I'm going to prom with my crush but I'm confused

Reply Sat 23 Mar, 2019 03:16 pm
About 2 months ago, I asked a good friend of mine, whom I have a crush on, if he wanted to go to prom together and he said yes. He has referred to me as his prom date to mutual friends of mine as well as people that I'm not sure he knows I'm friends with. He's also asked me questions about prom, such as whether I would mind what color tux he was wearing or if I would be okay with him growing his hair out for prom (since he has very curly hair, which I really like btw). The other day a friend of mine told me that my crush said he didn't ask anyone else to prom (even before I asked him) because he had a feeling that I wanted to ask him. He also said it would've been disrespectful if he had asked someone else since he had a feeling that I wanted to. This makes me a little sad, if I'm being honest. Now I feel like he only said yes simply because he thought it would've been disrespectful to say no/to ask someone else, rather than him just wanting to go with me. My crush had previously asked a friend last year to prom, but the friend ultimately ended up cancelling on him. Friends of mine that I've talked to have said that maybe he was scared to ask someone else for fear of rejection, but I'm not too sure. The friend that told me he said this in the first place also said that my crush seemed happy while he was talking about prom and said that what my crush said is a good thing, but again I'm not sure. Am I overthinking this or are my feelings valid?
Reply Sat 23 Mar, 2019 03:26 pm
You're overthinking this.

I suspect that he is well aware that you like him. It's probably why he didn't ask anyone else. Him not asking anyone else doesn't have to be out of pity. Go in with the assumption that he's a good person.

And quit dancing around the subject. Have prom. Enjoy yourselves. And tell him you like him that way. Yeah, I am being perfectly serious.

Lay your cards on the table and go for it.
Reply Sat 23 Mar, 2019 05:31 pm
This is great advice thank you so much! In regards to you suspecting that he is aware that I like him and that, that might be why he didn't ask anyone else, do you think he could have also done that because he might like me too? And if I tell him how I feel, would it be a smarter idea to tell him before or after prom?
Reply Sat 23 Mar, 2019 05:51 pm
Just play it cool, okay? No big revelations of love or anything like that.

More like -

"Steve, (or whatever his name is) I kinda like you and I hope you like me, too. Do you want to maybe go out again? But this time on more like a date?"

And see what happens.

I'm suggesting for after prom because it is so fraught with meaning (not to mention expensive). So keep your cards close to the vest then -- although if something happens, hey, go for it.

And please don't wear Molly Ringwald's gown:

All kidding aside, I swear you can do this.
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