Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2016 12:51 am
(Continued from my last post ...... )

Spaced out, phased out and played out
Feeling like I'm in some vortex or a Sega layout
On some Final Fantasy bullshit with Tidus on an Aeon playground
..... Oh, great! I'm in a PlayStation game now?
What happened to the motherfucking trees? They've been pixelated
Looking around me, the whole scenery is miscellaneous
Even my penis is mislaid, it's been replaced
with a Whistlin' Dixie looking like a frigging pixie's mace
I'm killing fairies with magic wands and potions
While jacking off to female warriors with some more lotion
Link can go fish, I'm taking Princess Zelda
and ramming her with Magnum Force while I'm on a Heltah-Skeltah
If life is a rollercoaster like Ronan Keating said
Then I guess I'll strap my gonads to the chair and embrace the speed 'til I'm dead
Did that last line make sense? Prof, am I spitting jargon?
Am I taking myself back to when I was in kiddie garden?
I surprise these emcees by throwing lots of Kinder chocolate
Perform tantrums until they empty out what's in their pockets
..... I mean it, y'all. Give it up
This is a social raid, and I want your respect. Now stick them up!

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Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2016 06:40 am

This is my very own Stunt 101
I wonder what the **** happened to the other hundred stunts?
It's like the Naked Gun film making a humongous jump
from 1 to 33, without fans ever seeing the 31 other ones?
I guess someone forgot that he did 100
Chances are they must've been drunk
after emerging from a fête that played nothing but punk
while they took part in a mosh pit and got themselves punched
Hmmmm. Like Mel Gibson, I got a hunch
(You got a hunch?) Yeah, I have a hunch. Wanna kiss my butt?
I wonder what 100 other stunts they did so far
Supposing for argument's sake, they did get to where they are?
I could do a Google search or ask Jeeves
What happened to the butler? He's not there anymore? Aw, jeez!
(sound of keyboard being typed) Where did the phrase come from?" Give me some results, please!
(mouse click) .... Just three hits? Well, **** me!
They all give the same result, just from three different sites
Same term, same definition, same headline
This baffles me, and right now I feel like some confused scientist
trying to figure out the meaning of life
Hunched hurr (here) working to find out what the other stunts wurr (were)
while my burr-rurr's (bare rear) burning a hole under my churr (chair)
After hours and hours of noggin-pinching
I deduce the other stunts are nothing short of non-existent
Such a term doesn't count in hip-hop
and it's totally thought up like clowns in flip-flops
You can buy clown flip-flops online
and such a pair costs about $34.99
That's about £24 in my country
and chances are they'll probably fit like a glove on me
more than these half-ass rappers talk about 100 stunts
But strap them to a polygraph, see what results come
Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2016 07:12 am
I represent the South West, with an etch on my chest
better than the tats that gang members dress themselves with
And I don't have to faff around with my pants half-down showing my backside
like a flag that flies at half-mast
So, who wants to rap now; or even outrap me?
**** outrapping, you can't even get your rap out
And I haven't even got a record deal yet
Thirty years old, still up to my armpits in mail cheques
Charismatic addict still talking like Dobby
and has made painting still life a pastime hobby
And the still life is, I'm still trying to get my name out
like applying for a permit to serve rinds in a steakhouse
I feel like an immigrant singled out
from a whole group of do-gooders with rings on their fingers out
If I got on some grizzly and got out my willy
and waved it in front of a chick, would she call me silly?
What? God gave this organ to me
Which I'm proud of, and I can't show it like your boyfriend's jewellery?!
Reply Tue 19 Apr, 2016 10:21 pm
Got a constipated brain, honestly I'm strange
I'm awkward and deranged and I just might be insane
I cut the ties to humanity, cutting the vanity
Why am I jumping to sanity
Love and war fighting calamity, where is the candy, got these damn blandies all after me
Maybe I'm a tranny, do you think I'd make a good fantasy?
Listen to me, what am I saying bitch what am I playing my habit of spraying pure
Bullshit is playing me like a damn game ya see down at the embassy trading my papers for the
Rolling kind, rolls royce and a cult of nine, a cult of mine
Follow the leader, simon says beat it, they'll all be dolling time like kids from columbine
Nah, I don't play that though, I play for that dough yet make straight flat bro
Nah, I don't even rap, I just ratatat tat on a shitty ass track
Filler's the name of my music, there's really nothing there to it
Everything you know I do is, chump change exchange
I don't have the stamina to rap what I write
My lungs are damn small and my voice is too tight
I don't gotta be thugging **** for you to know I'm off my chain
MRI and a CATSCAN and you will find it just the same
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Reply Tue 19 Apr, 2016 10:26 pm
Last one

I'm a paragon, think you're brave then tell me where your pair-has-gone?
Kidding on, on defensive like the pentagon
Competing with my own concience honestly
Somebody's calling this honorably comedy
What do I see are we falling, stalling
What is this filler so awfully bombing
Cautiously approach the situation like einstein again
Relatively intelligently ballin with a heineken
Paint a pretty picture or go and tell a dark story
Picasso and Poe make this novel quite boring
Build my walls high till I'm fortified and forty

Ya wanna talk game?
They wanna call me rakim
I cut a raw cable I'm unstable yet capable of
Evil, pretty people seem to keep you
From your dreams well I say
Screw them might as well cut em off
Like a vasectomy
Well call me frickin david hasselhoff
Consider the enemies
Consider the consequences of actions and
What are we doing and what are we packing in
Slacking up isn't my bidness and neither is
Drafting up planning and manning the bow of this
Bullshit, cold fringe like an old fridge icicles
Two bicycle spokes interrupted by em now you're flipping flopping
Son of a beach, call me sandal picking cotton cherry blossoms
Luke I am your father for the dark arts in the master's chamber
Tell me how far out you are while you sally ride this dick
Damn I'm such a sexist agender gay homophobic prick
Is that redundant?
Am I retarded?
No literally, no actually, I think there's something riddling me
If I were pinnochio and I told myself that my nose would grow
Would it though? Would it yo?
It's wood so it answers the question, no
**** it bro
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Reply Wed 20 Apr, 2016 07:24 am
Well, tickle me pink, it's the return of the Jap
And he's come back from the dead to blurt a new rap
You're a little mochi (餅, もち), a sweet made of mochigome
and that means you're sticky, you might as well be Tai-wanese
You're right that the Bible tells us we should stone faggots
I'll get blood from a stone..... just by stoning this maggot
Did you really diddle my mother? You couldn't have
Because my mother is bigger than you, plus you got yourself in a piddle
You sick ************
I confuse you like a motherfucking riddle
That's how I love to trick you
Plus my motherfucking mother dicked you
because both her back and front have got choppers that bit off your genitals
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Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2016 04:48 am
Sitting in the lounge waiting for my flight
watching Indian nymphs walk by with uniforms tensing their sides
I'm trying not to harden as there are other boarders laid
And by "laid", I mean laidback looking to board the plane
Got butts so big you could use the fat to broil burgers
Oil and serve pieces of the backs as hors-d'oeuvres
Oh, how I'd love to drill one, but it's a shame I can't traipse around longer
Plus I'd have to lift weights to make my pounds stronger
(What do you mean?) Do I have to explain it?
You're the ******* porn king, why should I elaborate it?
You mean to tell me that you've spent years shooting orgy films and busting creams
but you can't figure out what the **** I mean?
I wonder how the rest of your days are spent
When it comes to dirty talk, you and I think the same wavelength
But don't blame me for being sexually spontaneous
I explained this before when I was discussing Asians

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Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2016 01:48 pm

...... Now I'm in Dubai, waiting for my second flight to connect
The time is 10 o'clock at night; **** it, I might get a rest
It's gonna be a couple of hours before I step on the jet
So I'm gonna shop around and see if I can get refreshed
Look in my wallet, rummaging rummaging.... what, no dirham?
This is bullshit, I'm thirsty! Can't I buy some syrup?
10.30pm: another traveller comes to me confused
"Is this the right gate to London?" "************, keep cool!"
(sighs) Three weeks away, and I'm ready to go back
Ready to go flat on Rubi again and caress her ass
Let off some gas as soon as I step through and crash
into my master bed and pull the bedsheets over my head and my back
3 weeks seemed like months, with the **** I was doing
Quarter to midnight, I've just seen some chickens intruding
Some of them got waists, some of them got butts
Some of them got faces, some of them got guts, are they college sluts?
All of them lined up to go like Charlie Brown's crew
The only thing now's for Justin Bieber to be around those dudes
and make them fall to the floor like a domino rally
**** it - I wonder what I can find under their panties?
Reply Sat 23 Apr, 2016 02:45 am
I'm on some Roc-A-Fella ****, unlike the Rockafeller kid
I possessed Jay-Z and made him rock a pair of tits
Possessed Freeway and made him rip the beard from his chin
Made Beanie Sigel run laps until he grew thin
(I've lost weight!!!!) If they were to read what I just wrote, then they'd shoot me
Throw me like a hoop or get me rode on with a hooptie
Whoopsie! I'm not allowed to take shots at legends
'Cause some of them know friends who are drugged or armed with weapons
So I don't wanna be like Ja Rule and get all too noisy
"GRRRRRRR, IT'S MURDA!", and all that hointy-tointy
Start running my mouth and get myself caught out
It might be better to let Donald Trump sort them all out
Build a wall around their ghetto and put them next to the Mexicans
Make them wear toupees and get them flexing like lesbians
By the way, rest in peace to Prince, he was a genius
I hope he lets me use his ******* symbol as a penis
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reasoning logic
Reply Mon 25 Apr, 2016 06:01 pm
Hip Hop Song

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reasoning logic
Reply Wed 4 May, 2016 07:17 pm
Would this be considered an education about Hip Hop?

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reasoning logic
Reply Sat 7 May, 2016 12:04 pm
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reasoning logic
Reply Sun 8 May, 2016 08:10 am
Rapper hates rapping about politics.

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Reply Thu 19 May, 2016 02:19 pm
break down the cell structure
aint give **** what u got to sell sucker
hoes keep ya L's puckerd
bra aint ******* wit no tail tuckers
frail fuckers
run amok'a
we running mach bruh proper pop a big poppa
big pot a pasta big pot a rasta
austa la feasta the reefer east ta tha west a the keif herb
blessin the reverb with every lesson that he's heard
a beat nerd, that beats words till that beat twerks
Ima be first , and reverse be last to leave earth
nasty he verse his apathy first, after these church
gone close, minds gonna open , minds gone on oceans of emotion
pools of knowledge is flowing ,fools wouldnt acknowledge a omen
dont matter how polished a poem , mat hatter mad dapper dab a opponent
aint taking no slap or jab at the moment,if I want it I have it , If i have it they want it, wanted in the lab im on it stab some keys murder in the first degree
symphonic hercules hydroponics high flow phonics sonnets let the song drip burgundy

Reply Sun 22 May, 2016 09:18 am
Let us pray
Lord, please guide me through the tribulations of my life
And help me overcome the obstacles that may lead to strife
Most of my life I fail to recognise those particular dangers
And ended up delivering favours to malicious strangers
I have been wayward in my regard to the life you've given
And because of that I have fluctuated in my timeless mission
Lord, you bless me with the gift to reason, to think and to sense
And I've been fighting to make the best out of things ever since
Every time I closer my eyes, I imagine your spirit by my side
Putting a hand on my shoulder, telling me things will turn out fine
I'd give anything to hear you talk to me just once
I've been waiting to hear your voice for weeks and months
I beg for your mercy like a homeless man begs for change
Stand underneath your umbrella for shelter from rain
Take me under your wing as I fly with you daily
Let me live under you humbly and die with you gracefully
Let me be lost under your reign and never be found by others
And let me be pulled out when I'm feeling trapped down under
Too long have I let my own flesh get the best of me
But with your help I invade it using the best weaponry
As an animal pants for water, so am I in need of your love
You gave yourself to give me life, hence my belief in your blood
And as I grow closer to you each day and prosper through your sweetest grace
You help me become better as well as help me keep the faith
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Reply Tue 31 May, 2016 11:17 am
I never prey, shed the grave,spirit lives for better days in a bed of blaze
Tell val holla see all ya ballers soon Allah ,until then it's krav Maga . U can kiss my lunar bra if your going to be sad all light. Dark all life . When its sparks I write ,on the sparks ignite,impart plights old school nikes my air force Wright I take flights of stares. That looks got me lifted grip it whip it pff it ain't getting into specifics piss the mist of mystics, you don't wanna miss this unicorn pissing rainbows do you lil whores, you got a little skittle on ya cheek every middle of the week ,I fiddle with the riddle then I'm killing the beat.chop off my ankles look up at an angel doing kegels I ain't feeling defeat. I'm spilling ta leak . Filling a freak . Till she ain't got no feelings in her cheeks . Couple children chilling in her cheeks ,Couple million chilling on the sheets
Couple billion building on the beats

Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2016 12:17 pm
a poets tree-

buzzing like a killa bee, with the artillery,art illery, filling me , fulfilling these million schemes to put a billion in the jeans, shout out to mike,put a billy in the jeans,living this **** , like I aint giving a shiiiit, give me a bitch , Ima giver a dick , deliver her liver a kick, deliberate deliverance on the river styx Ima triple 6 ,whip yo bitch with the pistol grip,pissed ya'll grip on the pff ta spliff,im on some different ****,**** yo chick with the Swiffer tip , ima split that lip, for gods sake remain omnipotent. I fucks with this planet, wont take it for granted ,granite on every corner , marbles blown against the marble , before falling to the **** **** , I pick up my elon Musket, and I bust it like a bboy when communication break down, D boy , using the abc's like a G,poet growing poetry, like you pussy's growing overies , got this feeling coming over me, totally , completely taking ahold a me, like the hands around a rosary , soul'll be solar aint that what was told ta me , isnt that the way its supposed ta be , emotionally an ocean breeze, ima make the most of me,till they ghost'n me , n I pull up in a phantom , when I pull out I'm hansome , put up an anthem, do some DMT wit E.T and DMC , release a EMP and jump start your hearts allspark easily , easel me paint a picture of evel me kenevels jumping over ego , break the chain on the brain an we go free .... planting seeds of poetry , a poets tree potently smoking these
.... planting seeds of poetry , a poets tree potently smoking these... break the chain on the brain an we go free .... break the chain on the brain an we go free ....
break the chain on the brain an we go free ....

reasoning logic
Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2016 04:01 pm
Feel the rap burn.

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reasoning logic
Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2016 05:49 pm
Cool rap

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Reply Sun 5 Jun, 2016 05:38 pm
Go free like a black slave with a bad face
Half-brained and shaggy-shaved, who's just had his shackles planed
Now watch the man race towards mad grace
and he has his hands raised like he's flagging captains while they land planes
That's insane! Kinda like this man when he masturbates
In secret during his sleep, or every time he has debates
That's strange, because no lady has ever seen his pants raise
Except one; a Spanish babe who lives with him as a flat-mate
And I say "flatmate" not 'cause he has a flat place
but because his fat flattens her like flapjacks and pancakes
On a Kool G Rap phase, or probably a rap Pap would say
He's just as mad as other cats in his famil-ay
It'd be a tragedy if his grandmother passed today
Nobody in the clan would be bothered to carry her ass away
That'd cause a massive strain, protracted attacks of pain
And everyone would act like someone's had a man emasculate!

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