cheating wife

Thu 17 Sep, 2020 10:48 pm
married 40 years and i ask my wife to remarrie me and she said yes but i have to tell u i cheated on u 33 years ago we were having problems back then so we seprated 7 months but she didnt cheat until we got back together and she dont have many details other than they had sex 2 times and road around together drinking and smoking weed for about 4 weeks i cant get much answers because she said its all blank and she felt bad for doing it so i just not sure right now about anything
Thu 17 Sep, 2020 10:58 pm
She's not a cheating wife.

She cheated once, for a very short time, 33 years ago.

Don't know why she felt she needed to tell you.
Fri 18 Sep, 2020 03:08 am
Don't know why she felt she needed to tell you.

Because it has been bothering her for the past 33 years is why. Obviously.

As for the OP, it is a difficult place for both of you. It is a reality that neither of you are the people that you were 33 yrs ago ... Whilst I understand your problem regarding trust, I'd advise that you need to take a much wider view.
Fri 18 Sep, 2020 09:20 am
Something that has been "bothering her" for 33 years, yet at the same time "don't have many details" except she "road around" for 2 weeks and it's "all a blank"
Don't know how this confession makes her feel better if she doesn't remember much, but now has involved another human being and caused pain to him.

You're slipping Teufel. You not only forgot to insult this posters intelligence, as you do in almost every post, but failed to mention your wife and grown children are all doctors.

To the OP.
If you've been married 40 years, I'm guessing you're in your 60's or 70's.

I'm in my 60's, and honestly, this just doesn't feel like something a person of that age would need to bring up to a bunch of strangers, especially when you have so little to go on.

Fri 18 Sep, 2020 11:30 am
One more word of advice to the OP.

You say you're not sure of anything right now. Don't know what that means.

However, keep in mind, divorce is a young persons game.

Before you go jumping the gun at bringing up, or even thinking about divorce, remember the following.

Both of you are at least 60. You've spent 40 years aquiring assests. Hopefully you live comfortably enough.

What's going to happen if all those assests have to be sold or split up, plus your income will be just what you alone make?

Finally, I have a hard time believing a person of your age has such poor spelling, grammar and understanding of English, but, whatever.

Suddenly your nice life goes to living hand to mouth, in a crap place to live.
Unless the 2 of you can't stand being in each others sight for a lot of other reasons, it's not a life I'd care to live.

Perhaps best to just put some stupid move she made 33 years ago when things weren't good between the 2 of you aside, and get on with life.

If you say everything was ok because this was after you got back together, well, obviously it wasn't.

I know it's impossible to forget what she told you, but put it in it's proper perspective in the big picture and the business of life.

Sat 19 Sep, 2020 02:44 am
sounds like verry good avice chai2 i belived thats the thing i was gonna do after thinking about it so thanks
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Thu 25 Feb, 2021 10:37 am
my wife is a cheater they say that if the mother cheated then the daughter is a cheater . maybe the worse kind of a cheater she would never admit that she cheated even if i was watching her , in fact i would have to record her on my phone and every time she would say i didn't do that i could play it back to myself or i would end up giving up or believing her my self and telling her I'm sorry forgive me that's how good she can be. mine has. i knew it was by the way she stayed in bed for 24 hours, it was 4 am i still didn't go to sleep we were talking,
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