How do I solve my problems that I have brought onto myself for bot being honest?

Reply Wed 4 Mar, 2020 10:19 pm
I am a captain of a robotics team and in seventh grade. My robotics team does not really respect me and is usually making inappropriate jokes. My robotics group is made up of eighth and sixth graders so I dont really see them outside of robotics. The attitude they have towards me and robotics even though they chose to be there really gets me and upsets me. Last year when I was in sixth grade a seventh grader who was a part if my robotics team and me became friends but really did not talk outside of robotics. This year he is in eighth and is captain of his own robotics team lets call him M. M saw for himself the way my team treats me and is always there to support me especially when i felt like quitting robotics which is my favorite thing to do. He did not know that i wad really close to quitting he just supported me. Whenever my robotics group overwhelmed me i would go to talk to him. Overtime we became good friends in and out of robotics. Naturally my robotics team loving to get on my nerves decided to start this whole thing that me and M like EACH other especially me liking him. I was starting to crush on M was the truth. I decided to talk to my best friend c and told her about my robotics group but i left out the part that i actually have a crush on him. I have never been good at expressing my self especially when it came to my feelings and on top of that her older brother is M's best friend. i was scared she might let it slip. Since i wad going ti miss a meeting for robotics and new my group was capable of telling M, I decided that i was going to tell him basically a similar version of what i told my best friend. the meeting that i would not attend was after school so during lunch after my first official meeting as president of media club i decided to tell him. I walked up to where he was on the basketball courts but just my luck in that moment he was going after a ball. His best friend aka my best friends older brother asked me what i wanted and instead of saying i need to talk to m i said do you want to join media he did not but in that moment m walks up probably thinking why are they talking since i never talk to his best friend. The truth was we did need eighth graders. So i also asked m if he wanted to join and he said yes. I decided to invite him to eat lunch with me on monday since it was friday and he agreed. Since i still was worried about my group telling him after school. Especially since his little sister is in his robotics group so she would hear too. I didn't want him to be called out like that so i was determined to tell him. The main reason i did not want to tel him was in fear if he would ask me do you have feelings for me. gathering all my courage right after school i went to the robotics and basically pulled him out and we walked and i told him everything except my true feelings for him. He was not surprised because i guess the hints my robotics group were dropping were obvious. But he wasn't really opposed to us dating so there might be something. One of my other friends who i had plans with saw me and interrupted our conversation and I-never got to hear what he thought.On monday my best friend joined us for lunch since we had a huge project due that we had to finish. I did not really get to talk to him like i had hoped and media club i s meeting tomorrow and he will be there and i do not know what to do. He might like me back but i am not sure. The school year is coming to the end and if i do not do something i may never see m again since he is going to high school. Him being a year older is also a huge challenge. I do not know what to do. Do i tell my best friend the truth? Do i tell M how I feel?
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Fri 6 Mar, 2020 08:55 am
How does one become captain of a team where everyone on the team hates him/her?
Reply Fri 6 Mar, 2020 09:29 am
@bobsal u1553115,
And the president of, what was it? A media group?

To the OP.
I’m not slamming you, but I really can’t make heads or tails of what you wrote, or what you are seeking advice or help with.

Is it your feeling that the group you are captain of doesn’t respect you?
Or is it more about your feelings towards a boy?

I know these 2 different things can be intertwined but you’re going to have to separate them out for us, and stick to the essentials. Because you wrote this in a wall of text all I could feel while reading this was that it was all over the place, and I couldn’t keep any straight.

Also, I’m not clear if you’re a girl or a boy, what your age is, and what country and or culture you are from.
Knowing all this would help.
Reply Fri 6 Mar, 2020 06:22 pm
I am a girl and 13 years old in usa and I am president of media club it is like an audio visual club. I need more help with my feelings towards the boy.
Reply Fri 6 Mar, 2020 06:26 pm
@bobsal u1553115,
They don't hate me. They dislike robotics which for some reason they decide to go to. They don't take it seriously and spend the whole time making racist and sexual jokes that are really disturbing especially coming from 11 year olds. I care about robotics and take it seriously. Since I try to make them take it more seriously and they don't want to that is where the conflict is. I became captain because I am responsible and actually care about it.
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Reply Fri 6 Mar, 2020 07:15 pm
Long1beach2 wrote:

I am a girl and 13 years old in usa and I am president of media club it is like an audio visual club. I need more help with my feelings towards the boy.

I’m not going to read through your intertwined story again, so in a nutshell, what is it?
Is it that you like him and he doesn’t know it, or what?

You did mention I see to remember something about talking to a friend about this.
Of course you should feel free to talk to a friend about things like this, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask for or take advice from friends. Unless of course she knows he’s into drugs, or something like that.
Your friend, I’m guessing the same age, doesn’t know any more than we do.

At 13, you’re going to have a lot of opportunities to figure out what you want out of dating a boy.
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