Am I in? best friend, subtle hints?

Reply Sun 30 Sep, 2018 03:55 pm
Important stuff starts at “-“
Let’s start off with a lil history. About 6 years ago is where i met my best friend today, she a gall that doesn’t live far away from me at all. Back then I wasn’t really looking for a girlfriend, but one faithful night we got drunk and made out, we where 13 at the time so that’s really all that happened. The next day i said something guys aren’t suposed to say and it haunts me to date.
I said ... lets be friends?? 😱

Fast forward 2 years, this is when a new guy came to our group of friends. He a lil clumsy and somewhat skinny but in the end I cant say anything bad about this guy, he’s like a really gud person. Anyway, somehow he manages to get the girl (his game must’ve been damn good I guess? Lucky 😏😂) I didn’t really care cause I didn’t really feel attracted to the girl. ... yet. That all changed when One day, my friend starts to get hot ... damn hot. i get feelings, but she has a bf.

In the 3 years that follow not a lot happens exept word gets out i have a crush on her. But that didn’t really change anything and everything is still neutral.

—— however——

4 weeks ago we had a sleepover at my house, her and 2 other friends (m&f) came over. We slept on a few mattresses next to each other and she laid next to me, kinda spooning but half.

Now here’s where the things get interesting. 2 weeks ago we went out with the group of 4. that evening we went to the roof of a museum. I was alone with her (the other 2 love birds needed some time alone to start a relationship ;p) we were looking at the stars and i noticed her leaning slightly against me. I tested if it was accidentally by moving Closer, but she didn’t seem to mind. Of course I wasn’t jumping to conclusions and getting my hopes up yet. Not from 1 night.

One week ago we stayed at a friends, again, us 4. While watching a movie she layed her legs in my lap, her feet near my D and her ass against my side. Ofc I didn’t mind as I put my arms on her legs and stroked her knees softly. When i was going up her thigh with my hand some time later she said:
“Not just yet, now that im still in a relationship”, I said okey, kinda flitry, but soft so it would become awkward. Meanwhile i already repeated that line in my head over a 100 times, trying to figure out what it meant.

Just yet? Still? Leave out these 3 words and the sentence changes drastically. Did she mean it to sound like this, or was it because we had a lil to drink? Nah, we just had a few beers. Was it because she also felt something right now or back on the rooftop, Maybe? Maybe she was planning on leaving the other guy? And i know bro code and gentlemans rule, but if ur crush for 3 years suddenly shows some interest... I’ll gladly make an exception even if its not right.

The next morning she started watching tv on a couch in the room we slept in. i woke up and went to lay behind her (spooning distance), trying to see what she’d do. To my surprise, she made some room between her and the backrest, just enough for me to lay comfortable. Then she started talking with me about what was on tv ... 😶 ... 😏?

One last thing, im pretty muscular and lean but my crush always said i was too lean and that she didn’t like the way my arms looked when i flexed. Since 3 weeks i started bulking and eat around 3000 calories a day, now im finally getting some healthy and much wanted fat to make my muscles transition into each other beter. I realized i was basically starving my body 😖. Good thing is, i’m starting to see results and she did too, last week she complimented my shoulders and said she wants to join me at the gym at the weekends (since we are on different schools thats the only possible time).

Now what do i make of all of this? Am i in? Are these normal best friend signs, or can i secretly start looking forward for something more?

Thanks a lot!
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Reply Sun 30 Sep, 2018 08:09 pm
“Just yet”

Yup. She is saying the timing is not right.

Because she has a BF !

Tell her that unless she is free, she should not act like she’s is.

Stop being used.
Reply Sun 30 Sep, 2018 10:52 pm
I think u might be right 😛,
Ill certainly stop the flirting on my part and see what happens .

There’s a lot of pretty girls i know so its indeed not smart to wait for 1 maybe.

Thanks ma dude!! 👌🏻
Reply Sun 30 Sep, 2018 11:17 pm
Curious, why would you only be interested in “pretty” girls?
Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2018 06:38 am
Proving, once again, that every thread has a soundtrack.
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Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2018 04:23 pm
I think its only natural to look at looks first, is she turs out to to be a bitch i would skipp, but id prefer to look a lil longer til i find a pretty and fun girl instead of immediately settling for the first nice girl that comes into ur life.

It’s actually natural since better looks usually indicate better genes, which u want for yo kids, so u look at looks even if u dont want to. Birds do it too, with the collors and dances, best danca’ wins da girl ;p
Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2018 08:16 pm
So, someone who is intelligent, ethical, interesting, centered, focused, etc but who is of merely normal appearance is second best over anyone who had the luck of the draw in being attractive.

I see.

Sounds like you’re willing to give a pass on many of the best people out there.
Also, whether a person is attractive or not has nothing to do with any genes that carry inherited disorders or diseases. Now you’re just making stuff up.

In any event, sounds like you’re suffering from a case of sour grapes. Well, this one doesn’t want me, so I’ll show her.

People like you, both men and women, who can see beyond the surface, are to be pitied.

Not that there’s any issues with being attractive. But to exclude people who aren’t is just plain dumb. In fact, you would be surprised at how many people who you would consider unattractive wouldn’t want anything to do with you.

That’s not meant to insult you. You simply don’t seem to realize it’s a 2 way street, and you might not be up to some others standards, either in looks, personality or many other factors.
Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2018 02:37 am
No, average is okey. I wouldn’t date someone That’s below average. Since i put an effort into going to the gym i think its only normal i look for a girl thats also average weight. I get this privilege by going out of my way to train, but guess wat, its not a privilege and people who dont train can also make this choice.

At the looks department its a lil different ofc cause u dont choose how you look, For me appearance is just a number/100 i add to other factors like personality, living distance, intelligence etc, : looks 67+pers 80+d 100+ i 80 (this would be someone who looks good is fun and smart and lives close, ofc im not thinking about numbers every time i see girls (except if im scoring someones looks).
Also rating potential partners is not a sin, u should try. If the total number is about the same they equally right for u, ur never gonna get max. But if the number is more than 40 appart, one might be more suitable for u than the other. In finding a gf u gotta look at all numbers, but someone u never met or see from a distance u can only judge by looks and there’s nothing wrong with that in the sleightest. Its what looks are for. Its nature.

Looks are pure genes, dont be bullshiting, looks are genes and hygiene. U want ur children to get the best looks genes, looks are proven to affect status and succes. Im not saying u cant get succesful if u below average, im just saying that with the same qualities other that looks, an employer is probably gonna chose the best looking candidate. Even if u dont want that, its how it is and the “it aint fair 😭😭” argument is worthless, life aint fair and u gotta make the best of it.

Im pretty confident and usually girls say im between 7 and 8, now i dont say thats true and i could be wrong, but i don’t really care. I just go up to a gal and if she likes me she will go forth with the convo, otherwise i move on like a grownup,i dont do sour love grapes. I think if i can judge (partially) based on looks, its only fair i dont get mad if someone else does the same thing.

I would really like to know, sadly there’s no way to be sure unless u ask all the people that have seen me. If u find a simpler way hit me up 👌🏻. I try to be the best i can every day, i go to the gym for a good body, use creams and soap for acne etc, try to be honest and engaging. If i pay attention to all these factors i believe i have the right to choose for a girl that does the same.

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