Reply Wed 17 Nov, 2004 08:29 pm
my dog stands on my bed
she is fuked in the head
she likes 2 play dead
and her name is fred
i hav a friend named billy
he is very silly
he has a very big willy
and i like 2 slap it silly
so as i said hes a billy
and he has a big willy
but my dog stands on my bed
but her name aint fred
so i hope u all get hit my a car
and u all get a big scar
outties biggaz
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Reply Wed 17 Nov, 2004 08:32 pm
oops sorry i made a typo
i am very hypo
i hav 2 take my medicine
b4 i go go 2 sleep at bens
jo jo is cool
she makes me drowl
u just a fool
and u think ur cool
but ur not nigga
coz im a wigga
ill pull the trigga
and bust a cap in ur hat nigga
so u can all go look at my white ass
coz white chiks are beta than black
smack that ass
lick that pussy
cum on ur buttex and eat it 4 dinna
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Reply Wed 17 Nov, 2004 08:36 pm
i am very trippy
i like do go get sippy
hu is an imagineary puppy
whos name is luppy
i like 2 laugh
and hav a bath
in a spa
with glenn magra
oh lah glenn magra
i sed oh lah glenn magra
hu is in pain
coz i suked on wayne
wayne johnson
hu is a frend on tomsons
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Big JR
Reply Wed 17 Nov, 2004 10:43 pm
Damnit buckjoe, what's wrong with you?
did someone invent some new drug that you chewed?
your rap is all wack and your battle is over,
your talkin' all 'bout yo' ***kin' dog rover,
In the start you seemed like you had some hope,
but now it just looks like your smokin' dope,
you can't just throw down a rhyme and pray,
you gotta have somethin' that you wanna say.
So go back to aussie and think for a while,
Or stay there forever, bad rapper in exhile.
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Reply Thu 18 Nov, 2004 03:41 am
hahaha big i did hav sum drugs
ya mums pussy
it tastes like squashed bugs
all sticky
ooie gooie
omg man giv her sum chewy
and shut ur ass bout my dog rover
just coz u like men 2 bend ova
so u can giv em a bit of dropped soup
u wood like that woodnt u
u fukn dope
dope rapper
no skills
just poppin pills
killin ur brain
till u cant walk up a hill
fukn americans
go get killed by a couple of planes
and leave us alone
2 smoke
and get laid
then get paid
and start all over
coz ur gone be wishin u dead
coz ur fukn wiv joe
jay aphex
Reply Thu 18 Nov, 2004 05:59 am
ok at starts orders
im leavin u like warm ordervers
ur aim aint staright ur shootin curves
its a battle not a r'n'b song so quit the verses
sorry i did nt know u were kids so ill stop with the curses
and for ur info ma dad didnt nothing u said
i get from u ur dad and a four poster bed
**** ur next dance resital
cos if u wanna be gangster its vital
buck joe report me
that was ur typo it should have been abort me
and this **** about little john
its round two lets get on
cos i come to bring pain to all who those who play
and YEAH! i said homo or do you want gramitical terms ur ******* gay
homesexual ,transexual
i trancest to u
dont get exictited it aint sexual
but then again with ur way for words i guess ur not an interlectuall
so if there something u dont understand
wait a coupe of years till ur man
go crazy aint like ur the son of sadam
invite bin laden to join u in this war
bring sudice bombers and the law
ill bring myself and still be more hard core
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Reply Sat 20 Nov, 2004 08:43 pm
the mahnster

Yo lines are weak
check mine there sleek
and im white too
and im quite new
im gonna rip this up
if there was a prize
id win the cup
nobody rap betta than me
and i just turend fourteen
most you guys are old of age
catch me with your wife and your full of rage
im elgible to tap your daughter in the same night
and im going easy , taking it light
dont even think about replyin this
you will try n shoot , but your gonna miss
and ill just come and bite back
ill eat you up like my lunchtime snack
so next time you about to shout
remeber this
mahnsters in and your out
tear jerked punk
Reply Sat 20 Nov, 2004 09:23 pm
This kid is all hype,
I've been in and out of the game
It's a lifestyle, not a day dream.
You bite and i'll bite back
I'm comen' with a force 2 of tons
Kid, you think you got game, sheet.
I seen better raps come out buckjoe.
I can't believe you think you can spit.
Let alone hit it wit a chick
I seen you and buckjoe's dog,
man you a kid and a bitch at that.
You call us old but we got skill.
Pack up and hit the road, you just got owned
Reply Sat 20 Nov, 2004 09:33 pm
<grins @ BigJR's last one>
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Reply Sat 20 Nov, 2004 09:57 pm
you aint got ****
ya you older by alittle bit
so i have lots of time in this game
to recolect all this fame
look at my ****
you just dont got it
now go come over your grey hair
come back you be dead cuase im the old bitch slayer
when i write you back down yu think its not fair
but mahnsters got this **** packed up , can take it anywhere
like you momma's crib , stay a while and chill there
wont touch her in any obsence way
cuase the last time that happend look what she made
a fagget yeah thats you
yu try and write back but you aint got no clue
i could come up with **** for hours
look at me , i have all the power
your just a mouthy peice of **** with no direction
like your mommas dirty yeast infection
clean that **** out
like me im gonna clean your ass out when i win this bout
what do you have left to shout
your a gay bitch and your wife made yo move out?
have i humiliated you enough?
or do you need to knocked in the head with a hard ass cuff
bitch im a young soldier and i kick your ass
bunch of **** fall out cuase thats how lose it is
im getting tired so imma end this ****
told you id bite back
dont you dare write back

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tear jerked punk
Reply Sat 20 Nov, 2004 10:08 pm
Ohhhh ****,
little kid think's he's cool.
Thinks i'm an old fool, **** fool i'm 16.
I'll tear you a new hole, hell make the 2 or 3.
You think i'm old, think i'm gay?
Let me pack my bag's and i'm done,
forget this, forget you, forget buckjoe you and his dog i'm done. forget rap it's all ****, if you try and fight back it's futile i'll go postal. So back up and get some fresh raps. I'm gone.

(tone down the violence, you aren't cool by swearing every other word, calm it down fool)
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Reply Sun 21 Nov, 2004 08:47 am
nobody tells mahnster what he can and cant do
ill cuss all i want ill swear a few
all you are is a little punk
your lines oh man , consider them sunk
ya you are done , you left you quit
mahnster finished that little peice of ****
ive been rapping longer than you
the fact that im gonna win this , everyone knew
you had nothin left to say
other than rip me a new ashole ,
that proves your gay
i just woke up and my works better than yours
you wil never get pussy , not even from a whore
they look at you in disgust
ive already won this , but im not done i gotta finis..oh i must
im no quitter im not like you
you cant even afford the bubble gum i chew
so who can blame you , a sorry piece of ****
and you never mentiond anythin bout your mommas clit
i take that everythins true
haha , everyone knew
but lets lay off the momma stuff
cuase i just got off yours
man shes one of my top 5 whores
but imma end this **** right here and now
mahnsters the king and your a clown

YOU HAVE NOTHING , these are rap battles not little kid play grounds so say what you want ..cuss it up if you dont like violence why are you rapping..
Reply Thu 2 Dec, 2004 11:34 pm
**** all you pussies......

I could "Nut-on ya spine", And u couldnt Literally "Cum-BACK"//
Lyrically intuned wit God', So quit "Holyin" On my nut sack//
**** that, The last time U was "In a bitch" U was takin a tour of the statue of liberty..//
I'll kill u deliberatly, U incestual son's'za Bitches, Co starring In the Beverly Hillbillie's//
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kris thomas
Reply Thu 9 Dec, 2004 06:43 pm
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kris thomas
Reply Thu 9 Dec, 2004 06:48 pm
yo yo, listen up Wreckage.
you need to learn how to do this rap battling,
your stupid n it aint happenin.
your pathetic you can't rhyme ya lyrics
your speaking **** if not mimicks!
you need a drink of sprite.
I tried to shag ya girlfriend but her crack was too tite.
I thought she was a bloke until i turned out the lite.
all your doing when you rap is trying to rhyme words together,
At least i had a doubt i wasn't that **** forever.
you a beginner?
Your a ponce like Frank skinner
Your tellin people to stop "holyin on your nut sack"
If you had something to holy about i'd give it u back. Now i got the sack, i'm gonna hunt you down on a formula 1 Race track
i'm on my way back.
your lyrics are stupid,
you need to be special to make ya rhmes cupid
**** it your boring me now play boy, your easy to beat
don't bother replyin because ur aimin for a defeat
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kris thomas
Reply Thu 9 Dec, 2004 06:56 pm
Jesus christ, i just been looking through these raps and their poor. you need to be a masta like Pussy Galore.

Listen everybody i got the skills
i'm a white man on a mission to kills
I'm hyper-active, but i don't take pills,
run along little kids you give me the chills
Yes that last paragraph was Corny
thats not whatcha mother sed when i made her horny
I'm a professional, interlectual, white rapper
I aint a chav cos i don't wear burberry or Kappa.
I'm a tru gangsta round my town
anyone wanna peace of me i give em a frown
sorry everybody i don't mean to be aggressive
MY lyrics take over me and make me possessive
you got the message?
i'm outta here, when i come back i want no fear.
do you hear?
I'll shoot you with a shot gun in that corner rite there!
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Reply Fri 10 Dec, 2004 03:51 am
hay peeps im back
get ova mah dog
is it becoz she black?
haha u pplz are queer
im 13 wtf i doin here?
beating u all 2 shreds
i listen 2 punk music
this is just a hobby i do instead
u pplz taken it serious
fuk u delerious
rapping on the fukn internet
fuk dudes stop thinking u all the ****
u fukn lil nerds rapping on this web click
at 16
u no what i mean
im like 13
no dreams
just playing clean
come on this dumb thing
once a week
2 send an e-mail 2 my dad
saying how is it? sheek?
he left me and my mum
for sum utha chik
hu gives a beta suk on the old dik
so ill end here
with get a real life
while i go bend ova ya wife
0 Replies
kris thomas
Reply Sat 11 Dec, 2004 07:36 pm
Yo Buckoe, Your mum's a hoe.
She has a heart as cold as snow.

Now listen you punk. that wasn't a Rap battle
Thats what a farmer sings to herd his cattle
you think all of us are queer?
Your a dick, i got nothing to fear!
your a greebo we a gangsta's or rappers
you listen to rock music with all your gothic slappers!
Don't rap battle if you can't master the art,
Because if you walk in a ring with a battler u'll be torn apart
don't moan about is rapping on the net
you e-mail ur dad cos he can't see you cos he's addicted to Phet!
Don't sweat
wanna bet?
I know your dad you see,
He gave ur mum HIV
It was all on the news
buckjoe was born in a temple of Jews.
Don't take the piss out of rappers, It's full of Skill
Get cocky n e more n u'll meet me drill
Stop speaking about shaggin this bending over that
your a fat virgin who wanks over the net, fuckin twat!
You've pissed me off to the highest of extremez.
I'll **** on you while i read my magazine
Some how this time u havent ripped us to shreds
your a fat pufter who needs 2 double beds
Dude you shouldn't have ripped me homie
your judgemental u don't know me
I'm sick of beating you in this rap
I'm gonna end this rap in one big bitch slap!
0 Replies
jay aphex
Reply Tue 14 Dec, 2004 06:09 am
buck joe 13 i guessed cos winge like a bitch
daddy left me and ma mother for some other bitch
what u expect
ur mothers an ugly **** so he couldnt get his penis erect
and so u say that u into punk and this is a just u way of havin fun
bet daddy so proud of skater boi "u aint had a shower in a year im proud of u son"
y try to diss on rap
go listen to offspring cry wit your mother a never come back
see i could give u probs but u dont deserve them
u rap like a quior boi "quiet gay preist boy freind is ready for the serman"
quior boy queer boy
every body give an amen
and pray to ur god(tupac) that this kid never recites another lyric again

there must be a brake up conection aint right
oh i remember ur mother was on the internet last night
she gave ur dad hiv
now she sent me the clap on mp3
so u see
no one wants to listen to kids cry and donr wana give u sympathy
just cos ur dad left dont think u can diss me
"jay aint u been a little to harsh on this kid"
nar his daddy left him i cant **** him up worse than his life is
please dont cry hope u dont this

dumb little kid
0 Replies
kris thomas
Reply Tue 14 Dec, 2004 09:47 am
yo Jay,
you can't beat what's mine
My lyrics are professional and wrote with divine.
don't piss me off cos your walking on a thin line,
i'll make you fall and break ya spine.
Now listen up Jay
your mum's a **** prossie she made me pay her,
She's a kinky whore and turned me into a sleigher!
I'll answer your prayer
Your Queer,
I bet your fingering your arsehole on ya chair
You sleep with your favourite care bear.
whats up, you choking, don't just stand and stare.
Fight back wussy i've got a hyptnotising glare.
All my Rap's are wrote with aggression
It's my mind it's my only possession.
I'm crusin round in My hummer 3.0 injection.
yo mamma got caugh by the Scientific Investigation.
I've just screwed up your whole nation.
you've got nothing to live for i just broke you down,
i'm a king of rap with a platinum Crown.
You want Ice?
you gotta be loaded to buy these, "the fuckin price?"
You've had a taste of what my glocks taste like.
your a pussy a fuckin dyke
Go pedal off on ya G'd up push bike.
I'm going your easy to crumble
Rap to me and you got a rumble!

Peace out man!
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