Cosmos vs us

Reply Thu 17 Jun, 2021 12:41 pm
“As you know already my opinion is that matter is held together due to the balanced "toggling" +/- forces within the core which is made up of only NEUTRALS?”
Seems you are talking about the molecule rather than the “core” (nucleus).

Piggy always say that the issue of the “core” (nucleus) is a very specific issue of physics. Of course piggy doesn’t think that any guy has ever seen the elephant. If you feel that your idea is capable to explain some physical and astronomical “hard problems”, just build your own model to research.

(Next, go on with the topic of “prisoner of consciousness”, namely those guys who are UNAWARE, argue for argue.)
Reply Thu 17 Jun, 2021 01:15 pm
I was referring to the core as in the NEUTRAL which contains +/- balanced “toggling” forces within which hold matter together.

What else holds matter together do you think….glue? …not convinced on that one I’m afraid.
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Reply Thu 17 Jun, 2021 03:07 pm
Actually in the PRESENCE – SELF principle, the “twins paradox” can be analyzed:
The SELF (moustache), the age of the pig is associated with the PRESENCE (the pig).
So, if we analyze the age of brother A, we should stand on the reference frame of brother A;
If we analyze the age of brother B, we should stand on the reference frame of brother B.
In the physical environment of SR, no other physical factor affects the time. Then, the increase of their ages is the same situation. That means the ages of the twins are ever the same.

(There is another version of “twins paradox” concerning astronomers twins. But piggy doesn’t think that it’s the original physical meaning about SR. Just because of the PRESENCE of the Earth, strictly speaking this version can’t count as pure affair between the twins. It’s another specific affair in physics.)
The fun thing is that such “paradox” is reasonable. The problem is that “prisoner of consciousness” is not AWARE that such affair belongs to the category of “consciousness”. (The fun thing is that even some “prisoner of consciousness” themselves doubt whether such “paradox” is wrong. They are confused by their consciousness.) What’s wrong is they misconsider it represents the only angle to touch the elephant.
After the cross roads are two different roads extending in two different directions. Which road to go is up to one’s own choice.
Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 12:09 am
My view is that the SPACE between the matter that is within us holds the key to PRESENCE/SELF.

SPACE itself is made of something.
Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 01:18 am
And whatever that something is it is clearly "SEE THROUGH".
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Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 03:05 pm
Piggy has been defined as “dead man” by the First Order in what CN. Piggy really has no mood to imagine this or that casually.
In practice step by step in science, piggy understands more and more.
Now if some guys can feel that “non - paradox” is actually a bit better than “paradox” in science, piggy will be very satisfied.
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Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 03:08 pm
His consciousness vs pig’s awareness, touchy and feely:
Piggy never believes a normal Chinese would go to PHF of USA to sabotage my effort and denigrate me.

Perhaps the consciousness of the First Order was that if they played down piggy in PHF, piggy would go back to their camp again and had to accept their arrangement for piggy’s fate (sausage).

But piggy’s AWARENESS is that piggy has to give up China entirely due to that incident. It made piggy entirely lost confidence to CN. Actually, piggy’s peripheral social resource has been entirely controlled by the First Order. Only unfavorable factors are allowed by them to come to my life. Piggy is AWARE that in order to prevent myself from falling into their ultimate complicated and absolute cruel game / trap again and waste the last a bit time in my life, piggy has to give up all the relatives as well as old friends in what CN and even to such an extreme degree that piggy has nothing to talk with the Chinese except给他江门地方黑恶势力钟永康集团及新会一中九一四班谁谁一个超文革赛阎王光荣称号快快全世界全宇宙打靶啦。当今时代,全世界没有什么人能够值得如此殊荣。呵呵.
Piggy is AWARE that those former classmates have become cruel and terrible enemy.

Piggy really doesn’t know when the First Order will decide to shout “execute”… Piggy not yet has an idea how to dig a hole under the fence and flee to America. Piggy is AWARE die hard in what CN…
Science now is AWARE. The PRESENCE and SELF are trying to escape from the confinement of those “prisoner of consciousness”. Piggy is not quite sure what’s it fate.
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Reply Sun 20 Jun, 2021 01:13 am
What I mean by the space “outside of the matter at a quantum level” is that as we are all clearly made up of atoms there is clearly space between these atoms.

Something holds atoms together.I am personally not persuaded that this is “glue” …one uses glue to try and fix something that has been broken do you not?

My theory is that the balanced “toggling” forces that hold matter “we can touch” together may be separate from the forces that act upon this balanced system.

Is space made up of matter therefore?

Reply Sun 20 Jun, 2021 01:57 am
Is this NOT a “reasonable” theory and if not can someone explain to me why it isn’t.
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Reply Fri 25 Jun, 2021 01:59 am
If piggy encounters Einstein, perhaps he would call piggy “baby pig”. Is it “reasonable”?

But the fact is that the moustache of the pig grows longer and longer, no matter what others’ consciousness might be (pretty boy or baby pig).
Sounds the PRESENCE and SELF are not controlled by consciousness. Is it “reasonable”?

“…are the “eccentric” but is UNAWARE of this.”
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Reply Sun 27 Jun, 2021 05:29 am
this is very like
Reply Tue 29 Jun, 2021 12:13 am
The standard expression in English should be “this looks very like”, perhaps?
Actually, baby pig is just other’s consciousness. Not the SELF of the pig.
Thank you for your PRESENCE in this thread and chat.
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Reply Tue 29 Jun, 2021 01:46 am
At this moment:

Talk about that rabbit again. When some people try to research what’s “male rabbit and what’s female rabbit”, why they must associate the rabbits with time or movement /what inertial coordinate system ? Even a kid in the primary school can be AWARE how absurd they are.

(Relevant material:
The CPT theorem,
As well as
“Neutrinos are not their own anti-particles. Neutrinos are "left handed." That means that, no matter what inertial coordinate system we are in, we measure the spin to be +1/2. The anti-neutrino is right handed for all inertial coordinate systems.”
“…Let's use a rotation in real space for simplicity. Say that we have a particle that is moving along the, say, +z axis and that the particle has a spin. Use your right hand "grab" the velocity vector (pointing in the +z direction) with your thumb in the direction of the velocity…”

Any theory is just a method of description which tries to touch the elephant. Speculating the property of matter from the angle of external behavior is the third cancer in research of modern physics.

But in the new era of PRESENCE and SELF, the APPROPRIATE description of what’s a male rabbit and what’s a female rabbit should be “* is *, # is #”.

In the new era, we can be AWARE and ask such a question: Neutrino and anti neutrino should be something PRESENCE in this cosmos? What’s the SELF?

And then take a look at the PRESENCE and SELF (spiral spring and its chirality):
It’s STILL there. It’s the inherent property.
Left - handed is left- handed, right - handed is right- handed.
Of course there should be a neutral one without chirality too.

If an elementary particle, the neutrino, is neutral, it should have no chirality, but it can oscillate between +, neutral, or - in specific physical environment. This is philosophy. Vivid analogy: piggy is powerless at all in this society and has no firm stance of his own. In front of the First Order, piggy will have to put up his hands (surrender) and becomes a half – self payment watchman or a drudge in conformity with their will / consciousness; but in front of Jasper10, piggy will have to research the PRESENCE and SELF in the new era of science.

There might be many “inappropriate” methods of description in science over the past century. Those guys who are AWARE can imagine how serious the situation was.
The worst thing could be those “prisoner of consciousness” are UNAWARE of this. Perhaps they are UNWILLING to be AWARE of this.
“Heavy accumulated and hard to go back” it is.

So, for those guys who are AWARE, what could they do? Just left behind those “prisoner of consciousness” and “move on”? Reasonable?
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