Reply Sat 13 May, 2017 03:58 pm
they wanna talk the talk, to a chopper choppa
ima never stop'r, drop the drop
on top yea ya tops , ima doit proper , aint do it for props,
ima drop like a flying saucer

out the sky
when im looking out my eyes
about to ride
ima about to write
then hit um with left
knock out ya lights
all my inner demons coming out tonight
lil horny devils gonna start a fight
its apart a life
like dark n the light
cut cha mind up in a rhyme
leave ya scarred for life
all these bitches got bark no bite
try to bite my bars ima let the spark ignite
tellin these suckers they are'nt as bright
grinding every night to the morning light
cops tryn grill um like a foreman fight
dont worry bout me an my former life
now im stacking the plat its forma life
man ive seen a judge , aint trying to court a wife
thinking you buck , aint lived a quarter life
sorta life distorted till he record it on the mic

Miss you guys , waassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuppppppm Smile

Reply Sun 21 May, 2017 03:33 am
momma always said shrooms in the chocolate
pot in the brownies
now these suckers wanna talk ship
first ima down these uppers
then ima wash it up with a 40 pound n get obnoxious
gettin nauseas
sick , get it , ya not this
ya novice
ya nod ish
you aint fuckin with bosses
I **** um in they own office
**** um , they can suck my nob bitch
ego , **** that shits lethal, psychotic
sigh , not it

take a hit blast off
sweating my ass off
tripping picking between fried chicken n who im gripping grass off
im getting lifted no different then nasa
show me a rapper ,no indifference if n when they a master
im over yea head , moonwalk right passed cha


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Reply Mon 22 May, 2017 06:29 am
Picture me going out on a limb
When I pout and I stim, and dip 'til there are gouts on my Timbs
In this world of sin, where fiends have cows about some things
Showing off all of their powders and rings
Look, the only things I'm wearing are shell-toes and an overall
Ready for the **** to endure soon as I go onto the floor
And once I open the door, with trolleys of mail to welcome me
I'm gon' feel I'm a joke, like Bill Bellamy
This is ******* me up, in my integrity
And plus, there's no-one on the premises to be helping me
I feel like napping, bringing my single bed with me
The pillows and the spreading sheet, Excel in my Z's
That's deep, like gravediggers burying a corpse in the mud
Coincidence, 'cause I feel dead myself, grief piercing me like boys wearing studs
This work has got me in a sleeper
Snoring through my job, with my eyes closed, dreaming of
Touching hoes, wearing slutty clothes, and a button-nose
A butt that's grown, some boobs and some lovely toes
Feeling like a villain who's been thwarted
With a scowl on my face like that tank engine Gordon
Self-deprecating, investigating while mentally meditating
and professionally aestviating
Trying to put up with all the swanks and the flaunts
If the Devil wears Prada, then Jesus must wear Bloggs
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Dudu C
Reply Wed 24 May, 2017 09:05 pm
I'm saucin
I'm flossin
you only on hate D cuz I'm Awesome

You can come wit it Boss ,
I'm ready for the work ,
Got the pistol poppin like
your b1tchss booty when it twerk

You fuckin wit a God , you fukin with the mobb ,
If you fuckin with the law , you a dirty dawg

I'm beyond all that **** **** ,
I Need more money and my nuts

reasoning logic
Reply Fri 26 May, 2017 09:13 pm
Have any of you thought about doing a Trump like rap using the phrase I grab them by the pussy?
Reply Mon 29 May, 2017 04:00 am
@reasoning logic,
I could, but I'm going to cast my zealousness aside and give this to someone else.
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Reply Sat 3 Jun, 2017 11:20 am
@Dudu C,
Don't sit underneath the apple tree
with anyone but me, Illustraight the MC
As my mind elevates peep the rhymes as they levitate your face
My skills defy the law, they're featherweight
Even a welterweight couldn't match the heavy weight
that my style sustains, carrying big loads like freight trains
I break the mould like clay, so you could call me an modeller
Or a sculptor, then you discover
how I've managed to carve out a niche, that's so chic
like Parisian freaks who carry handbags for weeks
strutting in the cold metropolis, as part of an ever-growing populace
that is filled with cult followers
But thankfully, I don't give in to temptation
Except for when I'm looking at chicks and masturbating
You see, that's part of my stimming and my self-stimulation
Irritated? Tough, kill the hating!
It's my party and I'll stim if I want to
Kick, jump and scream, touch my fingers and nostrils
and if I choose to stroke some fingernails, have a fling and a wail
There is nothing you can do about it; stitch in your tail
Reply Wed 7 Jun, 2017 08:04 pm
I'm like MF DOOM, always masking my ideas
My thoughts make you suckers have frights and nightmares
A dictator with plans to get a message across
It pisses you off that my approach is much better than yours
Trying to get cheddar like y'all, but y'all cut the whole cheddar
That's why your feet stink, I wear odour protectors
Your double-standards disgust me, taking over-measures
Throwing weights on my blades, giving my shoulders pressure
What does it take to make you hoes and go-getters
get it clear that I'm an artist who's working to flow better?
Y'all like to throw me under a cold weather
until my toes freeze and I sink to low temperature
Y'all push me this far, I won't control my temper
and thrust a wooden chair at you until your nose is severed
You so-called smarties better get your notes together
Then we can pair perfectly like those girls Salt 'N' Pepa
or two devices using Bluetooth to connect
Authenticate a tethering, smooth and direct
Don't let your greed and pride leave me blue and upset
Why don't you shake that thing and make a dude go erect?
Phhhhhhht. My words are getting silly
My name shouldn't be James, it should be Percy or Willy
I go stiff when I see a chick with curves that are really
thick enough to make me lose my nerves and get chilly
Back to the thing I said about being MF DOOM
My intentions are masked like a body in a tomb
It's until I get a partner to commit herself like burials
And when she's okay with it, then I'll nibble her like cereal
Just like Americans in a serial
when they are in bed *******, explicit material
Without her falling ill with venereals
An autistic ambition that's real, but y'all don't hear me though
Reply Fri 9 Jun, 2017 03:44 am
Illustraight the desperado, like Banderas with destreza
Flair and skill that stretches for eras
Taking years to master such an art
The same way Bruce Lee learnt how to punch punks afar
My words take the breath away from these soft emcees
just like they feel when they're swept metres off of their feet
Look how he's fly, like when your zip is undone on your jeans
Whoops. Let me zip it back up - (zzzzzzip) - how cheap.
In fact - (zzzzzzip) - let me undo it, ****
If you can stunt with your dicks out, then surely I can put a front
So chew it up, baptise my balls with your water
like a church priest did when he welcomed your little daughter
to the family of God; and Jesus Christ said to love your neighbour
That means quit snitching and bitching, don't be a sucker hater
Pop bottles like double chasers
and give my lunch money back to me, you little troublemakers
Reply Sun 11 Jun, 2017 10:48 pm
Im a cold bloodied animal thats fully sentient
Im a cannibal that you fail to mention
Ill give you an antidote just to release the tension
Im a candid foe bringin medical attention
Threaten you and your family in any settin
For missin pension
leave ya guessin
While messin with the brake and the suspension
Reply Tue 13 Jun, 2017 07:16 pm
King of the hill call me macho man
Hit you quick, a combo slam
Slit your wrist at a taco stand
Blood flows rich, call me god flow sam
Nacho (not yo ) fam
Im REAL cheesy
No hollo-gram

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Reply Fri 16 Jun, 2017 01:48 pm
Today's agenda; got the football up in the centre
Go onto the green field, tell them the coach sent you
Bring the strangers, with the spikes under their trainers
Make sure they play a good game, without displaying anger
Ensure there are no dangers, and they just remain as
cool as possible, let the match go through
If not, the cards will show and the whistle he'll blow
Please use your feet and knees, and no hands in between
their face, like pimp slaps when they're placed across the cheeks
No punches and no knocks to the teeth
Or else, you're straight off the pitch - I mean this, sport
**** around and get your ass sent off the games court
Let's get it in, man; if they get dirty, WE'LL get dirty
Adopt some deception and roll it under their skirties
then they make us all do twirlies, that's unfair
My skills make them wet their underwear, or what's under there
**** the grumpy stares; word to my team, I bet they're smelly
The trophy cups propel me, it is slick, this the trick
Get them shitting bricks, what is it? 2-0 at least
Have the leagues buy us, and sell us like a lease
Buy the troops some suits, a villa with a mad jacuz'
And some boats that Cruise just like that chick Ann Cruz
Think about it now - that's worth 40 million pounds
If I was playing on my own, I'd win it all, no clowns
(Disc scratching) .....Who the hell am I kidding? It's just a game
I'm daydreaming like holidaymakers when they sunbathe
My dreams are lame, I'm just a rookie
Sometimes these things cost
Of course, but you know I have both of my fingers crossed

Players play just like us
Picture me with a ball
and I'm kicking it along trying to dribble past the force
Players play just like me
Attempting to get a score
trying to give it to them raw like an injuring from a horse
I can't play just like them?
Sweetie, you're talking trash
I'm not just about getting cash, I'm also trying to hit that ass
I can play just like you!
Do one, chick, make a dash
I'm a kid who can make a pass, my skill is ill like a rash
Reply Fri 16 Jun, 2017 07:45 pm
I go off like a show-off in front of a classroom
Kick rhymes that make these kids vomit in bathrooms
They got the malaria from the bite of this mosquito
I'm quick to sting and make them speak like that mobster Vito
With a voice harsher than frogs, these buddies barking like dogs
but they don't bite; after all, they're all snorting like hogs
They're all talk, with the wrong pants like that homie Wallace
Not Biggie Smalls, I mean the guy who owns Gromit
I stop the motion of your flow like how the Clangers wave
Put you peoples in a cel like the Tiger handy games
Have you rappers played this awful thing that they named the R-Zone
with crappy animation? Man, that's how far you'll go
**** that piece of **** which I'll forego
Leave you all behind like the races in Monte Carlo or Monaco
Bananas like Herbie on my tracks
and I don't have to be a monkey, which is apparently discourteous to blacks!
So, doggone it, Lord, what I'm gon' do?
I be crazy like a clown, massa, how's 'bout you?
I stay kicking y'all like Mammy Two Shoes beatin' Thomas
All this done come out of my mind, I be bonkers!
Mama, I'm not a racist. Nann, I'm no racist
This be just a joke here. Man, don't hate this.
Please, I ain't bein' no Southern negro
but I done seen an elephant fly. I'm a hero.
Reply Sat 17 Jun, 2017 09:44 am
(Singing) Is this the way to Amarillo?
(Rapping) ..... ****, no, are you kidding? Get smacked with a pillow
It's too soft, I've got my own way to follow
Full of ideas for my brain to swallow, and it ain't too hollow
Trying to prepare for my game tomorrow
Knocking these lazy models off the ******* frame like baby bottles
It's obvious that one of us has flipped their lid
You think I'm silly, kid? You oughta go home and slit your wrists
You hypocrites. Lord Jesus blessed me with exquisite gifts
for me to use as tools to fix your **** like Kwik-Fit
And by "****", I mean the way you motherfuckers flit your lips
The same way a hummingbird does when it's in fits
Reckon I act Pinocchio? You're all braggadocio
Looking at me wide-eyed like a bunch of gangs in Tokyo
West London is where I lay my gowns
An hour by foot from where Her Majesty and Prince Philip place their crowns
Reply Sat 17 Jun, 2017 12:30 pm
Give me some office space so I can rule out your suspicions
Correct your mistakes, erase your doubts and misgivings
You want to colour me bad/Color Me Badd, I punch a hole in your egos
Boxcut you like parcels and draw you out like easels
And we know that there's a thin line between black and white
I take my style and fasten it good, that's why my rap is tight
Much more killer than the fillers in the pads you write
Trying to get paper, unlike that which you clamp and bind
The way I flip this is magic, right? Trademark and stamp it right
Box it all up, that brand is mine
Clear like a fountain pen, it's a classic type
My ink goes on for years, while your plastic declines
Make my mark like I use blotters
My catalogue is thick as hardback books with the smooth covers
Take a look and run your fingers through my indexes
Slide those pinkies across my notepads like synthetics
You complacent buddies got your hearts closed up like a bunch of folders
All stuck up like some card holders
I put UHU on your chick and keep her glued to me
Pritt Stick all over my balls and my who who dilly
You try to requisition for my early retirement
That's quite desirous, this is just my first assignment
Boss, fix me a desk and a computer with Windows
So I can feel the breeze while I sharpen these pencils
Reply Sat 17 Jun, 2017 03:08 pm
My rap is like Barzini with a glass of that Martini
You rappers couldn't see me if your glasses were in 3D
Catch me on your TV or blasting on your CD
I'm sounding off too much like KRS-One, I'm so cheaply
Buckshots go to those bumba claats who like a spark a lot of talk
The human question marks who act and front like marks a lot
Mark my words, I'm a guy who's actually quick on the mark
Quick to chalk you off like a bunch of cops when they're on the job
I'm haggling, scavenging, scrambling for some cheese
A desperate homeless man looking for somewhere warm to sleep
And Christ said that foxes have holes and the rabbits have burrows
but the Son of Man has got nowhere to slumber for the morrow
I want a ******* footstool and a chair of my own
so I can sit on it the same way an heir sits on the throne
Allow me to finish this off with a one-liner
Although I've written sixteen, what a ******* blinder!
reasoning logic
Reply Sat 17 Jun, 2017 08:14 pm
Rappers only news source.

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Reply Tue 27 Jun, 2017 05:14 pm
Give ya a mic so you can start choking
Im grabbing a knife and straight ripping you open
Terror on your face is just leaving ya frozen
I would promise but promises were meant to be broken
Leave ya inner core showing
Grab your heart n start bowling
Reading success like i was winning for slogans
Oh man ,didnt expect my blow torch
Damn sam, what you think my flows for
Im for sure my style consists of chrome doors
Im hard core watch your whore on all fours
Suck and **** and just semen stuck on hard floors
My Moms poor make money like im in gondor
That means im steady killing orcs
Machete filling pores
Ahead of thee on course
Respect me cuz you messin with a force

Reply Sat 1 Jul, 2017 04:34 pm
You say I'm messing with a force? Well, don't think you can force my ass to flee
The only force you represent is Laverne Hooks from Police Academy
I throw you off like Bubba Smith, with so many of my eerie noises
You'd think you were a schizophrenic, how you're hearing voices
As promises are meant to be broken, so are records
So I'll spin, cut, and scratch you, like an open record
Mix your face up until it's nicely re-arranged
Make you skip and repeat things like you were insane
They say a stopped clock is right twice a day
I'll stop your clock, put two rights through your eyes and say, "Have a nice day!"
In fact, **** a day, you'll be stiff in the dead of night
So much that your blowtorch won't be able to shed any light
While I'm on the path to success and something a little greater
You'll still be like, "Duh, I'ma go get the papers....get the papers!"
I have aces up my sleeve, while you're just a one-trick pony
You think you're the real McCoy, but you're just a ******* phony
reasoning logic
Reply Sun 2 Jul, 2017 12:39 am
Have you ever heard Eminem sound like this? Give it one minute to begin.

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