how should I take this?

Reply Tue 27 Feb, 2018 06:28 pm
Ok so I am going out with an older man, he is 16 years older than me,we get along really well, an he treats me super nice,he is a gentleman and much more,we don’t have a lot of time of being together, but we feel so close,the point is that yesterday we were together and he was supposed to come pick me up at 4:00 pm but he came at 5, due to the fact he was looking at some apartments, when he finally came and picked me up, he was telling me all about it, then later at night he showed me the pictures of the apartment, it was a woman who was showing him the apartments and giving him all the detail.

so he was showing me the conversation, and this woman had send him one last text that said:”what r you doing”? an he replied in front of me ”I am with my girlfriend watching a movie”,and also this this woman had told him can you send me a picture of you (this was before they had met to go and see the 2 apartments, maybe it was to recognize him when they both got there, I really don’t know!) and so he send her a picture and then she send him a pic of her.

So know I am wondering is there something going on in all of this? or maybe this girl felt attracted to him, and wanted to go out with him? or he is hiding things. I feel he has been to nice with me, and this also scares me in a way, I mean is it normal that a man is always super nice, taking a girl to restaurants and treating her like a princess so FAST!! what are your thoughts! or behind all this nice,sweet gentleman there is something bad?
Reply Tue 27 Feb, 2018 06:37 pm
Wait... your text isn't clear. He wasn't taking any woman to a restaurant other than you, right? If he is taking you to restaurants and treating you like a princess (and no one else), then that is the just the advantage of dating an older man.

He told this woman that he was with his girlfriend. That is as clear as possible that he doesn't want to be with her. A man who is going to cheat is going to hide the fact he has a girlfriend.
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Reply Tue 27 Feb, 2018 07:40 pm
No, real estate agents do not have affairs with their clients. Having to be State licensed and Real Estate Licensing Board certified, it goes against protocol to get socially involved with a client. Since a Realtor only gets paid commission AFTER the agreement is signed, showing as many apartments as needed is customary.

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Yamini Nandakumar
Reply Fri 4 May, 2018 01:08 am
As far as your text, it really isn't something you should be worried about. Get used to the fact that other women are going to hit on him and find him really attractive. If he is a true gentleman, he will tackle these women and reject their seductions in a classy way. Also, feel free to talk to him about it. It would make him feel like you do care and that it matters to you. Having said that, although it is good to be possessive, try not to be over possessive as this may lead to lack of trust and bring about disloyalty.
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