She closed date on last minute, what to do?

Reply Wed 16 Jan, 2019 04:34 am
Imeet one girl , our every date ended up with sex even we not agree on that specially. Anyway besides great sex we have really great time if it was in pub, or just walking outside. The last time we were together she proposed another date to avoid one party. Two days before she wrote to me that her friends persuade her to go there and if I want to, i can go with her, but it's better if we meet the next day.Well, unfortunately at the last minute, she told me she is wasted and she would just give me the keys I had forgotten at her place last time. No simple sorry. Well, I picked up the keys, she did not want to kiss me except on my cheek. She told me nothing bad happen and everything is great.

She does not know when we'll meet again but she told me she let me know. Later, I met people from exactly that party and one of them was my friend. Between the speech I found out that she was the only one to go to bed at midnight so that she could not be so wasted. She lied about it, but after i left she didnt go anywhere with her flatmates, also no other guy was in it either.

That night she wrote me that she got a lot of things over head the last few days. I asked what was happening. her answer was that she would not say. What else was left to me than to say that I hope it will be fine. She replied that she would not tell me, it's a lot of private stuff and she does not know if it will be better. Funny thing is, everytime i write it wil be ok she wrote that she would tell me also her responses were such a passive aggression as I was the one who first wrote. Next night i added instastory about some movie and she ask me about it, i give her one sentece reply, she didnt answer later. What should i do? Besides im super sad a lot of things going over my head. She literally change her behaviour over one day. Should i tried to text her? Or leave it be and start preparing that i never see her again ? Also is good to notice she works in my country abroad and these days she post about how he miss their friends? It could be reason or im simply out?
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So you're upset your **** buddy isn't treating you like a boyfriend? Well, you're not exactly treating her like a girlfriend. If you want things to change, then start.

Ask her out. Not to screw. Not to a party. Not to get drunk. Dinner and a movie, your standard, classic date. You're inviting, so you pay. Have a lovely time, kiss her goodnight, and go home. You know, as if she was someone you just met and liked, and wanted to get to know better. Hold off on sex for a few dates (yes, you can do it).

If she refuses or flakes or continues with the passive-aggressive crap, then you don't have to continue, you know.

And for God's sake, stop getting your relationship cues from Instagram.
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Reply Wed 16 Jan, 2019 02:54 pm
This girl does not want to be serious with you.

She had her fun, now she wants to be free.

Date others. Do not have sex with girls so soon. Become friends. Go on dates and earn trust.

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