Is love as best friends enough for a marriage?

Reply Mon 9 Mar, 2020 02:26 pm
I want to know if being best friends with you partner is enough for a fulfilled, happy, lifelong relationship?
I love my partner deeply but I've always felt something is missing, I've realized whats missing is that I love him as a best friend, not as a boyfriend or potential romantic life partner. I'm not attracted to him and just learned to be by being with him.
How we came to be together in the first place is a crazy kinda messed up story and I feel like I was backed into a corner to be with him in the first place, I'm happy now with how it worked out and we ended up together but I know how we got together wasn't ok and anyone else would have left him.
He loves me deeply and makes me feel it everyday. We have so much fun together and the relationship dynamic is exactly what I've always wanted. We live an alternative life style so getting a dynamic I want is next to impossible but I've found it with him.
We are not only compatible but complimentary to each other. He's already successful and will only grow with that. He allows me space to do what I need to do for my success and we support each other no matter what. We have so much fun together and when Im not with him I find myself wishing I was.

My question is, is this enough? People say the romantic love usually dies anyway after the honey moon phase and you're left with the base stuff like I perfectly get with him. We have been talking seriously lately about marriage and its a very real possibility of a proposal within the next year. People say to marry your best friend and this is exactly what I would be doing.

TLDR: I have found the perfect guy on paper but for some reason theres something missing and I dont love him beyond him being my best friend, is that enough for a happy life together?
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Reply Mon 9 Mar, 2020 02:34 pm
In my opinion it's a wonderful basis for a marriage and a happy life together.
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Reply Mon 9 Mar, 2020 03:12 pm
It’s not so much romance dies but that you get your priorities straight and don’t have to cling to each other like vines.

You can’t grow if your too close together and get in the others shade.

PS. There is no such thing as a “perfect” guy or woman.

Get that silly fairy tale stuff out of your head.

Look around at older couples that have been together a long time, and profess to be happy. A common denominator is that they give each other space.
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Reply Mon 9 Mar, 2020 03:15 pm
What do you mean “how we got together wasn't ok and anyone else would have left him”

Please explain.

Did you rescue him from something?

Make no marriage commitment - listen to your gut.
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Reply Mon 9 Mar, 2020 06:36 pm
How is the sex?

Romance is one thing but sexual compatibility/attraction is another.
I'd go with sex and companionship over romance.
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