reasoning logic
Reply Thu 17 Nov, 2016 08:33 pm
I have no beef with your style, I was joking about the funny but true rap video I shared. Confused

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reasoning logic
Reply Sun 20 Nov, 2016 07:34 pm

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Reply Sun 4 Dec, 2016 08:24 pm
I don't wanna be a weapon . Living a cursed blessin,
Everything I touch cuts. In my heart its all love
These steel fists fit snug in golden gloves
Reach out for a hug . Pop a thugs lung
Thinking what have I done to deserve this
Urges adrenal surges make people nervous
Does that make him evil .
I spell evel with two ees
Let out my kenevels too breathe
It's to ease . Take a giant to his knees
Never blink at violence
Looking straight in the eyes of demise
Stay vibrant
Ima keep my word
That doesn't mean stay silent
Stage riots
Jump in a mosh pit
Knock a muthafucker out if they wanna talk ****
You wanna talk ship let's start sailing
Oceans of emotion
You wanna talk slick don't slip

reasoning logic
Reply Sun 4 Dec, 2016 08:42 pm
Excellent. Cool
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Reply Sun 18 Dec, 2016 09:34 am
Michael Savage called it a racket, Trump called it an epidemic
I call it an engine powering my thinking, the strength is epic
Lord of the Rings ****, when Gandalf strikes his staff with a lightning flash
I strike your ass when I recite these raps
Fantastic like the Beasts but you'll never Find it
Brain full of secrets, but y'all believe he's narrow-minded
That's why you cats are all quick to eschew
Put me in a skillet and leave me to simmer and stew
What's the dilly with you? I can't get this through you
You're like a border I can't cross with military dudes
Every time I try and pass you'll interrogate
And then intimidate and eliminate, give me a break!
Then you have the balls to suspect Ills
Your tactics and pep talks are all ineffectual
There are angels standing right next to you
Recording your sins and your acts in their textbook
You reap what you sow, God is not mocked
All your motives are bullets in His glock, He will pop shots
You think your works are top notch?
Don't be sure, 'cause someone out there will knock you off your spot
How terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise?
Your minds are all disguised
Folks like you sodomise and give me unwanted advice
But like autumn, the wise shall fall and die
...... Don't say I didn't warn you guys
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Reply Thu 22 Dec, 2016 05:30 am
If Im to speak from the heart it gets bloody
deep in the dark , you can see it, the spark , you can sieze it ,
you conceive it
just dont ceasar, n conceed it , sometimes you gotta ease grip n let go
lets go , lets go beyond , lets grow be strong , ten fold the pen hold
when you grasp a pencil ,you grasp at mens souls ,
i know its mental lotta these pussies menstrul try to push these buttons
, long as the kush be buddin im cushy cuzzin
, that aint even close to comfort
**** life, **** death,
wonder which will cum first
I writ my own birth n crumpled the page dropped it to earth
loosing my mind keep digging these rhymes hopeing i'll find it in the dirt
they looking for a god , wont find it in church
wont find it in ya wine, wont find it in ya hurt
wont find it in ya gold , wont find it in ya myrrh
might find it in ya soul , might find it in the mirror
looking back on all those years,in the reflection of ya tears
perception is everything , everythings perceptions, no exceptions
everything you know is a lesson , it'll never make you less an you can only grow , grow homie grow , homigo , my amigo , grow ...

Feynman Rich

Reply Mon 26 Dec, 2016 03:51 am
P.L.O. Style, Buddha Monks with the Owls
..... And no, I'm not talking about Harry Potter's fowl (*owl hoot*)
I'm so wild, I might as well stick my dick in an artichoke
until it turns green and all the motherfucking plants are broke
Pass me some pot to smoke, I need some euphoria
'Cause it's boring just going to church screaming out "Gloria!"
Listening to Temples of Boom, sweetly ignoring the
hustle and bustle and all the loud screams in the corridor
Shut the door and light the bong
Everything has got the wheels spinning like that George Michael song
Too ******* bad that he's passed
I wish someone would've shoved a bag of crack up his ass
like the day that he got caught committing adultery
Cheated on his chick with a prom fiend, addicted to idolatry
Too many years in a seedy cage with a greedy face
got you looking like one of those characters in "Streets of Rage"
But **** it, I'm not selling my rocks to Satan
Christ is my regular customer, I'm not complaining
Matter of fact, I'm getting sick of these aches
Pass it to a rich person, and let him break for a change!
Reply Mon 26 Dec, 2016 06:08 am
I remember my first Atari
Back in the '80's, that computer was my earliest technology
The keypad stretched out, bigger than my fingers
The cursor blurted out figures as it lingered
I figured, "What TV show is this, fella?"
My Dad is like, "This programme's an interactive thriller
You set the command and the computer does the rest."
My heart got racing like the Gumball Rally contest
I was buckwild at the sight at a game screen
Especially when we played Head Over Heels on the TV
Ghostbusters, and Spy Vs. Spy
Couldn't figure the task, the first thing I did was die
Then came the Sega and Nintendo consoles
Six beautiful games within the mix which were optional
Double Dragon was the ****, it was honourable
Super Mario jumping on things while he swallows 'shrooms
From that era came the Genesis
The Mega Drive was my Eve, sticking games in the clitoris
Gave her adventure, a platform and a beat-'em-up
Gave the freak a 1-Up and picked up an item to heat her up
Reply Mon 26 Dec, 2016 06:10 am
Bought a semi-auto and saw my not-so-skilled builder
Put holes in him and rubbed his wounds with PolyCell filler
Nailed him to the wall and asked him, "Where's the ****'s my billers (money)
before I kill you and send you up to your spirit healer?"
He said, "I didn't have it, I used it to fix my kitchen!"
Got mad, dragged him on the street and kicked his dick in
Pointed the weapon at him and brayed with such a wild voice
that I made the dead phone the police and complain of the loud noise
"I'm not kidding! Give me my paper right now, boy!
If you don't, then I'm gonna make you shake just like a cowboy!"
He started squealing like a pig with its tail harmed
running round scared like he just witnessed a hailstorm
I made him shook like castanets by mariachi bands
He knew what would've happened if he didn't give me my clams
I'm not even doing this for me, but for my mother
She doesn't tolerate double-crossing motherfuckers
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reasoning logic
Reply Wed 28 Dec, 2016 04:12 pm
Can you imagine going to church with your mother on Christmas and you see that someone accidently printed the lyrics to a hip hop song in the church bulletin?

Reply Sun 1 Jan, 2017 05:57 am
@reasoning logic,
Surprisingly enough, some Tamils in India actually like 50 Cent.
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Reply Sun 15 Jan, 2017 08:29 am
, I aint ever quit ,less its putting up with bullshit , you can wave your white flags
I ignite frags of rhetoric, its like that, where my nikes at ,
in ya mouth , so you better check it, these pussies want a nice cat
doggie I aint like that ,hit home runs with a spiked bat
they looking at me wrong like how can he right that
I aint even look back at um , just keep going right passed
get a grip every time the mic passed
looking back after the years gone, life passed
thyne glass is half full a malice half full a alice
I wonder if I'll land , take air or sea,
ima blow up my doh up
baked making cake with kerosene
dont know whats worse
being scared of nightmares
or being scared ta dream
wake up baked up apparently son'n these parodys
tryn ta parent me transparently cant compare ta me
with a clone and a pair of me ,
you can kiss my fruit a looms , the way im pre-pearing these
ima be brief, hit the reef , then hit the street , kick a beat
the rest is history,histamines hit ya gut like I kicked ya spleen
life can kick your butt , kick you down , kick back kip up ,
Kick ass , never give up an Inch , I was always down
Bitch what ? I wouldnt give you down , what makes you think ima give up
live up to your own expectations not the expiration code stamped on ya neck


Stay Fresh Much Love

Reply Sat 28 Jan, 2017 08:16 pm
I get rich like I was Trump, but I'm more like Christ
Crushing these walls, comforting broads, my love soars like kites
Playing my chords, raising my voice, with a sharp iron mind
Waving my sword, slaying these boys, winning these war-like fights
The same way pepper is crushed, constantly on my grind
with an eternal life in His paradise still on my mind
And while I'm hearing the Goodie Mob bumping and blazing through my earpiece
I'm figuring out a way to have more faith with these dear freaks
This is my tantric mantra, stroking my weapon to this
Trying to make like a b-boy, continually repping this
Life is like a flight of stairs, I'm taking steps with this
Bringing down any bully attempting to wreck this ****
And whichever motherfucking man causes Illustraight to stumble
will be thrown straight in the water with a weight on him while he bubbles
Show some love for me, lovey, I'm as lovely as I can be
But **** with me, I'll get even rougher than the thugs you meet on the streets

Reply Mon 30 Jan, 2017 09:57 am
A Christian saint with a busted halo
with an ego like the butt of J-Lo
Spreading my style like the stuff of mayo
Forced to fall back 'cause these sluts all say so
Leave me tied and hung like bones in freezers
all 'cause I'm trying to bring stuff to tables
A true story, a fable that's fundamental
like computers used to upload data
Important like pancakes covered in maple
The stubbornnest, toughest and humblest they know
Enduring the pain, securing a game
like a vault in a bank that's unassailable
Got a style that's pretty unexplainable
like Christ when He spares and loves His angels
When I play my part, when I speak my words
They're thrown here and there like thrusting Play-Doh
Oh, you wanna mock because my facials
don't look like yours? That stuff is racial
An action that I can dub disgraceful
An ideal that's nothing but distasteful
Left a bad taste in my buds like snails
Got confidence that doesn't fail
Mad at me? You mustn't wail
Take your bullshit back like junk mail
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Reply Fri 10 Feb, 2017 12:38 am

in the gospel of last days
broken bottles and ashtrays
cuts bruises contusions blood oozes transfusions
giving all you can , till you cant, cause you cant stand loosing
cant stand in quick sand make the same mistakes
in the end just like the start my friend in ya heart you have to have faith
open your mind
we going over overtime supernova time ,
know a rhyme needs some dope lines good thing my dealer sold mine
wrote mine on a rizla, took a whole pack a papers whats crackalackin vaders

to the last come the first and reverse emerse each verse in deep worth , weigh down the pockets of the reaper when i pac it , hit the reefer , n I drop it ,hit the bottom , its getting gotham,looking for truth, when justice turns a blind eye, get blindsided when they come looking for you, in a slum cooking some food, they never had soul so they dont know what it taste like smell like got a face mike this is real life , a real person who also feel strife , heart beats and bloodflows , to these hoes its all clothes cars eats and muscles, these hoes its all coke bars beats and hustle , what you aint got time to chill , eat a mr freeze , when its minus 36 degrees , I thought you was cool , and they say im cold hot headed , n oh so bold , i give it to um unleaded that feul ta go,dont wanna see noone deaded sitting at ya funeral

put the olympics on track just to break the record
ima get my spot if I have to rape a leper
if its now or never , ima never back down ,
lay my back out on a stretcher
never back up just keep getting back ta puttin in effort

Reply Sat 11 Feb, 2017 04:14 pm
Putting in effort like an athlete at work
or a maid when she washes her greasy shirt, trying to clean the dirt
I'm an easy flirt, but I'm not sure if my pleasing works
All I'm doing is running trials without being a jerk
This Valentine's Day, I pray that someone finds me
So I can bring her over to my place and love her kindly
I can invade her tiny space and touch it wildly
All while she spreads those nice legs with lovely smilies
The same way I shut my bedroom door and talk to Jesus
I privately get in her privacy and explore her foetus
An artist and autist genius with the rawest penis
without getting his fly trapped like that carnivorous Venus
All I am is a vicus veneficus
That's Latin for "street wizard", without reading scripts like Benedictus
I still don't understand why those pricks intend to pick on us
They don't come to terms with how big this benefit is
Reply Sat 11 Feb, 2017 07:02 pm
I'm planning to pull a heist like Busta Rhymes and Rae
Rob the finest babes and cut them like diamond shapes
Stick up all of their boyfriends, dump them inside the lake
So many lovely dimes to date with butts that I can rape
But what kind of mask shall I put on to hide my face?
Shall I wear a balaclava or cover my eyes with paint?
Go on a masquerade like that comic book guy who wastes
all sorts with a sharp knife that's tucked inside his drapes
If any hero fronts, I'll put that smug swine in his place
Nail him to the wall like a document file case
No time to talk, you're not logged onto MySpace
Right now, my friend is out, gazing hard at that tight waist
Come with me upstairs, no-one other try to escape!
In fact, you keep watch while I cut her like rice cakes
Flip her and shake the chick up like a dice game
She digs my slow groove, wearing a lovely smile on her face
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Reply Wed 15 Feb, 2017 01:06 am

I want to be great with an awsome business
Go to school late learning quantum physics
Got alot on my plate , so I wash the dishes
I Contemplate all the consequences
Realize my minds still in this
Kinda vicious
Mind state that people find suspicious
Im a witness
To what people blind their kids with
Im a person whos quick wit but tiresome
Famous ppl do sick **** an we admire them
If its a hit song it doesnt matter what that liars done
Cuz money talks so watch the ******* quier come
Im being real with current events
Dont want to deal with no more suspense
Shouldnt have to feel cornered and fenced
Because of a few steal n murder some gents
Now its intense so theirs riots in society
This makes no sense in all of its entirety
The worlds so dense because of this rivalry
I guess it depends on the other variety
Because the color entwined with me
Doesnt project what your inclined to see
Or doesnt reflect on what im trying to be
You say you Protect us but act so violently
So you do something and expect us not to
You took something so precious that you cant give back
Its not like you killed one person it is more than that
Whats interesting is theres no white accidents, there all black
In fact im tired of the lies
Listen from the words of the wise
Somethings brewing up in disguise
Dont get caught looking up in the skys
Some guys we despise
May not be big in size
But that gives them more of a reason to give us demise ....samy

Reply Mon 17 Apr, 2017 08:14 am
**** a pyramid scheme, I'll eliminate your whole clan
from top to bottom, then use a hammer to break your chain of command
And I'll get to the root of the cause and actually pull you out
faster than gangs put out bullets in dramatic shootouts
I'm autistic, so don't tell me how to act or cool down
Challenge Illustraight? You're really acting stupid now
I'm using this as an excuse? Man, humour me. How?
You're just starting **** like someone spreading bad rumours around
Passing them to clowns under the green tree, you're such a tea leaf
That's what we say in Britain to those who are thieves, see?
And in the Bible it reads, "Thou shalt not be a false witness."
Well, I say you should stop reaching like some dishonest bitches
If I see some breasts and butt, I'm gonna clasp my britches
Even if I do walk away with a lot of scars and stitches
I don't give a **** about your boyfriend's cars and riches
Tell on me, and get discovered in ditches like some Mafia snitches
Pulling ******* emo attitudes like Gothic witches
Throwing guilt-trips at me the same way a baller pitches
Pay attention to the detail that this song enriches
Trying to enlighten like electricians flicking on the switches
I can't imagine why my nature has got you all suspicious
But I'm past caring, saying "**** you!" like I was malicious
Sink my teeth into a pussy like a dog that's vicious
Or better yet, a pork chop smothered in sauce delicious
My style leaves a bad taste like some horseradishes
Wipe the smile off your face like a maid washing dishes
You disgust me, I'ma take some ******* coughing mixtures
to remedy my illness before it begins to harm my body tisshers (tissues)
A stick-up artist who's ambitious like a market business
Promoting on every park and district for the mob to witness
I'm on another level with these sorts of dialogues and writtens
Vauxhall drive, until the whores are driven and the broads are smitten
Stroke the pussies until they stand firm like exotic kittens
Get the ladies burning like hot cakes on oven mittens
In the book of Romans it says to conceive in your own mind
So I'm gonna go for my gold just like a coal mine
And that's how it is
Reply Mon 24 Apr, 2017 03:32 pm
Heavens sendin' me/ to end theses/ entities/ best remember me/ or befriend if we enemies/ instant relief
Contagions/ invadin'/ airspace an'/ im satan/ for placin'/ evasive/ infromation/ in yah brain stem
Gotta expect/ this rectum/ to attack/ if stress em/ react/ to tact/ to impress some/ wit a guitar neck strum/ im blessed son
rhymes amorphous/ I formed it / from corpses/ the lore/ of four horseman/
contort dis/ like media informants
gotta remain/ on my taxation is theft/ hard to explain/ somethin' thats not quite adept/ now they sayin' im on some crap/ I honor that/ just support/ forth/ the platform that you have/ pedal "backwordz" if yah cant/ in fact
odd on the beat like my rhymes are 7/4/ just settin' forward/ a precedence/ of excellence/ if you ever wanna step to dis/
remember nova/ when its all said and over/ put to rest/ I best/ any star caught in my iris
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