Reply Sat 3 Oct, 2020 02:20 am
Who made the sunshine like Westside Gunn?
It’s raining right now, but the sun still shines between my lungs
And I just read the first book of Peter, chapter 1
Verses 1 to 3 which says, “Blessed be the God
that gave us a hope through Jesus the Son.”
So I die with Him, and rise with Him, and now I’m having fun
In the morning I look at my face
and say, “Damn, Ills, you’re killing it. No wonder why they call you an ace.”
When I write rhymes, I actually write them
while others scribble them, that’s why they get run over like a Dyson
Under the bus like manholes
I’m a stereo box, they’re a bunch of Nanos
Lighting candles in devotion to the Holy One, while I rap flows
that makes rivers jealous, wanting to join me as I go
Yo, the Kingdom is the sea right at the end
So I press on and keep swerving until I merge with the rest
Reply Sat 17 Oct, 2020 12:59 pm
Check it, dealing with today’s people is like feeding chickens in coops
They buck a lot without guns and they sit within groups
If you’ve ever gone to a farm and seen hens swinging it loose
and you’ve heard them clucking, then you know what millennials do
Every turn of a 100 years, there was a teaching
and I use this as a figure of speech whenever I’m reaching
Black man brought the light, white man invented speaking
And by that, I mean he brought the telephone for receiving
Brown man cooked the spices, yellow man’s wisdom is Eastern
Red man brought folklore, spirit entities and healings
Don’t get me wrong - I’m not trying to go against Jesus
‘cause He breathed the real scriptures, but not all would give it heeding
Some would sit and stay, and some slip away and try to find a better way
even if it meant placing bets in the games
And if you attempt to get a word in edgeways when you explain
they get straight to the edge and get offended with what you say
Get on their high horses like jockeys in jodhpurs
Jacking off then jumping on the jocks like joggers
Joggle the audio, jig it when they’re alone
Somebody leaves a mild comment when they’re on their phones
Somebody challenges their acts, they then step and get hold
Get upset and ungrown, ‘cause we don’t let them on their own
Their dignity is paramount
But then again, this is the 21st century, so their differences are tantamount
It grieves me to this day how they get ticked the minute gags come out
No sense of humour gained just like bank institutes with cash amounts
They couldn’t care less about the next person’s feelings
yet they accuse us of being unfair and negative every season
Complain that they feel threatened and then begin the screaming
Get on their Facebook pages and commence the feminist bleatings
They sigh and gasp once they get the strain put on them
Fake an illness, then ask for off-days from bosses
Not knowing what kind of pay it necessitates and charges
and what waste they make just because they say they’re coughing
To think twenty years ago, every day I put up with
certain ladies who overreacted way too often
I used to sit back and hear them talk like babies slobbering
while they hung out with mates throwing overrated compliments
While that was the case, I gazed and gained the knowledge
Fly on the wall, keeping a straight face when I’m monitoring
Hearing these so-called players behave obnoxious
is like hearing Pesci and Dyer throw phrases at luncheons
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Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2020 12:40 am

Damn, where'd all the rappers go,
you can do twice the lines
still never be half as dope
f uck yo b itch vibe
ya'll let snitch 9
in the game
I can tell we aint the same
i got blood in my veins
had blood on my shirt
and blood on my face
love in my heart
crazy ya'll brazy or fuggazzi
or too lazy to phase me
I stay down like hades
pound that gatesy
like a fat kid I make gravy
dip um in some acid,bakin on some pastries
pasty white and I got the pasties
they always check the nikes, like yo those are nice
they always check me twice , like yo is that mike,
they know real well when i go in the that fight
aint gonna thow in the towel,
you gonna throw me that mic
nothing can hold me back like
living a passed life
imma have ta slow down the flow now
they think im living the fast life
just tryn ta be gettin my cash right
seen to many burn turn into a hashpipe
but all the heads turn swirve when she gotta ass like
ya aint even gotta ask mic, already smashed

pickle tickles Pickle rickkkkkk

Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2020 12:40 am

Damn, where'd all the rappers go,
you can do twice the lines
still never be half as dope
f uck yo b itch vibe
ya'll let snitch 9
in the game
I can tell we aint the same
i got blood in my veins
had blood on my shirt
and blood on my face
love in my heart
crazy ya'll brazy or fuggazzi
or too lazy to phase me
I stay down like hades
pound that gatesy
like a fat kid I make gravy
dip um in some acid,bakin on some pastries
pasty white and I got the pasties
they always check the nikes, like yo those are nice
they always check me twice , like yo is that mike,
they know real well when i go in the that fight
aint gonna thow in the towel,
you gonna throw me that mic
nothing can hold me back like
living a passed life
imma have ta slow down the flow now
they think im living the fast life
just tryn ta be gettin my cash right
seen to many burn turn into a hashpipe
but all the heads turn swirve when she gotta ass like
ya aint even gotta ask mic, already smashed

pickle tickles Pickle rickkkkkk

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Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2020 03:35 pm
Listen, they say pride comes before a fall
A lot of guys have come up to me and showed their gall then I chop off their balls
I confront these cats like Jesus to the snakes
Make them look like jackasses when I scream like TD Jakes
These teens are just as lame as the fiends who strut with canes
Misappropriate their looks and how they see things every day
Walk with egos and psyches that don’t easily fit their brains
Dressing messily like the ghouls on the PC stuff that they play
This ain’t a director’s cut, brother - its unadulterated
but you won’t hear any obscene things in this phase
Apart from where I just said, “balls”, each word has double meanings
that if they went to school, even their teachers would’ve explained
Reality is here to alleviate all the pain
but they’d rather have it in sugar to sweeten the bitter aid
That’s why it’s so well and so easy to maintain
a sense of vanity, and deny what it breathes and demonstrates
Brutalise, scrutinize, abuse and chide, hoot, rebuke and slice
Deride and find an excuse to tease what’s been displayed
They don’t want to accept like Galatians 3, verses 6 to 8
which says that our father Abraham believed and up-kept his faith
When a word is uttered through the mouth of a priest, they all go insane
Come up in the spot like childhood, and tell him, “Please, take it away.
Take your gospel somewhere else - go and preach in a different place
We don’t want to hear your tales about Jesus, because we’re gay
We don’t like you, and we feel that you really discriminate
We need to call the diversity police to have you restrained
You think you’re so supreme just ‘cause you parade
your whole holier-than-thou traits - like it’s a scheme to get us afraid
Well, look in your own creed - doesn’t it say
not to judge other people? Don’t push your beliefs in our face!”
Listen, girl, I’m just seeking to get you saved
But you’re fronting like an R&B diva who’s been betrayed
You need to calm down and be easy, little dame; and don’t get cheeky with me, babe
‘Cause clearly I can see how you behave
You do the SAME EXACT THING, you go reaching out to your mates
Post Communist comments and let them stream on your social page
And you have the audacity to screech and get in a rage
about how I’m going around the streets, shrieking out, “JESUS SAVES”
Do one, sweetie, spare me your game
Either be ready to pray, or let the preacher give out the name

Reply Mon 9 Nov, 2020 11:20 pm
lets get innapropriate
overdosing on opiates
copius amounts I smoke by the Ounce
aint seen kobe yet, paint the whole scene red
leave the whole team fed

honestly noone knows, and it shows
in there face in there clothes in there faith

I aint fake, cant stop long enough for them to replicate,
im the ****, deficate
they self detonate
watch it blow up in there face
well im dro' up gettin cake
they didnt know that I bake
see these snakes eating there tails
snails hiding in there shells
like GOD imma give um hell
like DOG quit tucking ya tail
it aint gonna turn into to dick, like you . you lil Bitc h
oops , I pooped a lil script
but you
you pooped a lil bit
stupid lil bitc h


Reply Wed 11 Nov, 2020 06:56 am
Niggards want to get their vibes on and spite on
but I bite their heads off just like the killer rabbit from Monty Python
I let my words confuse them, they make me Murda Mook them
So WHAT if they feel awkward? They cause a player to jerk and push them
I throw dirt on these wiggers like a Harvester
This is a cartoon - I’m Spike, and they are all Chester
I crack a joke, these cats act more sour than Worcester
Plus a little criticism to them is more pressure
Things get tighter than car pressers, when they get coarse and offended
then implode in their heads like metal compressors
Teaching them raw lessons more than all their class professors
But all they know is how to drink and sit before the dresser
Lipstick on their teeth, nose full of mascara
Overreacting like Italians when they grab their Prada’s
And there’s nobody around to check/Czech these hags like Praha
I feel sorry for the boys who hear them nag like grandmamas
Goodness gracious. My, it’s crazy!
Homies making noises louder than the knights who say, “Ni”
And I gotta tolerate this night and day, see?
I see them on TV, screaming their lungs out like some babies
I hear them everywhere, when I’m at work, while I lay asleep
dreaming and snoring, and my apartment has got double glazing
When I’m racing and pacing, by and by the gray streets
And the threads they wear got me thinking, “Do I see Maisy?”
Slap my own face twice to keep myself awake
Make sure I haven’t drifted away
and I’m not caught in some kind of psychedelic state
and it’s not an illusion like the Mickey Mouse Sega game
Bang my head on the desk like Basil Fawlty. Nope, I’m not insane
Good thing I don’t have picture in my hand - if I did, then I’d just drop the frame
March myself to the bar to unclog my brains
with a glass of water to make sure I still operate
Reply Sat 14 Nov, 2020 01:22 pm
Oh no, he said niggard,
two shots to the head, prolly think im triggered
problem is, im probally thinking bigger
like biggie and jigga
tryn ta get my figures
i'll still snap ya fingers, crack ya liga-ment
talking pigment so damn ignorant
wigger please enough bigotries
you were just preaching god dog have some dignity
talking dirt
thats deep... like six feet, no wonder you aint digging me
i might be a necrophiliac if those titties are jiggly
bitch you need a midol with that mein kampf
jacking off to billy idol on ya i pod
im making scratch like vinyl, cant even crack a smile
before these crackers try to jack my style
we went from africa to israel, I think ya'll went passed da nile
but what do i know, but the books I read, the looks I see,
what i feel , what I breathe, what it is, what it be
ya'll aint fuhking with me, in the studio really busting the beats
man quit sucking ya teeth!

Pickle Rickle Rick

Reply Wed 18 Nov, 2020 10:18 pm
miss you boys hope life has been treating you well.
Reply Sat 21 Nov, 2020 09:19 am
ehhh Smile much love
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Reply Sat 21 Nov, 2020 12:46 pm
COVID-19 is nothing, I was already ill
I go covert while the professor chills, land a head kill
while you mess with your tubes, and you’re the only nerd in the experiment room
In fact, you’re such a dweeb, you make Dexter look cool
Time for me to draw the line, but it’s not a pencil I use
Now look what you lead/led me to do
I’m about to teach you a lesson - that you never learned in school
And since you’re big/B.I.G. on knowledge, I’ll Puff up some testaments too
My Style is so rough, it makes Jadakiss wretch
Dial 112, have you laid out and stretched
looking like Kim after I apply makeup on your facial and neck
Egg on your face, my G - it’s a shame about Dep
How is this prof gonna slam on a preacher?
You’re reaching just like me, but I lift my hands up to Jesus
Where that mindset will take you, there is no knowing
You think I’m sucking my teeth? Well, it’s ten times better than blowing
Revelation thrown at you like a frisbee
This dog can’t catch it, it goes right over you like a tech speech
Fitting, since you like to mount podiums
I’m the salt of the earth, my sermon melts your heart like sodium
Consider this partnership dissolved
My way of thinking is a no-brainer, but that’s a problem you can’t solve

Reply Sat 21 Nov, 2020 05:15 pm
cant believe they have the tenacity to come after me,
when actually they have ta be better, but they aint ever, i mean never,
a half of a half of me, so i happily leave um quartered
,recorded ever word i said since I went court kid
how many times ive been reported,
I always made sense even the times I couldnt afford it,
at times ive been fortunate, rhymes ive been scorching it,
like scott I stay torching it,like spock I aint forcing it,
I believe in something greater
not being a hater,
thought that was a No brainer,
thots,leave this pussy bloodier than a coat hanger,
you blow like cocaina,ya brain like cobaines bruh
Post mortem
I dont know whats more dumb, you or the boredom
you aint a preacher you a squeeker
I aint reaching for ya,let him drown
I aint teaching, I aint speaking to ya
a brother throw the deacon to ya
I aint got high hopes for ya less we speaking buddha

Pickle Tickles .... Pickle RICK
Reply Sun 22 Nov, 2020 02:05 pm
Listen, an Aspie Christian on a mad hustle
Without fear, I dish the verses out, piling up the scriptures like Stack Bundles
Making sure that he doesn’t have any more bad stumbles
and the Bible says to be calm and act humble
Every morning that I wake up, I reflect
I embrace his intellect from all the phrases I collect
while this player in my sect gets all crazy and upset
I find grace in my attempt to get a place within the rest
Put in work daily, engage in the labour with each breath
Enjoy the days while I’m on deck, work with the ladies and the gents
Stroke the babies, pay the rent; all while displaying no dissent
Accept the pain when they reject; no indignation or distress
When I screw up, learn from where I’ve failed and make amends
Self-deprecation is the way to success
Endure hate from my friends, do away with all the stress
If they become my foes, still forgive them and let them get the hatred off their chests
In Proverbs, it says that there are acts that seem sane unto a vet
but in the end are the ways that lead to death
And I just used “way” twice in this song
I did this two ways: I spoke easy, and at the same time, I spit it hard
Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2020 07:31 pm
bitch you dont spit it hard, you swallow
sucking on that jesus tip
if you really read the scripture
then you know a god doesnt believein it
even if eden exists, its in weed n a spliff
this isnt even a diss, disconnected
from the art form how you gonna disrespect it
then act hardcore,the shadiest always casting shadows
running around,keep tryn ta catch ya shadow
life is a war and they always trying battle
i dont listen to ya babble on
talking down on people cause they down,
I aint down with that
shiiit your using your mouth now ?
you were just talking out yo ass !
truth is I dont hate just put a mirror in ya face
maybe in a couple years
you'll reflect on what your hearing today
cause theres no way, you know my homie wei
weighing thoughts of tao te ching
theres no way, wei ,weigh ...way
prof left um at the crossroads guess you could call that a four way
I aint fuh king with them no foreplay
the rythm is my forte just did a penta entandre
with the pencil a monster
mental is bonkers
I smell the scent of imposters
cheesier then pasta
dog lifes a game you aint even on the roster
I keep reefing like a rasta
you queefing like a bitssh
you were just talking out ass
now your holier then shiit

PICK Le Rick Tickle Tick TIck TIck BooYA

Just a question , has anyone heard any verses with a penta entandre ? I know jay Z is known for his triples and I may have caught a 4th before but I honestly dont know if I have ever heard a penta before today. holla back let me know your thoughts Smile Sluuurrrtttts

Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2020 08:04 pm
booty booty booty
booby booby booby
huey duey luey , getting scrooge mcbucks
who's he taking shots faster then uzi's , do it for the kool G's
cooling in my hoodie in my hood its getting goodie
imma mob if I cee Lo green
do it on the asap
all about the payback
they talking pay cap
i got money on the mind
I dont play that
Pay tax on these nikes and I stay dap
rap on the mic and spray facts
like aerosol against the wall
a miracle when the pencil fall
they say they all about the dollar
but dont make no sense at all
so they try ta sensor me , tryn ta make sense a me
overload ya sensory,I aint saying you full a bullshit
but you got the scent a beef,
Imma raise the stakes put a grill in ya face
difference between the real n the fake
making moves the other isnt willing to take
it takes billions not brilliants
put some shine up on ya feelings
reflecting on the millions
filet mignon on the table an im chillin

Pickley Rickley gonna cook um quickly

Reply Thu 26 Nov, 2020 12:49 pm
Check it out, an Aspergers man on some ‘96 mentality
They say I need to be locked for grandstanding my insanity
Marginalized like margarine on a knife
But it’s all butter once I let the product stream on my slice
Analyzing like I had Geordi’s beam as a sight
Scoping things out, laser-optic screen in my eye
As the orbs go back and forth my corneas recognise
all four corners, SEEN? That’s how I thoroughly visualize
I was put here on this heath as a sheep among a team of Israelites
heathens; between a flock of so-called esteemed sorts of guys
who call themselves normal beings justified
but all they are is anomalies who want a piece of the pie
You ask me, “What the hell do you mean, dog? Please clarify!”
I mean they desire power, with lots of cream on the side
and a mean, gorgeous freak to swallow their seed
while the so-called “dons” reach around and give the broad a clean from behind
And those swines have the gall to collar me every time
They might as well be stones causing me to spew bile (*hurrrrrp!*)
Every personality is a hypocrisy in disguise
and it’s always been like this since the Lord breathed the first life
So whenever I go out and they toss me little lines
I remember how Christ went out on the Cross to free me that night
And wherever I’m about, my good God keeps me in mind
and connected to higher ground, on the path that leads to His light
On the slang editorial, Christian material
Spiritual flow that’s crisp like swimming pools
Hoes feel me, like emotions on television serials
Straight through the heart like a vampire ritual
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Reply Thu 26 Nov, 2020 01:07 pm
I’ve been straight ever since my mother patched me up
And I’ve been wise ever since my friends smashed me in the dust
I’ve been clear in thought ever since I packed in the drugs
And by “drugs”, I don’t mean the coke and crack that they huff
I’ve been quiet since my stepmother mashed up my stuff
Broke the Genesis, left me cracking tough
Crying with fear, my eyes filled with tears, a young chap who’s been mush
with a heart softer than cake, fish batter and slush
Never been able to justify all of my patterns, I was stuck
All these years of keeping my trap well shut
when I’ve had hood thugs never giving a crap where I was at and who I loved
What I said, what I thought, how I’d advanced and what I’ve done
Sold out like clothes shops, got told on like rats in the club
Had my chain snatched, even though I never had one tucked
Challenged by goons, been informed I had no talent for bucks
Not worth hanging out with, no class and no gut
I wonder now what kind of plans they’ve hatched and where they’ve gone
My man Lotfi’s on the islands, he’s anchoring yachts
My brother Walter’s near the mountain on his African strut
My boy Andrew’s locked up, being fed baps for his lunch
And there are a lot of people like me getting slammed in the vaults
For some habits they can’t control, and that isn’t our fault
Never getting out, they’re like felons banged in the holes
Doing 25 to life, eating mash potato cold
But those pricks and chicks put them there
And I swear to God, if I knew just where they lived at now, I’d rip off all their hair
Slap their face up, embarrass them, then spit at their peers
Leave them bruised and say, “You can be them for a few years!”
Even if the world saw where I was, they still wouldn’t understand
All they’d see is the face of an ordinary man
Treat me no better than their friends, they get hugs and pats
But my thing is a new thing to them, just like these modern fads
Complacency is all that they ever have
Too many months hanging out with the wrong set of cats
I’m more aware, more alert, and more conscious than those prats
Now that I’ve reached my goal, I can sit and coddle my jock strap
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Reply Wed 2 Dec, 2020 01:30 pm
who needs a shield an sword anymore
vocal cords tore leave blood on the floor
blood on your whore
blood on your forehead
dripping from the ceiling
sweet they want warheads
they dont want you feeling
disconnected from the children
that only see there friends when your killin
bloodspilling pooling around the whites nikes
momma remembered when he was life like
chilling ice like, tryn ta get to a nice life
like tryn ta get ya cut and not getting cut in a knife fight
,white knights fall, batman playing chess watch another knightfall
as they lay him to his rest, I aint like ya'll , imma do by best despite ya'll
no spite dog, imma baller where the sprite, with a pair a nikes, checking these parasites,I use to be paralyzed,
till i realized you cant, and your not capable were a pair a lies,
they've used our whole lives, terrorized
till the era rised like tide to change the paradigm, with pair a rhymes,
im prepared ta try

Reply Thu 24 Dec, 2020 10:00 am
I make money
funny , how fakes try n take from me
am I baked cause I got caked
or caked cause I baked
my bboy heart breaks at 808 twice a day
I dont listen what these haters say, tell um have a nicer day
angry elves is pissed off, santa musta left
think you need to take ya hands off a my chest
bunch a blood suckas in the coffin they rest
since day 1 dogg stay droppin it fresh
I stay at the top with best, dont talk to the rest
they sleeping on ya,till your off in the press
they often impressed, when they soft in the flesh
my software got um harder then the hardware
to get here was it hard ? chea taken shots like archer
coming out a kush coma just ta bust on yea, turn up the bus on ya
burn up the rust on ya, the games lasagna, you got beef, spinach ,and cheese
ya noodles gotta stay saucy at 420 degrees
you should drop the bass out ya voice about 80 db
its crazy ta see them talking brazy ta me,
they all just look like baby's to me
they dont understand the relation
like what A be to C
from the C.A.L.G
chilling LG feeling LG write raps and sell beats

Pickle Le Rickle

Reply Fri 25 Dec, 2020 08:56 am
Listen, a born Brit but they mistake me for a mud-man
I’ve got dark skin, but in my heart, I’m a London man
So there’s no reason why they have to come and run a man
down like a train by asking me about my culture band
They try to play the race card, those goons are all nuts
like Tony when he fired the sub and blew the hall up
They look at my face every day; the dudes call up
and ask me which is the latest computer top to run
Always requesting that I reboot their products
and get them working fine once more - so they can look at porn stuff
and keep playing their clips out loud and get a fool torn up
while he’s reading the truth from God’s Son
Not Nas, baby - I mean Jesus Christ who provides love
They bring stigma when they treat me like a office bud
Sure, just ‘cause there are billions in their villages
who look just like me, they toss a few laddu crumbs
And what’s worse, they show abuse and caste-judge
It makes me wanna smack them; put those mooks in gauzes
They got that from the whites and they want to discriminate me, right?
Get this humble player undignified
by attacking my complexion, but I bet if I was any more fair-skinned
they’d put candles around me like a remembrance
Trust me, I know their style like Jesus knows the Laodiceans
The churches in Philadelphia, Smyrna, Asia, Ephesus
These cats won’t change their phase or demeanour
and accept me as I am, so I guess there’s only one way to teach them
Just tell them that Christ is on his way to defeat them
‘Cause idolaters will never have a place in his feasting

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