Am I a cheater?

Reply Tue 1 Oct, 2019 07:57 am
I started seeing someone about 7 years ago at work. Before we got together another guy, whom I had no interest in, always came by my desk and talked to me. He would send me texts or messages on computer. I would just respond and talk to him when he came in the office. He would make some sexual comments, but I would just blow him off. Not taking him serious or anything. This continued after me and my boyfriend got together 7 years ago. I really didn't see anything wrong with it, but then my boyfriend pointed out how this guy followed me places and was hanging around more. I finally just stopped talking to the guy and ignored him. But since then, everyday, its some kind of comment about how I was acting...talking to the creep and leading him on...just over and over....
Reply Tue 1 Oct, 2019 08:37 am
Call HR and tell him this guy is harassing you.

As for your boyfriend, if he doesn't trust what you say about not leading this other guy on, etc., then maybe rethink that relationship. You should expect him to take your word in such matters, unless you've got a history of cheating.

Oh, and BTW, getting harassed is not you being a cheater.
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Reply Tue 1 Oct, 2019 02:50 pm
Your last sentence isn’t 100% clear. Who is making comments and suggesting you are were leading this guy on years ago?

Your boyfriend? Now, after all this time?

Is this why you are asking yourself if you are a “cheater? “ Is your BF calling you that?
Reply Wed 2 Oct, 2019 08:39 am
Yes after ALL these years he still brings it up about me talking to this guy and supposedly leading the guy on.
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