he lets you see), has you as a person outside the circle of close friends.

Your instincts are correct, Confused.
Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2022 07:06 pm
PoliteMight wrote:

Just trust him. If you truly love him you will respect his privacy at times.
Computer stuff is private as with anything else. If you can not trust him to be open then your not being a good spouse.

I think you're a little bit daft. Trust is good, but when you're confronted
with these many discrepancies than something is up. He's not a good spouse
otherwise he would be open with her - just to follow your train(wreck) of thoughts.
Reply Tue 5 Jul, 2022 03:29 am
I have he says business. He owns 12 small food stands
Reply Tue 5 Jul, 2022 08:30 am
CalamityJane wrote:

I think you're a little bit daft.

A little daft? he's a nut job Razz
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Reply Tue 5 Jul, 2022 09:06 am
Does it make sense to use multiple emails and accounts for them, though?

I mean, unless he owns entirely different named shops like:
* Mark's Shop
* Jacob's Shop
* Ben's Shop
and pretends to be competing stores or something. In which case he's lying to the companies, not you.

Normally, if you have a franchise with multiple locations, you only need 2 emails (one business, one personal), and you probably only need one cellphone (since your homephone is for personal). The more separate accounts he has, the less transparency in your relationship.

Yes, trust is good, but at the very least this sort of thing screams shady business dealings, and at worst he's using these accounts to hide romantic meetings or crime.

Unless you are seeing an excess of sweet gifts, him having so many businesses either means none of them are very successful, he has abnormal greed, or he is doing sketchy things.

Outside an affair or crime, the only other people who use that much secrecy are working for the state (FBI, CIA, etc) or for other governments. If you can find any sign of customers that are VIP types (the queen of Bolivia visits his food stands), we can rule out crime or an affair. Otherwise, yeah, time to pull the plug.
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Reply Thu 21 Jul, 2022 04:34 am
Look uhm those things are free and you could have as many you want to have. They mean nothing asides for somebody being cheap enough not to use snail-mail. That is it.

You have to have faith and trust. When somebody comes knocking at your door with a love-child then you could file suite. Beyond that you have to forgive him.
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