Why is only one side of this story published?

Sun 27 Mar, 2022 06:24 am
I feel like I owe you a comment on these posts:

1. Assassination of Putin seems to be the best path forward. Of course, better not miss.

2. I think he is the driving force behind this reconstitution of the USSR. Russian citizens aren’t behind it.

3. Putin’s getting older, pines for when he was a global power, and is insinuating that he’d use nukes to get what he wants.

4. I think all paths lead to a world war featuring nuclear weapons.

5. Time to wake up spooks in Russia.

In the early days of the war, news outlets all agreed as did I, that the war was a simple Putin land grab. Most of my harshest opinions came from that belief.

In time, as I searched for other sources of information, and read warnings from geopolitical scholars written decades ago that NATO brinksmanship around Russian borders would lead to our current situation, I began to see this situation as more nuanced—and, as a result, I’m not as stridently pro-assassination.
Mon 28 Mar, 2022 06:43 am

There is no way to negotiate from this. IMO
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Tue 29 Mar, 2022 07:31 am
I don't think this is about the USSR. I would be opposed if it were, but I think this is the narrative the left wants us to think.

As far as I know, Putin hasn't shown any hammer and sickles, but he has posed near an Imperial Russia flag.

And yes, I think it is alot more nuanced than Biden does, who literally said on camera "For God's sake, that man cannot remain in office." I'd like to remind the pot that it is at least as black as the kettle. In fact...

That man cannot remain in office. For God's sake.

As for assassination of Putin, we have about 30 or 40 years of US undermining Russia, even after the Cold War ended, USSR fell, and it was time to make peace and let Russia get back on its feet as a civilized country. Now all the Soviets are actors in Hollywood and in the halls of Senate, Congress, or the White House. They're creeping into Russia, and Russia doesn't want them near their country. I see a country that has been remarkably patient with us, and I fully support most actions it takes in response. We have become the evil Soviets now. So now it's our turn to be stopped. Go for it, Russia!
As for the picture, photographs can be doctored.
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