Reply Sat 13 Jan, 2018 04:57 am
@lil host,
Much like G-Unit's "300 Shots". Who remembers that track which was supposed to be a response to the Game's "300 Bars", but was just full of indirect clichés?

R.I.P. Prodigy
Reply Sat 3 Mar, 2018 11:32 am
Cuts and scars like Bruce Lee walking through a hall of mirrors
While the mist fades, and things get more the clearer
As I draw nearer, trying not to be a short hearer
with my ears to the ground, like hogs telling whether it’s warm or winter
Carrying burdens like a pallbearer
with a feeling surging down through my soul, and it’s called terror
Most judgements have their wrong errors
So I’m listening to the wise and meek, figuring out which one is fairer
With all the bullshit I’ve suffered, have I dropped? Never
So many charges thrown at me like a court pressure
I could explain it in only four letters
But I know I can inform it better without swearing like a disc that’s not censored
It ain’t a joke like an inexperienced court jester
I got ways of laying this **** down just like law centres
And I know rappers won’t knock me off my course whether
they think I’m cool or not, and I can probably rock a block better
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Reply Mon 9 Apr, 2018 06:35 pm
just sent my album off for mixing! here's one of the tracks' lyrics


close your eyes and ride peak horizons
be your mind and soon feed the violet
water rising while thoughts are violent
cries of migrants of the type of titan
flights of righteous sights of kindness
try to lie alike the tyrants
fire lights the minds of psychics
hand that feeds your might to bite it

clipping the vision of vengence, tip of the ledges, living the edges, sin of a
messenger, kissin the chemical, crickets or cannibals clickin their mandibles, (animals)
adderal adding the alcohol active and packable at the call (pass as incredible)
smacking that fantasy like i’m a whack a mole, crackin the catapault at a fault (fat and full)

i confess, **** i’m a mess but bitch in my defense, i’ve been denied my best, fit
fine and fresh but get time and stress over the kind of dress i wanna try finesse (yes)
lycan legs with fuckin idle breast and ugly type of mess that was my damn dead
fight for press or ******* vices vex, she placed a type of hex on my bless

what a flex, **** cut my breath, and kiss a supple neck before you snap it, damn it
punch the bed or ******* blood the hand or maybe suck the damn out of the casket, have it
buttons press while the mutton fed a ******* hundred men maybe a miracle, weird yknow
love and sex never such a nest because i hate that **** until my burial, tears’ll fall

i’m a stupid cupid with a loose gripped luger
two pistol viceral vicegrip crooner
a moonshine blue nine body shot shooter
count em up round em up cowboy loser
tip my sombero, whip my camaro
grip like a pharoah, spittin on pendehos
paint em like crayola, i gotta start play grown up but i
won’t until i own up, no not until i blow up

i write a bunch to a violet love to a
type of dove somethin fine as ****, i’m
kind of dumb bite my thumb mind is numb like what’s up
never keep me down, never leave the town
penny for a frown, henny to the mouth
heavy as a mouse, wreckage on the mount
beckoning a reckoning and blackening the ground
flicking through the channels, pickings for the mammals
ticket to the battle, bliss is in a flannel
rattle the castle in a bitter bicker back home
macs and techs and rexes full of ammo

broken a poke and a potion of potency, mona the lisa the token repeater the
focus on fiends and the vocal for feast while i’m choking on pieces that float on the sea
yodel for help, yodel for me, bloke on the shelf, bloke on the beat
locals that haunt us like poca-the-hontus and show-ups so ominous lock em in boxes
stuck on the marshes, suck on the market
pucker and pause it, stock is a bondage
suffer the fog and, blood from the faucet
**** all the blossoms, **** all your promise
puss in the water, fuss on the father
gun in the pocket, gun on the conscience
subtle but honest, what is the process?
yuh i am so fed up with this
yuh, all of the men on my dick
yuh, all the text on a bitch
yuh, all of the sex on the bit
yuh, stuck all the way to the bottom
yuh, suck on a plate and a bottle
yuh, butter and grain for the model
yuh, all of the stains in the brothel
YUH, i’m not a man i’m a monster
YUH, i am a capable daughter
YUH, why do i fake for my mother?
YUH, i’m not the same as a martyr
YUH, i’m placin paint on the mortar
this is the face of a mortal
selling my state for a quarter
i have been breakin my borders

deaf witness, blind listens
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Reply Mon 9 Apr, 2018 06:37 pm
also! here's a beat i made for my friend, what are y'alls thoughts?
i've been trying to mix edm/idm with modern trap elements.

can't wait to put this album out, how have you guys been doing musically? been recording at all?
Reply Sun 6 May, 2018 08:26 pm
i actually need beats...ive been recording and **** sounds tough..make more
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Reply Sun 6 May, 2018 09:49 pm
always on my path im just a vision seeker
i go to sit back n laugh with the grim reaper
i rip vets to death while your just gettin weaker
your lyrics is trash and your attempts are meager
my scythe will cut em in half ima flesh eater,
the next leader,im eager for the next speaker
no respect either because bitch i flex ether
got the rest feelin less meaner, i test teachers
i guess some of these people dont even belong
im stressed these people really believe in their song
your reasons are wrong the moment i see u its on
matter of fact dont even respond

Reply Wed 16 May, 2018 03:23 pm
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Reply Sat 26 May, 2018 02:31 pm
If I wasn't autistic, I wouldn't read a diva's guise
and become somewhat of a social figure in people's eyes
For years, I've become a burden in these emceeses minds
because I saw things my way and I refused to keep in line
My organisation is sleeping all these Caucasians
and all of these Asians like drugs given by hospital matrons
My Christian autism's got all of them hating
Because I say the chicken came first, and got floored by an Atheist
People cross the road without looking both ways
and that's why most of them end up with Polio and AIDs
And they attack me without cause, cause I'm a man who thinks outdoors
My style's raw, like cow brawn
Jesus Christ is where my power's drawn
I pick up flowers more than you motherfuckers eat out your broads
Trying to keep on the straight and narrow
I desecrate and harrow, my lyrical jabs quick to break your marrows
Y'all some lesbos like Rooney Mara and Cate in "Carol"
with styles thinner than the moustache on the face of Errol
All your godforsaken ways are feral
with faces more sterile than an American state that's in wasteful peril
I'm a modern day Winston Churchill rolling up a fat one
sitting back numb sneering behind the backs of you bad chumps
who love to act rough, and want to be mad tough
like pro-wrestlers with their abs buff
That's enough, LMFAO, laughing my ******* ass off
until my guts come gushing out of my pants, whore.
Reply Sat 26 May, 2018 02:51 pm
Catch me masturbating in my bedroom, give me some legroom
and a master bed because I'm about to get head soon
from someone who lives a thousand miles away
She's just had her hair dyed grey
I mean purple, I apologise, my mind's swayed
from all of the talk that took place during my barbecue
Plus the kids were playing horsey too
My grind is honourable, rhymes unstoppable
like a juggernaut who walks through walls and roars when he talks to you
Roarrrrr, plus my cousin called me a Hulk
Just as well, because I got a stomach that's full of bulk
And by bulk, I mean, fat packed in it like a church hall
I'm nuts and bolts, I'm struck with jolts and a lot of volts
That explains why my autism beings shock value to all
Jaws dropping on the floor
My mother mopping it some more while she flips out about motherfucking chores
that haven't been done, telling me to wash all my drawers
and afterwards, all of my socks and store them in my draws
Reorganise my storage, then tear off the posters clobbered on the wall
without fail like engines that constantly stall
The next day, she's shopping in the mall
Buys a year's supply of health food and hoards it in her car
Meanwhile I'm in the kitchen chomping on some S'mores
Not S'mores, I mean those apple pies she's got under the boards
Reply Sat 26 May, 2018 03:49 pm
Reply Sun 27 May, 2018 03:24 am
<3 😂🤣😂
Reply Sun 27 May, 2018 06:16 am
Is everyone gone? That was literally my first post in 4 years
Reply Mon 28 May, 2018 01:52 am
samyboy, you and I are still here.

I guess it’s up to the ones left to revive this forum
Reply Tue 29 May, 2018 01:04 am
Damn dude that's sad, I miss the good old days.
Reply Wed 30 May, 2018 05:06 pm
I guess you and I can still spar.
Reply Fri 8 Jun, 2018 06:01 am
yooooooooooooooo dopeeeeeprofessorrrrrrrrrrrrr deadliessssssssss lyrics killaaaaaaaaaa likeeeeeeeee top player sports 1-or 2 most scoreeeeeeeeeeeeee
Reply Fri 8 Jun, 2018 06:04 am
sooooooooooo much battle soooooooo deadly mather fuckers in here freestylessssssssssssss deadly mather most throw likers.................................
goingggggggg harddddddddddddddddd in here like them ufc fightersssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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Reply Fri 8 Jun, 2018 06:08 am
check it G I might not be the famussssssssssss mather fuckersssssssss that you see on a tv.................... but I got a lot natatur lovi ng in me!
Reply Fri 8 Jun, 2018 06:16 am
neverending battle ihope admins chooseeee a medallllllll from the top all time battle..................
fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk whyyyyyyy I still a lot a simple **** I just try...................... fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk good byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too all the bullshit fucked upp shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt I meeeeeee saying goodbye
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Reply Fri 8 Jun, 2018 06:20 am
battle battleeeee hardddddddddddddddddddd likeeeeeeeee go getooooooooooooooo
fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your speech........ shareeeeeee all the bullshittttttttttt that we over fuckedddddddddd in past..................................... check it homie g I'm make sure stay true nataur loving free... stay true to what I ever go along or what ever comes throw............................
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