Reply Tue 4 Jul, 2017 03:47 am
Who wants a war with Ills? I'll have their whole entire squadron killed
and leave their boss making a mess, same colour as Bourneville
I was born to kill. No, I'm not on drugs. Are you all for real?
Do I look like someone who swallows pills?
Why don't you all just chill like Willy? You know, the bubbly penguin?
An emcee who's over the moon like Buzz and Edwin
A good kid who's in a mad city like my brother Kendrick
I'm Patrick Jane, I know you all hate me. I can sense it
I recommend you motherfuckers stop crowding me
Because getting in my face invades my whole privacy
Do I go around throwing eggs at your house?
Do you ever hear me call you names or beckon you out?
Have you ever heard of the inalienable right of the sanctity of the home?
Well......there has to be one, you know
So let the **** go, or I will let my guns blow
and you share the same grave with Hendrix and Kurt Co(bain)
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Reply Sun 9 Jul, 2017 10:16 am
hey it's me, Gliitch! I have an album coming out pretty soon so i thought i'd share some lyrics. idk if illustraight or prof remember me but i remember you guys haha

Kelp a helping, sea weed, see me as an alka-seltzer
Calvin help a Hobbes and hobby out a ******* Alph Omega
Last bellylaugh a cat, a bite of something after that you
Back to back a promise, fact this is the land a tabernacle
Going fast as Ricky Bobby with the tool a killing hobby
Fill the lobby with the reality that they will upon me
Breathing heavier than golden gods until the sill is foggy, yeah yeah yeah
Spill a bloodthirst upon the roof until the mill is soggy, yeah yeah yeah
Brick is stained, wicked Wayne, sick and trained within a cave
Flick the wrist a picture frame, pick my brain till the whip is tamed
Lift a crane to build a manor, favor towards the kid in fame
Give a break and kick my face, my bloody nose is giving blame
Icy like a berg, words burn images intimate
Filling it just like the filament, fiddling witness it, frigidness
Bitch I am killing it, I am the fitness, gifted I'm packaged for pawning
Fashion I'm living it, cashing I'm into it, back on a wicked list, back from the coffin

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Look at the waves, foot in the grave I do
I do love you
Tell me my name, I don't know

Yeah yeah yeah

I copycat a doggy that will piggy back a fiddle
A common man with talk with bats and share with them his vittles
Taste a grayscale rainbow like the colorblinded skittles
The sky is always falling, never news to chicken little
Count my eggs before they hatch and now the babybacks have cracked upon the
Tasty rated bad but blue is tasting like a black, I hate
Myself with crazy passion but I fade into a crashing, as my
Body calls upon me, I was just taken aback
As they take me to the back of a warehouse, I tear down the
Werewolves with hair down, careful I stare out at the
Sunbeams and the moon rays, and the
Mummies are my remains, let me
Touch fleece with a "who stays?" as a
Question of a noose sway
Hanging, blank
Fading, black
Waiting, waiting
I came clean in a phalanx
Pheonix with aflame wings
Fake friends like I hail chief
Teacher's pet in a preacher's bed
Perfect people sleep perfect pillows
Perfect steeple on perfect pillars
Perfect village for a perfect pillage
Perfect still in a perfect pill
Yuh, yuh, cancerous manners to handle it after all I
Flounder to camera angles and clockwork angels angry and
Help me I'm a bomb and all my wires are exposed
Death blows my head open, hoping my regret goes away

Tell me how to tie upon the iron heart that I have donned I
Kindly call upon a water god to drown my fire tongue
Everything is going down in moments I cannot recall the
Walls around my head befall above the crooked paths I walk
Roadway getting thinner than a hellish reddish pencil hall I
Tell them all to trip and fall into a wicked well of all
Things, I see, you're an angel with no wings
Frozen again, frigid again, let's pretend we're
Perfect people perking up at working hours, all these flowers
Bloom for you my loon, and soon the
Room becomes a tune that we can sing along to
I don't want anything, the only thing I want's you
Hey, hey, crying these tears in my
Hayday, living it up on the
Aye, aye, the only thing I want to
Say, is please be mine till the end
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Reply Sun 9 Jul, 2017 10:17 am
I weep defeated, in my dreaming, so concieted, fleece my seat, knees
Weak, face the beating that is my reaping, reason to the wolves and demons
Thunderous applause and praise and cause of banes and all the same is
Those I love that slip my mind again, crying when I die and dine with them
I am in agony but avidly managing after these
Cuts, bruising, burying her, there in the dirt, daring to flirt with
Angel of death, taking the breath, bogarts regress, always in depth
Hey hey, don't be depressed, I must confess, I am a mess
Fighting with lessers and biting my betters cause I have been festering infesting headers with
Weak-willed will to be wilderbeasts, iller beats killing me
Filling me with dim and bleak filler bleats of
Killed sheep, ticking tocks and wicked walks and grins of flocks the
Birds are singing twisted songs committing wrongs always
Long hallways, tall walkways, it all falls away
Pretty soon my fears will go away
Pretty soon my tears will come to stay
Pretty soon you'll understand that that's a good thing
I dream of only good things, my head is full of good think
Everyone wants to feel nothing
Once you do, you just want to feel something
Everyone wants to feel nothing
Once you do, you just want to feel something
Everyone wants to feel nothing
Once you do, you just want to feel something
Everyone wants to feel nothing

Gone, gone and going, gong is growing volume
All you motherfuckers can grip onto
The petty lines that I pepper out with every
Better rhyme than what I'm letting out
I reap rewards then approach a sword across a throat, bleeding bloated aint no one the goat

Here we go down another road
I think I like you, but it's time I go

Tell me how to be, smile at me, vile weed you are, bleed your heart, black blood, young
Real as is gets, wheel to the chest, crash and burn, feeling the best of the brunt
Damn man got a hunch, wolf pack back on the hunt, yuh
Thug in the mud but a runt in the bunch
Test me

Here we go down another road
I think I like you, but it's time I go

I am thinner than paper mache
My skin is breaking away, yet
My heart is coated in kevlar I bled tar never to get farther than
Honor, I'm underwater, son and daughter never want a dead father, yet we don't get what we wanna, ain't that just awful, nah, nah
Pixie girls and tricksie twirls that trip the eye like tripping highs and
Whipping whirls and frickin worlds of venom bites and devil cries
I'm weak in more than just the knees, adjust degrees turn up the heat
Shaking to the bone, I mutter bloody dumb defeat, underneath
Tombstones, skull and cross-bones, bonds broke, cold in costume
Old and feeble, hold an evil in my precious, my godamn precious
Pandora's box, game over lost, hand on his glock, aiming the lock-on
Rock hard skull meet rock hard coal and burst a bubble, a murder's blood gulped
Down, down down the hatch
I'm the loneliest drop in the batch
The blood on my tongue turning black
I only ever cry when I laugh

Boogeymen sing songs that swept the cherry pickers off their legs on this very night
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Reply Sun 9 Jul, 2017 10:19 am
Chelsea smile and unknown gravestones
Ants in my skull and crystal bathrooms
Buzzing bumbles and sinister sonatas
Pin the tail the donkey ******* assholes and bottoms
Look at you, look at me, we're the same so differently
Not a story, not a tale, not a snowflake, I'm the reign that you hail
Whether questions are for the birds is up to people who don't deserve
What they do get and what they don't is worse, but their
Perfect pleasures, a furnished hearse
A flaming dress, a burning gown
Her arms are crossed, eyes flirting now
By the end of the night she'll purse her mouth
And not a soul will hear that awful sound

Step on a fascist, slept on the grasses
Concrete pillow and rocks are my mattress
Half the man I was when my habits rematch my morals and I act bad bad bad
I'm mad mad mad, tilt my hat at that
It's like I'm ra ra rabid, trying to re re rev it up

Yo, yo, trying to reason with demons they leave their teeth where my grievences scarred my meaning yo yo

Get a perking percoset a person birth a death my head is heavy with the burden set by word of mouth, burn the house
Down like a dummy I found out the money is louder than more loving on
4/20, my pores bloody when I
Sip a sip of sinister, I mix it with the vinegar, just to reminisce on child's chemical lava
A lot of options, yet all I want is to get ******* recognized for something awesome yet I'm
Something awkward, I'm always off on a tangent, tangible was never manageable, my hands hold
Water melt from ice cubes, out of date like high school
It's not that I won't fight you, it's just that I don't like you
Make up a beef, taking a leak on the mic and the beat, it all sounds same
Town represent the sound playing on mouth to mouth
Tapes and takes, never take a break, never break the clay, never days are gray when the
Hook comes round
When the hook comes round
When the boogeyman sounds
Like the deepest darkest clouds

**** a damn hook, get these fuckers damn shook
When I ******* stand up to my father's foot
On my neck, on my chest, there's a chain, there's a change
I explained every godamned way this could go
I could pay for a ho, I could play for the dough
I could take a ride, sly, mile high, high as stoned, because the
World is fucked up, my head is fucked up
There ain't a frickin one love, end my life in one punch
World better pucker up and kiss my motherfuckin rump
Got the world in my hands, got the world in my pants
They follow Trump bitch, follow god Kanye
I'm ******* Pompeii, bomb bays like Little Boy and John Wayne
I concentrate on the wrong way, make that ****** right as three lefts, concave
Mirrors show the world for what it really is
Upside down, make our frowns what they really is
Wicked grins
Wicked grins
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Reply Sun 9 Jul, 2017 10:20 am
The goat hunters and blood suckers are amassing in cathedrals
One hit wonders and motherfuckers ordinary and feeble
Feasible wasn't equal to capable and able
Cane can crank a blade as always anger leads to evil
When the weed hits, when the ching rips
When the bleeding stops, when the pigs are cops
When the kids are caught with a piece and pot
The holes in their arms without reason, God I'm
Dizzy, popping fizzy xans and ripping my sleeves with shaking hands
Grieving and groveling by the grove, cries are yodeling
Fantasizing funerals, black wardrobe put to use, find an
Excuse for melancholia, water up the nostrils drown out disciples
Light pulls through tight holes in barrack steel sheet covers
I'm not addicted to the THC but I'm in love with picker-uppers
Once a week I think I find unquestionable alternatives
However mental barriers and walls prevent a sturdiness
I hurt a kid, lincoln logs to blindside wantings murderous
Making change arranged to grace a shaving as the fur is clipped
Curses lift yet F bombs drop always seeming ferverous
I'm ill as **** and feverous yet lit as **** my personage
I purchased many purposes yet found no truth to earn, to live
To learn to sit and stare at walls with the utmost earnestness
Laughter seems to come out these days as nothing but cries of agony
Wrestling with devils I can't bear that it's all happening
My mind is nowhere safe however my skull is but a factory
The fact that people are wicked is not uncommon, but it just saddens me

This world can be so twisted, maybe I won't miss it
Buy my one-way ticket to cloud nine
Maybe this isn't it, this is intermission
Death is what you make it, and it sounds nice
Bound by loud eyes and mouth like cherry
Cloud of flies and hounds bite round my buried
Casket, casket, I love my casket, tippin my hat it, force of habit
Of course my path is a course best abandoned yet
I'm more than just a passing cracked open gasket
I'm holy, a holy roller, holding onto my
Romance, hold hands by the fire
**** it I'm just dying, **** it I'm just vibing
Bumping Car Bomb peeking the sky up at Orion
Final word, final dirt kicked into her wounds
Bonny, my dear bonny, we're all doomed

Cuts and bruises bury bonnie's body, bob in bobby pins
Lobby sign-in sheets signifying scientology
Astronomical chances at oppurtune, awful tunes and
Opera 2 and high notes complicate our constant ruse
Harmony of flutes in flurry, Jethro Tull the hole we scurry
Blood for wine by night and curry, Bonnie's body buried

Meaning gets lost in a frantic attempt to speed my words
I believe what I deserve is grievences imperfect
Desert the lurching leech-fed workman
Tape worms infest our children, throw them to the furnace
So long youth, so long you
So long sleuth overcoat that I outgrew
So long love, so long tooth
As I fall upon the staircase before the confession booth
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Reply Sun 9 Jul, 2017 10:24 am
last one lol

Imagine action combatting back to backing after packing bag after bag in **** that's just how it happens to happen maaaan
Mad at masses, y'all asses have to be handed depth and death or vendettas, head up bitch or you'll taste a baretta maaaaan
Silly games, hang a frame on a noose, all these loose ends, lose edge, you motherfucking caboose-heads, who said you could
Make a statement, blank faces, four kings, eight aces
Up my sleeves, up my sleeves, come at me, fuckin see
Buggin eyes punk bitch punch it, foot to the floor, nothing more
60 seconds, frickin legend, lifting pressure, Eleanor
Tell me more stories and fabrications, fact I'm saying
Yap and spray it like damn bitch isn't that just amazing?
Trippin on a flow but you know that wasn't me, bitch
Sic em at a show, but you know that wasn't me, bitch
Skippin past the "Go" but you know that wasn't me, bitch
Two hundreds, two thousands, you know that **** was meeeee yuh
Press my foot to unleaded, press my glock to unload it
Bitch I'm good and up in this, bitch my cock is so boasted
Flower pattern plates and golden chains become my upgrade
Bigweld I'm mechanical, I'll fix em all in one day
Thick and icy be my girl like something of a hail haze
Going through a pick-her-up-and-drop-her like a bail phase
Stupid with the green be it weed or money kale craze
I'm the hammer that'll grace the coffin as a nailed grave
Yuh, call me vapid if you will but if I kill I do it
Quiet, bleed violet, eye it, spy it, and tie it mood is
Here and there, I fear the stare they give me
Once I let em know what I've been thinking, damn man, you get me?
Reply Wed 12 Jul, 2017 01:59 pm
Well you have all been very productive 😃 salute

Will give more feedback when I'm done reading all of these posts lol
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Reply Sun 16 Jul, 2017 12:33 pm
I'm a master with cracked fingers; my slang attracts figures
like the Wu - Ghost and Rae, masterful rap wizards
Shining like Glaciers of Ice, bagging like crack dished
Attacking like bats with fangs, that is a bad mix
A mad man just like Jackie Chan with his mad tricks
when he bashes some bad pricks with accurate acute kicks
that pass through the cap just like a man with a massive dick
when he jams it in a damsel's ass, 'til she's captured and having fits
Contracting like gymnastics or the sassiest ballet chicks
when they dance and prance with camps of aristocratic kids
making rappers spasm and have animal shits
so massive that the craps manage to dam their anatomies quick
Man, I'm an anarchist, I make a calamitous atom blitz
so grand that the damn Canyon packed up its bags and quit
My animal magnetism's like chassis on Lambo whips
It dazzles you like glamour and razmatazz at the Ritz
Pizzazz, crackers spaz like spasms, attacks or trips
or orgasms from lassies handled like mechanic kits
I'm charismatic, watch me add a fantastic bam to your amps
Cram some jam and a dash of class, damage your pitch
And manage the ****, establish a classic or magnum hit
Have you smashed against the pass and make a mass of fancy prints
Like barrels, blast a script and dismantle your scalps to bits
until you have no understanding of what just happened, badabing!
You faggots make me crack, thinking I'm rabbling and just babbling
like Miami chicks with tanktops attached to their padded tits
Misanthropic ****; analyse the rap like that gangster flick
Where De Niro shows his anger like how the savagest rabid flips
A passive but anxious rapper with maximum wit
to broadcast to the masses like newsflash reports transmitted
I can be kind, but if you act, you'll be mashed like banana splits
My grammar is sick, like casualties carried on mattresses
If these lads and lasses can't stand how I rap
They can extract and affix their tongue and bite the bag and the apple prick
Like how the Yanks drink the Snapple, and gaggle after a sip
My, America's bad - today's half-ass rappers are plastic
If they only know what an ass was, man, they won't act it
They couldn't rap if they wrapped their raps in a sandwich
I'll kick some sand on a witch, and have the chick vanish quick
Like some magic tricks dealt by practicing mavericks
Reply Sun 16 Jul, 2017 03:37 pm
I hold weight like the way you pump iron in your gym
I'm so phat you'll never catch me trying to be slim
Any rapper that tests, punch out their lights in a whim
And they wonder why they always live a life that's so dim?
These motherfuckers nowadays are so lifeless and grim
Always bragging about their features and the brightness of their skin
Emcees have a strong desire just to win
Whether they rock chains or forest fires on their chins
"Don't front. He's autistic, guys, let him spit
He has a good heart - and he rhymes like a wiz.
To him it isn't always about the size of the dick
and the tints that you see on the sides of someone's whip
He may not be married with a wife and little kids
He wasn't up in court for whatnot and tried with any bids
Never been locked up or done any time in the brig
So why the **** should we all try and convict?"
You cowards always working to tie and constrict
me with my own words; you all think I lie and contradict
Any motherfucking grief and strife you'll inflict
on a man with special needs; you ******* dykes are too strict
I should stomp on your ass, grind you like rice when it's picked
You started a war with this motherfucking guy and he's ticked
He was tolerant and patient, but now you guys got him pissed
You read him all wrong like an actor trying to read a script
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Reply Fri 21 Jul, 2017 05:56 pm
Something lit as **** approached my casket, half a bag of
Apples in my basket on the back of my trike, fly
Kites higher than I am, talk ****, I'm tight lipped
Fight fit and write writs like I am the ****, Goliath
Wide hips and light tip-toes, arrows, I rose, a pose
Apposed to those that know nothing of prose
As if I had an idea as how to showboat the show I
Don't make sense... but bitch I do make dough
Rising bread like licking blunt-wraps in rows, like fight
Flame with spark, motherfuckers tame the hawk, but when the
Whip cracks it's flow there's no control of the crow
Painted stark black blip blap, blink and blam it blows
Blinkie pluckin pinkie toes stubbed, hoes snuffed, blow stuffed
Mumbles mutter sputters among a rudder but won't show up
Yup, a yuppie, yuck or yummy, you taste a bloody roast
Before you gouge your mouth without me give a bloody toast
Fucked up
Reply Sun 20 Aug, 2017 05:49 am
I hate big mutts and, I cannot lie,
I'm more of a feline guy.
I see a big dog and I almost brick it,
I'd never own a pet so big I couldn't kick it.
I guess it all stems way back to the time
I was walking to school, all good, feeling fine,
When suddenly the morning was all tears and devastation:
I look over my shoulder, there's a ****-off big Alsation.
He's charging for me and the owner laughs away,
"Don't run, little kid, see, he only wants to play."
But when you're five years old and the thing is eye-level,
foaming at the mouth and eyes like the devil
You're gonna run like Forrest if Jenny was in trouble.
It's panting down my neck and I'm running at the double
Eventually it listened to its owners frantic begs.
Adding insult to injury, it only had three legs.
That's why I first hated them, but there's loads of reasons more.
You can smell a house that has a dog when you walk in through the door.
And I look at owners walking their pets out for a bit.
With plastic bag in hand in case their precious does a ****.
Then they pick the steaming mess up and, soz, I don't wanna knock it,
But why own a pet whose **** you have to carry in your pocket?
They're needy and they're stupid and you can't ever relax.
The lazy man's pet is the far superior cat.

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Reply Thu 24 Aug, 2017 05:48 am
These lollipop emcees packed with rock candy
and wouldn't pop **** if they carried a glock magazine
I dare any ******* faggot to crack at me
and I'll damage their spleen like a dagger through plasticine
Feminine rappers act masculine
Even Right Guard couldn't mask their personality
Like 8 Mile, time to step back into reality
Grow a new conscience, have a better clarity
These people grow callous, they're always mad at me
Teeth Yellow like Pages, a bad growth of cavity
Have a good match, I'll whoop your backside barbarically
Leave you looking bloody like a gallant warrior's casualty
Run your trap at me, get those fat lips chapped without Vaseline
Bragging loud and cracking like a parrot be
You can hardly get past me, if I was female and you made a pass at me
Couldn't place a damn hand on my jeans
Seen? Like a Jamaican babbling when he has a scene
Bumbaclaat, bwoy. Ya pussy man be a batty fiend
******* with me, you're taking a drag from your Daddy's weed
Seeing things which aren't in your capacity like magic beans
Or should I say mushrooms? Jack, you're acting lean
But you're a Sprat who eats a lot of fat, Cabbage Patch emcee
You're full of crap like a lavatory
My style makes you foam at the ******* mouth like acid from a laboratory
Reply Sat 26 Aug, 2017 12:22 pm

Your Totally neutered and you forget to remember
Im the king of the future ill straight leave you dismembered
Your a loser who cant handle these clever lines
Fie sooner ,ill use candles to sever ties
I never lie,its genocide just run and hide
Dont deny, cuz ill make you re-memorize
I been a king who be having epiphanys
**** please i been blessed like if im fit to sneeze
No dissin me people screeching victory
up in the trees
Listen B courtyard filled with history
so sentence me
Totalitarian rule over the masses
Get your glasses
The fact is Im ahead of all tactics
Relax kid
Go practice cuz this is what rap is
....facts bitch

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Reply Sat 26 Aug, 2017 02:54 pm
I've been associating myself with people every day
But it seems that they all like to judge me in any way they choose
It makes me want to get an AK and shoot motherfuckers up
and then we'll see if they play (*gunfire*)
Why not? They believe that I'm inappropriate
****, I think they're all peeved with my appropriateness
Especially on social sites like Facebook when I post my ****
They all get pissed and throw some ****
They mean to tell me that all of them lie, cheat and steal
Pry, beat and deal; cry, weep and kill
whenever life treats THEM ill
But when I complain, they all chide me? For real?
Jeez, the standards of society gives me the chills
whenever I get lectured about how I should keep it real
and respect the life, esteem and will
of other people, come by and feed them meals
And to think, for years on end, I've put up with some of their lines
Now it's time that they put up with mine!
Put a nine in my hand, one with ego-piercing bullets
Let me pull it, aim and shoot it, one in their tooth, bitch!
One in the back, one through the jewels
One through their gluteus, that's where they store all their stool
and make them **** their pants
If they don't like the way Ills reacts, tough! They can kiss my ass!
Reply Mon 28 Aug, 2017 11:16 am
remain vital ,
king **** no reason to regain the title
ya'll wishing you can,you cant
some new paint , cocaine to cobaine
its a no brain'r
bunch of diks pssy footing around like theres no danger
take you out like your momma shoulda with a coat hanger
they wanna talk prose to a Pro I suppose ya amateur
ghosting on these bloodsuckers ,they never show on camera
im never loosing stamina , cold ass mf wear no shoes in canada
keep on standin my , ground
dirty doggs down, your bitch come around
the zipper come on down
the liqour ima licker, dick her elixer, ima 666'r
well you running your mouth acting Racist
im running this **** , you cant match pace bitch
my raps in ancient ,attach my patience to a verse and do surgery
doc do little shout out to my doggs , acting like you never heard a me
rapping like you never heard a beat
yapping like you dont deserve ya teeth
real homie gotta eat ,the god in me till they gotti me
deadwrong , what i got in my headphones
teflon, what got on my head stone
my head strong , do some heavy lifting till my head gone
im here , fuk fuk yea fears
put my dick in ya ear use your tears for lube
dont take it dry, heres some splooge
either ways you fags is screwed

morning gents an labias

Reply Wed 30 Aug, 2017 05:20 am
I'm a pretty good guesser
And, yessir,
I reckon that you mess ya
pants, bless ya,
when you face a better rapper that tests ya
with a lyrical mind that'll stress ya
And vex ya
And ultimately spits some **** that wrecks ya
And while you're lying comatose he sex ya -
Not you, batty boii, let me finish please, see, now he fecks ya
momma and your sister and infects ya
with a jealousy.
It's heresy to dare to dream you'd ever be
next to
me. You'll agree with my decree:
Hear ye hear ye,
all the other rappers here be
a scam, they lose like your boys lost 'Nam
When faced with verbal mace wielded by iamsam.
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Reply Sat 2 Sep, 2017 10:26 pm
Lets be honest ills you were never an associate
its like poppin pills at work its just highly inappropriate
But yet you grind and still try to persevere like opiates
Look in my mind cuz that much is clear just like a poster bitch
Im sober with the same rhyming mentality
So i smoke a spliff and enter reality
Then its game over quick cuz u wanted to battle me
Ima savage b, its like a game cuz i hit level mastery
Dont flatter me with the bullshit hooks and punches
Your fungus that smells worse than your lunch is
A humongous pile of dump that garbage trucks lift
To the dumps with an extra pile of **** who you grew up with
Dont **** with my sword ima cheif samurai
Sam wont die when im stuck with sword that hits your side
fry in my sun rays looking like buns sprayed
Enough with the tan im going HAM on your lunch tray(sandwich)

Reply Mon 4 Sep, 2017 03:34 pm
You want to go HAM, but you don't want any beef with this mobster
I against you is like a game of Human Against Monster
And I can see you intend to pull off some Homo Action Moves
all because you find Ills Handsome And Macho too
Your style is a pile of Horribly Arranged Mush
**** with this Hyper-Active Man, and get your brain crushed
I'm an associate of life, you're just a Home Amateur Mechanic
who tried to be Hard As a Mutha, but ended up being asthmatic
You got all High And Mighty for your own good
But if you stopped, you'd be Helping All Mankind, like a grown should
Check it, on the real, I have a History of Art and Music
You have a history of lunacy, that is, acting stupid
You have a Highly Abnormal Mind, so you and I are both in the same boat
And to think every day this Hapless Ass Moron cracks the same jokes
Damn right, I still grind and improve my Health, Actions and Mind, dummy
I'ma stay rich while you'll still be like, "I Haven't Any Money!"
Reply Wed 6 Sep, 2017 11:48 am
seen dwelling with Jung
weed smelling like dung
see he fell in a slump
knee knelt in the slum
thoughts so hot
they be melting his tounge baby
run daily , you cant run from crazy
None of you phase me
a bag dont even daze me
a mag ,a frag ,or hades
ive been waiting since the 80's for saten to come take me
waiting for creamation since creation
they telling me be patient
ive bin telling them Im spacing on starship earth ,untill then my friend
when worlds collide
stars allign
real bright n you start to shine
words collide
bars allign
real tight n you start to rhyme
real life n you start to grind
aint nobody wanna help you
they wanna help themselves to your wealth to
rich in the heart
**** what i got in the bank
all this friction could spark this dank dank
gotta use ya art to paint a picture
they blind, so use your rhyme from which ta
depict the feelings , fighting a boa contrictor
make your body tremble shake , quake off the rictor
like mistah layhey fresh off the liqour
fresh off the tip'a the tounge
dwelling in the jungles of jung
junk yard dogg he be spilling out the funk
weed be spilling out the lungs
car to full, cause we be spilling out the trunk

Reply Thu 7 Sep, 2017 12:22 pm
Prof, you dress pretty dapper
but you must be high as Zappa.
You can't be a rapper, dog, I've not seen spelling crapper.
You gotta have a certain way with words so you can flex it.
I never heard of someone ever speaking in dyslexic.
What the **** is a 'tounge'?
I guess it has to rhyme with 'lounge'
You got it down to rhyme with 'lungs' you motherfucking clown.
Before you go spouting and shouting about Jung,
better learn the basics, boy, like how to use your 'tongue'.


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