Reply Fri 19 Feb, 2021 08:05 am

Just like that and Im back to air yah whole clique

To keep you niggas down like a lack of serotonin

Im honed in ready to send you niggas foldin

I pulled yah card and Imma take everything that yah holdin

You really think that a call out worry me?

When half you niggas cap harder than fallout currency

Im suited up ready to let off an entire can

One big round light up yah chest like iron man

I dont know how you made fans
I just aim cans
N let it pop pop like gay dads or grand dads

Quit actin like you could do any better
Cuz if it's between me and you **** we losin a letter

Who needs evil knievel half you niggas stunt for free
Dr.scholls, I walk everywhere comfortably

Sleep on me under da sea for yah burial

Two shells to yah chest n leave yah head red like Ariel

Reply Fri 19 Feb, 2021 08:09 am
Everyone claimin they gods but thats straight blasphemous

You's just a bitch Ill leave you packin up

Claim you a goat and thats got me mad enough

To take this clicker out and show you that Im the last of us

Rappers getting out lined **** you've earned your chalk

Had people run up on me before I learned to walk

Stop talking at me as if Ive even heard of yall
You try to shade Ill shell yah whole crew like the squirtle squad

All these dudes actin like they pullin the strangs

Show Ill handle you dummies when I pop it(puppet) in yah face

Now you see clearly im just somethin you aint

Shade then its hands in yah face like Im tuttin at a rave

This is somethin I had to do just to leave you ops in fear

Couldn't beat me so how you plan to top yah peers
People try to hide when the fuckin dots appear

But nigga we are pass words you are not secure
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Reply Wed 7 Apr, 2021 03:05 pm
I trample over the schemes of the snakes
I’m Will Smith, ‘cause I’m seen as the “Enemy Of The State”
Coming Christ-like, serving verses like sweet little cakes
while looking upwards beyond the clouds and the streams of the planes
Showing niggards what it means to be straight
and how the Lord knows our works like Revelation chapter 3 verse 8
As I keep seeking His aid every and each single day
I’m pleading to the races, asking them to please appreciate
An adult with a child’s mind who doesn’t mean to breach space
like they invade mine - I’m just trying to reach and relate
Upkeeping the faith like a housemaid keeps her duties
when she cleans the sheets and maintains the whole house while the team is away
For weeks I wonder whether I’m being paid for it
‘Cause more often than not, I get berated for it
Son, I’m not here to earn from it or make a profit
I’m here to bust the truth without money, take the knowledge
Know the ledge like Rakim, even if you have to KRS-One it
Go Chuck D and fight the power, put a Nu Wave up on it
Be like Monie Love and say that “It’s A Shame”
or “Rock The Party” like MC Lyte - or beatbox it the way Biz Markie
did, or be like Slick Rick and “treat it like a prostitute”
Bury your hand in between the sheets and read it like a scholar’s book
Jesus Christ said that no deed’s ever impossible
So make it possible like landing a three, as it is probable
With God’s love, you can stay supreme like Tony Starks would do
Not Robert Downey Jr., but the emcee who raps Islamic jewels
But I’m not a Muslim if I preach and sow the Gospel true
so you can experience the kind of peace that Yeshua offers you
Reply Thu 29 Apr, 2021 12:59 pm
rip this forum
Reply Mon 3 May, 2021 10:00 am
Nah, it will never die. prof and darknova are still around
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Reply Sun 6 Jun, 2021 01:32 pm
Re illustrate , we the illest gone kill this fake, gonna have to reanimate
for you toon as mf, talk ****, thats what you do ass mf,
smoke alot a weed ,but i aint too gassed mf
to do that gutter gutter
you talk alot but you aint that mf
you talk like ya daddy probly touched yea
body check the subject its a homi
bottom line they reflect
they lieing through they neck
these cats is pussy they stay lion ta death
feline on they breath
no time on they lex, they rollie through life
dont get heated brodie, parolies put homies on ice
ya'll tryn ta battle , this is war like petroleum rights
no wonder your jelly
think you need a outer body, to take hold of ya life
married to hip hop throwing the rice, throwing the dice
unless its judo then ju know I aint throwing a fight
put my toes in some nikes,
check it
unlike you pussy I know that im tight
know that im nice
F*** You
only option left Id go right
co write the multiverse alter earth
kill off the b**ch whose fault your birthed
worms always tryn talk dirt
sperms theres billions of them , i be the first a me
I give um the best and worst a me , till its hurts ta breathe,
they always last ones to show and first ta leave
wanna act like a a** hole or jerk ta me
I be spacing on these hoes like my toes on mercury
game gets heated aint take **** personally
that fake **** aint work fer me
you latex dog
Fake B**ch

I have just been busy making music my bad lol,

Reply Thu 17 Jun, 2021 10:28 pm
U ain’t messin wit me/ my hands are griped/ da shots are off/ da gun clips make u take OFF/ make me mad/ when I POP OFF/ I’m a gorilla man/ compared to u/ your just a normal man/I’ll stomp ya/ smash u….out of Shape/ your remains with be off in the cemetary/ I’ll have the goons/ grap a shovel and have u BEARED/ if u seem my thoughs Very SCAry/ nigga ain’t ready for the gun play/ but I can prove I can play the same games wit a lunch plate/ u will call me maser/ like a set dial/ I SET the Rules
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Reply Wed 23 Jun, 2021 10:24 am
What up, prof

I stay distant from naughty chicks
Keep a wide berth from scorning kids, like Leviticus 13:46
These goofs are unclean to me with their corny hits
They must’ve not cleansed their hands nor did they wash their bits
Homie, all of them lick
Let me get at them like DMX barking and sh*t
Call the dogs to the pit - and I just cursed, that’s just awful, isn’t it?
Now I know what it’s like to be like those foreigner twits
who find it hard to stop the cawing and being vulgar nitwits
They think just because they heard someone else spit it
or they heard Cartman quip it, they can do it too on some copycat biz
Might as well work for Xerox and photocopy some scripts
Go to the office, hand them over to their boss like, “Here’s your slips!”
I catch a fever like Peggy Lee, I fight these mites readily
Make them a catch a flight directly
Connect my fist to their face, without touching the eyes objectively
Get them passing like travel guides through entries
Make their parents come by steadily, crying intensely
Cause tension to these skeptics, throwing fine melodies
Singing lines in medleys
And yes, I smile eccentrically, split thighs like that guy Presley
When I flip the work, I’m like Thierry flying tenderly
Writing mentally then showing the rhymes perceptibly
that portray my insight evidently
While others show keen street minds ostensibly
‘til they get exposed in the light like documentaries
I ponder mentally, wonder with broad perplexity
at why these brothers wanna show off what they flaunt offensively
But every time I confront the vipers, they remark contemptibly
Pull their Victoria’s Secrets down then jerk off sexually
This takes me back to when I was knocked subjectively
Dishonoured unpleasantly, without any positive pleasantries
But now I got the confidence to sock the next emcee
who doesn’t come correct like a test marked with F’s and G’s
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