Reply Fri 18 Mar, 2016 11:42 am
After hearing that weak verse, I didn't grovel one bit
But I hoped at one point somebody would cut off your dick
I would toss up your script, but that'd only be an obvious move
So perhaps I'm better off stoning you with rhinoceros poop?
In Psalms, it tells us to fret not of evildoers
So you shouldn't be worried when you see me with your girl putting my seeds into her
My dick is like a psychic, because it's always seeing through her
Her uterus is throwing a party, it's tipsy on semen fluid
You scream "hiiipower", I scream, "Die, coward!"
Push you off a high tower and send you up to the high power
Your flow isn't smooth, it's all scattered like rice flour
So much so you probably apply it to your hair as dye powder
How ironic, I just said I wasn't going to flip your lines
But I did, so I must punish myself by eating your chicken's thighs
Go into a beehive and get myself bit by flies
Then come back as an fly-man hybrid and pinch your eyes
I'm the fly on your wall that knows when you're up to something
But you can't see me, 'cause you're too busy buttock-munching
You hear a sudden buzzing, your hairs stand on end like Fuzzy Lumpkin
Just as well because you probably talk like a rustic bumpkin
You're a hillbilly who was born with a killed willy
Ran up a hill and got his balls kicked in by a real Billy
Lamb of God, you take away the sins of this world
Have mercy on this "holyghost", and give him some cheesy curls
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reasoning logic
Reply Fri 18 Mar, 2016 04:16 pm
Illustraight What has happened to this site? Where is everyone?
Reply Fri 18 Mar, 2016 08:25 pm
@reasoning logic,
Search me; I think prof drops a verse every now and then, and so does samyboy.
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Reply Fri 18 Mar, 2016 10:36 pm
I'm here lol
reasoning logic
Reply Sat 19 Mar, 2016 06:53 pm
All of you must have more important things going on.

Rap News

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Reply Thu 24 Mar, 2016 01:09 pm
Reply Tue 29 Mar, 2016 02:04 pm
I've been workin I've been thirstin
I've been fiending heathen reaching
Deepest seething loathe to grave to grove
Receding like I'm breathing just to
Pass on, wax on, I'm a tax on rap y'all
I'm back on, a backdrop behind a cast call
A cat called but the phone was no sandbox
No taking **** since the last Bond
Expect a Spectre next competitor
Next-gen predator ******* up an alien
Reboot this boot into a crazy kid's face and ****
Burning down the house like I'm Blaziken
My basic drill gotta bee buzzin blatant bits
Taking risks since I replaced residence in a vacant crib
Infested with break-ins and faces
Invested in abrasive invasions
Contested, reluctantly couch potatin'
Homage to satan, constant and basin'
Home is where the drugs are legal
In the days of regal and feudal futility
People, drop like flies over private drug use
Thanks to a war on what's basically legal
This is real and so am I
Call my popeye as my retinas close shop, try
To find a reason to cop my shot rhymes
When they consist of filler and more overused words and extended lines
Than the guy you expected when I dropped, guys
One look and I get got, sly
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reasoning logic
Reply Tue 29 Mar, 2016 08:16 pm
Samyboy27 is this your new Rap song?

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Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2016 09:07 am

April Fool's Day today, time to play a joke
Or better yet, here are some good riddles to shake your dome
I'm about to go Nygma style and get your brain on swole
My teasers are like drills, guaranteed to make some holes
Riddle number one: you can find me in a laugh
I even enunciate it clearly when in fits and gags
Riddle number two: this is expressed in the first person
An expression of self-importance, a word that's certain
Riddle number three: you can take it and preserve it
It can be released and tested, especially when you're nervous
Riddle number four: you can find it in a Cheerio
At the end of every radio and stereo
Now, when you've thought of the answers, take them and spell them out
You'll get what we represent; North, East, West and South
And if this baffles you, then let me put it another way
You can do this on one leg, and the other's part of your waist
Turn these around, and you'll get the final answer
And when you do, spread its love around like a cancer

This is not a joke, but Happy Fools anyway!
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Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2016 10:25 am
Hip-hop is wack, Eminem is a joke
Mobb Deep are both girls, KRS is a mole
At least he looks like one, 'cause of the edge of his nose
Looking like a grumpy dwarf, the second of the row
Kool G Rap sounds like a Kool Aid spinoff
All these O.G. artists are Mafia crew name rip offs
Wu-Tang is an insult to the real Wu-Tang kick arts
Talking about swinging swords and chess, like they are big lords
Mos Def is nothing but a forest hippie
With that big beard, I knew that there was something shifty
Looking like he had a fire on his bulby chinny
He and Freeway have a twin-brother homology
Snoop Dogg needs to be neutered, stick a needle in him
Then he won't be such a pimp, going round demeaning women
Too $horty and E-40 need to get off the .40
I would've thought they'd matured soon as they knocked 40
If Biggie was still here, oh, how he'd shoot them all!
Take them to the park like Central, show them how to hoop a ball
The way they rep this so-called show is no excuse at all
God should re-call Moses with the Jewish laws
They bore false testaments against their neighbours
Behaved like bitter haters, envious of different players
They killed and maimed, eliminated human creation
Picked on the ladies and placed them in sticky situations
What's become of this hate? What the ****'s up with this race?
They preach us about lots of stuff and want us to relate?
Come on dog, that **** is placed out like the outer limits
They might as well take off their bling and put some powder in it

LOL. April Fool.
Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2016 10:28 am
This is a Ramzo cypher message I'm sending ya
Messing with your head, please don't behead the messenger
I met this chick at a buffet, she was a ravisher
Indian with a natural face with possibly a pedicure
I spent the last hour wondering if I should mess with her
But my friend suggested that I left it and he messaged her
Said he's gonna fix a date with her, communicate with her
On my behalf so that I could have a chance to take to her
She's got a nice figure, curves like an hourglass
Even the egg-timer's jealous of that rounded ass
Teeth like a summer bunny, she's such a lovely honey
Cleavage like a schoolgirl and a solid tummy
I wonder if she's an overseas student
She looks like a uni pupil who is overly prudent
I'll just have to see, assuming that I'll get an opportunity
And if she wants to have a thing, then **** is cool with me
A bubbly Indian, with a humble Christian
Both mild-mannered with hearts worth a hundred millions
And she's only spent a month in Europe
I wonder if she likes sushi and some chocolate syrup
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Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2016 01:45 pm
philly me smoked out they aint feelin me , guile me
kill a king
kill a queen
Kill a Killa Bee
its kil or be killed
these killers be skilled
fir scrilla or deals
geurilla ordeals
I Take ******* big mac
n choke out a pigs ass
im big ****
like i came out Big's Ass
L or Pun .
Roll up smoke a elaphant a hella skunk
Have Hella fun
smell the funk , funktastic forbes
ink credible, got wings didnt even need ta red a bull
ya'll need ta keep ya bullshit edible ,I got weed an edibles
forgettables , forget it I said it better pull out the medical
puffing on the ghetto gold...
roll like royce , or like a royce you get rolled ...HIGHpro

reasoning logic
Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2016 06:41 pm
like i came out Big's Ass

This reminds me of a joke. Have you ever had your whole head inside of some pussy lips? No? You must be an asshole baby.
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Reply Wed 6 Apr, 2016 01:26 am
Listened to DoseOne throughout the entire night
on the second floor of my Mauritian villa, without any Wi-Fi
The temperature is sky-high
About 30, put on my air-con with the sun looking like a flare gun before I die fried
Skin looking like Nando's
Please don't put any peri-peri sauce, on my cooked asshole
The place is like an active gas pole, the blaze is seldom dormant
That's why keeping protected is ever so important
UV-Ray's attacking my fort like Space Invaders
Sweat dripping down me, cooling down my sacred places
It was the same phase in Thailand, circling Thai friends
And the same in Dubai, except there, I was virtually dying
In India, it was stifling, with vendors wilding
Trying to rile the girls and the guys in; I was tied to the island
But it felt like someone committed suicide and burnt in the fire
after their partner died; the country was a large pyre
with the tourists playing the mourners, with pores crying
Even at its hottest, my mind is still cool
If I succumbed to the heat, I would still move
Why not? If I can eat peppers
there's so reason why I can't beat the weather
With God's grace, I can do anything; I have faith
Once I firmly clasped my hands together and asked Him to stop the rain
..... And it just stopped
From then on, not a tear dropped again
But I guess divine trials is not a game

Reply Wed 6 Apr, 2016 02:54 am
Getting one, like a game of 21
A card shark playing the odds, trying his best to play God
Taking a chance with his life, it's like something phrased by the Lama
Man sacrifices health to obtain the gwap
And in turn, he gives up the Mammon to recreate a heart
He can't decide, yet every second chance in time
he acquires he squanders it; gambling is some illogic ****
The Bible tells us not to take risks, check the Mark script
"For what does it profit......?" Every true Christian knows the rest
That's why I never use money for anything else except the basics
Even in charitable situations, without being a charity case
Being taken advantage of is outrageous
And those who exploit commit sins of Satan
I'm not soft, I play the vigilant patron
Have you ever been told as a kid to keep a distance from strangers?
You ain't got to be a Superman, nor the Silver Ranger
Don't take risks that is dangerous
Just keep your hands in your pockets, use retreat as a requisite agent
There's no freedom without responsibility
And there's seldom any value without strong humility
So next time you walk into a shop and they offer you a price you can't afford
Just flip them the finger and carry on
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Reply Thu 7 Apr, 2016 12:31 am
The Bible mentioned a New Jerusalem, in the chapter of Revelations
A paradise above my location, I'm hesitating
and patiently waiting, to be laid in my grave
So I can say hello to the guy who came out the cave
Spending my whole entire life trying to tell these Atheists who got their wires crossed
like subway trains and electric pylons
is a hell of a challenge like Anneka
Or better yet, the Crystal Maze; trapped in a labyrinth of anarchists
The same way Indiana battles as he walks the catacombs
Getting to Heaven is a mad pursuit
When you got so many rivals mad at you
Saying sick things that make you want to vomit in your bathroom
It was Abraham that said the best way to destroy your enemy
is to make him a brother
So I cross the path of righteousness and lay on another
virtues of love and peace with no shame, forsaking corruption
lest they erupt like volcanoes, and shoot off like napalms
and blow off on us like H-bombs
Ills is diplomatic, shoots reverse semi-automatics
taking bullets out of rabbits
Reply Thu 7 Apr, 2016 08:06 pm
You should be six feet under, Illustraight, and feeding maggots
Cos, as I recall, the bible also said we should stone faggots.
Banging on and on how much you wanna make us brothers;
I told you, we ain't fam just cos I'm diddling your mother.
You must have gone to church school cos it's just basic genetics
But you struggle with the concept like some chubby diabetic
struggles up a flight of stairs - that's how dumb you be.
And, oh yeh, the diabetic is a double amputee.
So read the the title of the post, if you can, and don't spout crap.
Peace out, it's iamsam putting the battle into rap.
Reply Fri 15 Apr, 2016 11:10 am
Only thing that gives me peace
homies rolling by for a piece
rollies rolling by for the cheech

only got a couple homies
only got my knuckles brodie
only o.d.d. im odd you bitches odie
im god you snitches OD
My dogs rip piffs n Oz's

Do W's n still Jones for mo W's then the Dow Jones
down , down home ,Bubble through the bubba
its butter gutter , another brothers mother rubber broke
at shoppers thug mart , picking up morning after pills
after trill rapper drills , running suicides, its you or I, do or die
have to kill that mind state , elevate to a higher grind state
Baked phat kid loves thyne cake , grow as pupils dilate
have a war n Buffet , everyone wanna piece of my plate
have a warren buffet, anyone wanna peace of my fate

in control of my self
not what it says in these books
in the hold of my hell
not this crook
in a hole or a cell
in my soul or my cells
the ability to quit
humility to slick
ya'll killing me dont slip
illery filling me dope sick
Dope , shiit , addicted I wont quit
take another hit
lifes a mother , **** a bitch
write so gutter,**** yo chick
**** a muthafucker think i'll fuckin quit

puff a spliff
or cut ya wrists
you ******* biiitch
when i say **** this ****
aint asking you faggets to **** with it

HIGHpro lol

Reply Fri 15 Apr, 2016 11:22 pm
High pro rolled up smoked some rivals liable
high pro dro'd up smoke the bible reliable
5-0 show up , so what ,smoke up ride or die hoe, five holed
survival this the west fievel ,vital these vinyls keep it primal

now its lil money hungry hundie homie

its lil money aint just a nuisance stack ya 2 cents
use ya 6 sense 666 sense blaze 2 quarters like 50 cent covered in kerosene
apparently rappers are parody's scared ta breathe compared ta me , I'll bust on some melons you cant cum pear to me

richie rich acting like a greedy bitch
Nicky nick trapping like a feen he sick

looseing my mind ,hoes sucking brains out the dick
looseing my patients , ressurect a Banknstein
dank in mind
lines a rhyme my minds einstein we got time
e equals emcees , **** a square flip a diamond
**** these pussies like dick to hyman
rip a script flip a brick a piff dudes grinding
my dudes , let me flip it quick for them hoes two timeing
mother ****** gutter fuckers dont wanna do timeing
run laps on the tracks nah homie just shoe shining

**** i think nsync with instinct ,extinct a drink
blink an its gone , insomniac on track with cataracts burnt off
image a mary burned into the iris pyrex covered in butter
word to my mother, you utter beef , ima milk the cash cow
sour cream on those perogis green to the parolies ,pass the rollies
passed the police
homie dont know me smarter then your average, having a picnic
sippin O.E. ,you trippin broskie ,hittin codeine like its cody lane
this the lebronze age and ya'll playing kobes game

airforce won


Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2016 12:15 am
My game is like a dominatrix, watch me dominate the Matrix
and have Neo and Morpheus tied up in the basement
The temperature here is still 28°
But I stare at the sunshine like Agent Smith and make it flee
Meditating daily without staying lazy
Drinking tasty gravy that's locally produced while I'm blazing bay leaves
Sadly I see no sign of babes sunbathing
but I do see some ladies waiting at the bus stop with faces baking
Some of them are hot, there ain't mistaking
I'd apply some lotion on my own on their bodies while they're aestivating
make them escalate like Karma Sutra senseis praying
Hindu gurus in a trance while they're praising deities
"Om Shanti Om, Aum Namah Shivay", they're saying
Balanced on stone walls and rivers while it's hazy and raining
How the **** did this go from the Matrix to praying?
I'm ******* light years away, in a makeshift stasis

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