war child
Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2014 04:56 am
rate homeboys:

Enough with, rust **** discussions, who the best is, who's the toughest.
who the real is, who's the buster.
im disgusted, wind gusted out my lungs my tongue is ex-hausted.
And justice has just been ad-justed
no obstacle impossible, ink clusters inside of a hostile pen,
that got you hostage. in hospitals you and your highschool friends
I heard you then, then I realised how much of a coward you been
when I locked you in, and you called New York's 911 like when the twin towers blew in
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Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2014 12:56 pm

yo if you been wondering what darknova and bambi have been up to you need to check this track out you will love it we got a few other people and tore it up!!!
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Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2014 07:24 pm
I believe that The Lord, Jesus wept on Earth but He was a God
The Father sent him down from Heaven to teach like a God
Before he ceased to be on the Cross, only one reached for the God
Begged for forgiveness and pleaded to God
Asked Jesus to cleanse the sins and bad deeds that he committed throughout his whole life
He was nothing but a thief and a fraud
He was repentant way deep in his heart, Jesus saw the good inside
Hugged him and kissed him, even though He was crucified
The same couldn't be said for all those who attacked Him
Beheld Him a criminal, threw stones and hacked Him
Pontius slapped Him but Jesus displayed the other cheek
while the crowd was watching, He behaved humbly
He was betrayed corruptly by Judas for some bags of health
Who then raced to the hill and hanged himself
Whoever would have thought the one death that took place
a thousand years ago would open the hearts of millions today?
That's why to this very day I appreciate and receive the good Lord
And feed my mind with all that Jesus has taught
In the biblical scriptures, and even Islam
Give my life to Him, my mind, body and spirit and even my heart
Let Him get involved in each single part
of my ongoing life, which is hard and full of strife
Someday I will be with the Gods
When some ************ kills me and I bleed on my own street or the yard
Some cat beats me to death
I have an attack, careen off the top of a building and sleep on a car
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war child
Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 12:16 pm
hit me up nigards
Reply Sat 1 Mar, 2014 11:10 pm
@war child,
You're wack warchild
war child
Reply Sun 2 Mar, 2014 03:00 am
show me that you're better instead of babbling
Reply Sun 2 Mar, 2014 04:15 pm
@war child,
Fight fight
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Reply Sun 2 Mar, 2014 04:16 pm
Guess who's making a band agreement and is a new addition to a badass instrumental rock band? Looks like they have their rapping singing writing package in the mail Cool
Heartless X
Reply Sun 2 Mar, 2014 06:50 pm
Word word up... Im back again, after a while yohw
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Reply Mon 3 Mar, 2014 12:21 am
What would work very well in theory
Should be included in this next story
When history is made out of the world I fucked
& you take all this pain away in the form of a suppository
If I saw rap as a brawl then I'd enter it guns blazing
Strapped to the teeth with lyrics
Spat out like it was sugar glazing
There wouldn't be enough 7.62's to put the monsters asleep
but I have enough balls to cut em so they won't make a peep

If I had more time I'd make this spit longer
but there's someone who needs me right now
so until then let's keep **** real my brother
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Reply Mon 3 Mar, 2014 03:01 pm
@war child,
Only equals stand next to me, like the number thirty three,
draw blood out of pussies, like i attack menstrually,
blessed with flow, and harmony, so pardon me,
you think you're straight? while you ride a-HE,
breaking you, like it's time for Tea,
plough assholes annually, like anally,
i convex in concavity, you confess,
i'm sharp in laxity, surplus in scarcity,
seat of the universe, JVe in and varsity, 8-0-8 and larceny,
you got a point? fax to me, i soar in your incapacity,
fuckin' you up like i **** your wife-to-be
your streak is heading towards calamity,
multiplying rhymes like amoebas in alacrity..
war child
Reply Tue 4 Mar, 2014 01:42 pm
You draw blood out of vaginas ? either you're a tampon, or you're on the rack the whole month,
You and the other 33 Tetatrons in the forefront
You attack menstrually, which means like a pussy, so hoe, run
say you're blessed with the flow, but you dont seem to flow none
yo son, why all your sentences have sex references in it ?
It seems like your bitch doesnt let your preciousness hit it,
your present is past, so you're basically finished, so while you're waiting your fax, I'm pacing your paths, with all these lyrics,
yeah I got a point, it's like a spear and I'm like the messengers with it, I step in and spit it and you'll be dead when you get it

Reply Wed 5 Mar, 2014 01:34 pm
hahaha what up prof
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Reply Fri 7 Mar, 2014 01:39 pm
@war child,
When i say Pussy, i'm talking about you and not a female pubic
You coudn't solve a square, why try to match up to a rubic
You're nauseating, i'm nazi-hating, that's why i'm scorned in Munich
I'm about to flip your balls like Filip Rudik, tryin' to mess with me
even your team knows you're fuckin' Stupid
i'm busy getting all the love, like fuckin' cupid
My present is past, cause i live ahead of my time,
war child, i guess you're a victim of an international crime
adding two's to figure 8's like i'm tryna get a dime
You're talking about lyrics, when you can't even set a rhyme
you're pacing my paths, and tracing my shats,
but i'm the sewer, so it'd take time before you reach the present and get to my ****, so take off your hat, and i don't mind if you rave like a bat,
battling a kid, so i know what not to do when i lay on the mat
you're the reason, we once thought, the earth was a flat
cause your brain can't even tell where it's location is at
Stop plagiarising my rhymes and get off this chat
cause we're able2know you're weak and that is a fact
war child
Reply Fri 7 Mar, 2014 04:19 pm
It's the end of the week, whenever I got some ink pen
But everytime this geek ends up rapping, it's a week end.
Go ahead flip my balls and lick them around, get them twisted around, with them wrist straps, dead-lift'em a round.
You step in a mine when you talk about setting a rhyme and you use hat and bat,
while I've mastered the crafted patterns that,
serve battle rap as a latterns and ladders to unravle fatcs,
and crack open the cavern gaps where your whack-ass raps got'em captured at.
I don't know about the ******* Cupid line bro,
is this how you really mean it ?
Are you willing to get on your knees with a bit of demeanour and suck on his penis ?
Plus, you're the only person that, thinks that the earth is flat, but,
it doesnt take that much of a genius
to know that your full of ****, cause you're stuctured as a public convenience
Reply Fri 7 Mar, 2014 08:49 pm
@war child,
Oh War Child, you're boring me now
You think you're high, but your soaring the ground
Look my talent was sordidly found, i'm astoundingly sound
that's why you call me a geek, flipping my rhymes, asking if i mean it
your meek-ass, tryna meet my meerkat rhymes, you're about to pass out like you've been hit
Why don't you take the whole package and trim it, your laid-back gimmicks
Can't even help you to mimic, i'm appalled by your sore attempt at a written virtual remix,
i'm spitting flow, ripping hoes, flipping foes, while all day you **** bricks, your **** reeks, i'm working at it, getting mo', you eat dicks,
We all know where you've been to, you deep-six, your lines are nothing more than lipsticks
If you add Dead-war child, that's a generic prefix
Study the skeletal mystics of my lines and it could also help your physics
A brainiac in fact son, you mainly lack attraction
You look insanely whack, your limit's just a fraction of my tracks run
My rhyming skills got you climbing hills on molly pills
I travel through your mind into your spine like siren drills
You modelled for hours, we said you're wack, your excuse was, "it's just a pose"
Well if shakespeare looks for a word to term this battle, he would be Juxtaposed!

Reply Sat 8 Mar, 2014 09:35 am
A brainiac in fact son, you mainly lack attraction
You look insanely whack, your limit's just a fraction of my tracks run
My rhyming skills got you climbing hills on molly pills
I travel through your mind into your spine like siren drills

Don't bite.
Reply Sat 8 Mar, 2014 11:16 am
Reply Sat 8 Mar, 2014 12:31 pm
a month since i capped a dunce , slapped a punk , had a half a skunk , I have to Crunch nestle rappers , nestea actors .. wheres your Ice ? my whole life its bin a fight , cops wanna read my rights , right before i give um a left , too much heart in the chest , bleeding over the pages .rage is my bestfriend kicking it with depression , if lifes a lesson , deaths a test, will I pass, never cheated , barely went to class..still get High Grades .. blood, sweat an tears , No FEAR . Poltergeists talking ,I dont hear the coffin , coughin up a lung ... breathe life into every word the heart drums... till a bloody banger arkham every knight sparkin, getting high with martians, - HIGHprofile Wink
Reply Sat 8 Mar, 2014 02:57 pm
Those four lines are from Eminem's "Infinite".

If you want to be good, you've got to be original. Just a bit of good advice for you.

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