Cosmos vs us

Reply Tue 31 May, 2022 08:33 am
PRESENCE precedes any Big Bang.

Reply Tue 31 May, 2022 03:10 pm
“Lord of creature” vs “Lord of creature”, touchy and feely

“matter, anti matter, dark matter, pure energy, preexisting quantum realm,100% ” in PHF galaxy;
“Blah blah, toggle, plus, minus, blah blah, gravity magnetism” in a2k galaxy;

Piggy really has no idea how to identify which one should be the true “Lord of creature”.

What piggy cares is that the great physics philosopher woody again delivered some meaningful questions for deep thinking:
“What happens when a particle meets it's antimatter counterpart is reasonably clear.
But what happens when an antiproton meets a neutron or a positron meets a muon (for example).”

And the stuff provided by Mr. Farsight.
“But what happens when an antiproton meets a neutron
They annihilate. Search on proton antineutron annihilation.”
Although piggy can’t access his link again, piggy estimate they annihilate too.

Sometimes piggy does appreciate that genius rabbit Dandan very much:
“As the proton and anti-neutron are not particle/anti-particle pairs there won't be a complete cancellation.”
Piggy agrees with his humble opinion very much. (note: his reaction equation seemed to be in the “standard” quark MODEL only. Piggy feels the quark MODEL looks like the building block game of kids. haha)
The partial cancellation demonstrates anti-neutron or neutron is a synthetic particle, perhaps, anti – proton or proton is part of it.

A bit regrettable, nobody provided stuff about “a positron meets a muon”…Piggy guesses “no”, because they are “two counter vortices of much different size encounter”. (For details, please see the chapter of annihilation in the thread “matter vs anti matter”.)

And piggy agrees with Mr. Farsight’s point “then the muon decays into an electron and more neutrinos. So all you've got left in your hand is an electron.”
Matter AUTOPILOTly trends to stay in lowest energy state / most stable state. A vivid analogy is that a pig love in sleeping most.

Through researching on such specific issues in physics, maybe people can trace the history of cosmos back to its boost point reasonably.

Have a lovely day, guys.
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Reply Wed 1 Jun, 2022 12:06 am
All that science needs to do is research the electromechanical operation of the universe because that’s how it operates.

NATURE or even scientist for that matter have no idea what gravity is.Nature doesn’t recognise HALF 0,1..1,0 logic which is derived from the philosophical belief that.0=1 and 1=0 OR +=- and -=+.

With two magnets you don’t just have attractive interactions.The universe is saturated with electromagnetic fields and is full of electromagnets.Everything that spins in the universe is an electromagnet.

I see no explanation is forthcoming as to how science is going to prevent all that matter from exiting and entering all the holes that it does exit and enter from/into in order to SALVAGE it’s gravity and single Big Crunch theories

Delusional squat?…..lol…….yeah ok.

Reply Wed 1 Jun, 2022 03:38 am
“Lord”, touchy and feely

The most familiar “Lord” for people of course would be the “Lord of creature”…It’s a good thing absolutely…It’s in CONTROL of this cosmos…
But if “Blah blah, toggle, plus, minus, blah blah, gravity magnetism” in a2k galaxy can’t defeat “matter, anti matter, dark matter, pure energy, preexisting quantum realm,100% ” in PHF galaxy, how can people in this cosmos have to admit “Blah blah, toggle, plus, minus, blah blah, gravity magnetism” in a2k galaxy should be the true “Lord of creature”? Oh Lord, no one would have to follow him to DREAM.
Just bully bully in this small nest is useless at all…Perhaps only the First Order would appreciate him very much.

Once upon a time, piggy encountered some aliens in an “authentic” galaxy, who like to dub themselves “time lord” or say “lord of time”. It’s a good thing too. That means they are in CONTROL of time. Perhaps they can “travel back in time” to amend their defective love story. Piggy laughed at them…Why not? Actually the only guy who committed to the research on the physical essence of time in a deeper level is in the a2k galaxy…They seemed annoyed and kicked piggy’s *ss to hell… that’s the attitude of the “authentic” science nowadays.

Actually, piggy admired the “local dark lord of Jiangmen city他江门地方黑恶势力钟永康集团” most. They are ever in CONTROL of large amount social resource and are capable to do something substantial in this world…for example, absolutely defining piggy as a “dead man” or a security guard…

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Reply Wed 1 Jun, 2022 04:13 am
All that people need understand is that there is a "machine like" part to our makeup called AUTOPILOT which operates on FULL logic and not HALF logic.

That doesn't mean we are that machine. AUTOPILOT is just a secondary system that undertakes mundane tasks for us.

PRESENCE can take CONTROL in MANUAL any time it likes.

The CONSCIOUSNESS states for AUTOPILOT and MANUAL are different and the individual will know this if they have sufficient AWARENESS.

The gravity theory is an arrogant and confidently wrong theory which isn't a team player with the other sciences.

If science wants its united theory then it needs to start looking for the interconnections/interfaces across the sciences.
Reply Thu 2 Jun, 2022 04:13 pm
Piggy does feel the J – 10 style of “delusional squat” “Blah blah, toggle, plus, minus, blah blah, gravity magnetism” is alike those mass shoot.
Piggy ever agrees the J – 10 style of “delusional squat” “Blah blah, toggle, plus, minus, blah blah, gravity magnetism” is powerful enough to defeat anyone and bury this a2k galaxy. But it doesn’t mean that it would surely win out in this cosmos, because this a2k galaxy is just a small nest in this cosmos. The fact is that there is a true? “Lord of creature” in the PHF galaxy.
Of course, piggy wish the “Blah blah, toggle, plus, minus, blah blah, gravity magnetism” of a2k galaxy is powerful enough to defeat their “matter, anti matter, dark matter, pure energy, preexisting quantum realm,100% ” in the PHF galaxy.
It’s about face…perhaps.
Of course, the First Order only wants this a2k galaxy be buried up by J – 10 style of delusional squat…
Piggy thinks the pig has wasted much time to play game with wasp.
Game is over now. AWARE of this?
The most complicated game in the 21st century would be the First Order’s game…In such game, piggy must be a “dead man”. Piggy “sure enough” again and again.
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Reply Thu 2 Jun, 2022 04:23 pm
Next go on with normal scientific research.

Some guys are also talking about something beyond the universe in all kinds of sites. It’s the “multiverse”.
Scientists do have set out to explore the invisible matter world for decades.
Once upon a time, piggy said in PHF: “to give an exact name to that thing is not a simple job”.
Piggy loves in the literal and philosophical word of “cosmos”.
In theory, the ability of DESCRIPTION of 3D space + time is obviously very limited.

Have a lovely day, guys.
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Reply Thu 2 Jun, 2022 10:54 pm
What I post is not delusional squat at all. It is rational and balanced and does not preclude the possibility of a God. My philosophy is perfectly sound and nature concurs with it. Nature does not adopt 0,1..1,0 logic and this has been definitively confirmed by the 4 off possible magnetic force interactions.

The FACT is Secular Scientists have zero interest in the possibility of a God and therefore only adopt 0=1…1=0 logic to reach what they see as a philosophical cancelling out of everything to the point whereby they conclude that as nothing matters then anything goes and man determines it.

These scientists then adopt this same logic principle to their science resulting in them having to invent a force to try and confirm their philosophy is correct. A force that nature knows nothing about and even they can’t define because it was derived from “flowery“ massaged mathematical equations riddled with assumptions.

I don’t agree with Secular Science‘s foundational HALF logic (0=1 and 1=0) which it utilises to invent its theories to justify its philosophies and belief systems because the logic it uses doesn't agree with natures logic.


Secular sciences theories continue to confirm what isn’t happening in the universe and the FACT IS, observations confirm this. Secular scientists still need to explain how, if matter is exiting and entering many many holes, AND IT IS, and they know it, then how can it have originally exited a single hole (point) and how can it exit from a single hole (point) at the end of the day? You see secular sciences arguments don't add up because they are not rational. The universe is not expanding uniformly as they have been GUESSING. Observations confirm this as well,

I‘m not interested in what isn’t happening in the universe, I am only interested in what is happening in the universe.

Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2022 12:46 am
Natures logic determines what is happening in the cosmos not secular science’s logic.

The two don’t match.

MAGNETIC force interaction logic doesn’t agree with secular science logic.

Secular science needs to explain why it is adopting incorrect logic to its studies.

Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2022 10:59 am
Rest assured, NATURE adopts a different logic to the secularist philosophical and scientific view point and magnetic combination outputs confirm this definitively.

With NATURES logic, 0 and 1 are different which is contrary to secularists claims.

Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2022 05:52 pm
The J – 10 style of “delusional squat” absolutely has made the pig numb. Haha

Next, philosophical test again, again, and again:
There are male rabbit and female rabbit PRESENCE in this cosmos;
Also, there are male cow (bull) and female cow PRESENCE in this cosmos;

Bull can’t hear what rabbit speaks. Namely, when the sound wave of the rabbit reaches the ear of the bull, it would be ineffective?

Is it true?

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Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2022 11:02 pm
NATURES logic does have the secularist logic (0,1..1,0).However, it also has (0,0...1,1) logic associated with it as well.

This is definitively confirmed by the 4 off magnetic force combination interactions which definitively confirm that 0 and 1 are different because if they were the same then all the magnetic force interactions would be the same and they are not.

Secularism completely ignores this FACT, whether it is AWARE of it or UNAWARE of it, what does it matter.

It's a FACT that NATURE utilises ALL 4 off logic combination interactions.

Therefore the logic that the secularist scientists have INVENTED for themselves to try and explain the workings of the universe is INCORRECT.

Their science just serves to confirm what isn't happening in the universe.

Observations confirm that secularism science is INCORRECT.

The moral to the story is, don't let secularist loose with science or it will all go "belly up".

Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2022 12:16 am
NATURES working logic is what it is.

We shouldn't be INVENTING a different working logic, which is what secularist try to do.
Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2022 01:31 am
Signing off from this post as I just realised who started the discussions and I promised I would not debate with this individual as things get too fraught.
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Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2022 02:28 am
Nowadays, piggy is entirely not interested in wasting time to take a glimpse at what rubbish J -10 bully bully post in my thread (s), because “Illusions IF illusions are REAL illusions…Finally I am ending this as I was so crystal clear that any further debate is an attempt at stubbornness and is not genuinely trying to engage in any learning!” Moreover, piggy feels the First Order has decided to shout “execute”…Piggy has to race with time.
So, piggy resort to public review of J – 10’s answer to the philosophical test ahead:

1. If the doctors confirm that he is weak – minded, then, he should be sent into the school for the mentally retarded. The teachers there can employ special methods to help him to learn;
2. If he is 神经病, then, he should be sent into the Abnormal Human Beings Research Center and mandatorily closed there. He can DREAM to CONTROL cosmos with his logic and output / design nature according to his mind / psychology there.
3. If J – 10 style of “delusional squat” “is not genuinely trying to engage in any learning!” and keeps trolling / bully bully intentionally for obscure purpose, that means he should be punished.

Piggy hereby invites scientists worldwide come here to take a look and verify.

J – 10 style of “delusional squat” keep stalking piggy again and again.
It’s unforgiveable.

Or, certain kind of philosophy might indulge attack?
Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2022 02:43 am
Hey htam9876 …my mistake..I overlooked that you started the post.

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Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2022 06:27 am
What piggy cares is whether J – 10 style of “delusional squat” should disappear in America…
Or should piggy make a conclusion that “indulge attack / violence’ is American philosophy?
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