Reply Fri 19 Feb, 2021 08:05 am

Just like that and Im back to air yah whole clique

To keep you niggas down like a lack of serotonin

Im honed in ready to send you niggas foldin

I pulled yah card and Imma take everything that yah holdin

You really think that a call out worry me?

When half you niggas cap harder than fallout currency

Im suited up ready to let off an entire can

One big round light up yah chest like iron man

I dont know how you made fans
I just aim cans
N let it pop pop like gay dads or grand dads

Quit actin like you could do any better
Cuz if it's between me and you **** we losin a letter

Who needs evil knievel half you niggas stunt for free
Dr.scholls, I walk everywhere comfortably

Sleep on me under da sea for yah burial

Two shells to yah chest n leave yah head red like Ariel

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Reply Fri 19 Feb, 2021 08:09 am
Everyone claimin they gods but thats straight blasphemous

You's just a bitch Ill leave you packin up

Claim you a goat and thats got me mad enough

To take this clicker out and show you that Im the last of us

Rappers getting out lined **** you've earned your chalk

Had people run up on me before I learned to walk

Stop talking at me as if Ive even heard of yall
You try to shade Ill shell yah whole crew like the squirtle squad

All these dudes actin like they pullin the strangs

Show Ill handle you dummies when I pop it(puppet) in yah face

Now you see clearly im just somethin you aint

Shade then its hands in yah face like Im tuttin at a rave

This is somethin I had to do just to leave you ops in fear

Couldn't beat me so how you plan to top yah peers
People try to hide when the fuckin dots appear

But nigga we are pass words you are not secure
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