Reply Mon 7 Jul, 2014 04:20 pm
if your being a bitch ima call you a bitch

people talk alot of ego , bald eagle ...
when i tell you im flyer then ya'll teen flows
that mean my evil more kenevel
ya'll kings shits acting regal
so high I dont free flow
I free fall
You suckers dont C it
you can lick Deez balls
im from the AB ..
your from ya mother baby
your from my baby gravy gutter condom
dont talk **** behind backs
you pussy cats get called out
i go balls out and you wont rap

like my names mike ,fucka pussy like a dyke throw a strap on
now your twice as fucked ... hate **** um ,
like i dont even like ya slut
they getting rollied ... light um up
they gettin oe'd fouty of um gettin bottled
homie what bitches getting odied up
garfield's getting pasta ...
im puttin paws ta ya mobsters
break the claws off ya lobsters
you need to shut ya clam
before i bust ya pearly whites
then its a **** you
an I fucked ya girlie twice

Reply Wed 9 Jul, 2014 04:25 pm
My vocabulary is kinda like a pantry
jam-packed with packs of sweets, magic treats and family eats
Banana, raspberry, pineapple and apple, avocado and kiwi
Guanabana and guava, mango and figgy
Pomegranate, cranberry, mandarin, cherry, blackberry
Papaya and passion sweeter than Pamela Anderson's titties
I'm full of colour like a television set
My skittles get your taste buds tickling like a feather to your neck
When I put my rhymes together like two pigeons on a fence
I get eveyrbody jumping like your breasts up on your chest
Iller than chickenpox, my sick words spread and hits the rest
like a disease that you see in your skin when you get undressed
Intelligence and sense is what I tend to represent
I don't believe in Hell, playa, because Hell is full of death
As long as I'm living, I'll keep giving every single breath
to be accepted, man, I'll never be rejected like a cheque
Like a photographer, I put all of the negatives in check
and expose these motherfuckers like celebrities in vests
When someone autistic comes, you better show respect
or catch a deadly verbal beat-down like a lecture that's direct
Break me? Is that something a bredren's gonna bet?
All I see are two pairs and spectrums in your deck
My methods of intellect being very special effects
like movies generated with technical elements
Another day, another dollar, another dead president
Except I'm from Britain, so Queen Elizabeth II's on the pence
I walk the path of Jesus, His love and death I do accept
I don't want to suffer, the Kingdom of Heaven's where I'll rest

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Reply Thu 10 Jul, 2014 04:26 am
wanna g ****
you just wanna get Die jsst did
cause you wanna be ****
beat it , you can eat dick you weak clit
beavis believe this rapper butthead
shitting on your self ... nuff said
come to calgary bring your calvary kick you black n white
half ya life you bin a soccer ball
zip ya **** shut slut or stuff ya muff till you cant talk at all
******* pussy
go get fucked so hard you aint walking it off
throw a wheelchair at um , pac'n um off ,, you thugs cant roll with me
Go diddy on any Kong who thing he Biggie ...
u donkeys aint even king of your city
im king **** shitty i think quick gritty
hit midi's you analogs get smacked by the hand of god dogs aint pretty
only puppys cute bitches turn to an old yeller even your best buddy shoot
these dummy dudes crash tested

your a bitch counterfeit .. bend over asshole bet the counter fit ...hell you could suck the devils dick you aint down n **** , paint ya face red ya clownin its announced in every word that come out ya mouf bounce ... your bro got killed for a ounce , my hounds dont hunt for less then hund that amount ... you coach potatoe im eating fries fried kill rappers cyanide every rhyme ya write ... sick now you finally some ill rappers ... spinally will snap ya .. my ability classic a velocirapper you old ass chicken velociraptor... u call it a bible every thousand years i loose a chapter ...roll a phantom through his casper ...... ghosting on your last words ya'll hacks getting cracked you want some lip chap with that kiss ass ... heres a bitch smack wit dat bitchnazzz ... did he talk about chopping dimes when he cant even choppa rhyme ? this is a dizaster what ? is it matt hoffa time , on or off a line .... i'll flat line you squares , triangle your kegel in the octagon till your walking wrong .... he say he dont condone violence but hes gonna stab me 16 times in the eyelids .. i bloody drop 16's ... what are u sixteen ? see what i did Wink did you grow a vagina ? only way this faggets ******* with me ... u getting busted like every time my fingers touching sticky ...

i dont promote violence ./.. just whack rapper silence
slap ya hyman .... my ions got eyes on looking like im gone
from dusk to dawn on these bloodsuckers
pucker up ya butt or butter it up you can get fucked

Reply Thu 10 Jul, 2014 12:48 pm
i give a bitch a kick in the clit with my derrick roses when she says you never buy me flowers-HIGHpro
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Reply Sat 12 Jul, 2014 12:54 am
who u trying to teach lol ???? im one of the best rappers in the world on or off page ask around before you run ya mouth LMAO

im hotter then satens blood without smoking bud
drugs thugs and mean mugs , thats my ****
over your head the pilot riding in a soul plane
pyrex bowls you know what im sayin
sane left the hospital covered in doctors blood
I'll show ya chakra love when I give it the shocker
focker aint no ben stiller , my pen iller
more ice then vanilla the reala guerilla
in the jungle i rumble with dogzilla
pray or prey either way my gods realer
im gods realtor selling that cloud 9
you dogs couldnt afford the back yard
move more metal then a scrap yard

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Reply Sat 12 Jul, 2014 04:46 am
the razor blade in the hand a suicide
that feeling in ya mind its do or die
u can see me er day

went downtown saw a clown standing on a milk crate try to spill hate an bring me down ... you aint got enough heron from here on to put me down
veterans looking rookie now... u bitches puppy chow... buddys mouths open aint knowing me from a hole in the ground , got a hold of um now ... calling me a murderer . not till I put um in a hole in the ground ... ur ******* dirt like a hoe in the ground... sick a these mafuckers , but im holding it down ... hoving it now hoping aint a option ..whether a cop or pills i gets ta poppin ... get the coffin when i get ta coughin kill any bullshit talkin . u aint full **** we rockin like jordan an rodman batman an gotham I got um... keep playing possum my posse rotten in real life take a real knife and slash a dot calm ... they call me an intelligent thug , there not wrong they say thats all I am they aint ever seen me go ham lamb god damn throw some van damn and when i pee nut butter over a jam ... gutter as summer jam from outside the fence ..I sense you dont know who I am ...

Reply Mon 14 Jul, 2014 01:56 am
wrong or right I write with all my might through all the plights of life , flights of stairs , snakes and ladder's , mad hatter rapper takes the latter... a mix master hasnt quite mastered the mix of emotion ... knuckles soaked in blood , cloaked in bruises , head full of contusions , **** these pussies i leave the **** oozing, confusion fills the mind third eye blind ... breath grows shallow , its hard ta breathe blood flow slowed in the arterys ... trying to get ahold before A-holes make holes and martyr me
you cant buy my soul with diamonds bro what slut you think im a hoe ... got a mind a gold and your asses labled royce cause you can get roll'd , engines revvin 747 petro ,, im metro ghetto from the get go ... I wear my heart on my sleeve believe we can achieve. plant a seed of knowledge let it grow like weed , smoke trees ... and you can flow like me when you go nike with yea psyche ... check it , lets put in perspective , flow perceptions throw interception inceptions ur suppose ta catch it . im a wretched form of existence thats wrecks it on or off a record .... drop some fresh **** for critics you can still see the corn niblets ... your richest when you dont need a dollar to pay attention to your mission ... listen to your intuition now im in position to make compositions in a calm position ,competition come petitions in hand, like can you sign this man ... fans ... its fantastic ... who got the bread and wanna make a jam , I got the cannibutter stutter you know where I am ... up in her diaphram , use my dick when im pissed and draw you a diagram ... -HIGHpro
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Reply Mon 14 Jul, 2014 09:56 pm
money bags dropping decimals like testicals when dj's drop the decibel ... I came from the spirit unchanged through the flames fangs of snakes break like bboys when they bite my noise .. noice ...

I cant be nice no more , aint cool, they want my ice or , the weed in my pipes , calling me ignorant when im teaching them to read n writes , like homie read your rights .. dont just believe your right when ur bitching like a south paw ... i can live without law , no doubt bra you boobs would think im an out law ... im about Ja's Jaw keeping it raw , say hi to allah , buying buddha , jesus , christ you got a hookha.. lets get baked make cake an eat it in the face of fakes who believe with blind faith there great without taking fate in there own hands ... -HIGHpro
Reply Mon 14 Jul, 2014 11:06 pm
unhinged , like a dj's syringe after a drug binge...dug in , pushing dirt before the first verse of dirty dozen I heard , heard I pearly cuzzins ... word , finger fuckin ya first second third nerve aint nuthin, god i feel like god when you apes act like you saint or sumthin , like an ass with all your ASSumptions punking gash cause pussies get smoked like grass but want you to compact that ass her names mary jane im making hash ... something called dap an if I recall ya'll cant fake that , adapt to ya'll cats slap ya lips wit the tip or my ballsack ... and for yall wack ejac's callin macks that rap fake thugs because we would take a baseball bat to your crack ? WHACK .... there's a W for you hacks ...clones im more then double you with a couple dubs in you , clubbin you , navy seal sea world girls....smoking sea weed till ya hurl nuts squirrel up in her gut screaming like a demon breatheing i dont givve a **** your bitch a slut .... she can lick it up liqour'd up... you can lick her pup... ya'll sheep sleepin on the wool over your eyes, wake up to some wolves in her thighs ... I know this , noone notice till its yo Bitch ... sword swallowing with her throat slit ...cradle the balls well u deep throat it ... chokes is jokes, love when they gaggin white dragons draggin there rag across the flag when they wave ... like a tidal for the title...I write a page of survival credence to clear waters revival , i want people to look me in the eye hole not the bible when you use your spinal , on the vinyl, remind all I can back it ,smack ya backwards till you can back words , and you hacks quit using my pass words , past words ,talk something original not what u last heard , the last herd of the tribe smoking herb until the day we get high enough to float among our brothers in the skies ,motherships hover in disguise ... vibrating on a frequency we can see when we die ... die me any colour still gutter painting picasso's on the wall aerosol'd da vinci's within me ...feel like tesla testing infinity in my intestine's ingestin mini me's , predators dont pray they prey in ministry's ... im balanced as my talent for simile's can anyone grow without a lil trees ? I think things aint no biggie, i call um lil cease ... morpheus can I get that pill please ... look god in the eye like Hi Im guilty and i dont blame you cause you built me , I dug through the dirt and got filthy .... time to smoke a philly... you know the dealy , blaze one if chea feel me , or blaze one and feel amazing till your laying on the ceiling feeling spiderman on vikaden in cryo just chillin .... -HIGHpro
Reply Tue 15 Jul, 2014 01:34 am
im one of the best and I know it , every second I show it , wrecking a flow or the exceptional poet looking for a record ta blow ... like a coke bitch ... thats my chance i wont blow it , like a hoe who holds dick ...or get floated in the ocean of ego's bloated ...equal , let me lay a couple flat lines what you think people ? my ink evel my mic kenevel , im mike i roll like my first buick ..regal ... ima student whose bin forced to teach himself rollin ronin roamin my ninja I may not always no where im going , but i know im going to use everything within ma ... -HIGHpro
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Reply Tue 15 Jul, 2014 10:43 am
There are mutiple aspects to my autistic habits
Counting matchsticks, memorising maths logic comparisons
Drawing immaculate patterns of objects that I examine from random
Such as monuments, lands or portraits of handsome magnates
My talent is a magnet which attracts
But at the same time repels those who don't understand
the concept of having such a trait that's unimaginable
to the average man like a godly power that's unfathomable
I don't rule a kingdom nor was I born in a manger
with angels looking over my shoulder like strangers
But I was created from a woman's womb
Wrapped in a blanket, cradled, had my name spelt with a J and groomed in the room
It's no ******* surprise that some guys say that I'm blessed
A disciple, but some Iscariots tend to make me upset
No more than a humble peacemaker breaking the bread
..... Must be my personality or my good nature, I guess
This is not due to my autism
as my autism's just a portion of my human self
Kind, considerate, thoughtful and cool as hell
which is mistaken as a weakness at best
I expediently express to impress under the belief that it's a means to an end

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Reply Tue 15 Jul, 2014 02:01 pm
here is my album i tried to do with a few bonus tracks Wink
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Reply Fri 18 Jul, 2014 12:05 am
something about music transcend's , lucid , use it were meant ta use it , centrifuge it ,when you forget your center n your like fuge it vibration
entity rhythms pound the empathy liven perpetually driven ...perceptions we liven , define our world ...

half the time im out my mind , spacin
rushing but american racing
for the space station ,indy 5000 invitation

vroom vroom

zoom zoom

shrooms shrooms

pew pew , sitting in the pews , chilling with saten hell raising im to cool

sudoku with my goku

only time i lie on a matress
or an actress or a naked girl whos pretending to act dressed
with a vip T I P im getting full access

simple cymbal symbol
time to crash test my pencil to your mental till you mentstrul
then its red dragon gaggin shes an animal yessir
eating babies she crazy ,Hannibal lector

Reply Mon 21 Jul, 2014 07:41 am
yo man did you leave fb?
Reply Mon 21 Jul, 2014 12:05 pm
ya brosive
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Reply Mon 21 Jul, 2014 01:08 pm
aight , grab the mic , gets ya pens , pads , n write , wright brothers insight ,
lets take flight brothers ,ben frank kites, testin tesla, when my wallets cold making doh grow like ice ... yessa, pressure , pressure , pressure , carbon based life forms turn to diamonds ..those life forms turn a diamond , grinding like theres a mine in there mind there mineing , rewinding time n , remindin themselves , hell no matter how deep we dwell we stay shining , fell from grace and the devils face still blinding faith... blind leading the blind...gotta grow a third eye just to see why ? ... oh lord is he high ? extraterrestial celestial vessel cant even look me in my behind... so ya'll wax need to mind ya beehive ... HE'S BACK .... HUNNNNNGRY with n appetite when he grabs the mic no feedback ... ma ****** called me basic when im freebaseing free masons in the basement cooking up something ancient, they say im not hot , but if a cop walks passed they try to arrest my ass when im blazing .... like tupac im making changes , shits made sense since the cement ... ...
Reply Wed 23 Jul, 2014 08:15 pm
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Reply Fri 25 Jul, 2014 06:39 am
You told me that you'd always be there for me
Play fair with me, be down, honest and well square with me
But instead you keep me running in circles
Jumping those hurdles or deep in the sea sunk with the turtles
I don't think on the same wave as you, my mind is a different radio
My voice isn't a digital stereo
I've always lived a monologue life
My times have been dull with no clearance like a storm in the sky
But inside I've been known to have a shimmering heart
And that particular part in my body is the glimmering part
Yet you girls misuse and break it, giving me starts
I haven't grown old yet, I'm not a wrinkly old fart
But I do have a sensitive touch
I'm sensible and well eligible for some feminine love
which I never get much
And it definitely be that way until the cows come home
But for the moment, all alone I roam
There are plenty fish in the sea, that's what I was told ......
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Reply Fri 25 Jul, 2014 03:11 pm
no one notice , IDGAF
not now not ever
Nut **** the holy cow if that ma ****** owe me cash
ya'lll bitches walking around like odie;s ass
ive bin locked , feelin like filling socks with rocks and go tupac on a few cops
im not real ,imagination animation exaggeration
**** it , had her face in the pillow ,suck it

im literally the epitome of OH you think u can **** on me
smack um in the head with a toilet , and shove it up there ass for coidice
dont be coy bitch
be coy , fish , and your gonna get ya throat slit

at this stage , of releasing rage, looking at a release date, signature never makes the page , as we turn the chapter just another rapper gets booked ... lost in the library, my eyes buried ... it looks dirty, till we blow the dust work for six thirty... it makes me sick surely, they think slowly we can grind them till these carbon based diamonds , dieing or selling theres souls for iron , ions looking like there eyes gone , if you dont see what im on ... im ... out of my mind 99 percent of the time , clock um when they see my language and they tell me to watch it , your universally FUCKED if your still on GODS DICK got it ... im rotted to the core and ate the spores... jumped in a mosh pit with any ****** that talk **** a cronic ebonic user , you's a gin n tonic boozer ... ...your baby sucking on my baby gravy like a soother ... im honest , i lied , im congress, broke my moral compass in your eye looks like my points magnetized , shoot busting magnum sized bags of cum in your hide , hyde your jekyls they'll never survive , rectal examination for all the **** your exaggerating ... every lick a my spit ending ya ... liquid enema's i dont have enemys cause none of you endin me .....HA

Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2014 02:26 am
will I fall asleep never to wake
dreaming of the dream
will I wake up its in front my face like make up
I don't like fake fucks
I like my drugs like my shoes laced up
laid up at the crib , she aint my baby

I only know loss , I only know Love
the price it cost , you can never pay enough
can never get paid enough , or laid to much
still bust a nut when it chafes ta ****
had a bestfriend attempt ta jook me
mad depression , aggression ,pressin shank to my chest
thought id take a stab at death
must wanna die I tried crack n meth
bust ganja I tried rap n dex
72 hrs later watch haters cower what happened next
said **** it , started having sex with half a neck
the other half I wasn't done hacking yet
first thing I do when I wake up is have a ****
after that I don't give a ****
just throw crap at hippocrites
show my dick to your hippo chick
nut in mcgruff the crime dog
its Official Bitch
a fist'll fit
keep trying to get in shape throwing a hissy fit
I keep trying to shave a hippy chick
when she gives me lip
bounce , if you aint showing titty's yet
ladies lets throw a t shirt contest , your already wet
take a dip then im dipset get the jeulz then im Santana
only fret over guitars... I love lesbians hungry for bananas .....



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