Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2011 07:56 pm
@Prashant Shady II,
the same day ??? haha , i came out the womb with a mic in hand homie , im probally not the best person to ask , I wanna do something i just do it !
Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2011 08:00 pm
n PS ya thats newer scribble jam its started going down hill after sage fancis an brother ali think that was 2002 , illmaculate uses punchlines with madd multi's
but yo honestly u guys want a tip I know 2 sites we can go to that are better for rapping an a place where u can do live audio great for live battles
an so is but you can see the person on lets beef if they have a cam both sites are written ,audio an video battles

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Jigajig 5
Reply Mon 7 Mar, 2011 09:29 am
Sounds like idea prof I'll drink to that Drunk Not that i do drink hate the stuff.

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Reply Mon 7 Mar, 2011 01:17 pm
got the spirit running through my mind , trying to show me the grand design , not just mans design , how the planet terraformed an the lands designed, bridging thoughts with rythm when im rollin paTrolling understand the rhyme, born with something ,
never quit
, never say its over
when the day is over
the nights just begun
aint the type to bust a gun
type to spit hype get in a fight from a discussion , one punch concussion
one hundred percent busting
nah' 110% ******* with the ryhme till it either abort
or i build a crib outta pages , give my baby support

drop knowledge,till u acknowledge that u can go to college , n think u can brawl kid,but it take a universe a free 'n , when doing a verse with me , n u get school'd worse then academia , by prof of hip hop university , burstin craniums,u have money mania, ya'll looking stir crazy word crazy look in ya eyes were crazy well im packing stadiums , hotter then a haiti sun , take my shot , rope tied around eighty guns , open my mouth 81 , just havin fun daily, right baby ugh

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Reply Mon 7 Mar, 2011 01:44 pm
@ Tic Tac Nic,
i can shoot bullets, or throw them, which one you prefer
bitch, open wide, because youre sweet, and ima feed ya dessert
and nah, im not a toy, but incredible i am it
shoot you in your head, yeah, the spot where yo hat fit
**** having a dome, ill give his ass a convertible
a shot to the chest will have him moving like the turtles do
i got money, i dont gotta pull my pistol on ya
put money on your head, and watch you end up in a coma
but listen homie, better tone it down a couple notches
what good are dogs when im running around with ******* foxes
Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2011 12:58 am
wow... sikk bruv.... ya dun me ova baaad..
Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2011 01:17 am
Thanks Homie , I liked ya **** thats why i came at you like that Wink
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Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2011 06:07 am
[Hook 4]
To all you smart Alecs who never graduated
Whose numbers didn’t add up or miscalculated
I’m about to spit Mathematics topics for you all
Lay ‘em down like a blueprint fully drawn

I got mutiple friends in different circles
We never divide, every sector and side has special verbals
Similar statistics, but the same powers and ciphers
I guess it’s safe to say that we are like terms
Not from my area, but have the same volume of attitude
In which the distance increases at a high altitude
In three-dimensional directions, blastin’ from all cylinders
Like the circumference or diameter of a sphere but if
You split them into fractions
Then you’ll see a different man
Who’s all gabble, but he’s just one in a million people who are slackin’
And that’s the probability of it
130 thousand people livin’ in a city of ****
In standard form, that would be 1.3 mutiplied
by 10 to the power of the 5
to break it down
If you want to talk about quantity, I could tell you the quality
of the number of small emcee’s who don’t live properly
Unemployment figures risin’ up like vectors
Half of that figure gets high and die in like a second
But the logic of it is, those puffers never quit
They’ll probably get sick with **** comin’ from their lips
About 40% are weed-smokers, 40% are heat holders
20% are preachin’ Jehovah’s
That’s 100% of a fucked-up planet
With the good part of it damaged or uninhabited
Nobody knows when we live or die, it’s up to chance
Like Two-Face when he flips that coin with his hand
1 in 2 is heads, and 1 in 2 is tails
There’s 1 in 2 places we could go, Heaven or Hell
Many of us don’t live through 16
So there’s a chance that we don’t get to pursue our dreams
We’ll be lucky if we even get to 18
50/50 chance there’ll be an abuser on the scene
He’ll go over our head like a Venn diagram
In a 360-motion, then stab our backs
That’s another murder added in the histogram
That amount goes up ‘til it breaks the back of the chart
So with a nimble plan
There’s a certain chance that we’ll survive that life ......

...... but that’s just the start
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Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2011 02:46 pm
how do i chhange colours?
Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2011 03:05 pm
[Hook 5]
Those of you emcees who never studied Science
It’s up to me to take some of the science and apply it
So take a pew, geniuses and listen up
And watch how this rap scientist rips it up

I’m about to blow up like chemistry
Blaze like electricity ‘cause there’s a positive power charge left in me
These decayed emcee’s bodies have stopped functionin’
They spit too much carbon monoxide combustion
I flow like H2O (water) = hydrogen and oxygen mixed together
We get this when it’s shitty weather
I need O2 (oxygen) if I want myself to operate even better
But CO2 (carbon dioxide) makes me deader
Than a non-livin’ thing like a dead fish in the water
Its body has stopped livin’, its functions are out of order
I travel high and defy the law of gravity
Burn emcee’s like a luminous flame to a plastic sheet
Cocked with the bunsen burner, pass the heat
2000 degrees will turn this ass to meat
I light suckers like bulbs attached to cathode wires
Made them go short circuit, their minds go haywire
There’s a malfunction in his digestive system
He looks at my raps, and gets an erection with ‘em
He let too much blood go to his dick
Now his bladder is full, he can’t even hold his piss
He’s constipated, not enough fibre in his diet
Couldn’t take a **** on my rap even if he tried it
The student tried to **** around with a scientist
And got blasted to the Moon, now he’s a satellite dish
The Earth doesn’t revolve around him
Now the space shuttle is shootin’ rockets at him
He’s got no gravity, he’s flyin’ straight to the Sun
Got incinerated, now this guy’s baked like a bun
That’s what happens when you play too much in the sun, man
The UV rays harm you, gotta pull out the suntan
I’m so hot, I even make myself sweat
The pores give out water which falls straight on my chest
That’s why I got sunburn and red skin
The **** – I didn’t take enough medicine
Next time, I should get some prescriptions
By the doctor, and that sometimes is a mission
I’m so ill, coughin’, feelin’ under the weather
I gotta take some drugs in order to feel better
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Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2011 03:06 pm
Before you start writing a line, type [color=x], x being your desired colour.
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Tic Tac Nic
Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2011 03:27 pm
I'll fill your mouth with hot water
Comparing my rhymes to yours, it's like a teeter-totter
'Cause mine would go way up as yours went down
Everytime I read your **** it makes you look like a clown
Time goes by in this world, make your **** twirl
You rap like fuckin' Justin Bieber, think you shinin' like a pearl
Keep comin' at me boy, I'll hit you back, no matter what you're worth
I'll keep eatin' your **** until you **** so hard you start to give birth
Imma rip a tear in your **** likes its nothin, blind and no where to find out
Come on flyboy1, stop being shy and show me what your about
'Cause I'm just playin' with ya guys now, tryin' to save my **** for Prashant Shady II(The Second)
I question, "How long is it before I just 'bout had enough?"
Well hopefully not soon 'cause I'm not playin' rough
But if you want me too boi just shout out and it's gonna be jumpin!
I'll squirt hot water on you like a hoe thats pumpin
I'm hot weather with leather or whether your clever or not
I'll "shrow" a bullet at you and hopefully it'll make you cry and scream I just shot

"Shrow" = Throw and Shoot... lol
joker AKA gangster
Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2011 04:40 pm
i'ma bout to come alive again -
sharper than any other men
y'all two's ya never find a ten -
but when i'm back your life will end
spittingz my desire -
hot like fire -
when i come through y'all bitches perspire
my aura makez you bitches tire -
if you say you bad then you jus a liar
cuz aint no other badder then me -
i am the master i have the key
i could teach you my style-
i charge no fee
but if you master my skill y'all niggaz feel free
you want a challenge - bitch - try me
wadya want from me ? yeah itz hard to choose
bein bad iz easy come and step in my shoes
i have no rules , no donts no do's, no gangs no crews
only 15 -yes- thats my age
but when i spit tight i come out with rage
madder than a beast in a cage
i'm on beastmode bitches yes i'm from mars
i have 21 secondz but no time for no cars
there's aint no stale beer in my bars
head held high i'm reachin for the stars
this took me two minutes make a meal out of it
hopefully one day i'll get a record deal out of it
i am the real deal i don't feel counterfeit
i am battered and bruised -yes- i've been round a bit
this is me you know you love the sound of it
no auto tune i am not t-pain
yes - i am proud of the pain
i stay dry in the rain
my swag is insane
i am in love with the fame
can y'all hear me ? i'm burstin through like DAYMM .
Jigajig 5
Reply Wed 9 Mar, 2011 07:38 am
Or just click on

Open BBcode then click on font colours choose which one and TADA You can make then different
0 Replies
Reply Wed 9 Mar, 2011 08:42 am
@ Tic Tac Nic,
boy im realy legit, mother **** what a bitch say
"cant we talk it out?" **** that, that the bitch way
**** that other nigga, who the hell he intimidatin
bitch i kow im hot, when yo girl say im as hot as satan
but listen, im not justin bieber, i wish a nigga would, cuz i give him cabin fever
**** your bitch then leave her, and if you got beef, then i keep the meet cleaver
smoke alot of piff to close my eyes, so i cant see ya, aim at ya pupil
head shots are crutial, nina so sexy, but her bullets might suduce you
never lost a battle, nice with words like its scrable
im a fuckin boulder, to me you other rappers gravel
Reply Wed 9 Mar, 2011 11:37 am
@joker AKA gangster,
Check it out – the joker’s in the house
15 YEARS OLD, and he’s got better clout
Justin Bieber will be crappin’ his diapers
It seems like this teenage man’s in a cipher
He’s smokin’ crack through a piper, he just cannot decipher
How the game is played, he’s mad and he’s hyper
Battered and bruised ‘cause he’s been at it with Tyson
Without his ear being bit off – damn, he survived it!
You’re from Mars, come back to Planet Earth
Between you and me, who’s got the baddest verse?
I can take a style and put THAT in a word
Guaranteed to have this bastard get served
His swag is insane – he’s a gangster, ya heard?
My ass has been attacked by his swag and it hurts!
This hip-hop pop **** has clearly damaged your nerves
Which is caused you to walk forth and back in a curve
With a cracked jaw and slipped disc
You’re dry in the rain, but you’re STILL gonna get wet
Talkin’ that “Hi-Ho-Silver” and “I’m sick” ****
**** the “DAYYUM”, partner – I’m the SHIZNIT!!!!
Watch this guy get dissed quick – no offence, kid
You tried your best **** - but MY hit’s quick!
Mind this biz; good try on this, kid!
But your life isn’t **** against this wise vet, BITCH!
I’m 25, 10 year’s older than you
I can act like a child, and that’s overly true
That’s why I’ve stooped down to your level to hit you
‘Cause you’re tryin’ to stand tall, how insolent IS you?
I admire your courage for comin’ on this site
Commend your skill ‘cause your progress is tight
But kid, you’ve got a BIG lesson to learn
Get some better rhymes and a better session, you heard?
He's declared himself a man, and his voice is loud
But just know that you're runnin' with the BIG BOYS NOW!!!!

I just HAD to respond before someone else did; SORRY.
joker AKA gangster
Reply Wed 9 Mar, 2011 12:18 pm
okay okay - you killed that ****
but i will NOT back down - once i get hit
talkin' bout Bieber - nigger who YOU kiddin'
he has more style than you - in his riddimz
i don't smoke crack - that shits for the tramps
when you were 15 you collected stamps
i could take YOUR girl - and make her MINE
i'm a lil too young - but nigger that's fine
the **** that i can do she'll think i'm lyin'
i lyrically kill - and i ain't even tryin'
got you readin' more - line after line
''BIG lesson'' huh ? the biggest lesson is life
and i've lived my life by stayin' alive
this is real **** i aint livin' no lie
so say some gay **** - like 'real mens cry'
'commend my skill'? MOM I DO TRY
spittin' your lines - tryin' to insult
act your age not like a kidult
nigger **** tyson this ain't no iCarly
dawg stop bitin' me like your name is charlie
there ain't no mike when you fuckin' with ALI !
step up your game 'cause your down to the end
hope you like this Smile i didn't mean to offend
i been to planet earth and after this reply i send
i'ma hop into my spaceship and fly home again
i'm only messin' homie peace to my mens .
Reply Wed 9 Mar, 2011 04:21 pm
@joker AKA gangster,
[*as Triumph the Comic Insult Dog*]
You got some fine rhymes ..... for me to poop on


By the way ....

How does charlie come into this? Now this kid’s droppin’ names
Could’ve steered away from that, it’s such a shame
I’m not gonna be like, “Oh, crud, I just got dissed by a kid!”
You didn’t reply to my last post – where the flip were you then?
With my Mum, maybe? Drivin’ Miss Daisy?
Teachin’ my cousin sister how to be a gentle lady?
Sheeit, you’re quite a pimp for a 15-year-old
You little SISSY – let my words nibble your earlobes
I never collected stamps – I was in high school, dammit!
Learnin’ how to stand up to bullies and bastards
And I fear that you’re gonna become one too!
Hurry, someone call 911, dude!
Yeah, I am a kidult; ain’t no doubt about it
So sue me! I ain’t gonna cry about it
This is becomin’ a case of Syanide vs Jack
It’s a Jump Off, Ill is signin’ off – it’s a rap!

Here's lookin' at you, kid.
Tic Tac Nic
Reply Wed 9 Mar, 2011 06:48 pm
Revison what I just told you, I'm not sayin' it again
My ink splatters all red on you like an exploadable pen
Yo girl gave me a ten, then fuckin' got her number again
I've done had enough, time to put you into Hush Mode...

Get big wit me boi, you do it big? Well I do it bigger
**** the gun you bring to this rap game son, and **** bullets I got the trigger
They call me painless, but yet dangerous
Ya'll already know what my name is
I serve niggas quick like fast food
I'm gonna' murder this kid like the past dudes
Talkin' all this ****, boi you don' put me in a bad mood
Your armor and **** just got all rusty and crude
I spit natural disaster, blow you rookies up faster
Come battle the Hip Hop Master
And **** my last raps, they in the garbage, **** doesn't bother me anymore
I don' burned those raps like I'm gonna do to yours, flamin' so hot like our Earth's Core
You gave me a bore, time for this **** to take it farther, farther then these shores
I'll take your ass out into the sea until I can't see this kid anymore
It's Tic Tac Nic, I bring my own game, you better fear this hoes
You won't believe it, then don't come at me so
I silence these kids so you can't hear it yo
Reply Thu 10 Mar, 2011 01:13 am
@ Tic Tac Nic,
Who's the Hip Hop Master ?

feel like a ticking time bomb /
/fastest feet on the track
blast the beats,
,kicking rhymes n breakin Records , the beast is back ,
this Human Race like virgin sacrafice ,
ya'll bloody pussies, what kinda feast is that
use words with a passion like don't ever police my raps
like when you slurr under ur breath passin
use herb when im blasting,
use the earth when im crashing ,
my fl0w hydro vent deepest thing you could Fathom
center of a black hole soul , solid as u should imagine
the gravity of the situation , well ur thinking could it happen ?
hell im inking fluid , rappin !
making beats , baking cheech , never Fakein Speach,
ur an audience it's obvious , takein seats
ima ventrilliquist with an iller lisp I can make him speak
u want me to be real in this ? so ya'll be feeling this
it's called Hip Hop im livin it only reason I ain't killin this
building this
the building bricks in the pit of ya stomach when the feelin hits
dealin this dope behind the placebo ,giving hope in ppl's life ,
ya jokes and its funny cause you just want money an bring coke in ppl's life
well **** it,
ima roll up the grimm reefer an start smokin ppl's life !Aight ?


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