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!Arriba Espana! -- (o Catalunya, o lo que sea...)
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Lots of smaller (i.e., up to 15,000 protestors) demonstrations today, apparently, but the really big ones were in Germany:

Germany saw more than 100,000 take part in the largest of the weekend's demonstrations. In the most ambitious of yesterday's protests, around 30,000 peace activists formed a 31-mile human chain between the cities of Osnabruck and Munster, while 6,000 people surrounded the US military HQ and released blue balloons printed with the white dove of peace.

In Berlin, about 50,000 protesters converged on the capital's Victory Column, with one large group carrying a vast balloon that stated "no war". At the Rhine-Main air base near Frankfurt, police carried off hundreds of protesters who blocked the gates.
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Students Express Varied Views

As the war in Iraq intensifies every day, many people throughout the United States and the world are voicing their opinions on the conflict. Many around the globe are rallying to protest the war, while others are rallying in support of U.S.-led troops.

From my local paper. I send a reply that protesters are not against the troops. Truth suffers during a war.
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From the Jakarta Post:

Hundreds of thousands rally in Jakarta against Iraq war

JAKARTA (Agencies): More than 200,000 people gathered in front of the United States embassy here on Sunday in the biggest anti-war rally yet in the world's largest Muslim-populated nation, agencies reported.

Hundreds of police officers wielding batons and shields guarded the rally.

DPA reported that despite below its target of attracting a million protesters, a sea of Indonesians - the women wearing white head scarves and the men donning white peci caps - marched from the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle past the British embassy, the United Nations office, to end their demonstration outside the U.S. embassy.

Public figures addressing the rally included the People's Consulative Assembly speaker Amien Rais, one of his deputies, A.M. Fatwa, and chairman of the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) Amidhan, and younger sister of President Megawati Soekarnoputri, Rachmawati, senior member of the National Commission on Human Rights Bambang W. Soeharto, and Justice Party president Hidayat Nur Wahid, who heads the Indonesian Committee in Solidarity with the Iraqi People (Kisra), the rally organizer.

Hidayat launched the march with calls to end the war in Iraq and to bring U.S. President George W. Bush to an international court for committing crimes against humanity,

"Our message is very clear, the message of the Indonesian society is ... stop the war now," said MUI secretary Dien Syamsuddin.

Some members of the Muslim-oriented United Development Party for Reform (PPP Reformasi) carried a 100-meter (-yard) long light green piece of cloth, inscribed with the words "Stop the massacre in Iraq" to the site.

Protests against the U.S.-led military assault on Iraq were rampant in Indonesian major cities over the past few days.

Jakarta has strongly deplored the U.S. invasion of Iraq and has been in the forefront to seek an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council or the UN General Assembly in a bid to put a halt to the attack.

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Guardian UK report on the first student anti war rally in China & other countries:


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