joker AKA gangster
Reply Thu 10 Mar, 2011 12:27 pm
dude you ever heard of 'charlie bit my finger' ???
youtube it ... Very Happy

nigger talk about droppin names who the **** is Miss Daisy ?
like that makes no sense the **** you talkin is crazy
**** like that makes a rapper seem lazy ,
the **** you callin a sissy you lil baby ?
i aint teachin no cousin of yours not even maybe
teach her yourself cuz you act like a bitch lady
you ain't the best at this game you ain't no slim shady

a nigger dont cry when he gets sued what you sayin'
and why you disrespectin your mum it aint her that i'm laying
that's some bad **** bruv and i ain't playing
you ain't beat me yet dude keep prayin'
and man i ain't boasting i'm jus sayin'
Tic Tac Nic
Reply Thu 10 Mar, 2011 02:20 pm
That was nice. "ima ventrilliquist with iller lisp I can make him speak" lmao...
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Reply Thu 10 Mar, 2011 06:07 pm
@joker AKA gangster,
Dude, have you watched Driving Miss Daisy with Morgan Freeman?
Google it. Very Happy
joker AKA gangster
Reply Fri 11 Mar, 2011 11:26 am
oh my bad , no i haven't haha :/
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Reply Fri 11 Mar, 2011 05:50 pm
Im laying a verse on a track with a guy in america and my friend "Stryfe" here in the uk, its about fake rappers in the uk who try to pretend they are gangsters when they are really fake. thinking of using this..........

Let me kill em' on the riddim with the syllables "Stryfe"
They say they been killing but its a fictional life
They spitting all lies
In the vision of are eyes
Pityful criminals hypnotizing are minds

These guys are disguised
They hyping bout knives and 4-5's they say they igniting at night
But really they've had abit of a lie to us right
They frightened to fight so they hype on the mic

Im verbally murdering vermin who lerking the earth
And disturbing the surface with words with no purpose
My urge was to burst on a verse and confer that the burdon
For certain aint permanent

Music was made as a route of escape
The booth is the Place to speak truth on a bass
You dont live in hood, you just stupid-Deranged
Useless and fake, who are you to complain?

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Tic Tac Nic
Reply Fri 11 Mar, 2011 08:18 pm
I feel like spittin'

It's afternoon, the rays of sunlights hit yo bedroom as you wake up gettin' to midnight shift
Workin' at Mc.Donalds ain't got the right wheels to make a Tokyo Drift
Dropped out of College, sleepin' in a rented fucked apartment with no life
"**** my life!" Got to your kitchen and grab a sharp knife
You slice each wrist, rememberin' your life back then when you had your bestes of friends
Physically compaired to your own family as nothing had to do this to me, I should of been
A fuckin' succesful person in this world like everybody else is
Wife, kids, starting the best of you, but now you through it away since your ages grew! (Beat picks up)
Gettin' midinum wage like fuckin' monkey, gettin trained to climb trees like of that Stumpies
But hold your breathe 'cause here goes the neck lumpies, cough on these people like they some fuckin' chumpies
You've turned grumpy, pissin' everyone off 'cause your fuckin' attitude your life is gettin' bumpy
Your taped to Hell and can't get off this wall, your status is below Humpty Dumpty
You've became the opposite of what you wanted to be, then you back down
You've givin' up, and thats why your fuckin poor, your ciricles not round
Your heart has shrunkin', your flunkin in life and now your a little munchkin compared to everyone
Life must be hard 'cause now your smaller then anyone
in this world 'cause you failed on what you've done
And now all you can do is drop what your doin' and fuckin run
But you're mind is wayin' a ton, you fucked up your life, it isnt our fault
If you want to get better then get up on your ass and fuckin' vault
over these hoes and be the man
Act like your the artist and everyone wants to be your fan
Your life is a teeter-totter, its goin up and down, round n' round, left to right, but you write what your life is all about 'cause you want to change tonight
And remember what you see in the reflection of the knife
because what me and you both know is that God only gives us 1 life....
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Tic Tac Nic
Reply Sat 12 Mar, 2011 12:07 pm
@joker AKA gangster,
Aye bruh, if your black it's "nigga" not nigger
And if your white I dont even know why you sayin it
Prashant Shady II
Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2011 03:50 am
Sick as a wizard in the blizzard
Freezin at 0, a hero, pale as a lizard
Frail but lethal, I strike with a force
that’ll rouse ya hood and slam ya doors
shut, revvin up to my flows, mission impossible
Fission possible but imitation punishable
Furnish my lyrics with words that burn furnaces
Lift these turds 6 feet ‘fore they land on their faces
Wanna mess, I’ll throw y’all in lyrical mazes
so unraveling, y’all kiss the gravel while I spit clinical phrases…

Bleedin from gashes, ain’t stoppin slashin slashes
of lyricism, battles and clashes, burnin opponents to ashes
Y’all nothing but a piece of cake
Burn on my stake, stakes are high as I slice through the cake
Rake with ya blood but that makes my day
Spit **** so suave, Shady’s force to say
“Mother******’s dope”, with flows that choke
A ray of lyrical laser penetratin ya like coke
inside ya nose but this aint just a dose
Y’all overdosed with just a fraction of my flows…

They call me Jason, I stick up like a dick
Whack pricks with slick lyrics, masked like a hick
Fatal but enticing, ya fate is the icing
on the cake of death which I’ma start slicing and
you get diced to cubes smaller than ya pubes then
sprinkle ya like flavour, topped with a layer
of blood, spittin truth aint anyone braver
Ya bitch drownin in lyrical seduction, save her
Liposuction for free, she shoutin with glee
Without a fee, this gun sendin her beyond recognition
Rippin triggers like switchin ignitions
Worth mentionin’ the end’s nearin,
clappin asses off to detention, grab ya pension
Process of retention, relive the scenes fore ya be restin in tension
the treason’s been fucked outta ya head son…
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Prashant Shady II
Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2011 03:52 am
I'm jackin off, molotov n' a mac
Packin off, macintosh packed
Slackin off, bags o weed n' crack
Walkin streets lookin for a hooker to whack
Stack o papers, articles of crime stacked, piled up
Particles o blood on my dime, livin life miles up
Wasn't born evil, but a truce with the devil
on my horizon, blazin iron, lightin up the anvil
Flamin victims I'm sightin, 'tanned' kills
Hack like a maniac, evil fan like Stan, sicker than Shady's pills
Inspiration slippin through my mind at Godspeed
Perspiration slippin as I grind, flamin fags, hail the hot seed
Bunch of hookers gettin punched, leavin faces broken
Knockdown, knock 'em deaf till they hear the sound resonating
with a countdown, ignitin these words now spoken
Lightin the sky with crimson, blood splattered
Bodies battered, this son with the "speakin gun" was all that mattered
Too late as I whip the streets with lyrical rage
Keep battlin encaged, this ain't change, this history on a new page
A page with evil smothered all over
The Seductive Bride on my ride, got her hotter all over
F****d the hell outta the Devil's daughter
A passionate lover, with evil hover-in and all over
Settin the world on fire
Sequences liftin me higher leavin consequences dire
Kickin with a fittin boot, spittin truth, now call me a liar
Shootin soot, blackening the White House and fore they douse
the fire out, I'mma stick the hose inside they mouth
Blastin out, faster than darts, y'all got lastin doubts
Am plaster cast but cursin out, lyrical rage got me out
No one'll vouch for the **** thats caused when the cursed man shouts
Versed now loud, evil need droppin an evil deed
Make y'all pop and bleed as I let the bullet speak
Drop ya weed , say ya prayers recite the Creed
I aint coppin plea, my m80 makin cops plead
These hot spots need glocks that feed
Heed this warning, y'all got a future bleak...
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Young chozem
Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2011 08:29 am
you all think you are the real **** dont ya
better bak up b4 i cut ya
my rhymes are so sharp ull be spilling your blood
better watch where ur going, watch out for the mud

bcos once u get stuck there aint no going bak
learn how to rap b4 u even pretend to black
u u aint got no style thats what y'all lack
Plus your dicks look like a mother Fu***** tic tac!

one more thing before i leave
stop this **** thats what i plead!
because reading all of this it makes me seem
like the only decent rapper thats not on tv.
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joker AKA gangster
Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2011 11:59 am
@ Tic Tac Nic,
yes im black but a nigger dunt really care bout spellin y'na i mean it sounds all the same .. but yo ''nigga'' - if it makez u happy Smile
Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2011 05:55 pm
@joker AKA gangster,
Im white and I think it's more racist to believe a single race is'nt allowed to use a word , well its ok if ur black asian native latino indian ,

if you use it as nigga like homie or just as refrence as a person

like this nigga an that nigga were fighting with this nigga

however if you know that nigger with an er at the end means uneducated person
an you use it as so that is racist

otherwise nigga's need to stop tripping , n i mean all nigga's all colours your all HUMAN
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Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2011 11:42 pm
yo that freestyle was whack i couldnt wait for it to end i got no wife but you got a boyfriend wut you gona do trying to battle with me rip u in front of ur crew like it didnt happen to me the difference is im real and ur phony my styles fat like saragoosa, tony. yo wut u gona do you cant hurt me a threat from both sides of the plate like eddie murry but dont worry ill get straight up in ur face bout to blow the roof of the place its no mercy so dont worry im dirty ill bleed u till ur burgandy wut yo you cant hurt me im phiysically murder g's yo it obbserb to me you cant see this with telescopic lenses im crazy like 20 inch rims on them benzes you dont think i can rap you calling me black wuts up with that yo ill teach you straight how to act yo this is ill its my commitee your from baltimore but i straight run the city down and gridy yo it time to get dirty wave your hands up i dont care if your 4 or 30 wussup yo thats right thats right baby cuz im ill like a sick metaphore yo hand in front of my face you cant see me you probally heard me ripping mcs on 92.3 thats right hold up ur hands wave em high that was i nice dis but it was a whack ass try u cant fly with me this is a freestyle rap and baby we dont play i come off the dome like everyday come at u from both sides like lesbian 3 ways wuts up!!!!!
Tic Tac Nic
Reply Mon 14 Mar, 2011 07:23 am
@joker AKA gangster,
I'm not correcting your grammer or anything. It just seems unorthidox saying the word "nigger" instead of "nigga." You just don't hear it everyday. And it doesn't make me happy if you do it or not, I'm just saying... lol
Reply Mon 14 Mar, 2011 02:05 pm
knights of the surround sound table
nights of dubs , light the dubs , life jss like love
it come n go , stick with those who put the most in it , no gimmic , ghost critic's
R.I.P. Siskel n Ebert
on the M.I.C got a fistful a murder
hearts full of gold
a midas touch , when a mic is touched ,humans evolve till they throw lighters up
blow cyphers up, use the soul so yo know you'll flow hyper stuff, he pulled the blade out the stone, got sharper, the village got darker pillaged by the Plauge
times getting darker by the day ,ppl can't see the shade , there life's become so gray, the kings have got them in gotham a brothel of awful options , who will stop them ? the real ones with will ,

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joker AKA gangster
Reply Mon 14 Mar, 2011 04:11 pm
@ Tic Tac Nic,
yeah prof i dont say the word niggA to be rude or owt cuz i am a nigga myself so whatz that bout - it's same as sayin - peeps + mandem + guys +all dat **** yna mean
Reply Mon 14 Mar, 2011 07:15 pm
@joker AKA gangster,
yea i hear ya
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Reply Mon 14 Mar, 2011 09:29 pm
ahhahaha wtf.. you ripped me?? ahahahahaaahaha what bullshit was that all about
Reply Tue 15 Mar, 2011 02:02 pm
I rip everybody ?
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Reply Tue 15 Mar, 2011 05:40 pm
[Verse 1]
We’re livin’ in a little big planet
Where insanity rules and the grisly things happen
And some of us only worry about image and fashion
And the most pious people in religion get blasted
I’ll give an instance – take this, for example
Mahatma Gandhi got killed by fanatics
This is just a sample of politics bein’ handled
By a bunch of greedy, power-crazed belligerent assholes
Addictive control by vindictive faggots
Blackmail by manipulative bastards
The {*secret societies*} tryin’ to get their worth
And elected M.P’s yellin’, “It’s our turn!”
We don’t exist as far as politics are concerned
We’re livin’ in an Earth full of **** as it turns
And innocent children, they get it the worst
Cause the guilty-as-sin people tryin’ to get in there first
Israelites killed on Palestinian turf
And the Libyans won’t rest until their president burns
These gun-runners are ahead of the militant curve
And the extremists and preachers tryin’ to invent a new church
It’s an ignorant world, when it spins and it whirls
This pandemonium leaves us in a twist and a curl

We’re livin’ in a little big planet
Where insanity rules and the grisly things happen
We’re livin’ in a little big planet
Where people get got but we kids didn’t plan it
We’re livin’ in a little big planet
Where hell on Earth reigns and exists as a factor
We’re livin’ in a little big planet
Where little things are obscure and the big things happen

[Verse 2]
This little big planet is gettin’ fucked by the minute, and we’re kickin’ its ass
Plus this month’s disaster has made it big in Japan
And it came in the form of a tsunami
Which was travellin’ the same speed as a horde of kamikazes
The death toll’s increasin’, the tsunami’s droppin’ bodies
Faster than rocks bein’ hurled at Muhammad al-Gaddafi
The subways are closed, and streets are cordoned off constantly
The public are tryin’ to make it home before the hour of darkly
Our little big planet’s been stitched with thick plasters
From injuries and scabs that are as big as giraffes
Nobody knows how long that this **** will last
Maybe the end of the year or durin’ Christmas Mass
Look, they call their Minister the gift of the gab
‘Cause he knows just what to do when things like this pass
But their reassurance of our position’s so bland
I can hardly taste the coffee – put some milk in it fast!


[Verse 3]
This is what I call our little big planet, it’s our mortal realm
We got monsters and killers that enjoy this hell
Old women get raped and the boys get felt
Teenage girls as young as 16 get tortured as well
In this hour of darkness, the clock points to 12
Many people go missin’, then get marauded and held
And by “held”, I mean held hostage for some dollars
In a boat far away by Somalian pirates
Untrusted foreigners get shown the ropes
We’re havin’ trouble puttin’ people on the boat back home
But some people say that they’re only here for a better life
They don’t understand the laws, we have to tell ‘em twice!
This is what we tolerate every day and every night
And they say they’re entitled to our money – man, it isn’t right
And all that ‘cause we’re part of the European Union
It doesn’t take much just for you to see they’re usin’ us
Britain’s a free ride, and opportunities used up
The community’s screwed up, this unity’s chewed up
They use and abuse us, continually screw at us
Chew us up, spit us out, make ruses to fool us
Somalians, Africans, Libyans, Israelites
Jamaicans, Egyptians, the more strenuous types
We’re gettin’ it just for the hell of it, friend
On this little big planet, who knows when it’ll end?


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