Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2012 01:31 am
as for street knowledge
u shouldn't speak what you swallow ,pussy
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Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2012 01:36 am
ur lines sound familar ?

have we rapped before online ?
Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2012 02:12 pm
Put ur mother ****** hands up!
lisen to me open ur ears close your eyes(OH DAMN THIS FORUM IS PISSING ME)
I go school and i enter in my ******* class
I put my dick in the teacher mouth so i guess it **** what they saying.
it fucked up
Our teacher think hs the boss he put his both feet up at his desk
He dont exist in this world so he just twist and he twirls
spirals and spins till he hurt his self into rage!.
Now let's talk about our ******* maths teacher
she is pregnant , she is stupid and sometimes crazy
i didnt came to win this competition
i just came to say this **** story of my class room
**** this competition! **** you! **** everybody
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lil host
Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2012 02:30 pm
haaaah bro you just lame
ya'll think you have hard days well our planets aint the same
i've seen poeple die
and bitch i reall wonder why
so bitch you tryna battle me just claims you high
i've even seen kids dien and no body cares no lie
and they call it freedom while they let war on and they pass by
oooooooh my
bitch all you spit is non-sense you faggot bie
while u rappin about your chain kids fight tanks and some beg for water nearby
so excuse me if i didn't diss you in ma reply
so think about the **** i said mothafucka goodbye
Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2012 05:30 pm
@lil host,
I am menace, boy.
You're nothing but a tennis boy.
Diss me all you want; you can barely rap 12 lines.
I can come in feeling cold and leave hotter than landmines.

My inimical syllables run up your ass like a physical.
I tear like a werewolf, regard me as mythical.
I know more words than a dictionary, let me know if you need a thesaurus.
I don't even need a chorus; this **** hits like a song and spreads like a virus.

I put the impress in impression, you put the depress in depression.
You're rapping on these forums after your therapeutic session.
So go home, play some emo song and slit your wrist.
And if you think that's bad, wait until you see the rest of my list.

You're working on paying off car fines; nigga, I'm dressed to the nine.
That's what happens when you weave words like a Mona Lisa design.
I'll end your rap dream faster than Greg Oden's career.
You're still using the same lines dating back to the pioneers.

My beat rolls like ice cream truck bells,
my words cap off like assault rifle shells.
You practice safe sex with latex, then sign off the pay checks.
Nigga, what the hell is wrong with you? I climax my bitches like an apex.
Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2012 05:32 pm
No, we haven't. By the way, I don't have time to reply to you tonight; I have to study for two tests tomorrow.
lil host
Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2012 06:31 pm
i love how this guy talks about rappin
let me guess you a wanna be that wants to reach fame
bitch your dreams are lame
i well reply and this one aint endin
sry it might be a lil offensive
**** you bitch ass
bitch quiet rap go back to class
you have to career
i bet you a fakeass alcoholic
you listen to justin bieber i listen to immortal and diabolic
so **** your life your raps dope ma rap is sick
i gatta admit
you the most lameass piece of ****
i ever saw
so how you don't talk about me cause i go raw
so here i go on and on
afta dis your career done
you have no talents to be gone
so bitch you go against lil host you should me the best
and i aint no legend bitch but i am betta then the rest
i picture you a boy women dressed
you probabbly laughin
this ass be blackin
this ma batlle so better be backing
when them rappers see lil host they move on keep passin
coz they now to me they'd be bragging
ma road long i move fast without crashing
you some lameass wanna be but butch you just trashing
when i am on the stage crow well be.... blasting
when you on stage all you hear is shut the **** up and laughin
so boy's how about you hear a story
of a gerk ass phony
a disparate guy he died alone G
so here it goes like this
one day a rapper called platypus started rappin
and no probs that bitch was kinda good but him and lil host not matching
lil host was on the chain too good any rapper he'll be crashin
so he thought he was so good and went againt lil host kids whcih is me
but platypus was lame against lil host that's not reality
platypus career came and went lil host was mortality
so he started on spitting
not knowin he was ganna get ass ripping
and that bitch was really flipping
spit a couple of verse thn lil host started he knew he lost but he was commited
and platypus and the rap never even fitted
so lil host won him first round then platypus submitted
and lost his career after that one minute
so now platypus is just a dumb boy goin against lil host again
and thats the story boys
i know its lame
lil host reached fame
but platypus days went the same
so kid what you should learn
is get wat you get dont earn
if your not to good try but have respect to others in return
all for once and forever you well burn
so how u like the story bitch
stay off my way
coz me i am too good you your okay
and you just another hater what you ganna say
so this is the diss
and now you dissmissed
sry one minute let me put you on ma kicked ass list
ooh you already there
you think i write small bitch guess what i dont care
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Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2012 06:48 pm
ok what subjects?
Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2012 06:50 pm
**** this kid up like mj’s missing snuff flicks
ur rhymes suffer cause u don’t understand the suffix
wut bitch? quit trying to nutlick , asshole just suck ****
puck lips ur gonna get a slap shot in ya five hole
ima sell mo copies then the bible
ur mo pussy then midol ,end up in American idol
a judge with a grudge
sign ya’ll n never release ya vinyl…
as time go by ya shelf life diminish ,as ya tolerance lowers
, slurring im not finished, wannabe Pop image
gonna get Pop’d , son tell momma poppa’s not finished
in her mouth playin hip hops dentist, ur barely a tooth fairy
have my apprentice ,**** up yo dentures ,when ya chew dairy
ur whole lifes a sitcom where u get **** on getting drew carey’d off set
u don’t have a ******* job yet , n u twiddle ya twat to the top ten
don’t need a batman to backhand a joker the riddles I drop in to coffins
u think u the baine of my existence careful you’ll get scared crow an fly away
look at ur forehead ,ya veins are a glistening, apparel wont shield ya marrow from getting dry’d away
u can die today right away, ud walk in to a suicide booth if it was inside a coupe with suicide doors
what are you gonna do when we inside the booth ,with no nine ta shoot? Ima use a mic cord
on a censor to get a sense a the life force ,in the white house sniffing white out riding the white horse
how many horse power prof got like 4!!!! like gore? love when these pussies bleeding periods in every sentence,schooled in a womens detention facility clinic, only thing u have on locks ya door, now drop ya drawers ,im sick as menstrul fertility in a aids clinic deckin ya face till ya necks in a brace give u some mental stability ,that’s pain is it ? leave ya novacaine missing ,turn a bolt in ur brain , listen Frankenstein shank ya mind with a couple defibrillator paddles ,shocking how I rehabilitate a hater to battle just so I can kill the fake later when they try n say they greater , that’s so ?,a major flaw in ur rhymeschemes wanna know who made my Genes who made ya bra Genius ,only thing u can cum up with’s a penis and still isn’t hard enough to **** with the game,my verbal intercourse karma sutra mix a twister ,twist a script an spliff ya u just look like twisted sista ,when I fist ya sister , bet her pussy put up a harder fight,leave you scarred frr life,put flesh eating disease on ya testee’s if you think ur ******* with me , u always this hissy,no , not when you lsten to rick D’s top fourty , u swallow dick cheese well I got cock an four keys in ya shorty bock Bach , she was horny ,I buck thangs like duck games at the carnival this quacks just a knock off,u love hip hop ,u need to die so u can give pac props,
carry quillotines for shrills n screams , sold it to your barber shop u wanna a lil off top ?, off topic whats with this off on **** give a crap about ur lightswitch pop a squat on it , dim witted , blinded by the light that actually did did it , bin in it 10 years ,u just drop dimes for ten minutes , crying for the pen where is it , saying anything to cop a deal,its magic I cop a feel then disappear , mista copperfield
uv lost appeal ,skinning mr potato heads , often killed lost in fields , don’t believe the bullet, shoot you’ll know the coffins real , when u talk n squeal ,ms piggy ,it’s lil bitches like you why I miss Biggie and Eminem right kim , u aint hear of the holyfield fight lend me your ear its enticing ,smack you to Jerusalem with a bat made of aluminum , mooning the heavens gods like mike what are you doing sun ur a star quit reflecting n get ta steppin , take a long hard look at myself end up smashing the mirror ,n a slashing ya ears with bloody flows , Christ that come from the passion of rappin fa years , grabbing a grappling an sheers , packing a caleb gatling ,clack clllaccck cccllllaaccking, ninja the walls inta ya halls injure ya all, take ya poster girl an pin her ta walls ,said she wanted kosher then fed her dinner my balls ,in her inerds the inertia from the first burst ta her last slurp bra ,u wanted to kick It now im cumin all over her circa’s ya crews thinks ja rule ima use my murder ink ,kill for some paper to draw u a picture, jov’s got doh but allah’s must richer
Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2012 08:28 pm
who are they , ask ya big brother
who are they , ask whats under the covers
who are they ,ask ya government
who arent they , ask they get ya mother yet
who are they ,ask Big oil
who arent they , own countries enemy soil
who are they, ask the world bank for a couple bucks
who arent they ,ask urself who holds ur trusts
who are they , ask yo officials
who are they , why they trying to take yo pistols
shoot im
concentrating on fema concentration camps cant breathe chemtrails making entrails as they write ur name in agenda 21,all the cars u bought an houses on lock , locked doors gonna get shot,popped off ,united nations using cock’d stock saw’d off’s ,rip ya arms off,take your right to bare weapons think ur entitled u just have a copy of ur lincolns title ,they want you extinct its ,survival, they want you to think the bible is as far back as it goes it’s a lie though,kids santa’s real ,n I got a present for the tabbaco exec’s giving cancer deals, jails designed so you can’t appeal to the public,feeling super, man ya feel the hands a steel when there around ya throat ,got ya’ll dogs in collars an you don’t even know cause there smaller ,dna’s being altered ,trying to give you bloody ulcers,made subliminal messaging illegal so whats the penalty for using nlp on the people,tellin me u can do anything Lethal if your Regal king **** ,13 families , how many gangs , and the police **** ya’ll can’t handle peace,hand ya pieces over,re think ur thesis over ,write it down an read it over ,cut ya throat well ya leaning over,bleeding over ya thoughts, demons seeding have you believing its over no its not ,do mo then make sure ya doors is locked ,fours n glocks,hold down your home ,whole town , n your block,watch out for the cops,neow.listen there idea of nutrition is morphine,flourine,taurine,chlorine,codene, coke feens data chips an additives addin it to the drinking water ,n added aspartame to ya chewing gum ,if they added acid rain ud keep chewing dumb till ya end up chewing ya gums ,n they remap ya brain,throwin needles invetro at ur veins,its all propeganda, guerilla war treated like monkeys fighting for top bannana ,school ever tell ya u don’t have proper grammer ,don’t worry if you can pop a hammer , don’t get nailed to the cross ,get locked in the slammer,NO COMMENT is Not an Answer watching through ya cameras, one hand in ya back pocket,other patting ya shoulder towards the coffin ,they famine the, knowledge as u fathom a college marketing degree on channel 10 , examine ya surroundings and the cloak that surround things ,living in a hell of our own creation , our hearts made a declaration of independence only legion to the creator , u lil devils can go the hell home , tracking my cellphone , through a rotweillers digestive tract , call eye’s low if you got beef dogg ,put subs to ur ear u hears us now bitch, we keep are eyes n ears to the ground, no fear in the house , we know fear n told him to get out ,get off ya couch , once in awhile ******* smile instead of punchin the dial stop somebody from hunting a child ,watching hunger games ,waitin g for your number mane , in our lifetime u might die ,but if we fight we know we will see a better day this is a better way ,meditate on some meta waves ,b fo ya’ll dead in graves tombstone head engraved read enslaved enraged rocking the philophers stone waiting for the killswitch to engage ,how long they gonna push ya buttons till the pushers puffin ,get of ya back on ya foots ur running this human race to the ground and bringing the earth with ya that’s dirty

that’s dirty , mother earths rivers running red that’s dirty
that’s dirty, father time clocking how long tills shes dead that’s dirty
that’s dirty,did baby new year puke here ? no she said that’s herpe’s
that’s dirty ,that’s dirty
,clean up ur act,or were going to have to scrap the second half
that’s dirty ,that’s dirty
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Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 05:55 am

What on Earth is THAT? Looks like someone's breakfast went down the wrong way and ended up as a hippo's stain in the bloodstream!
Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 05:32 pm
its a colon Wink
Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 06:08 pm
the woman I love ,stopped seeing me
feel invisible look at the mirror wonder if its even me
can't even breathe,
shallows breaths
rewrite my book of life in hopes of her reading me
swimming in emotions thoughts became shallow
drowned in the kids end
tear stained eyes that never dry
God forgive me, what i did then
the only one i've ever loved ,wont even give me a shrug
b4 you give me a hug , know my skin is razor wire made in fire
the passion of crashing a phoenix into christ
girl u know what im willing to sacrafice, do we have ta fight
hungry as hell to face my demons appeitite
light without darkness only half as bright
I just wanna make you laugh all night
if thats alright with you ,with out im left to my own tools of destruction
tried to drink myself to death ,n I was still thirsty
not scared of anyone , cause im the worst one to hurt me
cuttin off the outside world
inside ive died cause life
is nothing with out my girl
closest thing to god ever felt her smile makes suns melt
holding orions belt , she's a star
everynight fallin I wish she'd fall for me ,one last time
make my dreams come true again , to the one that I
think of every summer night , n winter day
this is for everything I did'nt say

my tears are not for myself, everyday I cry praying your happy inside
gives me strength to carry on in life , babygirl I wont die
till I make u smile one last time ...

Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 08:26 pm
Real talk.. holey ****
Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 08:35 pm
Very Happy LOL Wink
Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 08:41 pm
I really don't get you 

I'm writing this verse cuz I'm hurt and I don't know what to do 
Cuz I'm stuck in the shadow while all these people **** with you 
I'm in love with you I was always there from the start 
But when I need you you just take my feelings and tear them apart 
I've been here for 6 months now I'm losing appetite I'm eating less food 
Remember when your mom locked you in the garage and I was gonna come get you 
What about all the times your parents fought who was always there 
Its was me i would call you late at night because you felt really scared 
Remember you texted me how worthless you are and I said its not true 
You told me u were and that I should leave but when you care that doesn't stop you 
I spent hours writing to you explaining how much you mean to me 
And how if everyone left you in life then you'd still have a piece of me 
Most importantly what about the time you were so upset you thought a bottle of pills would help 
And I stayed up on the phone till 4 am making sure you didn't kill yourself 
We've been through so much but I feel like I didn't make an impact didn't make a sound 
Because the one time I asked for your help you were nowhere to be found 
I can accept the fact that we aren't meant to be that connection is something we don't have together 
But What happened to that night when you said that we'd be fam forever
No matter what happened I was always there for you guess it wasn't mutual 
If I didn't still care so much I don't know what I'd fuckin do to you 
I was there for you girl now this bottle is all that I can trust 
Metal rod in hand just hoping that lightning struck 
Sitting on my roof with a bottle of pills **** you 
Worst part of all This is that I still love you
I mean what's wrong with me look at the past 6 months and ask whats it mean to me 
**** your mind games can you have the common decency to finally speak to me? 
Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 08:42 pm
you dont know me , just cause ur an asshole doesnt mean ya shits holy , listen to buck fifty with a joker smile after i slash both cheeks,smashed no teeth, chop ya body to pieces throw ya ass at ya homies,leave um asking if they know me ,all ya bitches blow me my names name coke Beep beep get out of the way or ur gonna get popped ,u dont get paid for **** in a malaysian manure sweatshop, so f off, before I take ya O and u get F'd off

Copywrite @ Michael Dugas , calgary alberta canada
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Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 08:53 pm
i feel ya homie
Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 09:00 pm
Lol just a bunch of bullshit my friend
Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2012 09:52 pm
Lol , if u read the page prior , I literally just wrote something to my ex

it takes time , but u grow from it Smile

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