Reply Tue 4 Feb, 2020 05:46 am
bitch my dick is like pussy smash service kid u need gay jesus ur bars are like where is the love black eyepiss lost
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Reply Tue 4 Feb, 2020 05:57 am
failer is ur gay homo sexual face I want to smash u hard..... but eh **** still hanging on with oh god 2020 boy ur bars are bitches after a long **** kick the **** out hair...……. u soft homie better check urself before u through **** abletoknow or im ******* biachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh smack u the **** offf to mars if u still fail ill through kim chan chuh rocket special make north korea off u go son along with that fat boy 2020 **** u we the north bro ur bars are gay they copy no brains say better team up get better or im ******* get way then the diploma channel weather 2020 we the north I do jumbled and mumble just to get ur momma 2020 we the north son
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Dudu C
Reply Thu 13 Feb, 2020 08:03 pm
I’ll poke you with the fire stoker , till you start chokin and stroke.
Back like I never left an brought the papers and the dope
Now I got you and these flamers to roast
I ain’t playing but I just sold some gamers coke
Dudu C always called out the best when a player spoke
Got these online wankstaz deep throating my quotes
You nuggets is broke , and I’m at the bank , quoting a quote
Call out illustraight , make sure my grammar woke

Last time on my last rhyme was the last time you had a half ass line
Fuckin crackhead , it’s been way past time , and you due to get neutered dog
This pussy ass cat is trash looking for some food to naw , I’ll pull the sawzall out the wall and saw everything off besides your jaw , so you can still suck my balls
You fuckin cuck you suck , when I pull up , you better duck duck , cuz if you **** up you’ll get peppered and goosed , I fire shots as soon as I step in the booth , keep ripping me off , till you gimpin an soft , spitting a tooth , I’m spittin the truth
Reply Fri 14 Feb, 2020 06:23 am
Why would you quit if nobody has defeated you in a battle yet?
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Reply Fri 14 Feb, 2020 07:15 am
@Dudu C,
Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to whatever you just said
I was too busy filtering out your noise from my head
If I take away all the mild words from that wild verse
All I see is, “******* cuck, you suck, pussy! You’re gonna die, nerd!”
But if I separated the slang from it
All I get is, “I’m Dudu, who sucks a goose’s tooth. Isn’t that something?”
See, that’s the most beautiful thing about a brain
Each lobe in it functions differently every day
So when you call me wack, I get you hit in a different way
And when you come at me with a beef, I grill it like fish filet
When you say you spit the truth, I find some slip-ups straightaway
I’m about to take it back ten years and say you’ve got spelling mistakes
And that just goes to show how mixed up you get
like a wizard stepped up and chucked a jinx in your head
And gosh, how you write like a minx that got tricked in bed
Still recovering from the night that a gimp got you wet
Tell me I’ll get “peppered and goosed” - jerk me
After this, your chickenshit friends will treat you like cold turkey
Reply Mon 8 Jun, 2020 07:13 pm
Shots sent to ill to set the boy straight as i paint
deadly pictures of his ventures, quiz the author
spit a novel illustraight dies in for my pleasure,
try n remember when you play wit danger
theres no escape when i aim through my anger ,
hang up his career without a hanger,
hanging don't need a suit bc i dont see a tie this a loss you taking,
debt must got you banking as an accountant
this lyrical clip sending countless bars i spit til the smell
has the coroner going eww to ills stinking surrounding the pits of hell
straight amounting this red nose clowning bowing
anyways upon my perfected frame erected through his girl being mesmerized
repeating the name now changed from luntic-def6 had to resurrect
quiz in full effect spill a mental threat metal sprayed leave a bigger mess
while in casuals cleaning up any atoms left
need another 7 seconds left better pray on your blessings before the severing
make you split in between another breath
being taken the moment my enemy becomes vacant making the soul
delay from raising i made growth through patience
illustraight get stomped like boots in a cadence
tymless unknown up close full scope arsenic mode fire set in the bones
flames im speaking been beasting in one evening this heat can change the seasons
tell me what it is for any reason, you got left to illustraight your defined meaning
Reply Sat 13 Jun, 2020 03:20 pm
Look, just when I’m having a biscuit in my work place
I have to be ragged by a quizzer with a jerk trait
Now I gotta cut in and give this prick a firm baste
Have it put across him, and let him catch a burnt face
How dare he interrupt my biz? Is it his birthday?
If it is, then it’s “beats” I deliver like I work with Dre
Pin the tail, watch this donkey drift like a bird of prey
When I’m finished, he’ll look like a fish on a Turk’s plate
I’m Mike shooting Virgil in the thinker when the burner spray
Flaring up this chick like a burst flame
I go Rico, towering like Mitch when I assert my game
Pull him out of his whip, and make him scurry away
I’m Illustraight, but this fool thinks I swing alternate ways
Even faggots act much slicker than this dirty dame
I just skimmed your whole verse, it’s lame
What am I reading? A rap lyric, a script or a verdict page?
Are you trying to get me pinched without a permit, babe?
You know what happens to a hitter when he turns snake?
I’m a human, young kid, I don’t converse with apes
But you got too close to this imp when you affirmed your fakes
Now this chimp has to go bananas, switch and make his stern case
Hit you with sticks and make your nerves break
Make you wish you never hindered with this word brain
Crash my gate, and you’ll get dicked like a girl raped
Send you in whirls like twisters overturning lanes
Thought you’d win? Then you just got tricked like a merchant’s bait
Reply Tue 23 Jun, 2020 06:18 am
Gratitude for even giving This quiz time
tymless records broke my point from where the vectors thrown
conjoin a method where myriads preach the blessings owned
illustraight enter a phase about when he questioned his ways,
starting to wonder when ill was bending out of shape,
must been them biscuits grubhub'd to his place,
quiz mental weapons pop each temple, pressing lead with just a pencil
fill in thoughts spacing the brains cavity, No insurance to cover the dental,
simply complex till I see the casualty only died from being ill sent straight,
to ashes, the burner turn a person clay from spazzing
timing with a heat exchange rearrange every strand of dna, none to waste
bars drop turn this art teacher to a elmer's paste, try and stick to the subject
now that u made a tape,
without action theres no need for takes but for extra just add more pay,
having a clip send numbers across your waist, like a random beep seeing who page,
become next up to be electrified by this poetic tesla engineering the best of lethal verses personified showing who is underneath to a surface merging,
perfect purging for king to be working,
flames emerging out a person how smoke does with a vape, but im the nicotine
that got you choking, vision tunnels closing illustraight now approaches
quiztymless moment frozen,
i'll throw a jab with a release of a straight right with power to have ya chakras open,
lyrical necessity spitting tremendously jerk traits viciously moves made endlessly like ender's game last test to gain a win recklessly,
fresh with each obtained peace of mind no longer stressing mindless pieces
attached to dying reasons, time to illustrate my meaning
n document facts leading to an extinction of straight weaklings,
have a hell of an evening, put it in a diary so ill can straight up express,
his vulnerable being
Reply Wed 24 Jun, 2020 01:40 am
Better send in the next of kin upon glory as it cleans the sins,
passion wrote with spilled ink in pens, letters dated back in ancient Khem,
Lyrical mucus forces me to Spit the phlegm, Ahem back then amen
Atum was still genetic means for interconnected beings,
to achieve galactic dreams with gods to boost soul are solar inner self esteem,
a birds eye sight through flight, insight made for a vision in mind held tight,
thought priced by ideas bought right, sought light find night
sun rise till it rest and a moon blinds the lower self in it's debt,
need to tune in to universally swooned in
0 Replies
Reply Sat 27 Jun, 2020 11:45 am
Listen, brothers complaining like Habakkuk or the Book of Lamentations
Watching their streams, throwing hooks, and masturbating
Paying visits to their cooks and matching papers
and all the while digging their fat snoots in their packs of bases
They love the world against what the first book of John warned
Throw on their best Moonrocks and put a front on
And most of these Christians are lying crooks and hardballs
They say they’ve read the text, but they pursue it all wrong
These fake priests yelling on the stands
and the next thing I see, they’re flicking lettuce from their hands
They’re showing off grand amounts of wealth and have some fans
Going against the man that said, “You should surrender what you have.”
Casting magic spells and pulling exorcism acts
Twisting scripture like doja, trying to bend the little facts
Performing shows out on the street while they’re dressed in silver slacks
looking like bin teams out to get celebrity stats
(Yeeeeah) What is it that these reps don’t understand
about what Jesus said when He was lecturing His clan?
They can’t buy their way into Heaven, it’s a scam
Their ideals are all imbalanced just like feathers against their grams
The Bible says that we must cherish His own plan
Just like the Israelites, He has prepared for us a land
where we can sit back and chill, treasure it and laugh
and enjoy the fruits of pressure we were compelled to withstand
They say after the tears come the cheers, and once the peril of it’s passed
Then our hearing will be clear, we’ll be settled and be glad
He says, “Here, my atmosphere is pure, fresh and never bad
This reward will be the best you ever had.”
Reply Tue 30 Jun, 2020 02:27 pm
I Heard, Hear you n listened to the religious shackling nerve,
that has the optics perceptually burn,
from the serpents
whispered words, that uprooted us to fruit, fashioning its
dimensional edges n curves,
of course
its heart felt discern, bc sin has hell spelling eternally burned,
enough with all the gospels,
Q gospels
decipher that logos, until then
Quiz will quarantine the Ill pull apart
n peel another body from hostel while hostile,
bars boiling verses
spewing out steam, so your straight in a fog as im pulling out dreams
your mind has illustrated, now i i have to close out that chapter attached to your self- esteem,
I-dock ya n have you try n speak up,
Clip has the volume to reach ya,
magazine 20/20, but ill firing blinks, With a proper sight
as if tymeless gotta time it right,
Half these lyrics Unload just fully expose
the grey matter squished in his dome
now resembling a dominoe's pasta bowl,
without intellect mentality,
doesn't let logic for how our spirit connect ,
Divine spark telekinetic language less than phonetic,
still prophets N messiahs invested
to receiving a message, collecting genetic data embedded,
Now its a Quiz, for another answer for a questioning method,
progressively multiplying whats destined,
to start tracing every dot fate left in its presence,
still absorbing eather like essence N appear as what the unconscious
call as weapon,
As do I teach my students to understand how the neck
shows u the path where your head is,
just a pun for a heading,
Illustraight dont miss the chance to be
one of greatest apprentice
Reply Wed 1 Jul, 2020 06:27 am
I jump on this goon like a spider catching prey
Stretch my talent out, and tie quiztymless up with the Aspie tape
Burn him with the most active grace
Jesus told Martha to cut the crap, and put the rolling pins, pots and the pans away
(Take it easy) That’s why I tell rappers to chill talking all the bollocks
Especially when I raise a point like archers in the forest
Each time somebody gets mad, part of me ignores them
but my other side says, “Chop their necks off!” then I destroy him
A cat can mount a platform and show its aura
until another cat or a dog comes forth and knocks them off it
Roof, roof, meow, woof, woof - bark ‘til the morning
and before you know it, the whole bloody garden’s filled with garbage
That’s how it is when I’m talking to these foreigners
I gotta adapt a Jesus Christ argument when I’m warring
Take portions of the Mark script - these troops concentrate on scoring
And by that, I mean forging like documents
Misled by corporates, sheep with horns on their foreheads
I know I’ve talked about this often
and brought it up more than vomit or sons and daughters by fathers
They don’t want the knowledge that’s important
Christ hasn’t been raised in their lives
So their fake faith is futile and they’re still encased in their lies
1 Corinthians 15:17 states this line
Too busy running out, competing with other dukes, getting that cake or pie
Meanwhile, I’m looking in Revelation that says, “Blessed are they that abide
by all the commandments that they may enter My
gates into the state of eternal peace away from the strife
where I demonstrate reign all over the plains and the skies.”
2 Timothy, chapter 2, verses 8 through to 9
tells us to remember our Saviour Christ when He gave up His life
As long as somebody has faith and their pride
They can go up and see King David and that Abraham guy
I may be chained, disgraced, maimed, shamed and undignified
but the Word of God isn’t gagged like a lady in the basement who’s tied
and anyone who doesn’t relate, they can die
Go down like chicks fellating pimps and have their place in the fire
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Dudu C
Reply Fri 3 Jul, 2020 06:26 am
You the type of dude to diss me and start off by saying “Sorry”
I’m the type of dude to throw you off the second story

I’m unapologetic , and asymptomatic , I’ll tear your mask off and intubate you with this semi automatic

I’m savage and morbid
ransack a batch of Covid
crush it up and snort it
**** you ? Naw **** life ,
I told my mom I wish she aborted
Cuz every time I storm the forum I go retarded

And I keep a stack like an extra chromosome ,
Hoarding toilet paper for these half ass artists and phony clones

Your names illustraight and you still don’t get the bigger picture

I don’t rhyme for the craft or the scripture ,
I do it for laughs , and the Kodak moments with your baby sister

Yea I’m the jinxed wizard , got these silly geese salty.
Run up in your kitchen , and pepper your skillet with the Forty.

Got these porky heifers screamin , me so horny , got these goofy rappers dreamin they can war me

I’m so fuckin sick I went to a corona orgy........

Reply Wed 8 Jul, 2020 06:23 am
@Dudu C,
I’d slap a Dudu in the mouth, but I don’t wanna get crack on my hands
I misspelt “crack” - I meant to say CACK. Too bad
But then again, rappers like you are always smashed
on the white you always shove up your nose, that’s why the world is full of crap
Coming at me with that coke addict rap
is like a donkey trying to come at a bull in its own land
You try to twist my words around like Chinese burns or pretzels
And you’re gonna get boiled like Gretel
There’s always a case with bad emcees, pandemic or no pandemic
and you turn that mumble crap into an epic
And what I mean by that is, today’s raps are overrated
So you should wrap that up like sandwiches in papers
I still write with pencils, my paragraphs stab you like John Wick
Make you lose your rag and do a bottom flip
My style is free, you won’t get charged for hearing this
Still gritty to this day and got you fearing it

Reply Fri 10 Jul, 2020 06:22 am
Look, I’m sketching passages ten to the dozen
just like a lady’s legs shake while she sends texts to her cousin
They can say that my flow is crap - yeah, my expression is rotten
just like their breaths when they’re smelling of onions
after they’ve had a bacon sarnie for their 12 o’clock luncheon
Well, I’ve had a banana, apple and a clementine, young’ns
So that makes me healthy as something - friends, I don’t tell this for nothing
I snitch on myself, I believe in integrity, pumpkin
Folks think I use my trait as a pretext just for fronting
How did these teenagers get so much drunken
that they’d come up with a statement so silly? Their perspective is stunning!
Yet they’ve got heroin and smack stashed in their medicine cupboard
Check it, they don’t understand how I’m spilling out the truth
similar to school children putting swill over their food
Killing all these fools with kindness, staying real and also true
Without straying away like donkeys, acting wilfully aloof
Couldn’t care less about mils like those millionaires in suits
who earn too much, invest and watch their bills go down the tubes
Flow so childish it’s like I added milk onto the scoop
Throw these cats off like Shahrukh when he threw Shilpa off the roof
I’m Alonzo with the skill that these Nelly’s can’t construe
Whip-kick them like Scott, then ask them how the hell they think that looks
Pen game sharp like pins or sleeping on beds of cutting tools
Built like Bolo, brutal like Carlin, but well-informed like Bruce
But my soul is guided by the Holy Spirit, that’s my juice
Like Sonic in ‘93, I remain slick, awesome and cool
Way past them like motorcars speeding well across the routes
Put in the handiwork like Ephesians says in number 2
0 Replies
Reply Sun 9 Aug, 2020 01:55 am
came in , like yo daddy , pulled out the drive way, rolling up on the High way
doin it my way,ya'll just a migraine, up outta my lane, f*ck outta my way
ya'll get pop'd like miley, for walking by me, still ill dropping grimey, leave a casket and a parade of cops behind me...


what up slurrts
Reply Thu 13 Aug, 2020 05:37 am
Well, well, well.........
Reply Wed 2 Sep, 2020 02:31 pm
Kicked off the work boots
Just rolled a fat zoot
like a mofo
on my sofo
with a Popeye poot poot!
Fired up my telephone
Checked the a2k zone
Call this homes a liar
but the **** there's getting tired,
Man, the AMNH got a **** load younger bones.
I ain't set out to depress ya
But I gotta confess - ha -
It's still full of the dribblings
The hackneyed scribblings
Of the dick they call Professor
That's the name that come up first
But you know he ain't the worst
He's what chlamydia is to AIDS
Walmart to Fareway
He's the driver of the hearse
Who the guy in the casket?
Ain't no fool gotta ask it
The hack inside
Is a serial suicide
And the weapon was his rapping and he used it like a spastic.
Let me say it and reiterate
Illustraight, try Illiterate
Now wait, he'll get belligerent
That's great, he'll get to kill again.

Reply Sat 5 Sep, 2020 06:42 am
My Lord picked me to fulfill a deed, made me a special breed
of kid with a gift to give the chicks a tease
Hit the switch and grease it up like chefs in the kitchen before they cook
Giving peace and love, to the deaf and the stricken with bars and hooks
Splitting sheets and rubbing texts from the scriptures of solid truth
Bringing heat and busting self-serving witches who scorn and hoot
Living meek and running reckless, delivering from the Book
Spitting speech that’s thorough, selflessly bringing the godly groups
Swing the steel, make cuts like RZA and GZA who formed the Wu
Our Christian teams are tough, like felons who hit up somebody’s booth
Spilling streams of blood, dispensing the wisdom that’s broad and true
Friend, I’ll feed your ones, inject the nutrition they ought to chew
Get the beefing crushed; sending out this one to all the troops
and any dweeb that runs his fence talk gets squished and his bottom shook
Yes, indeed, it’s rough, when you’ve got chickens ignoring you
when you’re reaching, touching, venting, convicting some other dudes
Every preacher comes ready to sing the good Gospel tunes
Express it sweet like honey, then getting strict as the profs in schools
“Repent, believe the Son”, it says in the Writ, Acts number 2
The skeptics scream and cuss, telling them, “Quit with the God issue
Or else we’ll go nuts, rend you then stick you with foreign tools
Get you reamed and punched, arrested and kicked in your organs, too!”
It’s endless evil done by brethren who think that assault is good
But instead of even justice, we exempt and forgive them for what they do
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Reply Thu 10 Sep, 2020 04:34 am
keep my name out ya mouth , blow your brain out ya scalp
you think you the alpha-bet, beta's mastered being haters these masterbaters aint about **** ,lay um out quick,

for a mofo ya so so , bitch like toto, snitch9 ta the popo,
slipped your spine out your blowhole, prolly sniffin a line a cocoa
still never be doper then the dope in a old folks home, fur sho doe
grew up in a broken home
bboy still breaking on these beats
I will break ya bones,
break a mutha ****** off when they talking soft
they got bieber bullets the way they popping off
I cant believe the bull ****, when they talking dog
imma OG watch um OD on the OLD ME
I send parolies for rollies ,roll up and smoke G's
im just a rap vessel serving shaq specials
thats a tall order, watch um back pedal
blowing up like an iraq ghetto
hit um with shrap metal
real ****
you ass level
like will smiths last several
this ish is passed settled , im talking thanksgiving
im smoking dank wisdom
im on that bank mission
I know you aint dissin
being great take vision
look inside maybe you'll see what they were missin

Oddio DB


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