Husband wants me to sleep with other men

Mon 11 Oct, 2021 02:00 pm
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Tue 12 Oct, 2021 05:41 pm
I've talked to many husbands about this on the Internet, and I mainly just want to give them advice. But before I started giving advice, I talked to tons of guys who had this fetish. And one thing I found interesting, was that they ALL told me that regardless if it's a fantasy or they really do it, the craving will never go away. I've talked to guys who've been trying for decades to get their wives into this, and it just hasn't happened.

Anyway, when I give advice now, my first bit of advice is to NEVER tell your wife this is your fantasy. Nothing good will come of that. You will destroy your chances if you're honest about it. That might sound bad, but it's true.

She will think her husband doesn't love her, or wants to get rid of her or this is a way to get extra women.

And one thing I've determined from all of my research, is that women have far less guilt cheating, then they do if they accept a hall pass.

I talked to a guy who tried for ten years to get his wife into this lifestyle, and she refused. Later she went on a business trips for two weeks and screwed a stranger 14 days in a row. Her hubby found out when he was snooping through her phone, and she later admitted she did it. He was furious, and I don't blame him one bit.

I understand if she can't indulgent in her husband's fantasy, but she thought it was OK to cheat?

So after time passed and he forgave her, he attempted to talk her into being his hotwife, again. Nope. She refused.

So this is the brick wall that guys are up against with this fetish.

But rightfully so, wives are afraid that if they try this and like it, their husbands might flip like a switch and hate them for it.

So my advice is kind of simple and common sense. Start with having a man give his wife a massage. She can be in a robe or towel, but just start there. Then spend a month talking about it.

If they decide it wasn't all that bad, then try the same thing without a towel or robe. See how that goes, and back away for another month.

I think that when the wife realizes that the world didn't collapse, she might be willing to take a baby step to the next level.

The reason I'm all for this lifestyle, is because I see so many miserable couples in sexless marriages. And soon someone will cheat.
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