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Reply Thu 7 Feb, 2013 03:00 pm
@lil host,
Yo sucks I'm back, with my raps,
Tracked talkin smack, so badass,
Unlike eminem, I'll never collapse!
You can play revelry, I'm playin TAPS
Till the end of the day, lyrics exact, never contract...

But if I lose contact, I'll loose facts,
Such as, me losing war without seeing combat

We won't be, among the retreat,
Rather die the be accepting defeat,
You're beat, you bored me,
Don't treat me, this is the end of my feat, see?
How much must it take to cloud deceit, please...
lil host
Reply Sat 9 Feb, 2013 09:01 am
you see
bitch lyrically
you dont have shot to win me
ma skills rise like the thunder of Thor
you just a bitch, does this nigga really think he is hardcore
im the king of rap cant you hear me rore
bitch do you really want more
one minute......imma out u in ma list rappers i tore
rapping aint your **** nigga
and i want threatin you with pulllin a triggah
but on the table iamma put on figure
you better of with ofs mokin weed and drinkin liquor
you go against me i **** you up bitch i know karate
you lyrically you **** the only way you'll make it is by followin the Illuminati
Reply Sun 10 Feb, 2013 03:48 pm
@lil host,
Sorry, thunder goes down
You seem to wanna drive yourself, into the ground
Newfound, watch me pound
This host till he boasts
About how he was forced to explode
Goes to heaven as a ghost
In his hand, the holy grail
He give the toast
And they watch, this kid fail
Before reading his post
Slow as a snail,
He's slowa than most
He wants to be on tour,
Coast to coast

But he can't stand up,
The band rants up
He swims up for air,
But vertigo

It hurts the flow
To be unable to breathe,
Believe me, I've seen
How people go from laughing
To twelve shades of green

They feel pain
So insane, no tame
No tape, and no brain
No shape, no form
He finally steps up his game
A new person, reborn
Tied to the place, he was first stationed
But ready to go out and tackle the whole, damn, nation
lil host
Reply Thu 21 Feb, 2013 03:27 pm
you see bitch dont tell me sorry
cuz ma style has gone legend bitch this is ma glory
this is ma past ma future ma rap ma story
ma present ma self bitch you just phony
this bitch so hopeless went on the road ith a sighn PLEASE BLOW ME
oooooooooh homie
bitch even the feds cant stop me cuz im a shadow they aint neva saw me
so excuse me if u have to end a career for ya
i just wanna tech you a don **** with me lesson
so bitch you better listen
cuz iamma go on the next level off dissin
ma skills of rap describe me
im the unstoppable legend OG
if you fake you wont know me
cuz lamborghini chains and guns that aint me
am the real type g

you see this is history its what lil host sang
and when youfuck with me you get knocked off bitch like bang bang
i'll whip you ass alone bitch i dont even need ma gang
so peace out and holla iamma nd this with a slang
Reply Fri 1 Mar, 2013 01:40 pm
@lil host,
I don't see you on stage
I see a boy in a rage
Behind a screen
The whole scene
Is obscene
You've gone green

But me? I got a band
I'm a real lyricist, look at me man
The connotation
Through our nation
You on yo period?
Cuz you seem outta the norm

World War II?
Well we are in some deep ****
Numbers reach the double digits
And if you do not get it
Then you'll maybe get hit
There's a line-up
They timed ya
Waitin for you to fail now
You're goin off the rails (how?)
It's too late you gotta bail now

So go away
I know today
That we never crossed
Our seperate ways...
lil host
Reply Sat 2 Mar, 2013 12:44 am
bitch im like the mean machine
ur the rap virsion of mr.bean
bitch i'll shoot you ass and stay clean
i dont go with no routine
i **** bitches up i am the rap's king and yo mama is the queen Razz

you see ma rap hypothesis
naah you cant handle this
i'll rape you ass with a candle bitch
and iamma end you're career you cant cancel this
bitch aint even got self-confidence

and i dont go main stream i go underground
bitch im like the thunder sound
get the **** outta here this aint no playground
cuz i'll **** you up no hesitation
bitch i'll even lower your reputation
cuz bitch im more than a legend im god's creation
bitch too desperate went into masturbation
**** you bitch end of conversation.
Reply Sat 2 Mar, 2013 07:34 pm
@lil host,
Your insults? They're fine
But end my career? NOW YOU'LL DIE

I be rapin the candle stick before you can handle it and when you non-canon **** it makes you repetitive
Not sensitive to seditives the plethoris is ended, bitch!
You wicked witch, with yo bitchy fits, I'll put a kiss in it, your girliend's clitoris
And imputent mutants use it toothless group it, GEMDAS remembrance
Tenfolds of meaning in one sentence, competence and ignorance is confident and literate! Secret organizations of mine/ illuminati
Chillin by the headquarters of crime/ in my Ducati
You lost a good friend of mine/ new body
You could've killed her/ you sorry?
Failures, are you bailing, sir?
Oops, I mean mam. I made a mistake, I called you a man
Doesn't matter WHERE I ran, the question is "if I can?"
The answer is no, I never back down
I'm bein tracked now, yet the audience takes a bow
They're in the front row...
Lookin real close...
Before i give toast...
I finish lil host....!
lil host
Reply Fri 15 Mar, 2013 06:24 pm
yo sorry i've been late to reply
but you see u aint a big of competition so i guess thats why
you think iamma die
yall this bitch is so high
that he think he can kill me
bitch i'll be in the top but i'll stay real G
bitches like you aint never ganna feel me
stop thinkin you can win me you just a homo
so i can go back to writin rap and you to watching your porno
i hate i how bitches like you never learn yo
further all i wanna inform you that you aint **** compared to me
i can win you by swag and lyrically
bitch aint scarin me
you think you can beat a legendary
thinkin of killin me who you bitch i'll **** you and you homies combined
so bitch you gatta neva miss wid the realest i'll blow you mind Razz
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Reply Fri 19 Apr, 2013 06:03 pm
everyone done good foreal yall keep it up, check me out

I'm sitting back sipping Moet living in hell
Cant pretend, I'm suicidal as i smoke and inhale
Double barrel shotty to my head, thinking ways niggas gon sabotage me
Alone in this peak game, me, myself and I, theirs no army
Already scar'd from this battle, internally struck, how much more can they harm me?
I'm out on these cold streets, even when its hot its winter
Especially for a nigga like me who's a great sinner
My sins can't be washed its thicker than water
Sicker **** than watching a pregnant bitch giving abortion
This Earth's cursed since birth, snakey movements like slithering cobras
picture me vocals, I just don't give a ****, Earth's an insanity
**** fake love, I'm on a whole different planet g
Away from fake snubs, living like a thug on a different gravity
While imitating fake thugs causing drama, i'm living happily
As before no love was shown, my life was trifle
Brain was clicking like clips clipping a sniper rifle
Mind in deep meditation, people calling me psycho
But to me I sparkle and shine, my mind's like a diamond
Although I kick rhymes, my mind feels stuck inside of an isolated island
Felt like dying, expressive emotions got me crying
craziness, next thing i know me emotions change, I'm smiling
Hip Hop ain't the same no more
Still spit bits of my lyrics onto oldskool beats, me hearts a giant
Bigfoot a sick crook with great looks but violent
I'm righteous, a royal rank best refer me to your highness

Reply Tue 23 Apr, 2013 05:07 pm
Another verse for yall, make sure check trust it will lease you breathless Wink


I make bridges of lyrics that height bigger than a tower
List it in minutes, write illest with absolute power
Devour with sickness then spit down with shower
Got 10 senses, **** 6 I'm blessed with, sickly infested
That's why I proceed in excellent investments
Accurate exit, aim to success is where I'm heading
Aiming at it like 44 magnums about to be tested
Fully protected, protection of God's blessing
My invention is bested like a designed Lexus
Technician that's fixing using techniques
Same goes with lame lyrics, I fix it and amend it
Bars I drop are bombs, shits expensive
Like purchasing a Rolex and Chevy for presents
Shits heavy, work hard for it, sweaty, be ready to spend more than pennies
Starve for it, chop bars for it like my bars a machete
My squad can get armed and pop stars without getting charged
All due to my bolouevard making sure suckers get swollen harsh
Uhh, I can remember punks in their punk days but my luck came
A bully who used to take my launch money but still does when he cooks my launch at subway
First days were the worst days but finally came to justice, ******* bullies, I'm living life till the fullest in good days
Ever since my pockets fat, I can laugh and have fakes wrapped with duck tape while they think **** sake.
lil host
Reply Thu 25 Apr, 2013 04:22 pm
man shut the **** im sick of your ryhmes
bitch i am an alien i ******* read minds
solve mazes between the lines
you bitch is what fagoot defines
i'll be winnin your ass tell the end of times
ma record clean even though i've done to many crimes
i kill any body that wants to battle
**** bitches up just to leave n example
am the king of this
laughed so hard of you ryhmes i was ganna piss
is that realy what you call diss
ma raps are too smart to the system they dangerous
im way to good you cant handle this
you **** with me i strangle a bitch
you hear that
the sound of me crushing another fag
iamma end this with watch you back Razz

Reply Thu 25 Apr, 2013 05:18 pm
@lil host,
For starters I can't STFU, i'm not talking, its a forum
Watch me diss you infront of others that's quorum
Those lame rhymes got me snorin, real talk, it's borin
LiL "HOST", shudda taken out the S and T and put a E
So it spells LiL HOE, Your weak, i'll strip you to your knees
I'll leave shook ones, no need for a Mobb, Alone i'm deep
Your rhymes are ****, think you need a diaper, your life's trifle
Insane that'll pop your brain off like JFK with a sniper rifle
what kind of rhyme is this "I'm way too good you can't handle this"
Too much scandal bitch, you get set on fire like a roman candle lit
spray LIL'S ass with pepper gas
So much dicks he has to deep throat and gag
As if you challange me? you should never ask
When I comeback with big blasts
You'd think we was goin back to big bang
You think you can diss me with weak lyrics that don't kill it
Im here to take your spot, period
No need to explain theories cause i just did it
Your shifts finished, go eat dinner before i abort your ass at the abortion clinic

lil host
Reply Fri 26 Apr, 2013 02:35 pm
talking about ma ******* rap name like yours any better
bitch diss me while he still got a baby sitter
murdock what the **** is that mean
i **** bitches up but i always stay lean
you more of a comedy act you're raps are funnier that mr bean
you see this is a challenge for lyricism
**** bitches up in rap am an act of terrorism
i **** bitches like you up for a dolla G
i aint no rapper am more of a prodigy
bitch you too dumb you need psychology
at the end of this you ganna lose so you can say whatever you wanna say
cuz you bitch aint even that good your kind of okayy
i killed time just to make minutes faster
now boy shut the **** up and listen to you master.
Reply Fri 26 Apr, 2013 05:35 pm
@lil host,
Lmao I don't need try to battle you, but it's okay it's like a little warm up for me

My rap name is original, yours ain't even pinnacle
For you to sit their and type against me is sinful
Log off and come back on until some lyrics don't hit you
Lyricists don't bitch dude, you can see the bitch in you
Murdock is another way to say its Murda
The C and K is silent, first of all you ain't even herd of
I am a comedian, I rip into sluts like you
Bet LiL hoe wanks off when looking at pictures of gandalf
Facts on, you might have a DOLLA G, but I'll leave you bankrupt
Don't talk about Dollers see cause I'll handle you as a bank job
Even if you were twice as smart you'd be stupid
If hitler was back, you'd be the only dumb nigga in a gas chamber like Jews did
If you think you killed time to fasten minutes, you on some sucker bid
You replied 14 hours later like some suckers did
Your half the man of what your mother is
By the way, you ain't no fuckin master
I'll verbally blast ya, teach you what rap is and get you hammerd
Your no challange, I should be your boss so you get managed
When I jot down it's like you got shot down, you need bandages
If not that, go leave, you need tactics
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Reply Fri 3 May, 2013 04:22 pm
Damn drop dead, host
Murdock and i got this, yknow
Time to show lil how to go
Ima two-tone homegrown Al Capone!
I'm a crone no chromosome
To identify why I'm out to bone
To Bowe to bow to bone
Kapow to low to now
To grow to cow to co
Like kaliko back to so-so
So dope with no rope
To tug on when loved ones
Are dumb done-----

For someone who took long to respond
Cause I'm no competition has to be dumb
You're right: I'm no competition
Cause after my first line i was already finished------

That's a key sign dawg, that i am winnin
I'm pinnin so listen:
Don't listen nevermind
It's clear you're laggin behind
A couple rhymes, a couple lines
No it's aright, take your time
Reply Fri 3 May, 2013 06:56 pm
Strong bars real talk

No1 can **** with me and my nigga gliitch, real talk
Reply Fri 3 May, 2013 11:43 pm
It's been a while, I'm a bit rusty
But bitches lust me, gusty, busty
Trust me I'm talkin crusty
To industries i say - "Back the **** up see, you disgust me"
It's true that mainstream is a prick
That modern rap can suck my dick
That what they call "music" I call "****"
Let me approach 'em and spit true lit.
With a crick in their list
Lettin kicks get the lick
Those dip.'s wantin this
Here's my magic trick:
Watch me make modern music disappear
And take my real works and insert here
Some use love to manifest cheer
While all i need is 12 hits of PCP and 6 cans of beer!
****-the-year hypno
Gonna get rip-toned
Sayin "aw **** no"
This is Gliitch-Syndrome
Fuckin nigs know
That my hit-list grows
Every time i see a business show
Like i said I do magic
Lashin rapid like its lactic acid
Vinegaroon- get in the room-
Clickin the photo- hittin the zoom-
**** it is you- bringin the doom!

Freestyled just now
Reply Tue 7 May, 2013 01:30 pm
Hard rhymes man, just seen ur comeback, hard foreal

Check me out

Wrote this in 5mins, Ganna expand on it later

Hang with corrupt fiends that be sippin the chalice
relaxin like we own a mansion palace, we ain't livin lavish
Broke, out of coronas, ah well **** happens
I'm more hungry than an obese bitch after munches
Stick niggaz with punchlines, literally throw punches
I'm lucky to find somethin, if not we stickin u for monies
Cunning, coming, hunting while you's ducking like junkies
Givin head for crack, poisoning humans till full extent
Extend the mess with super power like I'm part of X-men
I'm spending you like six cents, convert it to six pence till it smacks your six sense

Reply Tue 7 May, 2013 08:48 pm

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