Reply Fri 8 Jun, 2018 07:14 am
fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk wow I love ittttttttttttttt from just straight up start off the rightttttttttttt....................................................... I really do like this able2know page..................................................... a lot in hereeeeeeee that are just like a like.......................................... deadlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kooollllllllllllllll I'm always ready to battleeeeeeeeeee any that's probley a lot better then me.................................. but I feel like battleing others then a lot **** off eatch others familyyyyyyyyy
say lets talk about every single man that has a cock.............. howwwwwwwwwwwwww the **** didn't slide in even though you tried anno cumshots
Reply Sat 9 Jun, 2018 01:24 pm
Are you feeling okay? 😮😯🙁
Reply Sun 10 Jun, 2018 02:26 am
trying work on my freestyle skills
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Reply Sun 10 Jun, 2018 01:20 pm

My tag on the street
Is Sy Dee
Eye Rap like y’all frap…
I’ma poet and eye no it
That’s why they call me

The square root of 69 is ate something,
but iffin’ y’all want to be pedantic,
don’t get frantic, calculate and divide,
with no decimal place to hide
and spit out 8.306623862918075
wid no remainder – sucker!
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Reply Fri 15 Jun, 2018 03:12 pm
yo im not that suprised when ills wanted to spar
its like i revised my skill but its gotten too far
even despite my will, my volume still grew large
a new start from my quill like a rude sarge
a few barged, but still ill with the pen like i drew art
my loose leaf loosely rips apart like abused cards
a few scars and rips, ****! so now i need a canvas
dammit, so i better stick with kids who need a sandwich
cuz im always starvin and never seem to manage
its like i plucked a garden n start to take advantage
i rhyme crazy and also creative but lately theres no purpose
feelin lazy and these sedatives got me feelin kinda worthless
but if the shirt fits, its worth it?im certain no ones closing my curtain
even if im workin, a nerd in a worsened version of a burnin excursion
feel a sense of immersion when i hit, its cataclysmic
im sad im in it, the fact isnt im a kid that rapped from that district
magnificent aftermath, my macs hit em with a master craft
dont need a mather class to rip this **** like disaster paths
you flabbergast like you just witnessed a bitch acting bad
you havent had this sickness, so im quick with rappin dad
**** alots changed, my minds slaved with the thought of my state
like hey?, what am i doing, im pursuing as the light fades
high gates, close and dont re open so now i know my fate
mentally broken to know when judgments spoken in my face
so why hate, cuz even though im not chosen i know wheres my place ...

random freestyle

Reply Tue 19 Jun, 2018 04:12 am
I meet a girl and I use her to water my garden grass
I meet a trick and play with her heart like a card shark
I meet a bitch and I take her for country walks down forest parks
All while my trunk has a wood, my drive is stronger than palm barks
In fact, the way her legs spread, anyone would think she's branching out
That's quite a discovery like enchanted powers
My balls grow like plants and flowers
If her name was April, I'd give her some awesome showers
and make her brighten up like fireflies at the darkest hour
I'd be staring like a gnome trying not to get knocked (Ow-er!)
Fishing rod falling out of, part of my palm that's now on
the floor, destroyed, crumbled and crushed like Mum's curry powder
I don't think this maid knows what's cooking until I throw some tomatoes at her
This girl thinks she's got the juice until I mix her mind up like batter
But she'd better batter up before I butter her up like a pattie
Make like she's a sort of platter and get her gorgeous ass handed to her
Let's give her a hand, she's the most remarkable manager
Now watch how I manage her
Take this maid to my chamber and have the broad strapped to the
mattress, and vacuum undeneath her drawers and flatten her
Now she's crying liquids and huffing gas, what the solid **** is the matter with her?
You wonder why I chat with her?
I wonder where you get off trying to stop an autist from flattering her
Adoring her, giving her all my heart like an actor
That's like stopping a Mexican from crossing the border to America
You're driving me up the wall like the foreigners wanting to inhabit here
Well, partners, here's a fun fact for ya
Tunnels are natural burrows that actual-ly
exist, like fossils stashed in the
catacombs stuffed under the subways and the paths that our
ancestors dwelled some thousand months of the Exodus
******* with Ills while he's working hard to get happiness
is like when the Nazis tried to monkey with the ark of God
and we all saw what the **** happened to them!
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Reply Sun 1 Jul, 2018 03:23 am
yoo we all getting fucketd right from white or what ever color new born human show off...…………………………………………………. speaking not simple quickness I picked up to the or from the **** I learned as child and as I grow up learning the right to go on in this life...………… witch is awesome to keep up with a lot bad **** right **** what ever as long as trouble kept me out off fighttttttttttttttt I wanna battleeeeeee in hereeeee but I feel im not the best when it comes to soo many others that battle against not 2 so deadly good do to so many off you...………… someday as future as human say miracle will give meeeee that goodness hope say...……. once its my time im over chicken to chinaaaaaaaaaa hardcore ryme..

me I come from Balkan. qebabas bbq was fill up lovinggggg stomac to the taste off qebaba yum
you grow up here to a tarzan but mee more like I groue up to qebaba Alibaba yum...…………… bullshit like right or wrong or good or a ******* simple bum...…………..
lookkkkkkk as you got it through the career book dont ever accuse meee crook or hood.......... what goes around comes around this is lifeee once you up its like you loving the moment from struglle to mircale off wake up from god.

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Reply Sun 1 Jul, 2018 03:46 am
lookkk deadly ass mather ****** so pro at giving the hook...……….
I respect every so multi culture fact you competing like a cow moeee moe moe simple random speaking...…………. I got no so this loving nataur life straight from the heart saying thank you god starting from the earth as humans growing new born time off natator off this lifeeeeee **** what any that doesn't bolive death and next after life...…………..
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Reply Sun 1 Jul, 2018 03:48 am
im ok but im not that good off rymer freestyle
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Reply Sun 1 Jul, 2018 03:58 am
this life such a depressing as we grow u^p staying off way from trouble and just simple growing and aiming for the right right still as future comes and goes along some how we end up no more family same love...…. just simple moment alone...…… **** rich to poor all the **** that the both compare they own...……. you so such a loving never missing time a day when it comes to your timing off pray...……………. why when your dealing with humans you feel like over boosted before there done cut them right away and just don't stop the **** you claim to spray
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Reply Sun 1 Jul, 2018 04:08 am
**** 90 or 95 off off a lot in a night that I simple end up meeting them up...……………….
this goes all what ever color you feel like you claim tthat you like...………… go on
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Reply Tue 3 Jul, 2018 01:35 pm
people start fights but dont like the results
re wrote art like its none of our faults
we show gods might when we give it our all
see yo all right when you blundered the fall
ask for some help and you shall recieve
masks on shelves were made to decieve
gas our health and trimming our leaves
its hard for the farm,theres nothing to see
i guess some pile of ticks rule without a question
they say its a demo but im done with this session
feminists want war, yeh we are truly equal
"men are hardcore" most of em are evil"
but yet you wear clothes that are still see through
and expect respect when people actually see you
and then 1 starts a uproar and the rest are "me too"
its just the world we live in,
cant compare cuz theres no other i been in
blank stares, im aware theres sumthin beginin
bank fares prepared cuz theres no one winnin
before making a judgement just ask yourself
you just know something?or was it something you felt
real lives matter thats what they want you to beleive
ive seen guys splatter all over the tv screen
if they were true then why do they make it public
every suspect always trying to change the subject
growing up with guns in streets and cops doesnt
so its plain to see that the cops must love it
this is me high just sharing my thoughts
cuz i realize its what you were taught
growing up with no ac and it was hot
makes you visualize that the place is not...

Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2018 08:29 am
Listen, I'm a street scribe who writes minerals
My pen is a carver of time, I scribble icicles
Look how I style it out, Mowgli with an ice pickle
Bright enough to blind eyes, it's a shiny sickle
Straight from the jungle of Slough, they once fired pistols
and brought commuters to a halt like train line signals
My autism is a Christ symbol
I suffered and gave up my life for these sheisty, narrow-minded kinfolk
The way I express my charm, it's just, like, simple
1 +1 stuff, but these ******* minds are cynical
Remarkable rhymes that hit you like saliva ripples
And by "saliva", I mean water, you mindless cripple
Motivated in the spirit, that's a vital issue
And each single bone is godlike, call it Bible tissue
**** with a child, I'll make all of your disciples miss you
and bury all of your ideals and your privates with you
I'm at the apex of my game, flying like sky missiles
when they're launched high into outer space, Simon, it's simple
Yo, my science bonds like your DNA
More rewarding than your awards at the VMA's
My crew's more built than your Mom's MPV estate
Finer than your Nissan P-R-I-M-E-R-A
Your click may be strapped with gats
But I'm strapped with the armour of God, my faith casts my enemies away
You're in my yard like the Phenom would say
It's a game of ball with a legend, sweetheart, so you can cease the play
Think you can read my heart? Darling, read away
and I'll read yours, I'll tell you all that I need to say
So you can gossip with your sweetest mates
about how I can't get along with your team of fakes
Yo, I can't even figure what's real
My uniqueness or the fact that your quips are ill
And by "ill", I mean sick, that's li-ter-al
Like disgusting, the way you take a ****, for real
You hit, you steal - to pay all your big blue bills
You bitch, you kill - pretend that you are built of steel
A bunch of panderers in jackets sipping pimp juice still
Going round looking for a bunch of chicks to fill
You hypocrites will, never stop until you are filled
Keep screaming and bleating, I just wish you'd chill
Getting big for your boots, you're too quick to spill
lies and rumours, like your strawberry Innocent swill
Ha. Listen, toots, I'm not having it
Always on this rapping ****, smoother than your handkerchiefs
You can sneeze all you choose, you little faggot chick
I'm just going to walk away from you, have a fantastic trip
0 Replies
Dudu C
Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2018 12:25 am
Reply Fri 26 Oct, 2018 03:39 am
@Dudu C,
2many good players in here
Reply Thu 1 Nov, 2018 06:14 am
Bring the movement back, homies. This thread has been defunct for a while now and we need to put some work in.
Reply Sun 2 Dec, 2018 03:17 pm
Okay, I see how it is. An empty arena.
Alright, let’s see if I can get everyone’s attention again and spruce this joint
back up.

The lines I write are like the English stanzas out of Canterbury Tales
I hyperact, sniffing that crack put back on the scales
These jacks try to act, I’ll kick their asses like donkeys when they brag and they wail
Have them drinking milk again from Aptamil
I stay healthy with these bars like I drank Actimel
Generate a profit with these pitches, make them actually sell
What I rap is so swell, you’ll need bandages to band up all the scabs on your shell
Earnest with facts that compel
with a bit of substance, cadence, action and absolute skill
I’m putting words into your head like a gangster who kills
Making you crack up as well as break down like pranksters in jail
who eyeball you then shove a stick up your back ‘til you fail
I’m brewing a storm in your teacups like thunderclaps and some hail
You want pain? I’ll send you downstairs to be pampered in Hell
You can’t topple Ills, you’re scared of me like that pussycat trapped in the well
in that ‘Ding Dong’ song, except I smashed up the ‘bell’
On point like ‘William’, how the damn hell can you all ‘Tell’?
I’m so outstanding that I stand out like a bat with a tail
I cast a really dark presence, make you faggots look pale
I’m nailing bitches like Jesus by a hammer and nails
You carry coals to Newcastle like trains that travel on rails
not proving anything - you think your brags will prevail?
You’re showboating, like burlesque lasses on the captain’s sails
Blowing your trumpets like jazz by Tatum, Hancock and Bill
This is the anthem that will make your head shake like castanets played
in a Mex rave, so break out the aspirin pills
Meanwhile, I’ll find some of your girls and give their backs a good fill
until they lose air like catfish without gills
It’s Ills
Dudu C
Reply Tue 5 Feb, 2019 06:24 pm
The rhymes I write are not English , they hieroglyphics , I don’t get into specifics , I just put the work in and they keep they distance .....

Battle :

You couldn’t hyperact on ADHD Meds ! You wouldn’t be hard even if you’re girlfriend had 3 heads !

You fuckin nerdy faggot go read a book ! Matter of fact , paint me a picture , with me and my dick inside of your sister !!

Talkin like you kick ass like donkeys , that’s fukin played out Cowboy ! Like your fudge packed raps from the fridge to your butt crack ! **** Head!

Somebody get this baby a diaper ! Imma ween him off the tit with this cypher
Reply Thu 28 Mar, 2019 07:05 am
@Dudu C,
I see your verse, and like poker, I’ll raise you
But I’m not giving you any credit, so you better dead it
It’s nice to C you’re still a DUDU even to this day, kid
Take your name away with your ego, and you ain’t ****
I’ll let you sore like an eagle on a plane trip
Didn’t catch that? I said I’ll leave you SORE like measles on a baby chick
Even if I was on ADHD
You couldn’t A.D.D. any more pressure on me, see?
But I make you panic like O.C.D.
Rip you like a CD until you’re Torn, and leave you flowing on a stream like MP3’s
You call me a cowboy? Keep playing me and I’ll leave you lasso’d
with a rope round your neck, and make you heave like fat hoes
when they have trouble breathing - that’s not a rap you wrote
Either you’re just sneezing or having a rapper’s choke
I’ll make you look like a joke, by laughing at your quotes
Ha ha ha, ha ha ho! That last “h” word is how you act, my good bro!
Illustraight is like Ezio Auditore, I’m an assassin foe
I stab you in the Adam and let the Apple show
lil host
Reply Fri 29 Mar, 2019 11:13 pm
I don't consider this a contest,
showing off, more the concept,
how can you type punches, not condescending
only comprehending,
impossible i rival,
put a pause to this never-ending,
ever bar like winter in march,
slightly cold,
not impressed,
poker face slightly bold,
i suggest,
you politely fold,
talent you didn't inherit,
I see no talent embedded,
clear metaphor get no credit actually demerit,
**** rhymes, **** lines, practically pathetic,
dont ask me to dead it,
reaper meetings,
i fled it,
It's not hard to C, a rapper you wish to B,
Only way that you'll BE, is when you sleep,
only when you add a D,
my punchlines are like creeps,
can't counter what you can't C,
so like your parents you'll wish,
you had a plan B

Wanna go full on battle, three rounds?


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