Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 10:19 am
Look if you thinks Em's the best
Lets rap about it and let word play do the rest
Eminem really is pretty crappy
Lupe pops him like some really bad lyrical acne
Switch the flow, he go's from fast to slow
You keep sucking Em like your under the mistletoe
Lupe's metaphors are like a blizzard
He rhymes like magic, call him the lyrical wizard
Em crawl out the battle like a little lizard
It's those weak ass rhymes he tried to deliver
This argument you should reconsider
Eminem blew back off Lupe like he pulled the trigger
Lupe walks away harmless and uninjured
Em's getting cut and scrapped by every lyrical splinter
Lupe has Em smacked around like billiard
He smacked him so hard his rhymes got disfigured
Never mind it was just an improvement
So he kept on smacking just for his own amusement
What is this about being Illuminati or not
Lupe has Em popped, rocked, and dropped
They have to stop the fight Em is going to die
But they just keep going Em should be mummified
Em, baby how you doing? Should we sing you a lullaby?
Hes got snot hanging like dirty little kid
Quit replicating your own disaster its like your plasmid
Lupe's park is getting a little Jurassic
Eminem is quivering in the darkness, hes getting spectroscopic
Eminem should be cashed in now, hes Lupe's next deposit
Lupe's got the big money now, Em makes him look macroeconomic!
Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 10:28 am
He's aight. I like that **** he dos with his hands though, pretty creative haha.
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Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 11:51 am
Any Word Freestyle (My Own Take)

I’m so marvellous
Hit you with a style so monstrous
You would think your terraced house was haunted
And filled with crowds of monsters
I’m not stoppin’ this
I’ll let this fear fill your conscience like a bottle of Remi Martin
poured to the brim until the glasses
hit the floor like I’m squashin’ milk cartons

My skills are indescribable
I’m likable
But I know that I could spill a lie or two
Because I’m that sly to you
I’m a conspirator, I’ll turn your best guys on you
I don’t side with fools
Get caught up in this fiasco? You’re more than liable

Living in poverty
Is the worst thing that ever affected a sparse emcee
But I’m not lettin’ it bother me
I’m taking the harshest emotions
Putting the ball into motion
Build a life until someone kills me and the coffin is closed on me
There’s today, ain’t promised tomorrow
Part of my heart is smothered with sorrow
But the other part of it is logical
Could I have a career in this? 50/50 – it’s probable

I HATE mathematics
Take away the decimals and add the fractions
Two in four people are crack addicts
Who have bad habits
And people who screw women in bed like jack-rabbits
My back is killin’ me
Spazzin’ terribly
Like being smashed in the back by Pete Sampras or Greg Rusedski
I’m Andy Murray with a splash of Henman
I like tennis, ping-pong and badminton

Yeah, I got a pair of Nike sneakers
You see where the kick is coming from? I’m the sound behind your speakers
It’s Illustraight – it’s very nice to meet ya
I would like to beat ya
Like Ike and Tina
Going through turbulence like flying an airline through Ibiza
while the synthesiser’s screamin’
My rhymes are decent
They mesmerize and take over your mind like mind-readers
Leave you whinin’ and wheezin’
Laughin’ like a group of hyper-minded hyenas

Like an orgasm because I’ve never felt this great
I’m an animal, I don’t think you’ve ever met this ape
Nibbles off a bigger plate
My style emulates like a Nintendo game
The graphic violence makes you hyperventilate
Like a heart attack had by an elderly mate
I don’t waste time in cooking rhymes, they’re all ready-made
Like a pack of chicken and bacon
Or minced flavour Findus bakes

I’m a hellish demon
Eat like a peckish vegan
A sexual being, a predator ejectin’ semen
Vindictive cheater
Runnin’ game like a Serengeti cheetah
Who can think of things more quicker than a tool-assisted speedrun
Picture perfect punchlines that don’t need to be re-done
This isn’t Easter
But knowledge is food, my friend, so feast up

Santa gave me lots of stuff for Christmas
This autism, and a few enemies on my shitlist
My Mum had a poor life when she was young and gifted
And now she’s got emotions and feelings she’s got to live with
Some damage was tolerated, some inflicted
I always told her to rise above the ****, just forget it
I’m sure the good Lord Himself knows, God is brilliant
Maybe THIS time, Santa will deliver other presents

Mortal Kombat?
Challenge these fake MC’s on this forum? I thought I’d done that
Go against my morals? **** that
But war with me? You sure you want that?
Got a prickly feeling like somethin’ crawlin’ in my underpants

My favourite novel author is James Patterson
I’m a crazy anarchist
Turnin’ your fancy families into crab sandwiches
A rhyme emperor, who stole the hat off Rameses
He wanted it back
But because I didn’t like him
I took a light to him, struck him like lightnin’
Kicked his backside and mummified him
This motherfuckin’ guy strikes with a bomb
Which is twice the height of a mosque
And thrice the size of a farm

Old McDonald?
**** Old McDonald! I got all his cows, pigs and horses hostage
And now the farmer’s lost it
Now he’s drunk off the vodka
‘Cause he has no animals to grow his crops with, and that’s horseshit!
No, wait, BULL-****’s what I meant to say
I’ll bury him under the mud – rest in clay
I’m the best lyrical-lay
Pokémon, I’ll “Catch ‘Em All”, then throw the kids away

Fatness is what I nurture
A valiant man, who’s more “bald/bold” than Mr. Burns is
I threw away Smithers and raided Montgomery’s office
Soon as he set the dogs on me, I forcibly stomped them
I had no choice
I ain’t never killed a dog that didn’t deserve it
Observe this
Confidence has got me crazy and nervous
These bullies is makin’ my nerves twitch
But I stand impervious
Unpeturbed, undisturbed, ‘cause havin’ the nerve’s the word
A wordy-birdy who flips like a perverted jerk

James is my name
I have no fuckin’ idea why I’m playin’ these games
It’s insane
Like a toddler wailin’ in vain
Because he crapped in his nappies, now he needs a baby-change
Do you want to change me?
Nope! There’s no way you can change me
I’ve always have been this way just lately
Haven’t got a girlfriend or a flirtatious lady
Why can’t a baby take me
as I am? Nobody’s acceptin’ me; I’m like a thrown-away plaything

I got nada
My television’s large in plasma
I see these creeps laughin’ at me, HA HA!
Like tryin’ to push-start a Lada
I swear I can’t start this Tata
If this fuckin’ car doesn’t start, I’m gonna push it down the Niagara

I’m lovin’ you
Throwin’ stuff at you
And if you don’t love me, **** you too
I’m puttin’ the cuffs on you
You’re under arrest for bein’ a stubborn boo
**** this tune
Part 2 is comin’ soon ....
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Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 12:23 pm
Blackalucious-A to G
--We're going to learn to hear words with vowel "A" sound....Listen with care

(Gift of Gab)
I be the analog arsonist, aimin at your arteries
All-seeing abstract, analyze everything
Adding on, absolutely abolishing
Average amateur's arsenal just astonishing

--Next, we'll learn words that begin with letter "B"

I be the big, bad body rockin Bombay to boulevard bully BACK
Better bring a bomb to the battlefield
Bloody black beats bringing bottoms that boom
Basically build barriers bewilder buffoons

--Listen now to words that begin with letter "C"

Crazy character, constantly creating concontions
Catalyst, a cannabalistic rhymes conqueror
Correctly connecting, craniums crumble down
Consistent capacity

--Next we'll hear words that start with letter "D"

Done did that done did this diddle don
Domination don't dignify diction
Doin' it deep down dialect daring
Doomsday dut devastate during the duration

--Listen to our song for vowel "E"

Extraterrestrial electrical, effortless
Eons of energy, everyone affected
Efficiently epitomize excellent
Extravagant elevate where the essence is

--"F" is the letter with which these words begin

Blackalicious got funk for the future filling up fiends finally
Fabulous, furious, fatness, follow me
Niggers fall frequently, fact
Verbal felon fired up federally foundation fadin' all of this wack ****

-- You will listen carefully again to words with sounds for letter "G"

-I be the Gift of Gab
-The man with the given gift of gab
man with the gift of gab
-I possess the gift of gab
-Gift of gab, gab
-I use my gift of gab to boast and brag in every rhyme I
-Got the gift of gab
-When I shoot the gift, I shoot
-I use the gift of gab like a harpoon
-On the serious tip, I'm equipped with a gift
-The gift of gab, it don't waiver
-Yo man you gotta -- Grab the mic to show you got the gift of gab

--These are the letters B, C, D, and F, and then comes the letter G.
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Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 01:03 pm
All I gotta say to thats is, Lupe is.....dogshit. Eminem was greiving over Proof after he got shot and came back and killed ****. And Eminem does have an album out right now its with Royce, its called Bad Meets Evil.
Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 01:17 pm
Bad meets evil is the group the album is hell: the sequal
Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 01:24 pm
I'm not gonna' battle over Lupe Fiasco and Eminem because I can guarentee they both like eachothers ****.
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Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 01:25 pm
Yeah I know but my point was Eminem and Royce.
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Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 06:28 pm
anyone think there good enough to beat me yet ???[/b[/size]]
Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 07:39 pm
Beat you? I'll kill you
Spit on you while you're down
Shut this down and you'll never come around
You're nothin' but a clown. jumpin' up and down
Lookin' all around
You've been beatin' as Im accomplishing achievements
I've been rappin' since you were a fuckin' faggot fetus
Listen Proffesor, My flow's wetter than bath mats
I'm the exterminator, Billy Batts
This is just collateral damage
When I start delivering **** you're gonna' need a bandage
Cause I'll spit rapid fire, automatic weapons
Unconcealed firearms, teachin' you some lessons
Cause after I spit, you ain't gonna feel a charge
An Akaline Battery juicin' up your ego, its gettin' pretty large
When I beat your ass, all your gonna say is, "it happens"
************, you should quit rappin'!
Tic Tac Nic
Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 07:51 pm
Lmao. Proff you still saying that ?? You clownin bruh LMAO
I like how you do things though real talk
Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 08:12 pm
@ Tic Tac Nic,
Rap man
Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2011 10:27 pm
Goin' to Cali! Got a contract signed with a studio prodcuer out of Quiet Storm Inc. Packin' up and headin' out this Friday. I'll try and stay on this site on my downtime. If I don't rap on here anymore, peace out! Especially you, Charlie and Illustraight! There are some good rappers on this site other than them aswell!
Reply Thu 21 Jul, 2011 06:36 am
Congrats, Bambs. Hope everything goes well for you.
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Tic Tac Nic
Reply Thu 21 Jul, 2011 07:38 am
Nigga please, I've been battlin' two people at once and they haven't replied.
I should say the same thing to you. Go back in previous pages and see how much you haven't spit anything.
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Reply Thu 21 Jul, 2011 09:45 am
Best of luck bambs
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Reply Thu 21 Jul, 2011 06:43 pm

its about punchlines, lunch time, lunch line whatever I wants mine
ya'll comebacks novacaine , Get Bent , ya'll hunchbacks notre dame
everyone knows ya dame , all hoes the same
everyone know ya nose the game , ya'll dose cocaine
carbon copies so the same , so you sold a game
ur pockets don't hold a thang , you don't know the game
so ya vein , an your bleeding the very thang which gave you life
the cyph
cause you cant brave the fight
have a cause act brave wit might
lab the raw ,record that shiit make brains ignite
cause what ya sayings hype,
real emcees , bin saving mic's,got pens in the shoebox
n when we listen to you talk
sound like some christian that listen ta tupac , gettin pissed n reminissin
about a time befo inhibition , n intuition came out ya mind
zombies i'll take ya brains out ya mind
oh so thats how a human sounds without a spine
without a dime
without a nine
im outs getting mine , on the outs , bin on the inside ,
u bin on the denied list , not welcome in regular pop,
i bin have my own kin beg him to stop , baggin the cops
to take him back to the block
braggin you hot , dump gasoline in the beer funnel , tunnel past yo spleen
lets hear the dragon in you talk

Reply Thu 21 Jul, 2011 09:53 pm
bought time you through your hot **** out there man, was waiting for that to happen. Smile
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Reply Fri 22 Jul, 2011 09:03 am
yeah im new good job there...halla bak rappa [email protected]
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Reply Sat 23 Jul, 2011 10:22 am
ok. here we go.
i call this the killer rap.

check the noize from the boyz with the toys dat kill
if ya wantin mad blood you gots to pay the bill
my skills get ill fillin buckets with brains n guts
my right foot be gettin tired from kickin buts
switch left, just as def to bring about death
Whats that your saying with your very last breath,
oh snap there goes your neck and your knee
Im the last thing you saw and you didnt even see
Me really cause im fast like a racing car
im near, then far, then Bam, suck this tar
in the mouth, dead is what they just declared you
So quick didnt even have time to scare you
Where you running there is no escape
Like a momma Lion i icked you up by the nape.
But whoops i accidently spine
Prognosis is Oh ****, your really not fine
You're dying for realies but also for my lyrics
You wish you life was longer just so you could hear this
Killer Rap

Droppin back in like a kracken wakin from a deep nap
Slap slap im all over you like Google Maps
Surveillin tailing i know all ya moves
i Know that it's rough but im so damn smoove
Like the but of a baby that aint no maybe wit me
think im a tree slice slice you got blood in your pee
Slow down, let me think, i dont think so
Slow mo is a no go for the way that i flow
im talking rapid ripping quickly and kicking
get out of the way to avoid blood dripping
on my fresh threads i got a whole damn file
of suckers i made dead just from checking my style
Spinning forget it im a tornado times five
no ones rebuilding cause no ones a live.
puling in honies like i pull of arms and legs
yank you, thank you, i know a guy who sells pegs
go your nose, got your ears, got your heart
the only thin i left you with is a fart.

killer rap

signing autographs before they even ask,
a killer spinning hits he be melting wax
twenty four sev i be chasing a dream
death without breath or thought for a scream
linguistic assassin but also one for real
got rhymes that kill backed up by steal
you no see me U-NO-C see you
i stop hearts on the charts just doing what i do
you can live like a man or die like a bitch
this rap is the decipher to figure out with!

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