Is my wife cheating? Advice needed.

Reply Sat 10 Dec, 2016 11:02 pm
Long story short. A month ago, when I ML with wife, I was surprised that I could stick inside her at the first thrust. She was loose, not permanently loose, but more like the kind of loose if you ML the second time on the same day if you ever tried. You know first time it takes 5 thrusts to open it and second time just 1.

So, I did some research and did things to her cell when she is away. I am able to track her location by Google+ in real time. Then, exactly four weeks later and five days after her period is gone, I noticed something not normal. She was supposed to drive from office A to office B, but stopped at a Sheraton Hotel on the way from 1:05 to 1:55.

I called her at 1:15, and specifically asked about her location twice. Both times she said she is at office B. She knew that I am 15 miles away from B and didnt have a car to verify. Called again at 1:40 and 1:50 and she didn't pick up.

In the evening, I confronted her about her lie. I didnt want to reveal my tracking ability. So I said, I was not well and came home early, then drove by office B and didnt see her car during my call. But didnt say anything about Sheraton.

She explained that she is at the hotel conference room attending a meeting and she lied because I keep suspecting her. The she offered to let me see her work notebook computer. There is indeed such a meeting event from 1:30 to 2:30.

Then I am confused. I know I can fake such an event on my calendar if I really want to. But would my wife have such sophiscation to prepare it just in case? Or could it be the other man's idea, if he is experienced?

We ML that night. Again, it's complete entry in one thrust. I can feel that she just washed her virgina before coming to bed. Both are not normal. She been super nice and loving to me even though I suspected her and is now planning dinner and movie out tomorrow (Sunday).

I am seriously confused. Advises needed. We are both professionals with good pay. Have two children and a lot that we will build a top 1% house next year. I am certain she has no plan to leave me. But I am not sure if she is seeking exictment outside.
Reply Sun 11 Dec, 2016 12:44 am
Don't ignore your gut feeling. It's amazing how easy married woman can get in bed with other man. I'm married as well so don't think I'm one of those guys. You need to be friendly and act normal but keep one eye open.
She might want to spice up her life elsewhere, do a little introspection on how you guys spend time together and also check how is your sex life. Me and my wife have a good communication and I always tell her that she mustn't expect a 45 min sex everyday, that's impossible because our bodies need to replenish, maybe after a day or two she can have another 20 min but not everyday.
If she loves you she'll stay with you but get satisfaction elsewhere. Open a line of communication even more. After sex asked her how was it. The other thing pay a close attention to her needs apart from sex and attend them. After we got married we turn to relax and not things we used to do when we were dating.
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Reply Sun 11 Dec, 2016 01:52 am
Keep up the investigation but don't let her know you're spying. Women who think they're caught cheating tend to accuse their husband of cheating to make him the bad guy and take focus off herself. Try to catch evidence, like a video or photo and show it to court or whoever cares these days (I'm pretty sure women always get away with cheating and take the man's money too)
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Reply Sun 11 Dec, 2016 02:51 pm
What in god's name are you talking about?

Your first paragraph shows that you do not understand the female's physiological responses and that you think "thrusts" are making love.

What do you mean "it takes 5 thrusts to open it"?

You are ignorant and have no real reason to suspect your wife is cheating.

Then again, you could just ask her instead of counting thrusts.

Reply Sun 11 Dec, 2016 03:03 pm
PUNKEY wrote:
You are ignorant and have no real reason to suspect your wife is cheating.

He talks about "ML". I wonder if he knows what the L stands for?
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Reply Sun 11 Dec, 2016 03:24 pm
He is a nut. Tracking his wife? Checking her computer after confronting her backs up the meeting but yet he still leans towards cheating? I bet this guy thinks his shadow is having an affair with his wife.
Reply Sun 11 Dec, 2016 03:53 pm
That's true, he is going pretty far with this.

Dude you should trust your wife or you'll do something you regret and lose her
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