Reply Sat 2 Jan, 2016 08:30 am

i aint no drug dealer yer I'm no narco,
but i will kill with words like the killer from fargo,
I'm no gangster cus i behave perfect in the streets,
polite in person but a pervert in the sheets,
so magic with words i murder merlin over beats,
i present you me living in the present gifted like a present,
practicing safe sex don't get girls pregnant,
a adolescent living like a peasant,
i may be small and have no bulk,
but my punches with words hit like the hulk,
living in London hustle to live,
play music live cus my gift i like to give,
don't use the internet to hide like the unconfident,
cus i now my talant is dominant,
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Reply Tue 5 Jan, 2016 02:20 am
**** a rap dream with bactine lube ,im that clean dude,
dont know the pain I feel , my brains pin wheel , looking like hellraiser
got demons inside a me,schemeing violently,see bloodshed vibrantly
something died in me,no deitys , take hold of my soul, get hold of ya O's
Hand around her throat make the rap game choke on my balls, ya'll midols cant get off that mein kompf , Minds wanna stay dirty , mines looking at these carbon copies trying to sell Ice, sell ya life for cellalite thats fat your so cold,got polar bears licking the south pole, north flow ,no remorse cold , molars igloo'd up,this quartz in my pocket leave ya corpse cold,what would you do for gold , move to the klondike , take my Ice pick to a dyke bitch who dont like dick,crack heads like a pipe hit, Cream all over her nice tits , take off the wu tang sweater , cream all over a nice tits, write pifff , page starts smoking , the ryhme book open, she wants brains her mind looks open,smoking on deeeek ... those glasses dont make you geek what your thoating in ya cheeks will , she trill for thrills , till she get her fill , get her pills , she poppin got bboys watching , locking eyes on her thighs , take off the T , High as dropping some GH,tell her i'll meet her at the summit aint talking G8
aint talking , she's cake , dont mean cheese cake,sweetie, Ice cream queen dont play with cheap skates,looking for E-scape,super heres some Os dont need capes, to fly get high scrape the sky vapours, Vaders sabre lazer looking like supermans got a darkside,I spark mine,bright ideas come from a dark mind,**** a barbie , ride a harley in, Harley quinn **** god tell bob im marley'n
Reply Tue 5 Jan, 2016 10:47 am
I'm writing this in my sleep, my emissions are deep
Dreaming of big-cleavage chickens who cheep
Talking cheap like they're using call cards, international
And me flying first-class in their asshole
Rip their gas poles, make them leak until they stink
The carbon dioxide isn't sweet, what you think?
I spontaneously combust, until the lady nuts
Make her generate more baby sluts
This is a rhyme with sex in it, throw a little X in it
Perhaps some grunts from DMX in it, make an Xzibit
Exhibit the climax as big as an I-MAX, screen
Phenomenal like Star Wars scenes
Ills got it locked like it was password-protected
Holding this **** down like I'm trying to arrest it
I book her, hook her quick, biff, poof her, jook the hooker
Screw her and cook her, then put her on a skewer
Then consume her, chew her, then spew her
Spank her, bruise her, hear her boo-hoo, then excuse her
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Reply Sun 10 Jan, 2016 03:06 pm
fresh as **** deaf as nuts in hellen kellers ears coming through like brail ya feel me , trilly roll up a philly, dro'd up , O's up, cram some more dynamite inside the mic when im trying write,blow up ,bright enough to ignite ya dieing light, Keep it hyman tight, keep rhyming finding time in life , gotta get my cut , n I aint looking for a knife,looking for a slut , aint looking for a wife,hungry cooking for the cyph , grim reefer inside sins sides looking for the scythe,looking for the side chick cooking up some side kicks,super in the kitchen cooking up some science,nice eyelid I wanna see inside it , put some lsd inside it,she rollin on E wants the D inside her , so Defiant getting what she Desires, these king shits looking at me ,sire, assholes I know what you admire , add myers , add pliers , add fire, to a bad bitch attire , roll out in dro'd out attire, tread lightly aint ever gettin tired ,meds nightly , met wifey checking out these nikes, serve up cold tray ,ice t in the ice cubes , no coldplay, Vodka No OJ ... Simpsons , No OJ,

bin pimpin since 08 , with a 808 ,
go to adac with a a-trak with a Mob asap
Stay Dap or Stay back

Reply Mon 11 Jan, 2016 07:48 am
That's right, stay back like stalkers who harass the women
We can just lay back like tourists who are madly simmering
and actually killing time by lapping up chilled lime
with a clan of fellow dimes, filling their cans up with fella slime
It's dinner time, close encounter with a sinner kind
because all I think about is digging chicks' behinds
So give me a jacket and a job as a bulldozer
while I bring down the house and make the prostitute fall over
(Ow!) Justin Bieber's had another bottle chucked at him
The way I bite is like a croc rocking with moccasins
Make it snappy, uhm .... I'm sure I've said that before
But I don't think I said, "Bash someone's head against the door."
(*slam*) My peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you
So I make a freak feeling good, and peacefully spiritual
Jesus is my peace, plus I wear a Jesus piece
in the shape of a rosary, and thank Him for the peace He leaves
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Dudu C
Reply Fri 15 Jan, 2016 05:31 pm
I cannnn't go on....Living like I'm just getting by.....like I'm just getting by......

It's like I"m...just gettin by, and I'm..just gettin high and I'm not living my life and I don't know why.....

I need a break through , I need to break two, pills up just to get thru the day cool
I'm hot headed , my thoughts dreaded , all this worry I'm trying to forget it
so I...break up a pill ..and I..crush it and sniff it...but this **** I just can't forget it.......These dreams are too vivid , the screams make my head ache, it seems like I'm headed....down the wrong path like I forgot to turn....It's like I...forgot to learn....How to live for myself............ So I'm self medicated by myself getting faded...and I'm missing my baby....

cuz I cannnn't Go on....living like I'm just gettin by......like I''m just gettin by.....

It's like I'm my own worst enemy , Now I'm talking to God asking him to take away my pain and give me the energy to find the inner me, live with liberty, be an independent entity , be everything I'm meant to be, respect and love my family...but Everyday I'm walking with the enemy , and the Enemy is talking about killing me , Everyday's a struggle , Everyday I'm fighting , Everyday I'm tryna do the right thing,

And I can't...Go on...living Like I'm just gettin by....and keep getting high...just to keep getting by..........

I got a drug addict mind , I'm addicted to crime , but I'm done doing time , I got a DUI and I got caught with Nine.... Yea I'm still on papers , and I still got fines... I'm still on probation and I'm going through counseling.... Some days I feel like packing my **** and just bouncing......But I can't run from the problems within...

I gotta man up and face it....I got in trouble cuz I was wasted. I'm fully accountable for my actions , I can't blame substances on the way I was actin.
And I been actin up, acting tough , acting like I don't give a ****.... when In reality I care too much to be a **** up.....Yea I fucked up... But I'm better than I once was.....

Reply Fri 15 Jan, 2016 06:42 pm
Freestyle while really high

I was on the zone diet, till I fucked up cooking, someone pace the phone Fire. But nobody was looking, nobody was helping like I was the alone choir,
So my feet got bucking, like I was superman prone to fire and not that green kryptonite, doing freestyles with the green lit to night, get big hits All right, I get so high I hit the sky, eyes so red they look like ginger hair, i fucked a minger, in her, stinker, then I cum in her, minging hair, it's ringing wet , the stinking sket, thinking back to it my dick still gets hard, down my throat I flick pills get cars, and drive around to schools, see if I can nock some kids down like stools, i knock in the toilet and flush, I wish I could make women gush, but I guess I'm just not a stud, acrobatic stunts As I shunt shuddering shabby shadowy showers of lyrics, down your throat, like I'm painting with acrylics, critics resist Mystics likes cats resist mastiffs, Magic muriatic acid cleans dramatically in fact it's in our stomach acid, science bitch, a scientist pseudo In alignment with Pluto, who's who knew you knew voodoo when you threw you of that huge cute, looking building look I'm building no I can't be bothered no more...............
Reply Fri 15 Jan, 2016 07:07 pm
I'll kick your ass like a piece of trash on the street,
Rhyming riddles like riddler to get ride of you over beats,
Running from me like rabbit rabbits that savage rotting cabbage,
I Got bad habits, I had bits of thing I have fridged for a sandwich,
Wicked world with weird wicked girls with which wild **** happens,
Been in the newspaper photo with captions, as the future lyric master I freestyle for real like this, you guys stupid as **** and write for like 40 mins or maybe more, you fake freestyle whores my freestyle better then you written, I don't believe in religion, if my written where as **** as this id realise I was as thick as **** probably walk around with a stick of ****, and lick it quick while I wish my dick as was big as twigs with friggin wings singing hymns........

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Reply Sun 17 Jan, 2016 03:56 am
@Dudu C,
Father, I'm stranded out in the open, and I'm wondering where to go
I've been confused during my life, and I'm wondering what to show
And it seems that there's been nobody to guide me the way
And nobody seemed to want to give me the time of the day
I'm a lamb lost, an animal that's been straying
Yet I've still stood in front of you, endlessly praying
While a part of me feels that my heart is far from you
Another part of me feels that there's no need to call in you
I've been a fool, setting standards that don't accord to you
Allowed my mind to wander, and I know that disheartens you
I don't deserve to be a part of you, how can I give my heart to you
when all I've done is corrupt it by putting it to dishonest use?
Lord, I've never felt scared, neither have I felt more appalled
It's because of what might happen after my number gets called
I wish to see paradise, but I also fear the blazing inferno
You're always there to save me, without ever taking a furlough
No time off do you ever take from giving me the time to reflect
The same day, and all the hours within, to get my mind-state correct
And time to eject, all impurity from my heart alone
So that I may truly become one with you, and one you can call your own.
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Reply Thu 28 Jan, 2016 03:09 pm
Watch me as I swing my raps like Golden Axe, I’m Ax Battler
A valiant grappler with mad Excaliburs that hacks challengers
I’m Alexander the Great with such a dapper character
You rappers would think I was Gotti from the Italian Mafia
I'm not a Don or a capo, the only thing that's capo
is the coffee that I consume that's produced with the richest granules
My talents are hard to make out just like video manuals
and difficult to swallow just like institute medicine capsules
I'm fit to get at you like an athlete flicking a javelin
at a particular distance after he grips the stick and flips the **** backwards
In the name of the Father, and of the Son and Holy Ghost
I hold the toast like a baker and leave a brother comatose
I'm known to flow not just for show but to get attention
Guaranteed to get heads wrecking just like they were death-threatened
My breath freshens over acapellas and ape beats
About to be blessed, my communion is in eight weeks
Reply Fri 29 Jan, 2016 10:18 pm
Nice written you did!!!


Took you nearly 15 days to reply,
I did a freestyle while head high,
I'm so great I'm mahhamad Ali,
This so cake in peices like Cali,
You so fake like the Welsh valley,
You so hated like evil elf savvy
The Lord of the rings, boxing,
Not froddo, you probably go foxing,
Your that kind of rap kid you backwards you spineless your wackness you blinded by fakeness,
Crazy like Quakers lazy like wake up,
Brazen like fake fucks, Caucasian like fake thugs,
These bars easy straight of the top,
I'm for real your not ill need to stop,
You know you nothing but a internet rapper,
You that posh spoiled kid kind of oh so dapper,
You know in real life you get slapped up, smacked up, bashed cut, rushed in, pushed on, sneaked on, wee'ed on, bleed out, bleak doubt , blacked out,........

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Reply Sat 20 Feb, 2016 07:07 am

Im the best so good nobody else
bothered to turn up,
Like vomit I came along and
**** got churned up,
Hurled up like a over head lift
I'm above you all,
My talent just covers you fools like
covers cover you all,
At night got no fight can't handle
the cold no eskimos,
Got frozen toes With one punch i
leave you comatosed,

Reply Sun 21 Feb, 2016 11:16 am
I'm extreme like those sports bikes, directing these guys like tour guides
My presence hurts your sight like sore eyes
Intelligence soaring high like stocks in sky towers
and all you know is how to go to the store to buy flowers
You unworthy rappers tuck-tail like Miles Prower
Fallen short of the glory of rap, you guys cower
**** laying low, I raise this to high power
and bring it like a plague, sort of like ice showers
Tonight's forecast, a freeze is coming
So you'd better get gritty, or things will get shitty
And if you ain't prepared for the hail, more's the pity
I pity you 'cause you weren't at the ready
Here's how it goes down - this is a showdown, you show-off
So show yourself, blow-hard, or get your coat blown off
And by "coat", I don't mean the jacket on your back
It's no skin off my nose, watch this rabbit get hacked
Reply Sun 21 Feb, 2016 04:58 pm

my presence vivid, I'm reimposing
my power its prevalent i see u posing,
i see u chocking style so old its decomposing,
no time for energy on enemies my trajectory,
god sent to me lived in every dam century,
should remember me i dismember you like a skeleton,
hip hop is a accessory to you your praying knelt on one,
to the professor so far up his ass you've lost perspective,
im a detective your fakes i detect it I'm inventive don't reject it,
just except it sit back and learn, turn n watch intensely with your pair of eyes,
I'm from a parallel demension i like girls Carmel complectioned leave you paralysed,
mind spinning like a carousel, so many possibilities in my future,
I'm a advancement its evelotion so advance i kill aliens from Jupiter,
don't step to me again i don't won't to have to make you look stupider
Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2016 08:30 pm


angry should of never pissed me off,
criss crossed your hip hop my flow smooth like drip drops,
calm as **** arms are up shout B.L.M like I'm rick ross,
my middle finger flicks up, how can a single singer **** **** up,
curt Cobain, jimi hendricks amy winehouses pain,
tu-pac biggie bob Marley elvis on his harley,
Eminem nearly who else does fame want to clame,
it seems anyone who's got something political to say,
optically probable operable brains official slayed,
you there pet there slave, so fetch the clave,
vigilantly violently riding the steam trying to dream,
while lying in steams, streams of bandwidth,
eating a vegetarian sandwitch talented like ohh dam bitch,
ran with a gang which hold up peace signs,
and bang with the LSD seeing higher sighns,
we choking on DMT, screaming hiiipower,
for real still my skills out shines like the suns showers,
stop rhyming generic ****,
so crazy need a therapist,
these eyes seen hella ****,
your eyes big like a elephant,
all you do is see n do hella fun,
I'm seeing with my eyes closed meditating,
levitating incredible like the history of ancients,
so high eyes slight like asians I'm invading them,
im alien so above the world like a caucasian,
I'm here steer clear where near divinity,
living in infinity, i see what can't be teached,
its not a level that hard work can reach,
so divine i aint need to preach,
putting fire to there leaches,

Reply Fri 26 Feb, 2016 04:07 pm
I'm about to take it to the old school on this adversary
In fact, **** a school, I'll chuck this fool in the nursery
(Waaaaaah) Have you rebuild your career from square one
Make you tear some out like you were scared to get your hair done
(*sound of hair trimmer*)
You say you got power? Where from?
You couldn't have power if you charged yourself with a spare plug
and had sudden jolts of thunderbolts running through you
I might as well be like Missy and sock it to you
I'll throw a hundred socks at you, including my underpants
Make you **** bricks in your drawers, pooping like Thunderpants
(Phrrrrrt!) Damn right I won't step to you
'Cause if I did, I'd end up pressing on your toes, and messing up your boots
I guess the shoe's on the other foot now
And you'll have to walk back home to town in the nude now
This was all written, it wasn't a freestyle
But you can't call it, your phone probably doesn't have speed dial

Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2016 11:17 pm
the van shakes cuz i hit you so hard my hand brakes
for dam sake how does my back hand taste
its science to giants ill take a tan rake and break your damm face
and bro you cant hate, or else ill smash your ass to a pancake
cuz you choke off of stuff you bite your a dam mistake
oh shucks how rough it was tonight its sams fate
you cough cuz you thought your bluff was alright but it was Brand fake
jump off and saught the cuffs polite but now im ina rampage
bust open the jammed gates
and shank your eyes and toss you with the dammed snakes..
now all i smell is bengay in the damp lakes
ima sensai of the camp greats
your where man lay when their stamp fades(tramp stamp)
all i can say is ima champ in these dam states!!

reasoning logic
Reply Wed 9 Mar, 2016 05:25 pm
New Rap battle

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Reply Tue 15 Mar, 2016 10:32 am
I'm not gonna kid you, you have some raw multi-syllables
But I'm still gonna hit you, with multiple cymbals
I'll make you go dizzy and gaze at colourful symbols
Your mind is like a censor bar, jumbled in pixels
If I held my hands out, you'd mistake them for chocolate Minstrels
You'd even confuse my fingers for colouring pencils
If you saw a shadow of your former self, you'd scream and call for help
And if your whole face fell, you'd put it back on the shelf
If I had a penny every time you were a lyrical champ
I'd probably spend eternity shacked in an immigrant camp
Folks wonder what the Sam Hill has got into you, Sam?
I guess that's what happens when you have 666 etched on your hand
You received the mark of the beast, that's why you buy and sell
And that's probably why you smoke and get high as "Hell"
You must have thought there'd be some pussy, and thought, "Hey, I might as well!"
Not knowing that you were cast under an unrighteous spell
But enough of the goads, I'm about to conjure up loads
Make Samy frogmarch until he chucks up some toads
Another turning point for Sam, a fork stuck in the road
That's when he decides to take that fork and shove it up his nose
Reply Fri 18 Mar, 2016 12:06 am
RATE ME TOP IN THE RANK, as long as im here "you'll be number 2" cuz you post CRAZY DROPS N ITS STANK so you always gettin "put on lock heavily" like a SAFETY BOX IN A BANK!!you MAKE ME COUGH IN A BLANK cuz my **** realer your filler lines would make u LATELY HOP OFF OF A PLANK..you come my way I drop bombs off of a tank!!!I throw haymakers you just jerk off as a prank lol..nice to see ya still writin bro
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