reasoning logic
Reply Fri 13 Oct, 2017 04:08 pm
I am no rapper myself but I do find value in what I call intellectual rap and I seen value in what you just shared. Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
Reply Sat 14 Oct, 2017 03:14 am
@reasoning logic,
Thanks, RL. There's always something missing in a particular field and due to my awareness I always strive in my endeavour to bring back what's important.
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Reply Sat 14 Oct, 2017 06:23 pm
@reasoning logic,
In reference to Em..I guess ill try

rappings like a walk in a park
ill grab the jaws of a shark
my heart is as hard as a cart
smashing a retard apart
see yall ,ima dart
pass ya cause I'm aerodynamic
people get frantic when my hand is
ready to cease yall from the start
ya don't know me but I'm like tony
not Montana but stark!
kinda lonely but my homeys are bystanders of art!
kinda figured I'm making figures cuz when I wear red its usually blood in my pictures!
check the line up my vests entwined bruh
**** bill gates he hates that my tech is finer (fine ah)
I'm the best chest designer don't stress in my club
stark towers present the guests with mind numbs

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Reply Sat 14 Oct, 2017 06:29 pm
I actually like this
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Reply Sat 14 Oct, 2017 07:34 pm
@reasoning logic,
the other was a warm up about iron man lmao
...down to politics

I value the schism in political partys
I wonder up in em eating some arbys
a recruiter to the left handing out flyers
another screaming "join us" standing beside us
I'm in a small tour group contemplating our stand points
half of us confused the others lighting our dam joints
democratic taxes low and middle ,but more gentle on low class
so that's what I write with my pencil, I listen and learn fast
so republicans tax everyone, now that's equality to me!
but unfortunately that's a quality we really don't need!!
instead of keeping hard workers down and tiresome
tax the upper class cuz they have a higher income
now demos and repubs are actually quite moronic
I smoke chronic I realize some **** is just ironic
if your demo which means its for the people
then why strongly drive a wedge between us??.we're all equal
trying to limit us when it comes to gun laws
china troops are training in our jungles (jung-ulls)
mass graves bro I stay enlightened
if I have no guns how I'm supposed to fight em?
anyway it don't matter cuz they favor abortion
republicans sadder ,cuz Donald trump is distortion
I go on forever but they ask what side did I choose
I compare a few views I start to look at the news
expectations and the size of these shoes
people look and they stare aware of me being there
they focus and snare seeing my thoughts in thin air
I gulp and get nervous its an automatic habit but rare
I sulk and feel worthless a rabid sad kid ,i share
I'm a republican democratic in here!!


Reply Mon 16 Oct, 2017 07:49 pm
man I'm tired of these **** niggas and this hood too
sprayed shots have you spin and fall like a hula hoop
we turn up ,yo ass beat so now you a vegetable
you left on the dirt next alert saying you next to go
the rest know I'm the type to be down to ride
coming down your block I shoot you from the side
I oblige to the rules I'm cruel to not agree
I comply with the few dudes who cannot see
in this world we were meant to be blind
I think back matter of fact a mental rewind
best of both worlds like the epicenter declined
im a parallel corpse in a memory bind
man just let the best of me shine
cuz ima necessity, an accessory to the ghetto each time
instead of taking the wrong risks let me say it
people without a conscience can never make it
just know everything is pre meditated
earth was here before you and earth is devastated
if the planet was our parent your life would be tainted
the devil claiming his and your walking that way naked
listen to nefarious topics and various objects
I'm a teacher teaching leaders and I came from the projects
I'm not being complacent , your bodys sacred
I'm just saying theres more to life than being wasted

Reply Tue 24 Oct, 2017 11:29 am
you need a teether,mouth breather,claim minds ima reaper
sight see'er ,might see ya wife ,beat her
in the night with no lights either
I write deeper, I'm quite sick
I use ether to light spliffs
I wish my asanine **** will transform to niceness
up on the paseo ,I miss ,why Ms
ima grow like a ficus ,hurt your eyelids
pin needles hit your feeble eyes quick
no surprise bitch but silence
hell or heaven, theres no guidance
I site scripts in biblical times which
correlate with my hate for randomized ****

Reply Fri 27 Oct, 2017 07:38 am
Legalities is the only reason someone hasn't stopped your breathing
If I had strangled the daylights out of you already
History would have just been repeating
The eradication of disease is an endless hustle
Proliferation of your whackasscity contributes to the struggle
Please do us all a favor and kill yourself in a gory fashion
Bash your fuckin head off of a bar thats cast iron
It's time I align myself with transcendence to all politics
Go back to playing call of duty and masturbating with polly pockets
The arena isn't for a sisyphus to exist to throw sissy fits
It doesn't put on a good show when we fight with kitchen mits
The heat in here is too hot for you to touch
So back off or else I might have to choke you out.. slut

Reply Fri 27 Oct, 2017 07:54 am
Dear Sam,
Why the **** are you even alive?
When all you do is jerkoff, judge and criticize
Your existence is painful to watch
People around you have to blow out their eardrums
Just to tolerate hearing you talk
There are certainly better ways for someone such as yourself to spend time
Like get the **** off the internet, dig yourself a hole, crawl into it and die
I ain't even fuckin around
If you were to stick around
The next girl you meet will just drag your life out
While you pay all the bills cuz you basic as ****
And my dick is down her throat til she pass out
Makin you a bitch ass cuck til I fistfuck your lights out

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Reply Fri 27 Oct, 2017 02:32 pm
my mind is older my lyrics are just colder
I'm like a soldier but with the weight of a boulder
killing instincts kick in now I'm in sync within
so I start ripping you open with a lawn mower
put your severed leg over my broad shoulder
repeatedly beating you decently until the jobs over
left the rest of you ,your chest and shoes in a darn motor
I harm sober individuals who ridicule the wrong order
so **** legalities I don't even need nobody or a lawyer
cuz in actuality half of your body will be in my ford explorer
you wouldn't believe the horror ...chump

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Reply Sat 28 Oct, 2017 03:59 pm
lifes a competition but aint no one passing me
they think im stuck but im going up dramatically
its sad to see im out here living there fantasy
cash a check ,no respect , bypassin his vanity
i dont want to argue cuzz nigga i aint got the strength
but the moment i saw you i came straight back from the bank
puttin money away and watching it increase
it aint ok cuz every one wanting a piece
they know ima cheif
i flow like a beast
stacking up money, i go to the east
i show em my beats
they looking for flaws but i know its elite
dont even speak bro just take a seat
we'll let you know by the of end of next week
not at the top of my peak
the moneys starts to profit and reap
millions of dallars i hollar i scream
funny thing is this is not even a dream
cuz i was born with the lore of a team
not lakers but players from Heat
oh nice to meet you, i read thru the screen
interviews pitiful im passing the weed
my cynical pinnacle, just doing the deed
my lifes crazy..

reasoning logic
Reply Sat 28 Oct, 2017 07:26 pm
That was cool, I like educational rap.

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Reply Fri 10 Nov, 2017 05:49 am
My mother threw a slipper at me, yammered at me for fiddling when all I was doing was fidgeting happily
Now twenty years later, I'm still at it, real maddened
like a steel packer, cracking
A motherfucking whimsy magnate who's whimsical with it
An addict of jokes, with a bag of that hilarity dope
Blowing lines that I've extracted from quotes
That's where my condition comes in, but you all think that I'm bugging
Bringing a virus, making you sick to your stomach
Look, you tell me to be extra attentive with my health
But you **** off and do something extra reckless with your self
So in that case, I'm gonna get real unprotective of myself
Pull my ******* pants down and start bear-hugging my wealth
And by "wealth", I mean the national jewels in my pants
So don't give me a lecture if you see me doing a little dance
and jerking off whenever I see you
Getting my rocks off, I'm a chip off my own block, I'm lethal
My penis is like a ******* crocodile swimming up
with its knife-like chin up, looking for a child to nibble up
And you just happened to be in my vicinity
I'm gonna get a bite out of this, and strip you clean of your virginity
Reply Sat 11 Nov, 2017 10:01 am
Feeling like Chilly Willy wondering what the hell's the dilly
Without a scarf to protect my neck like the Wu, that **** sounds really silly
Looking weird like Milli Vanilli
with air cutting through me like a vinyl by Dilla
or better yet, a scoop of ice cream, flavour real cold vanilla
Ill is a killer, with a skill that's much iller than a haemophilic fella
or rather one of those devils in Thriller
A hipster with some talent on the hip; a gift in his cerebellum
And as deaf and blind as Helen Keller
So when these rappers get at me, I ain't trying to hear their arrogance
plus I don't see their relevance
Trying to challenge intelligence as well as my diligence, and my vigilance
is like smacking a president when he's on his mack setting precedents
I'm like a firecracker set to rip, a wire-tapper connecting ****
Who rapidly disconnects and make these faggots get some trips
bigger than an African pilgrimage
And that **** was written
but now watch me flex it from the back of my head
like a man having passionate sex
with a chick who's handicapped and deaf
with tits bigger than Pamela's or even Angela Bassett's maximus, yep
I rap to the max like a Pepsi can
While I'm going around in circles like Mexicans
doing handstands that stretch
like the necks of acrobats during a gymnastics set
And speaking of stretches, my manhood erects
when I check a girl who has massive breasts
and an ass that rests underneath a blanket of wet satin
and a camel-toe that stands in correct
When I go mad, I masturbate and ejaculate
quicker than a man who ejects a rap cassette out of his wagon deck
I'm bragging? Yep Like a duck who boasts about his characteris-
tics, but the poor mammal doesn't have a dick
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Reply Sun 26 Nov, 2017 03:50 am
I'm coming down with a serious flu, I ain't feeling well
Looking worse for wear, I'm really ill
And I don't think these pills are doing me any ******* favours
Just like trying to borrow things from your nutty neighbours
I'm spending the whole day in bed, with a crazy head
like my cerebellum has just been shaved with a razor edge
Feeling unbalanced like a man on the greatest ledge
about to jump off of the roof and meet his instantaneous death
Wheezing and coughing, sucker, I'm not even scoffing
Do you see me bluffing? You do more of that when you mislead your cousins
into believing that you're cuter than your motherfucking niece or something
Get your mitts off my kit. Seriously, cease the fronting!
This headache is in need of some Hedex
Vicadin or motherfucking paracetamol, and please bring some Xanax
My brain's on stupid trips, doing flips like trapeze calisthenics
And meanwhile I'm lying flat on my back, screaming for medic
I've got the curtains pulled, but the sun won't leave me alone Thanks for the light, Jesus, but I need to be on my own
No calls, please, and no crappy texts
I'm muting my handset, let the phone have a rest
Reply Sat 2 Dec, 2017 03:34 pm
I’m as ill as a cancer patient, running rampant
and turning rappers softer than pillows their mothers pamper
Exploring your wife’s features like a bunch of country campers
My awesome talent is sure to pave the way like modern lanterns
As I carry a torch onto the catacombs of music
I make moves that are much swifter than Jack’s smooth acoustics
I’m that tenacious, my rap’s spontaneous, fantastic and entertaining
and more intelligent than outer-space aliens
I come in peace like Jesus in a UFO
How can I be this much of a soft touch? You would know
I got a putrid flow, one you’d call a stupid show
It’s that sick to you; if you listened to me spit, then you would throw....up
Watch how I blow up, like the Co-op
But you won’t buy my food, you’d rather get it from your faux shops
That’s why some of you like to act like ******* robots
Looking like cartoon characters, a bunch of thuggish Go-Bots
But the Lord said to Samuel that He doesn’t give a **** about your crummy image
It’s about your heart and what is in it
Man-made ideals are nothing but gimmicks
Repetitive like frogs on a pond going “Ribbit”
Reply Sun 10 Dec, 2017 04:52 pm
2017, we need to bring hip-hop back to its roots
This is some Michael Corleone **** right here
Ills, MilkBox
Let me play with these rappers
Make them bite the bullet and get a hole in their teeth
I’m gonna play with them Benny the Butcher style
Peace to Griselda
Check it

Aiyyo, my style delivers wreck on these hard ones like luparas
Get them gone with the wind just like Scarlett O’Hara
So while a beat this sombre plays raucously like a horner
I’ll bring my **** to the fore like Christian psalms to the altars
Praise the Spirit of Christ, He gave me a gift for life
He gave me a skill to write, everything except for a wife
But that’s cool, like East 17 said, “It’s Alright”
I’m gonna fly through that **** like the Banks’ children’s kites
“Poppin’” these rappers like Mary when she descends from the skies
Break them off like mathematics, or little segments of pies
I’m a blessing disguised like a flower dressed as a spine
Getting rid of these thorns growing from the dynasty’s sides
‘Cause they’re nothing but a bunch of pricks trying to pick on a guy
who’s working to ascend like a mountain trekker who climbs
Back to the lupara line, my repertoire is criminal
My eyes see right through you like bottled water that’s mineral
Your swag is transparent, yet you laugh at me, staring
like a couple of women in rags, plus you have trans for some parents
It’s all become clear, your Mum and Dad had a marriage
that wasn’t smooth sailing, that bitch sank like the ‘Tanic (Titanic)
My flair is manic, my thinking is automatic
What the **** d’you expect from a kid with autistic habits?
You think I’m scared of you faggots that I’ll just hop like a rabbit
just so you foxes can razz at me like a comedy stand-up?
Man up, shut your trap up, before you get clapped up
and I don’t even carry a gun, I mean you’ll get smacked up
Smashed up like a boiled potato when crushed with a masher
Punched up like a bunch of rappers, then covered in plasters
Don’t test me like college examiners, I’ll holler like pastors
You don’t want to see a breakdown like your car manufacturer
You think you know me inside out? Suck my nuts, clever clogs
I got the jack to lift you faggots up, I’m pumping you all
You got a rusty style that’s outdated like junk in the yard
Put that **** to flames like a group of fire department guards
Word to God, and word to my mother, that’s two words
And I got two words for you too: motherfucking jerks
It’s absurd, how you pests claim you’re the best in the game
until you fall from grace like someone drenched in flames
That **** is lame, like a child in a crutch, simple and plain
who has a support worker helping him get through the pain
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lil host
Reply Thu 21 Dec, 2017 10:52 pm
Its these dreams im chasin
this game is like them bullets im casin
furious mind and im faster then most
there aint no racin
i can get you on some **** like a plug thats lacin
how many times have i heard
oh this kids amazin
im not like these other rappers
its not bread im after
my flow levels with dizaster
you think you're crazy
im medically madder
a psycho with analytical laughter
silly sounding soundtracks
ill be countin goats if i count that
i said **** your government theres no getting around that
trampoline how i hit the ground and just bounce back
i am aiming for the stars
i told my team you better learn how to count back
played in a playground with villians
have you ever had to stand strong so you fade out your feelings
everytime they tried to cage me i broke through them ceilings

Reply Sat 23 Dec, 2017 04:07 am
@lil host,
Like Shaq told us: 2 +2 is 4, quick maths,
but when we're talking Sams, 1 + 1 is gash.
This town ain't big enough for the both of us
You or me gotta make a ghost of us
a2k won't be no host to us,
will roast up us
if one of us don't dust.
Samyboy, don't make no fuss.
What's 27? Your vocabulary?
Your rhyme dictionary?
I know! It's your penis in millimeters!
Your mom's a comedic creature
to have made your features.
So see ya,
Samy, you ain't part of the plan.
I won't get smart or subliminal
keep it easy as you're dim and all:
Let's stick with original
and vote iamsam.
lil host
Reply Fri 12 Jan, 2018 01:15 am
my nigga that was obviously a verse and not a diss to no one, plus your raps pretty **** styll

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