Do I hate my job, or do I just hate work?

Tue 2 Nov, 2010 05:56 am
Here's one for you, and this is absolutely true !!! I absolutely hate with a passion my current job. I have had jobs which I've loved and liked, but this one really takes the biscuit.

My boss picked up a hooker off the internet, she is now his mistress and lover(urgh) - she makes money doing all sorts of disgusting things and has been allowed to have a major input into the way this company is run and has control over the financial conditions too! Obviously things have gone t*ts up - well, what would you expect. We have to use the same toilet as her(urgh) she talks to everyone like sh*t and he seems to think that no-one knows about what's going on.

We've all had to take pay and hour cuts for the past two years and she sits on her a*se when she does decide to turn in for work ... as you can imagine this is causing huge stresses at work, but no-one can say anything as we're all scared of losing our jobs. Yes - we are all looking for new work but it's difficult finding something good enough to pay the bills in the eco climate.

God, what did we do to deserve this man !!!
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Fri 27 Jul, 2012 11:51 am
@Big Al,
Hey Big Al, I'm 21 married with a mechanical engineering degree, a new baby boy, and I'm making 70k a year as a mechanical engineer for nuclear power plants. I've been a musician since I was 10 and my dream was to play and write. I lost all of my hopes and aspirations once I got locked in this cubicle and it almost brought me to suicide. Then a friend called me up and said he was working with a group of entrepreneurs who had been able to retire in their twenties and pursue their dreams. Its changed my life forever. I saw your post and thought of myself and how I prayed for an opportunity like the one I found. Just thought you might want to know there is hope don't give up.
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Thu 6 Sep, 2012 01:13 pm
**** where do I start, living in London making £65k a year as a network engineer. I loved computers as a kid they were my hobby and my passion and so naturally I followed the do something you love advice and went into that arena.

Now my life sucks, I have two kids and a wife who has got used to this level of income, she particulalry frowns when I tell her I want to run away into the woods somewhere and become a hermit due to the amount of daily bullshit I get from retarded people who need their **** fixed all the time cause they are way too dumb to do it themselves (people I couldn't give a **** about by the the way) and I'm in a corporate environment which I also hate.

Summary hobby has become a job which as you know sucks all the joy out of it and working somewhere I hate for people I dont even like...thats working for you.

Just wish I was on a desert island somewhere with an internet connection and a fishing rod.
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Tue 25 Sep, 2012 08:50 pm
You all need to go on Obamas disability plan. He's relaxed all the requirements. Or just quit and collect something...it's not too hard anymore to be in the recipient class at the expense of the taxpayer. Try it, you'll like it.
Green Witch
Wed 26 Sep, 2012 07:00 am
Could you put some FACTS in this statement please? Please be specific. It's really annoying when people make things up because it feeds their own agenda instead of actually looking up the truth.
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Dev from India
Thu 27 Sep, 2012 11:30 pm
Even I hate work. I am a staunch believer in the anti-work philosophy. What is the alternative to hard work? The alternative is a global catastrophe that'll wipe out half of the human race. The remaining half will then have abundant resources to live by. There will be fewer mouths to feed, fewer bodies to dress up and fewer needs in the world (because humans will be few, so fewer needs.. it's as simple as that). Fewer needs means lesser work required to fulfil those needs. But there's a hitch here. If fewer people are working to fulfil the needs of fewer men and women, even then those fewer people will have to work more, because the people themselves are 'fewer'. So besides this "global catastrophe=fewer people" solution, one more solution is needed, i.e., control people's GREED. That's because most people crave for things that are NOT necessary for survival, with the result that people have to work hard to produce such things that can very well be avoided / shunned in life without much threat to survival. So the solution is : Fewer people on this planet + those people reducing their greed by 70% (if not 100%). Only then can we dream of a work-free world, because then people will have to work to meet the needs of FEWER people only, and that too, only the NEEDS of these fewer people. I suggest reducing great by at least 70 % because 30% greed should be there, otherwise our lives would be too dull and boring, isn't it? Let's take the case of movies. Not watching them won't risk our survival. But imagine a world without good movies! So let's keep that 30% because man doesn't live by bread alone. But the biggest question is: Will such a global catastrophe ever take place (something like a global earthquake or a tsunami)? I may sound very selfish and anti-human, but I seriously believe that most of the world's problems arise out of overpopulation. People in the West may not understand this. You just have to come down to my country to witness the dangers (and the agony) of living on a land that's LITTERED with people. So let there be a catastrophe and let some people survive it, with the rest all becoming casualties. Those few people will lead a better life free of hard work and much suffering.
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Dev from India
Fri 28 Sep, 2012 06:59 am
This is Dev here.. of the same age as you are (33). Every fibre of my body revolts against corporate culture. I quit 7 jobs and now I'm too busy (and too happy) doing nothing at home. These days I'm downloading good movies (downloaded 8 1/2, Groundhog Day, and My Dinner with Andre yesterday) and watching them. I seriously don't know what I'll do next. And I plan to remain a bachelor throughout my life.
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Sat 13 Apr, 2013 05:54 am
you can...thats my plan...first just save enough and live off the land....
i work in chicago right now and HATE WORKING!!! THIS ISNT LIFE!!!!
I want to live life...feed my family and be happy...thats all...
so i am going to have a house on a farm and start going for it...
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Sat 13 Apr, 2013 05:58 am
If you are sick of work its normal! its ok! i am going through this too...and i too realized its not just this job its any job...its not really rewarding to get a paycheck and have no life...
so here is my advice....
what do you love?? what are you happy doing?? find a way to do it!!!
for me its my family...i love them more than anything...i want to live off the land...i want to be able to know what we are eating and how it was raised...so i am saving up to buy a property on a farm and start small and eventually stop working and be able to BE HAPPY AGAIN!!!!

Fri 13 Sep, 2013 06:29 pm
You obviously didn't read any of these posts. of course everyone wants to do what they love. those jobs are faaaar and few between.
I'm 27 and have also absolutely dreaded every job I had. I use to think I just havn;t found the right job, but ive come to realize, I'm just lazy, and have poor work ethic. I've worked at Auto Zone, Fed ex, overnight stocker at Smiths, bouncer at strip club. and delivery driver for home health care (lincare) I found something that I hated about all my jobs. through my experience I have found I would prefer a regulary 9-5 two consective days of during the week, not necessarily weekends. INDOOR works, as it gets very cold in winter, and above 100 in the summer.

I have a very low tolorence for stress. I like to stay busy, but do not like seeing all my work infront of me at the start of the day knowing I am there until its done. Lincare would have been ideal, as it was pretty relaxing job, but soooo many deliveries, and if patient wasn't home you had to go back and deliver later, making plenty of 10-13 hour days. and on call is the worst! never again. if lincare was a standard 40hr gig. with no on-call, I would happily still be there.

I'm still at home, and am scared out of my mind about being responsible, and having a mortgage.
My next job will be Costco for seasonal help. from what I have heard, it's a very good gig with great benefits, and a starting wage of 11.50 and top out at $21 in just 4 years. So I;m praying I can at least tolerate the job name the best of it. this will be my first attempt and making a real effort, and trying to make this last, and build a career with them, as I would be blessed to make$20 hr that is my ultimate goal.
Fri 13 Sep, 2013 07:30 pm
Good luck, herrerrera. Sounds almost like here in sandville. Anyway, Costco seems like a fair employer, not that I know myself, just from reading a little and the fact that my neighbor has stayed with them for at least eight years now.
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Thu 8 May, 2014 11:52 am
I'm bumping this thread because I'm starting a new part time job today.

It's 3 days a week, Thurs, Fri, Sat, in the afternoon/early evening, for a total of 16 or 17 hours a week.

I was only half-assed looking around, and this just kinda fell in my lap.

Thing is, since I've not been working since before Thanksgiving, I've had the time to think, and realized I never liked getting up in the morning and going to work.
This is ideal since I don't have to be there until 2:45 pm.

Honestly, I just kinda hate work in general. I didn't really absorb this until I didn't have to have a job.

It'll be nice to have some money to put aside for emergencies, pay the tail end of some medical bills, and of course have some fun.

Anyway, after I interviewed and got hired, I realized there's a possibility these people may be a little crazy.
Maybe that's too strong a word.

It's woman co owner keeps emailing me for the last week with helpful comments like "You might want to pack a lunch/dinner. I ususally bring soup in a thermos, and some crackers. I'll put a gel pack around a carton of yogurt, and that seems to work out well."


When I respond to her (she asked me why I didn't respond to her first flurry of emails) saying "Thanks", she'ss respond back to me.... "Hugs!"

Oh Jesus.

Anyway, apparantly the owners are not generally going to be in situ while I'm there, so we'll see.

Thu 8 May, 2014 12:00 pm
She sounds sweet....much too touchy feely for you though.

Is she old maybe she just has this maternal type personality...just send her an emoticon with a smiley face and you should be ok.

You should get a job like my daughter -- she is getting paid pretty much $35 a game to umpire/help teach little kids softball -- the games run about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. Damn likely to get about $35/hour at 15 years old.
Thu 8 May, 2014 12:43 pm
I don't like sports, don't know a softball from a cake of soap.

Oh don't get me wrong, she's nice, very nice. So is the husband. I like them both. There's more to it than just these emails. BTW, when I read some of them to my husband, he laughed, but along with some other stuff I told him about the initial phone conversation w/ the husband, and the interview, we've both come to the same conclusion.

I've always worked for larger companies, or corporations.

This is a Really small business. You know all those questions you're not supposed to ask during an interview? Well, I was asked several of them, but in such a way that I realized it was totally innocent. They just don't realize you don't ask such things. In a nutshell, they are guileless. There weren't trying to inappropriately get information, I could tell there was nothing furtive going on.

Oh, like at the end of the interview, I pulled out some reference letters I'm actually very proud of. They said "Oh, I don't think we need to see that." They tried to make out like they were seeing other people, but I'm 99.9% sure they didn't, they just liked me and hired me without checking prior employment, references or anything like that.
When she was showing me an excel tool they used that was extremely basic and simple, I could tell she thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, and said to me "Don't worry, you'll get the hang of this in a couple of weeks."

Ha...another thing she asked was "Do you have access to email at your home?"

Stuff like this.

I'm leaving in a while, on a logical level I'm sure this is going to be a good fit for both of us. I want a few hours of work a few days a week, nothing that will disrupt my sleeping in, swimming or watching netflix, and they need me.
Wally seems to think she's nervous about hiring a new person....he's probably right.

Wally is just always right. <snort>
Thu 8 May, 2014 01:53 pm
Offhand, I think you are going to suffocate in that job. I'm projecting, of course.


PS: don't teach her about emoticons.
Thu 8 May, 2014 04:16 pm
I don't like sports, don't know a softball from a cake of soap.

Then you would be perfect as a ref or ump. I've been to enough games where you can tell they do not know the rules. In one case, this past weekend we are at a state tournament -- the ref calls the play wrong and explains what the rule is -- our coach and the opposing coach said no that is not the rule --- the ump yells rudely Don't question my calls!

But yeah they sound like an old nice couple that are almost trying too hard.
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Thu 8 May, 2014 04:17 pm
PS: don't teach her about emoticons.

Well I think she should -- this lady will think she is quite witty and may give her a raise on the spot.
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Thu 8 May, 2014 10:50 pm
Nah, I won't suffocate, it's only about 16 hours a week.

Actually, I felt pretty good when I left there at around 8pm. It's interesting work.

PS, the couple is about my age, maybe even younger. The woman is definately different in person than in writing.

I'll see how it goes.
Fri 9 May, 2014 07:13 am
So no emoticons???

Tue 13 May, 2014 10:43 am
Well, I ended up deciding not to keep this job, but not for any of the reasons addressed above.

Hmmmm.....actually maybe it is, since it's related to something I felt they should have divulged during the interview.

On the 2nd day there (I worked a total of 4) someone asked the woman "how the operations went" She said she was fine. Then when we were alone she confessed to me she just said that, so as not to concern that person.

In fact, she told me, she suddenly had an issue come up (I'm not going to describe it here) that required immediate surgery, and has been told that what is going on is irreversible, and that today, next month, next year etc she could suddenly succumb to the condition, and would be unable to actively participate in the business.

So, she told me, that was the reason I was hired, as they were trying to get to the point where she could do what she could from the home, but that there would be people running the day to day operations at the location.

That is NOT what I signed up for.

Well, my instincts were right. They didn't know how to properly conduct an interview, and weren't forthcoming in what they expected the future would hold.

I just wanted to work a few hours, make a few bucks, meet new people.
I told them yesterday this wasn't going to work. I won't be going back.

I realized that when I found myself the day after she told me her story worrying about the future there.

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