Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 09:57 pm
Lol it's not the ex part just read my verse over and you'll understand lol
Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 11:38 pm
oh i got it the 1st time lol ,

and i think she's afraid to go around you , cause she feels shame for her actions

just be happy nick 4 a lil while ,
it all starts with a smile , dont have to go mcdick with this bitch
an get fried eating fries , there free
**** gets hairy as a hair piece
when the wig falls off , ya'll drop giggling like what were we even fighting for , forget what we were talking about
u cant remember either neither can I
lets throw on some ether litre of nas , fly down the street fast n furious , without the glasses ya cant tell what kinda nerd he is
but ya'll asses know what a herpes is , sicker then the liqour that made you swallow the dirty jizz , hershey kiss my pocket for a lil white choclate swirly miss wanna go fo some ice cream ,keep graffiti'ing nice in my dreams , every night seems like a nice dream spittin Ice t's with Ice cubes on friday , cause I aint got no job and no **** to do tommorow ,right craig ? ,kids nowadays have some nice swag ,when a knife swayed they get there first cut of an ice bag over there eye , blacked out , in the back a trap house in a rap bout saying next person that bring crack out is gonna get smack'd out ,fit a whole dvd in that cats mouths b4 i burnt down that house , meow i guess u shouldn't have bin chasing that mouse ,oh u wanna rat now ? clap clap pow ,john wilkes truth in the audience , who wanna rap now , get ya fitted snapped down till ur whole body in it ,my doggs got a rotti image ,smoking oil on some saudi buisness , what gives these humans the right to try to tell god he's finished , ( its over ) over ya head
with a mossberg , coroner said u had a shotty witness , going to court with a fourtie 4 deep screaming **** authority , whole soroity's adore me , would a thought im the devil way I make um horny ,id give you a dime but youd drop your cheese , have some cops at my door try'n walk toward me , i run with a whole gang of midgets u don't wanna **** with shorty, drive a ford inta forbes head office ,I heard you were waiting for me , someone said u wanted Prof-its more then common sense traveling continents
gone n spent the time , meant ta rhyme , cement a mind , rock the street sweeper sweep ya off ya feat ,drop a beat in a beeder , killing the sound waves , reaping the speakers , put um in a sound grave , feel it down to your bones , u zombies'll hear me , armies'll fear me , I believe in peace not narnia theories , u be heathen beefin demons with a piece , please ,how much can u afford to pay on yo po-lease , when you cant affords eats , for four weeks, think a cashing in the gold caps on your teeth, just so u can get smoked for cheech , walking to the pawnshop fa cron ,ive bin cronic'd since bfo 2001 , I aint goin stop just cause lights flashing on the block ,going to the rim mj pass um the rock , passin pass the past scott le rock ,the shots of pac , those who talked the talk an could walk the walk , i wanna run with Run an be D MC , with dmx , next time i see an X , get too BIG they kill me ,really , even if im smoking an L in philly,or just dropping a pun , end up poppin ya son, droppin a gun , say it was self defense , my coffins a gun ima pop out an take my shot droppin someone, who sowed ya mouth shut , are you talking mmm mmmm DONE ............

Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 11:48 pm
deeper then an atom in adam , add um to my ad runs
wanna take a dive , swimming leaques they cannot fathom
Reply Wed 3 Oct, 2012 02:08 am
talk is cheap , im bout 166 pounds from the neck down , what u got beneathe ,Im heavy as metal in hip hop beliefs ,Rock Police ,all u gots is beef , n I don’t run with the herd ,or fly with flocking sheep
hip hop my sneaks ,my peeps
I’ll hold you down loading alchemist beats in to my teeth probally get bobby digital about to speak on some analog , whole world getting whacked off by the hand a god ,never abandon hip hop ,rock’n with some rollers , high rollin in to vegas on some doja , into court on disclosures , try n go to the pop machine , some cokeheads say its over , then wait till ur sleeping steal ya thoughts n pop ya dreams ,barely make it across the street , b4 they pop ya lid, sock ya teeth , an jack ya rims , tell me to go to hell , devil just says , back again mike ,starts laughing pulls the knife out my back an throws me back in to life ,ya’ll like hmmm I wonder what happened to mike , question is what didn’t , saying **** prison doesn’t make u hard Viagra does ,personally love hate fucks jerkin off to my anger buzzed,using honey for lube my dick in the beehive , eating cheerios ,in levi’s , killa’s stay the **** away from my cereal , im serious ,as syria’s civil war ,cant we just be civil anymore,cut the ambillical at birth there whole lives they just wanna record,go twice to the Oscars an a asylum n reward, the craziness, all who’s who and im playing blues clues with the craziest,it’s an immaculate concept,names peace
And god hasn’t made me yet …made regrets ,made upset ,made a razor blade cut that lil girl down, and hasn’t made up yet , made up cheques , cash , an debts and spent the whole time paying respects
To someone who isn’t even dead yet ,cadets joining the battle,generals genitals retired from war but put on a pedestal in medical journals signed Hippocrates , Socrates hypotheses ,I put nothing on top hip hop beliefs ,im from alberta we murder cows if you wanna cop some beef , throw books at police ,learn um something when cops try to cop a plea, during cop appreciation week , top of the block watch chase um down the street , digging through my garden saying they found a beat , clowns all you found was wheat , puff clouds so thick ud drown in a pound a weed , free all my dogs across the world doing a pound a week
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Reply Wed 3 Oct, 2012 08:06 am
Lol no no no its not that here this is how it went

I was having a bad day really stressed and **** so I went to her and asked if I could vent to her she said sure I'll do anything to help I said all I really need is to know someone cares can you tell me you do (idk why I asked that lmao) she said sorry I don't feel comfortable doing that like wtf? Bitch lol so I said that's fine I guess can you call me I just need to talk and laugh that would help a lot she says sorry I'm going to sleep (it's ******* 9 o'clock) lol she goes to bed at 2 am every day and this had to be the day she goes to sleep early? I find that to be bullshit lol you think I didn't wanna go to sleep when she was about to kill herself? Lol when you "care" as she claims she does you go out of your way to help smh stupid bitches lmao
Reply Wed 3 Oct, 2012 11:26 am
oh no my friend I gotcha , but you should know she's looking for a rock to weather her emotional storm not to be an emotional storm

maybe that'll help a lil if u get where im coming from

in neandurthal, she woman u man , go slap her with boom boom stick , and drag her back to cave
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Reply Thu 4 Oct, 2012 07:37 am

Reply Thu 4 Oct, 2012 07:54 am
whose idea was it to use a message board and not know how it works?

go to your preferences (see My Preferences at the bottom of the page) and change Enable Bad Words Filter: to No
Reply Thu 4 Oct, 2012 07:59 am
All these phony half ass rappers saying **** I should smack you, put the 10 on the MAC to your back, click clack blow back and you snap in half, ratatat is the last thing you hear while I laugh, you claim you getting stacks, but we all know that not a fact, I'm just saying stuff not putting anybody on blast, I'm a 15 year old white kid an i know i can rap, been told i can cap, but no snapback, only millions of dollars of writing in my backpack, but you poser's have been whack, I hold it down like a boner in gym class, mainstream I'm doper than there ass, YMCMB can get flown over a cliff fast. Read this and it's refreshing, you guys are try hards and im just messing, sounds like you guys spend to much time in the basement and its depressing. But that's the ending. But hold up lastly this ain't a question, your a fail and imma don, if you wanna be my friend add me at [email protected]. Very Happy <---- Smiley face.
Reply Thu 4 Oct, 2012 08:17 am
0 Replies
Reply Thu 4 Oct, 2012 08:24 am
Listen, I've been using this thread for four years and it shouldn't have happened automatically.
But cheers for the advice anyhow.

Reply Thu 4 Oct, 2012 08:44 am
Illustraight wrote:

Listen, I've been using this thread for four years and it shouldn't have happened automatically.
But cheers for the advice anyhow.

The Bad Words Filter is literally a new option placed in by the codeworkers in the past couple of days.
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Reply Thu 4 Oct, 2012 06:48 pm
Yo kids 

Chorus x2:  
Yo kids We need to believe in this **** 
yo kids We all got a reason to live 
yo kids This is life you leave it that's it 
Yo kids life's a puzzle were all pieces of it 

I say that The night is always darkest before the dawn 
So i Suggest u Stay with life man cuz the rewards are strong 
I met the love of my life girl gonna be a gorgeous mom 
All these problems in life are just something hard work can solve 
So I dawn love on my wrists for kids who think they a bucket of **** 
We at the point where grade schoolers have had enough of all this
It's ridiculous that no ones there with a helpin hand 
Kids leave notes explaining but we still don't learn a lesson damn 
Think this **** is funny I bet the parents ain't find it mad cool 
When the teacher called to say their son was dead in the bathroom 
I could hate you I still won't wish for you to die 
Nobody should ever be driven to the point of suicide 


Cuz of suicide Ive almost lost some of the closest in my life 
Bestfriend tried to leave her wrist open with a knife
Kids sittin hopeless in the night no one to turn to 
This happens way to much when will we learn dude 
You think your actions don't have consequences
You don't know him he might not be a guy to mess with 
It's all a nexus its Connected intertwining 
But kids think theres nothing left they don't see the silver lining
They wanna know who got the iller rhyming when it doesn't matter 
There's bigger things in life you think words are gonna cure cancer 
Kids don't take it serious they don't care if you survive 
I know because I witnessed people on the edge of suicide 
Reply Thu 4 Oct, 2012 08:05 pm
You killed this bro.
Reply Fri 5 Oct, 2012 08:08 am
ur the shittiest whack rapper condom out the ass crack cracker jacker stack a blue waffles, an red pancakes , at the free clinic having breakfast with ya fanbase put razor blades in band aids ,no debatein wit saten even the creator of creation say ur a damn fake what im i supposed to rampage some guerilla killa war iller then the thriller from manilla vanilla atilla ya hundreds whats it gonna mean when you become dead ,ressurect the undead with T-virus just to put a gun to ya head so fast you wont see ya eyelids,heres the truth but you wont take it till they created some fake **** to replicate it and put a brand name sticker on it , im sicker n honest then liqour n comics ,spittin the vomit n, hittin the cronic,a different ironic ,yup listen I run it,nike's on check, give a **** if you like these concepts blow a load on ya moms chest in the confessional well i confess , cum fresh ,u suffer a cucumber death,pull the fetus out an puke on ur flesh,covered in stomach acid , went back in for some passion passin pass ya pastor as I ask him , will I be saved for my past sins ,st Sebastian said ask n thou shall recieve, re seed this planet faster then ya hairline,airlines flyin rhymes above ya head,with mj airtime, Kev on this britney spears Fed er lines ,Bitch ya all B.S , only game u gots nintendo D.S. PS ... ur fetus would pass a womens pee test Baby what r you gonna say to me nexts , ur taller enough for knee sex , when I fuckin stomp ya head in ephedrine dosed in the afterlife peddlin ghost be riddlin ridalin flows belittlein million chokes, gangs of midgets gaggin bitches fillin there throats wit illin real n dope..... **** a billion a coke an get ya girl to suck it off my dick , u think i give a **** ,about the corruption n killin , parents ******* children,goverment buildings fillin wit villians and the fact theres a minumum wage but no ceiling conceeling the facts an feeling a trap being set , but you dont believe cause you haven't bin beaten yet,recieving threats from FEMA feds, u'll believe when ya dead bleedin in bed , u fight rappers,I fight for equality and dont need a ******* apology, don't need a psych hall degree to understand the psychology, liberty's and rights of human all r free , u don't have to work at the world bank to afford them , big brothers givin forced abortions an u could'nt think of something more important then your gun an a fortune, I write richer rhymes when im sniffin lines of different kinds a pixie stixs,u look like the dixie chicks when there sixty six an they just did sixty hits of hippy flips ,pretty bitch never done the nitty grits shrink wrap ya think cap an make sure ya fitty fits, city slick smack u in the face wit 50 bricks
Reply Fri 5 Oct, 2012 06:33 pm
Good thing to say in response to a song about suicide.... Lol
0 Replies
Reply Fri 5 Oct, 2012 08:46 pm
Battlin me again, I think you’re delirious
you suck so bad, I can’t even take you serious

You rap worse than Miley Cyrus.
Now you’re gonna lose to a kid that’s Irish.
We’re the whitest country the world’s ever had
Losin to one of us, that’s just sad.

You only talk crap when you’re safe at your computer.
I think now it’s time for T-dogg to get neutered

I use the same rhymes every time, according to you.
You might wanna check your facts, all my lyrics are brand new.
You don’t know what you’re talkin bout, you don’t have a clue.
It’s all out my head, its comin out of the blue.

White face and red cheeks, looks like you got a fever.
And your teeth look like one of your parents was a beaver.

I’ll go forever, and keep rhymes comin all day,
Am I gonna stop soon? Son you better pray.

Cause I’ll ruin your reputation and I’ll mess with you’re head.
I’ll embarrass you so bad that you’ll wish you were dead.

You like to act like you're 50 Cent
But in the gym locker room you're always pitchin tents.

You say I’m gay, but I want you to pause it.
I’m still waitin on you to come out of the closet.

Losin to me, then me, and now me again.
You getting your butt kicked is becoming a trend.

I got enough rhymes to go on for years,
But if I don’t stop now, you’re gonna be in tears.

I beat you again, but I don’t think you learned,
When you mess with me, then you’re gonna get burned.
Reply Fri 5 Oct, 2012 08:57 pm
Most bit verse of all time lol write your own stuff The least you could have done is taken out the t dogg line considering dauer is no where near t dogg
0 Replies
Reply Sat 6 Oct, 2012 04:05 am
This was virtually posted about three years ago and it's getting old. Try something new because a lot of other people have been told about this.
0 Replies
Reply Sat 6 Oct, 2012 10:03 am
lines of been wrintin lately.. check it

leave ya eaten then gagged type thats
beatin a fag with kleets in a bag

have ya dead bodies stored than filed, more than wild
attack in broad day while im swingin an orphan child

**** it im mad, hittin pregnant chicks in the stomach with bats
runnin thru a pumpkin patch, soaked in blood and gas
askin an elder woman "whatcha lookin at"
beat her upside the head with her cane
come back the next three days just to pee in her face
rappin to me is just a peice of cake

sit ya down and pelt ya with pairs
try to escape, its too late cause ya realize ya melted to the chair

different attack on a different day
no fricken bat just disenfectant spray

beatin ya up right in front of ya down syn kids
cuttin off ya spouses tits come back and
shoot ya windows out where ya house is
whats my secret, ill announce it
before i spit i load up on 9 ounces of cow ****

picture, me sippin and drinkin liquor while im beatin perez hilton with his own pink slippers

i only write this crazy **** when im takin shits, zany as it gets

this skanky bitches wanna take it anal, crazy was labeled on my baby cradle
kissin this ladies naval

these faggots in the game now is what makes me hate
i feel the urge to shake a can of root beer and spray it in there face

gettin the best of me is like me gettin a vasectomy balls out, all out
hit ya so hard in the chest everytime ya cough a peice of ya sternum falls out

puke in a pal give ya it to ya and say thats ya food child
chow down fore i hit ya loud mouth and shave off ya eyebrows

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