Reply Mon 9 Dec, 2019 07:36 pm
7 years and I'm still trumping all these verses?

I spelled illustrate and I did that **** on purpose

I dont have enough respect to spell your name correct cuz to me your still worthless

Does it hurt bitch? You'll get merked quick with service

Put you In the ground and rip off your top like turnips

Pop u in the furnace, ain't **** you can do , now you'll lose your burnt fists

Melted that **** kid .. lol

Reply Mon 9 Dec, 2019 07:51 pm
The **** are you saying, you sound like your 2
Talking about failures? The only failure is you
Can't even a formulate a sentence or get a clue
Yo illustrate??....
Who df is this dude??
Coming acting all rude like you got nothing to do
The words? You jumbled a few , your probably mumbling too, I can't stand retarded people. Yo ills he must be apart of your crew !!Haha

I'm hungry now

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Reply Mon 9 Dec, 2019 08:31 pm
Your proven evidence of a bitch who be classic hatin.
I say its classic cuz it takes me back when I had education
Learned in class there was always fags with some fascination
But it gets deep when I'm assassinatin a guy with half my name In , his name, I mean... the admiration!!
It's too great, kinda hard to beat.. it's like being superior and putting your dog to sleep, your flaws are weak it isn't hard to rip your face,jaw and teeth
Your just a troubled boy or a snotty brat, cuz at the end of the day your just a copycat

Where my homies at??

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Reply Thu 19 Dec, 2019 05:39 am
Trumping all the verses, what a load of twaddle
Two bags of money in your hand and you think you're Donald?

So you spelt "illustrate" right, yet you still got my name wrong
Right now, I'm illustrating your girl's grace on my tongue
So either I'm licking her pants off or she's playing a game of "face/off"
and that's just on the face of it

You didn't have enough respect to spell my name correct? That sounds awful
What did you do? Get busted on Grammar Theft Auto?

I'll get merked quick with service? What's wrong with you?
You sound like a swamp prostitute

You can throw me in the furnace and I'll come out glazing
I'll throw you into the fire like the frying pan saying

You'll rip my top off like a turnip? I'll slump you like a couch potato
and have you get pelted with tomatoes
You've been farting out too much like a kid eating beans
But I say suck my carrot and onions, and eat your greens!

You can't stand retarded people? I think you're silly
Duh.... Duh..... Duh.... Lick my willy
Play with me, I'll get a retard to stand on you
and make you feel his Fireman Sam shoes
Reply Tue 24 Dec, 2019 10:25 pm
got a new apprentice watch you die quick
like a life sentence, you gon fry bitch
say that **** all high pitched, I quit
Reply Wed 25 Dec, 2019 03:50 pm
(BURRRRRP) Pardon. I belched a bit
My butt stepped on the gas without pedalling it
If you think that's bad, then I need you to tell me just this
..... How do you think that last rhyme that you just addressed to me is?
Dude, you don't fry if you're serving life
But since you sound like a chicken, I'll put you on the hot seat like it was Burger Night
Reply Wed 25 Dec, 2019 10:54 pm
whats up lets get better and show our skills
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Reply Thu 26 Dec, 2019 10:21 pm
I was trying to just warm up and practice lol
Reply Fri 27 Dec, 2019 05:13 am
So was I as it happens. 😂 I wonder where all of the other heads are?
Reply Wed 1 Jan, 2020 02:04 pm
catch a body still feelin guilty
run with the steel, 6 feet
go to stab him, real deep
blood on my heel,filthy
gun on the field ,will be
gonna get killed?,we'll see

Reply Sun 5 Jan, 2020 04:34 pm
The only time you catch a body is when it falls out the window
A bit like you when you're bombed in the indo'
Run with the steel? What are you, a railway track worker?
I think you've gone off the rails and scratched the surface
Plus you sound like a train wreck
I'll run a train on your girl and make her wrecked
looking like a DJ's deck - Sway and Tech
I got more rhymes than you could take a "stab" at
So to be blunt, I've got quite a sharp tongue - how's that, Jack?
You have blood on your heel walking on glass like Annie Lennox
**** hard work - I'll make light work of you like calisthenics
Reply Fri 10 Jan, 2020 12:30 pm
i think about synapses in the brain with axons
I think about karate kid tryna get his wax on
im realizing I can realize what I imagine (imajunn)
and my greed eyes materialize my passion
looking at the mirror just tryna fight
what my wants are, took a toll in my life
its not hard , what I told myself that night
but my thoughts far, farther then right ..freestyled

Reply Fri 10 Jan, 2020 12:59 pm
I'll give you a freestyle, with a scissor kick like Booker T
I'll throw the book at you then throw the key
Put you on a time-out, while I throw a rhyme out
Dunk you like Mike, flunk you like a high school dropout
So come to terms with it like a holiday break
That's my principle/principal, how I run this like a boss, not like Rozay
The only time that guy lost all his weight
is when he drops the scales during a courtroom day

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