Reply Tue 4 Feb, 2020 05:46 am
bitch my dick is like pussy smash service kid u need gay jesus ur bars are like where is the love black eyepiss lost
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Reply Tue 4 Feb, 2020 05:57 am
failer is ur gay homo sexual face I want to smash u hard..... but eh **** still hanging on with oh god 2020 boy ur bars are bitches after a long **** kick the **** out hair...……. u soft homie better check urself before u through **** abletoknow or im ******* biachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh smack u the **** offf to mars if u still fail ill through kim chan chuh rocket special make north korea off u go son along with that fat boy 2020 **** u we the north bro ur bars are gay they copy no brains say better team up get better or im ******* get way then the diploma channel weather 2020 we the north I do jumbled and mumble just to get ur momma 2020 we the north son
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Dudu C
Reply Thu 13 Feb, 2020 08:03 pm
I’ll poke you with the fire stoker , till you start chokin and stroke.
Back like I never left an brought the papers and the dope
Now I got you and these flamers to roast
I ain’t playing but I just sold some gamers coke
Dudu C always called out the best when a player spoke
Got these online wankstaz deep throating my quotes
You nuggets is broke , and I’m at the bank , quoting a quote
Call out illustraight , make sure my grammar woke

Last time on my last rhyme was the last time you had a half ass line
Fuckin crackhead , it’s been way past time , and you due to get neutered dog
This pussy ass cat is trash looking for some food to naw , I’ll pull the sawzall out the wall and saw everything off besides your jaw , so you can still suck my balls
You fuckin cuck you suck , when I pull up , you better duck duck , cuz if you **** up you’ll get peppered and goosed , I fire shots as soon as I step in the booth , keep ripping me off , till you gimpin an soft , spitting a tooth , I’m spittin the truth
Reply Fri 14 Feb, 2020 06:23 am
Why would you quit if nobody has defeated you in a battle yet?
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Reply Fri 14 Feb, 2020 07:15 am
@Dudu C,
Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to whatever you just said
I was too busy filtering out your noise from my head
If I take away all the mild words from that wild verse
All I see is, “******* cuck, you suck, pussy! You’re gonna die, nerd!”
But if I separated the slang from it
All I get is, “I’m Dudu, who sucks a goose’s tooth. Isn’t that something?”
See, that’s the most beautiful thing about a brain
Each lobe in it functions differently every day
So when you call me wack, I get you hit in a different way
And when you come at me with a beef, I grill it like fish filet
When you say you spit the truth, I find some slip-ups straightaway
I’m about to take it back ten years and say you’ve got spelling mistakes
And that just goes to show how mixed up you get
like a wizard stepped up and chucked a jinx in your head
And gosh, how you write like a minx that got tricked in bed
Still recovering from the night that a gimp got you wet
Tell me I’ll get “peppered and goosed” - jerk me
After this, your chickenshit friends will treat you like cold turkey
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