Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2014 05:15 am
Yo Professor!
It's high time you became a confessor,
I think you should come out of the dresser
and have your say;
today's the day
None of us will judge you for admitting you're gay.

That's fine
Consenting adults? Sublime.
But I opine
There's just one place we must draw the line.
Inflicting your crap
on all of a2k - perhaps
You should throw in the towel and admit you can't rap.

And while you're at it,
throw your little sister at me
and I'll tap it;
Leave her with a blister or three.
And I'll whisper my rhymes,
Pay her a couple of dimes
And send her back to everyone to state my decree:

"Hear ye, hear ye!
iamsam's bitch I be;
I bring a message from my lord for the whole world to see -
But you must pardon me
if I squirm a bit, gee,
I guess he really left me with a blister or three -
But I digress,
Here's the public address,
yeh, here's the thing
the prof's forbidden to sing
The king is dead but Sam is here so long live the king."
Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2014 05:18 am
(Meant in good faith - just satirizing the genre. Got nothing against you Prof man! Smile
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Reply Sun 3 Aug, 2014 12:00 pm
ya;ll talk , like your 2 pacs you aint half as sick as ya'll thought,small pox
you chicken pox , chicken bock bock , I orville redenbach bach
ya;ll corn can get pop popped
who wanna get decapitated off top
if a cop gets avian flu, do u think pigs are flying ?
living your whole life, to make a living,
who you takin with u ,when your dieing
leave these pussies wet, deep sea diving
after march 9th 1997, I knew things were no biggie or L
but we still got jay an diddy
im kinda like lame man shitty
do we have to sacrifice greatness for paper ?
why you stop supporting your fans ,n show mo love to haters
how come computer shopping only time people want mo data
I wanna see mo lakers
mo coaches
mo players
how does everyone think they have game
when the games there playing ,have no players
hip hops my ammo Rambo when I ramble
simpson for the doh, 20 years n mo you'll see I wont be cancelled
you gretels think cause im handsome I can be hansel'd
n throw away my bread for candy... flip candy on the bed
give her the whole loaf ....pimento her menstrual till I mental in her dental
thinking like Lorenzo rolling in an enzo
throwing Hail Mary's in the end zone
droing inhale Mary , only hoe in my friend zone
mmm girls tasting cherry soda
armies of Bacardi's Barbie's barely sober
ima pop ya cherry soldiers
lickity split then git her wet kissin her areola
Hoe's i'll area code ya
ya'll wanna take a shot carrying holsters
I want you to wake up,get baked up , mary n folgers
**** a pussy , ******* pussy's aint getting nuttin
less the ovarian kosher

Reply Mon 4 Aug, 2014 02:25 pm
20 24 33 40 43

calling out plays

when I see a dime never drop a nickel
always use a shot gun never use a pistol

no grass on the field im calling an audible
blitz the defense
split the defense
no offense , your getting sacked ,no hospital
jst a stretcher
ya'll drawing plays with etch-a sketchers
im drawing plays with Escher sketchers
your running back running tracks with skechers

im calling out plays
we need a tupac
who's top speeds faster then rileys mouth from the boondocks
Ya'll can hail mary
we inhale mary
set bail ,sip ale nick fairly

43 40 33 24 20

calling out plays

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Reply Wed 6 Aug, 2014 11:45 pm
forgot my soul with creation , tastin beers in the basement, looking at docta vodka like there goes the patient,there goes my patience ergo im not running after it ,im not chasing liqs or a bitch....if your pussy loose I bet your sisters tight and i already fucked you twice... I aint kissing goodnight , im pissing in your kitchen sink yelling hood life ...sugar coat it with suge knight ...before I walter white n mix some crystal light , id rather hold a mic sippin cris on ice... man i gotta life , dont need to get a life , or end up end up getting life , with a prison wife, homeslice . homies u gambling yo life only two number 1's and thats when you roll dice ... u buggin , no lice, no parasites in my hair tonight ... dro in the air nice I can breathe alright . man this weeds aight , ready to take flight with out my nikes ...-HIGHpro
Reply Fri 8 Aug, 2014 10:33 am
My pictures paint a thousand words at a time
So I'm inclined to get out the brush and spray them all over the place like a crowd dispersed
soon as they learn there's a bomb in the building {*scream*}
Explosive ****, my flow is fit to blow a hit and make phenomenal killings
Just know the ****, my goal is this:
to rekindle hope in my life of hopelessness
and dump the biters back to where the ocean is
Rappers couldn't wrap/rap me if I was a Noel gift
that dropped down the chimney during Christmas
after the children came and opened it
I don't know if you noticed it
but if you notice how my poetry is flowed and ****
You'll notice my flow isn't the only thing worth noticing
It's a dope thing
and I'm not talking about smoking it but suckers choke on it
like there was something lodged in their throats and ****
You don't know how it feels being upstaged every day
The way that I've been raised segregates and separates me in every way
Illustraight, an MC so brilliant and diligent
You could pit me against some businessmen and still emerge intelligent
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Reply Fri 8 Aug, 2014 10:58 am
I feel like Lester the Unlikely .... or should I say "unlucky"
Still diligently tripping, trying to get a cool lady to love me
I'm not Das-EFX
But my words got mad effects that probably blow the wall out of the street
kinda like cash invests
It's day 10,554
I try to standardise what I do in simple form
in an attempt to get results
But I'm always getting 6's and 7's 9 times out of 10
going round in circles like the symbol of 64
I'm 28, I've lived through 25% of my life without a doubt
but I still feel like the odd one out
There's little difference when I'm picked on by stubborn motherfuckers
Six of one, and half a ******* dozen of the other
15 times I've been let down by one babe
That's a whole list of chicks too innumerable to name
I feel like a numbered inmate
locked in solitary confinement with two hands covering my face

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Reply Fri 8 Aug, 2014 01:42 pm
I remain in my own lane
high as **** , fly as up , no plane
look at me retarded i'll give you mo brains
ya'll 2 sugar , you Co-cane
im blowing up dude propane
profane , my whole game
stays hot n those flames
my team,visine yo eyes clean
advising,dividing yo legs
plus my nuts in ya gut equals your fucked
we aint ******* equal
ive bin lethal since invetro , evel since kenevel
eagle since ya egos bin inflated
my tummies bin hungry since mommy, wheres the rent money
I ate it , hated when I was making 10.20
bagged it , weighed it, that'll be ten twenty's
homie don't know me , i'll take goldie locks and Honey
hundies over hunnies ,only time I play boy , with bunny's
bundy, im ******* killin it , killin it n fuckin it
till the maggots fillin it , feelin its mmm nothing Biiitch
I might bust a rib , laughing at eve tryin ta eat my adams apple
unchained , no longer have the shackles
go django at a rap show,
pull tabacco out ya assholes , and quit smoking shiiit
ya'll cornier then cornrows, when you get **** twisted
im hornier then saten at a pornshow ... Bitches ....
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Reply Sat 9 Aug, 2014 10:56 am
To call me a Gremlin is nothing short of sick, Mr. Blowhard
But that's cool with me because your chick digs my Mohawk
She knew I was a monster once she opened my box
and produced five mogwais just from blowing my cock
I'm loading a shot; never that, in fact, I make you go into shock
like a hundred-watt plug once it's shoved up the hole of your bott (bottom)
I'm joking you not; what I'm trying to say is you can take anything up your ass, whether you're sloven or not
I'm an autistic **** - you're spot-on on those two
I am autistic and I pretty much **** a lot more than you
So what's your problem, dude?
Your strut is horrible, it's abhorrent and unimportant
Not even a "whore-dis-dick" wants to be involved with you
You're on a writer's block? Good! Because I blocked you too
You can't cross my line, your entry's impossible
Jesus Christ, I can't find any rhymes to describe your ******* attitude
I'm finding trouble adapting to you, I feel like busting and smacking you
with the hardest object I can find, knuckle-dusting and tackling you
like we were in a NFL match, and chuck a quarterback at you
until your backs cut into quarters
Now find some way to talk back while I walk back into my shack to find some short snacks
But for the moment, you can chomp on that
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Reply Tue 12 Aug, 2014 04:22 pm

I'm not a rapper
Just a lyrical master
Climbing the ladder faster than if Scream's coming after
Piece of cake this is, now watch me work batter
So much piss on the game yet it can't empty its bladder
Now it's batshit, don't complain if it's SCATtered
If the enemy's not there does the enemy matter?
Dexter Morgan on the scene, to check out the splatter
Killer vers killer, end of the chapter

See the meaning goes deeper than the wishing well
I bet ya a nickel I'll spit twenty more out just to fit the bill (use your five senses)
But listen still, knock my picture off the wall but I doubt my image fell
Now quit your lippin' Dill
In a pickle lodged into vinegar'd cucumber gettin' drilled
Don't get my ass-ass-in jail
Then I'll go in to kill with my quickenin' wicked trickin' ninja skills

Time to bust a hull
Like the nut's skull
Jack is off in the head, now the titanic's full
Of liquid dripping into the systems like a Glitch had it's trigger pulled
That trick is old
The new dog is in town, I'm in control
Unleashed on a gang of cat-thieves
Steal these pussies' lives
Cause I've barked up my last tree!

Peter's flying a biplane with a 20 foot wingspan
Over ocean radar is trying to pan
With no ground in sight he's afraid he'll never land
Moral of the story, don't let Hook take your hand
That wordplay spanned
4 bars, I guess it can
After that yknow what ya call him?
(A drinking problem?)
Time is precious and I'm Gollum so find a new rhyme wizard or whatever ya call em
Reply Wed 13 Aug, 2014 10:17 pm
open up the thought process to gods flesh , think what eternity will this burgundy feel next... looking at Buddha and a dude acrossed the table with the hookah keeps saying Jesus Christ , rolling a cannon , deuce your social programming ....gram after gram, pound after pound , how many you bitches get put down, I aint give a fooks now , ya'll my dogs , write rhymes lace lines with freebase got um hooked now , hooked Pow , look pal , this was chess id already took ya rooks out, ya castle out, ya queens mouth ,I give a **** what you rap about , dildo's only thing you pulling when straps come out , I don't even use guns to blast a scalp , just tap um out , my mind aint got a half a doubt, I don't have ta shout, or rap about whacks,bareback ejac in a bare ass ...
a terrace terrorist tare a bich ,lyra-cist, lyra error, era not hearing this, here in this ear n pissed crystol clear,,, jssst .....Chernobyl vocals who ever come near this im radiating ya spirit .... lately gods singing and the angels are making hear it demons twisting words faster then twista schemeing to make you fear it ... I aint waiting for a heavenly creations appearance .... to make an appearance ima make it a-parent ,not just giving birth to a idea raising it till it can make a marriage , and raise its own ideal in a baby carriage... ever since a baby ive bin buggin like bugs for some carats and bunny's ... the first Canadians face on American money ...im north American country , north America hungry , out of convienence looking at the registers hundies... the clerks cute , but its first loot then her boobs , wonder if that even registered honey ... I want bread cheese lettuce ,throw pussy in that sandwhich when im famished call it ( my fetish) ... when im fed up these charges are fed , my heads tired of sleeping in a prison bed... they think ima tell the judge to **** off ... nah bitch you can suck my dick instead , of dickin with a power trippin addiction ... id rather hit a spliff n watch them cowards trippin , we different , I wont fall for nothing .. ...
Reply Wed 13 Aug, 2014 10:31 pm
by far one of your best yet ... your truly starting to grasp it homie Wink
Reply Wed 13 Aug, 2014 10:51 pm
my mind equates to gwen Stefani's take of her solo career,
i'll say it to your face, FAKES ,NO I don't have half a doubt ...
put her in my suit case ,course I have what it takes
a suit, remain astute , zombies want brains , well shoot -HIGHpro
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Reply Sun 17 Aug, 2014 08:30 am
Thanks, I'm working on it Very Happy
0 Replies
Reply Tue 19 Aug, 2014 02:35 pm
It's funny you called me cancer, my ****'s really strong
and the reason why gangsters like you don't live very long
I attack your red and white cells and turn them green
Make you a nervous fiend
by shoving injections up your mid-section, until it bursts your seam
Make it hurt to scream, and while I encourage the stream
to stop pumping, I stick needles in you and give you the third degree
This is Operation "blood's gonna get fucked up"
A beast with too much fat, give him liposuction
and watch him get sucked up
I'm a sheep who outfoxes the wolf while he's creeping
Ox him in the chop while he's sleeping
Feed him to the lions like the Christians by Caesar
then proceed to rape his chick with a lemon squeezer
Watch the juice come out of her
Shake her all about like talcum powder while she blows me like a dandelion flower
One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock
All the way to midnight, and kick her out on the spot
Now her dress has turned back into rags
and she can't find another man to hand her fancy bag back
And as for you, I strip you of your honours
Your awards, your reputation and your re-per-toire
Parce que je dire toi, mon frère
I'm a player, you couldn't find a better ploy
to foil my schemes or spoil my dreams
You can't get your way when battling me, I guess things aren't all they seem
Not all that glitters is gold, sadeeq
Don't cry or whimper over **** you don't control, Ameen
In the name of God, the Son, the Cross, the Prophet Muhammad
Brahma, Ahura Mazda, Allah, Buddha and the Dalai Lama
and Mahatma, I'm humble, I cumma in your mother's bumma
'Til she's got a bumba claat, that's rasta patois for ca-ca
You ************
0 Replies
Reply Wed 20 Aug, 2014 01:40 pm
You call yourself Jesus Christ? That's quite a blasphemous thing to toss
If that's the case, I'll slap your face and nail you to the Cross
Nobody is a God, perhaps except the 5 Percenters
and the man upstairs that created Earth, the sky and heaven
How can you proclaim yourself a deity when you have no shred of sovereignty?
That's like Tinie Tempah comparing himself to Socrates
And Socrates was one of the greatest philosophers ever lived
You're one of the lamest artists ever lived
I know you probably think I'm blabbing, but I'm keeping this heat in discussion
Your way of dissing MC's is extremely disgusting
You said you'd "satisfy me American style"
What are you gonna do? Grill me with some American fries?
Add some chicken, grits and watermelon on the side?
Get me in the bathtub like Stifler's mother in American Pie?
I laughed when you said your verse was "very, very frightening"
Right now, I can just see Freddie Mercury crying
Your ****'s all Radio Gaga, there's no Kind Of Magic
I don't know how you can stand there and call yourself a Champion
Don't Stop Me Now because I'm having a good time
Breaking you down, taking a Hammer to this hood swine
who calls himself an MC, but once I light him up
Den den den, Another One Bites The Dust!
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Reply Sat 23 Aug, 2014 04:22 pm

My YouTube page. No mic yet, no rap yet. Sorry!
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Reply Sat 23 Aug, 2014 06:34 pm
Cripplin' villain in the buildin'
Crickin' into the system like a Glitch or a criminal
Get your penicil, Penicillin to kill the feelin'
Peelin' back but let me backtrack to the rhyme part: "criminal"
My attempts at success are minimal
But I'm so damn good I guess I go against my will
Hit to kill, this isn't a figment of your imagination, this is spittin' real
Salivate on the mic to agitate and aggravate whomever wants to rap at me
I'll happily start battling, but it ain't a battle waitin', it's elimination
Cravin' these statements like you was pregnant and impatient
This is a midnight break-in, here comes the bait, clean slate
Or filthy grates, filthy? Great!
Dirty rap is all that they ask for, hey (hay)
But that's for horses, if you're a man or a morsel
Of course ya mortar a quarter of the population
with obnoxious wastes of rhymes, you reek of lameness
You're an animal making my rap personification
Look obviously faded but I'm honestly jaded
Your only safe and sacred sanctum is taking place in your parents' basement
You want to fire the bullet well save it, the bull is taking charge of the situation
Invasive on personal spaces, no shame invading
But being put with today's greatest is just so dang degrading...
Bang bang two grenades I'm blazing
Blunt trauma bad karma straight to the brain, think; no explaining
Thoughts often lost in the process
Drop a bomb in a mosh pit
Mustard gas to kill the pain, man that gas is noxious
I'm gaining, blades swing, waving it polished
Watch this raw flip like I taught some crossfit
Why walk the talk if you can't, talk the walk
And why stop the jog when you can rock the rock?
Stop the watch, stop the clock
Stop the rot, stop the spot
Time will drop a beat and you will know it maybe
Time will not compete until my flow is maybe
Saving more than time it could be lives...
Hear the lies, hear the cries, hear the fights
Hear the might, hear the trial, running miles
On this rap y'all talkin' crap I could take a nap
It's tiring, inspiring, I'm firing
My 9 at these empire fiends and rivalries
It's music, you knew it, get to it
Just view it, pursue it, ensued this
Confused **** computed no clue?
Is it true?
All my fumes? Are let loose?
In a few moments I can lose...
All I knew for my ruse
I can shoot at the moon but it's full, that's old news
Some things you can't change
Like bad days, or last graves
In a mad craze I wander the maze
My life is trying to mold a rainbow with black clay
It's impossible, my negativity is on a roll
It's like I'm living out the final chronicle
Blurry and one-eyed holding a monocle
I'm ripping my hair out, lost every follicle!
What do I saunter for...?
I dishonor more than a samurai who forgot his chores
Diabolical, I chop the cords
And now my voice is hoarse, inaudible
The gravity of the situation is astronomical
Thoughts all unstoppable
Everything must remain logical but it's paradoxical
I want a hospital but I'm too lost to even find a home
In the end, I'm the only one responsible...
0 Replies
Reply Sun 24 Aug, 2014 02:53 am
Pretty boy, for your info, not EVERY rapper on here can understand the verses you spit, most of them are just all over the place anyway; you can do 25 internal rhymes, 45 subliminal shots and break them all into GCSE captions and you still couldn't outshine me !

You must be out of your mind to insult a rapper who actually has autism, so of course you would call me a "dumb ****" , wouldn't you ?!
If you can't appreciate my responses then at least have some respect for someone who rose to your challenge ! Ask anybody here who's one of the livest on here, despite the fact that this is just a blog forum ! If you can't respect MC's for their work , then **** off somewhere else !
0 Replies
Reply Sun 24 Aug, 2014 03:02 am
By the way, I bet you can't come back from the Jesus line I wrote , or the list of Queen songs since you used one of their lines from Bohemian Rhapsody !

Real recognise real at the end to the day, mate, **** lyrics or not, but if you want to get personal then you've got yourself a war !

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