Conversation over heard on a phone call that has me worried

Reply Tue 31 Jan, 2017 09:31 pm
So he butt- dialed you and you overheard what he was discussing with a male co- worker. We all get it.

Please answer - is THIS his only behavior that deals with other women?

Do you want out of this relationship and are using this as an excuse?
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Reply Tue 31 Jan, 2017 10:28 pm
Quote Conniea:
Don't get me wrong I did keep listen but I tried to get his attention but that was talked about over twenty mints

But his bragging about women started a few seconds after he accidentally called you. Still not eavesdropping. You would have hung up the phone if he didn't start in with the talk about sex. He's still either bragging or cheating, I don't know which, and trying to shift the blame onto you.
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