What to say online/in person to a girl I like

Reply Mon 5 Oct, 2020 01:06 am
Hi so I've always had a problem thinking of the right thing to say, I'm so paranoid that what I say will be a turn off. There is a really cute girl in my small town on POF I'd like to message. Even out of all the girls I've seen in Chico and Sacramento, she is particularly cute. I'm trying my best to be myself by saying, "Wow your too cute for this town, what brings you here, family?" or, "Hey I just wanted to say I really like you and would like a chance at a date with you." So highschoolish right? Like I said I can't think of anything. You should see how I am with pretty girls in person, I totally lock up and am at a loss for words nervous beyond all belief. I feel like I'm looking for some guidelines to come up with something to 'be myself' and not sound repetitive. Due to a disability and alcoholism in the past, I never had the opportunity to approach someone.
Reply Mon 5 Oct, 2020 01:50 am
Think of it this way no matter what you have little to loss and if you do not just do your best you likely to have long term regrets.

I just told a woman in my life my feelings toward her an now it up to her but no matter what happen I know I had try my best.

That is far better then listening to all the good reasons not to let her know.
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Reply Mon 5 Oct, 2020 05:18 am
Say hi. You know, like you would with anyone who you don't know yet.

No leading with her looks or any bullshit like that. If she's as attractive as you say, then she's heard that before and it's only going to annoy her.

She has no idea who you are or what you are like, so starting with asking her out is also ridiculous. For all she knows, you're some serial killer.

Start with your first planned line but skip the cute part.

Hi! I'm _____ (insert your name here). What brings you to this town?
Reply Sun 25 Oct, 2020 01:38 pm
Hey just wanted to say thanks for the advice, I'm way out of the game.
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