Odd Socks
Reply Mon 8 Nov, 2004 12:44 pm
lissen up lissen up
yo'all messin' with the queen of kool

Buck, yo' lines infantile but you think u baddy
jes coz youz have them sex fantasies bout my daddy
don't play wit the pack if you don't wanna be bitten
wun look at me n the fellas be smitten
You mess wit me, yo mess wit my fellas
i jes haveta speak ta 1 and the ovez be jellas
u dares even looks at my daddy wit lust
They'll pound yo' white ass into the dust

there bez only wun God
she rhymes like a master and her name is Odd

( NO, i'm not gonna touch religious rhymes with a 6 foot pole)
Reply Mon 8 Nov, 2004 11:51 pm
Ok Jew
I Hear U
But I Aint Bringing Religion
Into This Battle
thats wen things get fuked up
like in america
an arab cant even lift his damn head up
just coz of sum osama bin laden
i dun giv a damn BIN LANDEN
he did wrong
you did wrong
and all the time i was just sitting
sukin on a bong
chillin out
taken it cool
coz i dun wana get messed up
with this ****
its 2 much for my mind
no disraspect
yall no
i just let mah ryhmes flow
let mah mind go
no self control
on all of u hos
so ill just relax
maybe go do sum graf
just spinin sum trax
hang with mah crew
and drink beers to the max
coz im an aussie rapper and thats where its at

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Odd Socks
Reply Tue 9 Nov, 2004 01:50 am
Australian rap is

fink u know
u J West's ho
he can't rap
u jes sits in is lap
n lissens 2 his crap

uz thinks use bad when u b naughty
but Australias a lil pond, shorty
I'm the big fish
I raps da best
betta then the rest
I eats the little fry
theys swims way otawise they will die
but least the offa guppy
have the sense
us jes a lil puppu
yous approach the dog catcha
nd you can only bark

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Reply Tue 9 Nov, 2004 02:38 am
get ur facts straight
he american born and raised
he just come 2 the oz with sum sence he gained
and i aint rappin 2 peeps like that
im goin 4 the techs
matty b
and alkazane
and u think im a puppy
well this puppy can bite
and yeh we are naughty
atleast naughty enuf 2 call u a shorty
odd socks?
hu u think u r
a mutha fuka
u can all go eat my white ass
coz i aint shittin
out stains
like the 1s on ur face!
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Odd Socks
Reply Tue 9 Nov, 2004 02:59 am
ALkazane n matt b
deys think they american wanna c
wanna bes

kaint rap or rhyme
should take up mime

pretend to be new
fink i don no
im not scared
of J wess's ho

you disturbed
you a skank
buts yo puppies just tryin' a
rip of a yank

u can pretend to be new
n u can deny it
but you doggies will be old enuff 2b neutered
'fore i buy it

BuckJoe wrote:
get ur facts straight
he american born and raised
he just come 2 the oz with sum sence he gained
and i aint rappin 2 peeps like that
im goin 4 the techs
matty b
and alkazane
and u think im a puppy
well this puppy can bite
and yeh we are naughty
atleast naughty enuf 2 call u a shorty
odd socks?
hu u think u r
a mutha fuka
u can all go eat my white ass
coz i aint shittin
out stains
like the 1s on ur face!
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Odd Socks
Reply Tue 9 Nov, 2004 03:01 am
Smile OH, and i'm a little bit dyslexic as well. Dyslexic AND an mc! how good can you get!

Smile Anyhow, just playin' i have nothing against any1
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Reply Tue 9 Nov, 2004 03:24 am
there only 1 wana be in this battle
and he aint me
but u
we hard core aussie artists
atleast we can tie our shoes
dum americans
go elect a president hu cant even float
he travels to iraq on a lil tin boat
u guys got no rythem
listening 2 sum dude
dr dre?
smoke weed everyday?
more like every hour
every second
while im beatin ur ass
right in the dog pen
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Reply Tue 9 Nov, 2004 03:20 pm
Damn, ur alll chattin out ya asses
i heard more style comin out the mass gasses
I dnt get a word yall say. its beneath me, im in the top classes
n if u dnt see these rhymes then yall need glasses
cos ill stamp em on ur grave wen im dun with playin yo
your all trippin maybe over my shoe lace
N this aint a winnie the pooh case! wot the f*K u chttin bout?
Eyore... Damn i dnt care bout him, he spurts less **** outt his spout
den u do, n u jus trip ur way thru, and prentend u no a fing or 2
mayb one day u can learn and take ur ass to rap scool and become snoop dawg
Cos the only thing u are is Dawg, im charging at ya like a raggin HOg!
N this aint a case of me hatin u too much but may ill take a spog
On top of that grave we were talkin bout before
Take uself out b4 its too late n i walk u thru the door
Like the hour we all new wud come, the day the calander wud store
So All u close ur traps u stupid whore
Wirte bk with ur common insults like vanilla ice
but ill jus rite u one back n add in ma own spice
its like probabilty im 99% to win, roll that dice
U aint men, ur like half a small mice
And one of dese days ill clear the battles from this crap
cos i dnt hear any of d words u say, this aint a talent contest this is rap
So nxt time u even think about spinin me a line, make sure that u dnt dap
with the master, like me.... and we can keep goin at dis if u relle want
but dude i dnt see the point of u tryin to type wid the font
u aint gunna get newhere, so stop and STARE at ma lyrics flowin thru
And holla at me if u want the next rime todo, to add a few things to 2, to all this poo
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Reply Wed 10 Nov, 2004 12:01 am
dawg u need 2 shoo
get lost u old hog im a dog
now alright ya rimes are kinda tight
tight enuf for me 2 ur spog in a rag
and serve it 4 ur dina
coz ull be eatin **** like that
4 the rest of ur lyf
im the winner
a aussie mc
born 2 be
flown free
look at ur knees
ur shakin
go eat sum bacon u sill pig
dun fight with the master
ull call it quits
lil ****
cryin 4 ur mummy
oh mum i got a sore tummy Sad
oh no the lil shits cryin
beat is ass fred i hope he starts dieing
well im a pranker
a joker u cood say
ill joke all night joke all day
coz ur rimes 2 serious
we on the internet DOOFUS
fukn pansy
wheres ya nanny
coz ill stare at ur rimes all night long
aint makn sence
u on a bong
u aint got no rythem its aload of ****
u prob a rich boi spoggin on a spread
livin in a 4 story house
nearly dead
coz no1 loves u
every1 h8s u
y dun u go eat worms?
big 1s, small 1s, fat 1s skinny 1s
even 1s that squirm
u a toddler
im in 6th grade
beatin u up
for all of ur pay
well my rimes up
i hope u liked it
coz ull be dreamin it
coz i no that utha guy did
coz he aint battlin no more
u all fukn whores
cant take a aussie beating
fuk u all
hope u drown
hope u fall to the kness
with ur crown slippin off
coz im the jester
go jerk off!!!!!!
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Reply Thu 11 Nov, 2004 10:38 am
Duh, i was aussie born
i had to move to wales
unbalacend like weighin scales
I aint arsed bout loosin to an aussie
It dnt bother me. but i dnt lose
Ima make maself prove to yall
that ma words will make u fall
And then u gunna need to call
999 and get yo mummy to visit u in bed
cos dnt u no ur messin with Stead
lay u dwn with words send u to ur death bed
This is like odd socks" u aint got no strt cred"
god wot are u? 10 or sumink?!
and yo say ur in 6th grade, take yo ass,
Dwn to 1st grade, learn so vocab class
its like ur tryin to scrpae ma teeth with glass
it aint happenin, like I drop lines on d mic(secret stash)
u got better chance sellin burgers in burger king for cash
I aint got RYTHYM, that aint wot yo momma sed in ya room
she left her pussy marks all dwn the floor, hope u clean it soon
I dnt giv a **** if u like ma style
Ur like a cabinet full of borin files
n if i gotta say it agen i will...
POO u happy?! dnt say BOO
its a line that dnt scare me, its inferioir
Ill rite it yo back, any of yall battle me...
then in the words of the beatles"let it be"
Or like god in the bible"LET IT BE"
Ur fakers, out to try Bake us!
U cnt create US any fear
Let me make a fact of this clear
N dnt try o get away by steer
U all follow them like santa follows Rudolph!
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Reply Thu 11 Nov, 2004 02:56 pm
Now you're complainin about vocabulary? Uh uh.

I've got a visceral urge to purge your words
of their locution
I'm the original scourge my rhyme's a dirge
your execution
My words are like herds of English nerds
with bloody fingers
My language, absurd, you've heard my sword and
how it lingers
Lacerating impulse. Complicated symbols. Gom Jabbar to jugular the dying flesh ain't insular
so baby I'm your avatar
A kevlar suit? You'll still be scarred
Your odd canards
don't touch this bard
A bunch of shards
after we've sparred
embedded in your skin's alarmed
your family's doc
can't heal the shock
of my good glock
and flying rocks
The dirge is ending
No pretending
There's no place
for weak offending
There's no mending
what I'm sending
blending glass
with skin
"the one you're in"
bending your neck
till it snaps
a little "reaper's breath"
the line of 50 daggers
as they dot along your
lacquer head
You think you're tough?
You're gonna get snuffed.
Go back to your gasoline and huff.

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Reply Thu 11 Nov, 2004 10:26 pm
ok dude i aint even gona reply 2 that coz that was the worst ******* shirt i have ever heard and dont eva battle again save ya self the himiliation
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Reply Fri 12 Nov, 2004 12:03 am
Dude, it's just a word game.

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Reply Sat 13 Nov, 2004 02:48 am
not u daurer the guy that spoke b4 u
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Reply Sun 14 Nov, 2004 02:15 am
ok every1 enuf of these lame jokes
im outtie to play wiv sum real blokes
this battle is gay
use 2 be the highlite of mah day
but now its old
im goin out in2 the cold
sorry ne1 i might of affendid
but i think mah life just ended
like a big mac u just finnished
wishin u had enuf money 2 pay 4 ur aunt bak
but u dont
so ur broke livin on ur own
no where 2 go no where 2 call home
except the streets
livin in mah beats
producing every last minute
just 2 sell 1 record
hav enuf money
2 send ya gal 2 skool
givin her food
except of this fukn drowl
that she gets from her canteen
wished she was a teen
so then she cood go get sum money
but in the end ill look bak at this
and think its funni
how i spoke mah life
giv it 2 christ
how i loved mah wife
and i disriced how i feel
but i think its ova and im only 18
18s a big numba but not wen u look 13
so cya every1 this ryhme aint a battle
its a sorry
2 every1 that come across mah way
1 way
the life i was livin
but not ne more
live by the gun
die by the gun
the only way 2 be
Reply Sun 14 Nov, 2004 08:05 pm
BuckJoe wrote:
not u daurer the guy that spoke b4 u

I still don't think it's appropriate. I know this game may promote animosity and sarcasm at times, but if you take it out of the rap battle it could be doing harm. He may be young, and even if he's not, it isn't helpful to say things like that to him.

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jay aphex
Reply Tue 16 Nov, 2004 07:02 am
ok u claim to be a nightmare apparition
time to help out ur condition
the mental home accepts all takers
even guys like u who are ganster fakers
u think u gona cum like a tidal wave
elton johns ready for ya
dont even try to hate me
or imatait the great
go watch some porn and masterbate
cos the only job u would get is a sperm donor
then even that would probly bounce
smoke an ounce pull it out give a wiggle
and jiggle it about before ur pops stick his dick in ur mouth

fake as **** poet who wanna be gansta fuckin homo get back to school
Reply Tue 16 Nov, 2004 03:31 pm
Your rhymes are dirty, mendicant.
You're a fakir and your head has been too long in the sand.
You seem to know a lot about lovin your dad
glad you understand how to beg for his gland
you must spend hours on all fours beggin for pleasure.
Your words come out too easily to be just words instead of deeds; the memories, you
on your knees beggin
"Please daddy, please!"
But I know you've got needs.

Your projectin
your agenda
has me expressin
my dillema

I can't handle
bile but I can see
it's worse than scandal
Your raging hypocrisy

How many times
has a fool dropped a line
callin some brotha a homo
But still got **** fo rhymes

Use your harsh language
pages and pages
of caged mental anguish
you try to extinguish
by talkin bad English
u wanna B leeve this?
it's more than egregious!
ur soundin lik bevis
a regula Cletus
wit lessins from lil John
"You da stupidest yo yo yo"
"Go make yo daddies penis grow"
"Sway that backside to-and-fro"
I told you it's easy
Now try to appease me
And say something thoughtful
Cuz yo **** is awful
And when you're done I'll be the one
To demolish your operation.


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Big JR
Reply Wed 17 Nov, 2004 10:33 am
Props to all you rappers, y'all got allota style,
this is gonna be short, so i'll make it worthwhile,
I'm a playa not a hata so I try to keep it nice,
But when I check out summa this it just be rollin' "NO DICE."
You vet-rans got some rhyme,
but for newbies it night time,
You gotta get experience, brush up on your material,
If you want an existance, you need some better lyrical.
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Reply Wed 17 Nov, 2004 08:27 pm
hi u are a **** i dislike u
i live in a shoe
do a big poo
woop de doo
u cant ryhme 4 crap
i am a vampire bat
peace out niggaz

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