Real feelings of a mistress

Sat 8 Sep, 2018 07:45 pm
It all started when I started having marital problems with my ex husband now. It started off financially, no money for anything, small child and he doesn’t try...I picked up 12 hour shifts, was getting fever every night from exhaustion, I was just tired and frustrated, then it came to a point when I really felt disgusted having sex with my now ex husband, I would make up excuses every time...I wanted to leave but surviving in a huge expensive city with no family here and a small child appeared nearly impossible, I felt stuck, I tried I went for therapy because I was feeling depressed, started taking pills, not long after that I’ve met a married man at work who was significantly older then me, omg I thought I fell in love, felt a breath of fresh air but it just felt wrong, no I was not jealous of his wife or anything like that, maybe because I had a family and that was strictly sexual? When this affair started feeling heavy to me I decided to call it quits, it was hard leaving someone when u still got feelings but I was the right thing to do, I didnt want to be more attach d to him then I already was, I cried and cried and cried, but realized that it wasn’t me crying after this guy it was me crying because of how miserable I was, I didn’t want to come home, my now ex husband lost his job, it became even worse, he wasn’t looking for a new job, but we continued paying for child care even with him being home and available, I was tired, we were not making bills and barely affording food and stuff, marital and sex life issues became even worse, I just felt trapped. I talked with my husband about it and he seemed to understand that we were just not working out as a couple anymore, and here came a day when I met him, a day after being on a dating website for fun and just to unload, I even told my husband for the laughs( I know I will get judged, but when 2 people live like roommates and don’t move out because of financial issues) He seemed weird at first, promised me a lot on our first date, and of course turned out to be married as well. I was unsure how I felt about it, but eventually we started seeing each other, it felt magical, he is the most caring person I’ve ever met, I know that he won’t let me fall no matter what, he will be there for me anytime of the day. Fast forward a month after we met he invites me for an out of state weekend vacation, this is when I decided it’s time for me and my now ex husband to part ways because we were just miserable, I left for 3 days, the most nerve racking days of my life...everything was perfect, he is such a gentleman, but most importantly he is a strong male, alpha male, something that I was always subconsciously looking for, someone who I’m in a way scared of, jealous, hot headed for me...we have a big age gap as well, not to mention I’m well taken ware for, financially, I live comfortably, I don’t need to work at this point at all. I know I will get judged but if is what it is, I’m just trying to share how a mistress who is being taken care of truly feels. He spends every given minute with me, we are together everyday, we are intimate everyday, both of us can’t stand being apart from each other, I know he loves me, I have been introduced as weird as it sounds to most of his friends and some family members. He is like a drug to me, I can’t be with him but I can’t be without him, I already reached a point when I can’t live with myself when he is with his family, extremely jealous, even tho he is never home, I feel bad for his kids and for him he can’t rip himself apart in 2 pieces...I love him to deal th but every holiday I cry in bed by myself, no family, no husband, no normal life, I can’t be without this man I can’t imagine no one next to me, he is my soulmate, I’ve seen him cry, we went thru a lot together, but the more I see the other side of his life the more I realize that this relationship is deadly to me, I became very strongly attached, all I do is stay home, I feel trapped, I want to be with him, but I always remember that guys like that will never leave his family.
Girls please never date married men, all it brings is pain and loneliness...all I do is live day by day, but a sword to myself I will never be with a married man because it’s always a dead end.

Ps my now ex husband is happily living with another woman, at least I did something good and maybe brought happiness to his life by getting g us apart
Sat 8 Sep, 2018 07:49 pm
Yep, don't date married men.

The chances of it being a dead end are extremely high.

As for you -- pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Spend some time on your own. Muster your own resources. Sometimes, it's good to be the only person you can count on.

And look again -- for someone who isn't married -- when you're ready. And if it turns out the person you meet is married, then dump and block them and don't look back.
Sat 8 Sep, 2018 07:56 pm
I will take a lot of dusting to do, I tried to break up with him, he doesn’t want to let me leave, I know it sounds ridiculous, but that’s just the way it is he is extremely jealous and possessive, deep down inside I feel like a strong man is holding me, but he is not mine...he wants to have his cake and eat it too, I’m in my mid 20ies and he is in his mid 40ies, I know I sound stupid it’s jusg something about this guy, I can call myself a serial liar but I can’t lie to him, I listen to everything he says and don’t ask twice, I feel I need an out but I can’t
Sat 8 Sep, 2018 09:18 pm
People stay together for the kids, sex, and money.

Which one is it that holds him to her?
Sat 8 Sep, 2018 09:57 pm
It’s definitely kids and money
Sun 9 Sep, 2018 07:35 am
Get counseling. He is in a position of power and authority, due to his age. Is he perchance someone you work(ed) with?

Whether he is or he isn't, you need to be independent. In my mid-20s, I lived alone. No boyfriend, no roommate, no pet. You learn how to jerry rig the toilet flapper and how to cook and that no one else is going to clean up after you. It is exceptionally liberating.

It's been 3 decades yet I know I could do it all again in a heartbeat if I had to.

Be the strong, confident person you know, inside, you can be.

Or just listen to this song and fake it till you make it.

Don't be the mistress of this lying, cheating loser who puts his money before you.

Be the mistress of your own destiny, the captain of your soul.
Sun 9 Sep, 2018 09:07 am
Thank you for such encouragement, even tho I had absolutely no money but I was independent, relying on myself, paying my own bills, but now that I have a lifestyle that I would never be able to afford by myself, I think I opened up different values that are important to me, such as family, this is the only thing that I’m missing now, but as everybody says u can’t have it all! I just have to build up courage get on my feet and leave as sad as it sounds
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