Reply Thu 30 Jan, 2014 01:27 pm
yo yall im back its been a while whats poppin
Reply Sat 1 Feb, 2014 01:48 pm
Not much. Everyone else disappearing and reappearing
Reply Wed 5 Feb, 2014 12:48 pm
yeah man i noticed hahaha but lets get this forum grinding
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Reply Wed 5 Feb, 2014 01:09 pm
you know what i hate
everyone is trying to make
they plate
for food for thought
and you know what
we just malnourished
and what they forget is worthless
dont mean priceless
do something with life miss
or youll end up rappin
just like this
i put sweat and blood in
imma bleeder
they like " you suppose to be a leader!"
"but you aint runnin sh*t unless its away from it!"
"who the h*ll cares!"
i try to help a n*gga out
but i aint welfare
i cant save nobody kinda like health care
i got do-do on my two-shoes guess imma hafta start runnin the sh*t
but i aint found fun(d) in it yet
thats social security
the state of states has fear in me
and if its my dna
then we better be afraid
we all b*tch made
and bred that way

To be continued........
Reply Wed 5 Feb, 2014 03:38 pm
Nobody can **** with the styles that I **** with
Let's see if you can ruck with the guys that I ruck with
and cause a rumpus that's much rougher than Donald Duck's ruckus
when he erupts (train whistle)
Watch the smoke come out his buttocks
and start a phenomenal plethora of stuff to **** your butt up
like a cock up a hussy's rump that's all up on the come-up
Coming up, that's what happens to suckers who run up
and talk all that happy smut, like these motherfuckers won't shut up
Maybe I ought to cut them up, slice them and dice them and chop them up
And leave them bubbling in the motherfucking wok to simmer
for a couple of months until those fuckers are chargrilled to heated crisps
and they're looking like boxes of Weetabix
Say, you know what this joint reminds me of?
All those visits to see the aeroplanes glide right off
to the skies so dark that you can see the shining stars
align across just like the lights on the Eiffel Tower
Ay-ya, ay-ya, what a divine sight for all
That's what happens when you close your eyes and light the bong
and get high a lot, now I'm a motherfucking skylark
You can't be on my level because I'm higher than y'all
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Reply Thu 6 Feb, 2014 06:43 pm
I don't swear much, and I try to avoid harsh language, it's just not healthy. Just know that. I now will show you a rap I made for flow. Now presenting: F*cking F*ck

Every fuckin day, is ******* gray
Get out my way, I don't fuckin play
**** yo J's, "follow me"
**** your society, rivalry built like KKK
**** what you pave, dig fuckin graves
Fuckin shame that y'all fuckin waste your fuckin game on fuckin names
Fuckin A, I fuckin shake with every cuss I say
I'm shivering, withering, but don't fuckin break
**** the lake of tears you cried when I betrayed
Every fuckin thing I made
Fuckin bullet in my brain
I couldn't duck, fuckin sucks
Suck a nut, ******* ****!
I'll fuckin slay, the fuckin mayor with every fuckin tray
A fuckin plate for my trophy, hoping openly for a fuckin pay
Every motherfuckin buck I ate
Like somethin eight, fuckin hate
From every fuckin great
Fuckin makes me fuckin straight
I ain't homophobic but I don't **** no gays
Open up the gates, about to fuckin beam up, speed up this motherfuckin ray
I fuckin zap, fuckin happy, half assed rap
This fuckin flow glows, but fuckin blows up my stats
Butt-fuckin hos? No no, just outta luck, I'm slow
I don't fuckin know why I fuckin go
Through this crap, censor me won't fuckin show
Bleep bleep yo bleepin bleep
Fuckin keep it secret, under lock and key
Fuckin lackin sense, back in the rinse
Clean up, up in this shiiiiiiii- wait I can't say that, it's
Not very positive, smiles and all that when I get on the spin (wheel)
Jeopardy and risk
Connect the dots, ya get?
I don't swear that much, but **** it, I just gotta live, biiiiiiitch
Double I's I'm Gliitch!
Reply Fri 7 Feb, 2014 12:27 pm
Sorry i've not being able to come on, being busy
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Reply Fri 7 Feb, 2014 12:54 pm
prof you are still the best on this site xD
Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 02:46 pm
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Reply Sun 9 Feb, 2014 07:26 pm
Boom bitches I can record now B|
Reply Mon 10 Feb, 2014 12:48 pm
i wanna hear yah man link us up
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Reply Wed 12 Feb, 2014 01:36 am
I'm an alien from outer space, crazy and out of place
That's what my pals would state about a mild child who's wild and strange
I run a mile a day just to prove a point
Strike a cue like a snooker boy and lighten up a crew just like a buddha joint
These losers ploy to destroy and single me out
Figure me out? These bitches are clowns
Hit me with riddle and jokes, ha! You're killing me now
I'm banned from every town, I'm not permitted to socialise
I envision a whole life of love from chicks when I close my eyes
It's no disguise, I'm not wearing a crook's cloak
I'm a hood joke, a motherfucking sheep dressed in wolf's clothes
This dude shows some promise, too hot for Holywood
Make mollycoddlers holler just like Rajasthans and Pakistanis in Bollywood
I knock on wood like dashboards in Volkswagen cars
My rapping bars are so abstract and odd they should be classified as Picasso art
I'm damn hard, algebra is too simple for me
Fixing to get my image clean like getting rid of some pimples on an Indian's cheeks
Reply Thu 13 Feb, 2014 01:37 am
I'm prone to recklessness, yet my flow is effortless
When I'm directing a show, I let my soul go like Moses' Exodus
My sole intelligence passes what the masters of karate teach
Not even Miyagi's sweeps can top the marks of this retarded fiend
I'm hard to appease yet easy to shoot down in a hurry
kinda like cowboy buddies when they come around with their pounds and their shotties
I'll clown anybody with my sense of humour, it's no senseless rumour
If you don't express approval then head to your bedroom and get your shooter
My mind is booming and throbbing, I need some medication
Some lemonade and Alka-Seltzer pellets should aid my head that's aching
I can escape with anything I say
even if chicks get afraid and offended, sway away and get their friends to chase me
I'm a little crazy and a tough act to follow
I can feel empty today and write a rough rap tomorrow
There's no sorrow in this heart, but if there has to be then I might join the Virgin Mary
so She can give me some of Her burden to carry
Reply Mon 17 Feb, 2014 11:20 pm
Dope thang there
Reply Tue 18 Feb, 2014 06:01 pm
This sh!t

I'm an imagined national rapper
A master of matters en masse, or
A maniacal animalistic braggart
Who plays with matches and is passionate with his match-ups
But sometimes I'm mad like a manical mastiff
And go batshit, with a bat, bitch
I'm an annoyance like a bad itch
Luckily I can outlast my sadness
And next time I attack the whole world will go black,

Stab me in the back, but you lack the rapper
Crack me with the shaft of your staff, wizardous bastard
Get intimate with the mic and remixes
And get into it, bar after bar verse versa this ****
Ima curse in this ****
Ima throw some dirt in this ****
Don't like getting dirty, you're worthless, ya quit
Words for murder equipped
Perks of lurkin' in tin
Like a mecha wrecka set ta burst in this ****
Like a messed up pressured mess, up to my neck in this ****
I'm the head pessimist
Yet left for dead in this ****
Time to rhyme my sequel, at my best in this ****

One second left and set to my death sentence less of this penance yet independent dependent on steppin' and severin' legs checkin' my reppin' representin' I freckin' said it, I'm Gliitch!
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Reply Wed 19 Feb, 2014 01:36 am
Well, thanks, potna.
0 Replies
Reply Mon 24 Feb, 2014 08:51 am
Hey guys wassup don't mind me I am new here
I am sick of my former outlet whenever I run low on beer
Yet I am tired of running away from any or all my fears
That the only thing I have left pours out of me through my tears
& I get so sick and tired of it all
That if I had any left I'd chase it down as I may dear
As if my blood sweat and pain has never meant a damn thing to me in years
When I counted up all of my victories it equaled up in vain to my ears
Because I can see now the error of my past mistakes
I have something holding me back locked up inside a cage
With the key tossed away rusted up and washed away..
Because the only thing I hear is complaints from the masses
I got to where I needed to be by making these enemies, unmask-ed.
It's only in the mirror where I see the realest threat to me, en face.
The only battle I ever needed to focus on was against me
I'd hate to say that I surrendered and let it consume me
The stabbing pain that permeates from my heart is no use to me
So I use this as a fuel to act ruthlessly

There lies within me a demon that wreaks of contagious envy
That is fueled by debaucherous sin
Who acts cowardly yet resentfully.
But I refuse to let it, I don't negotiate with these terrorists
It's yet another operantly conditioned defence mechanism
Against 40 year old kids who thought they could replace my parents
Who knew nothing about jack **** but plain old ignorance
They didn't wanna ask about it.
They didn't even wanna talk or guide me they'd just tiptoe around it
And accuse me of these things that just didn't suit me
Everything I've ever said, people thought I was crazy
But it was just another piece of a puzzle that takes a while to figure out
I think I almost got it but it's always right before time runs out
I knew I had it all figured out I swear! but then I am silenced.
I feel like a generous person with nothing to share but violence
& if I could only fit in with society I'd feel left out
Far away from home and just shut the hell out
Because it's my world and I accept it's really fucked up with what I do with it
But if your feet could fit in my shoes you'd be apart of it..
Reply Mon 24 Feb, 2014 06:32 pm
This gorilla of the fall, almost really knows it all
But maintain a mainframe before the flow consumes the walls
And the room you're in may crawl, with beings- monsters down the halls
Just be a man through it all, grab a rifle, grab your balls
And back em' off! Laugh it off! **** what they must talk
This whole rap's a fuckin brawl, but please don't get too lost-

Be in your shoes? I'm too busy dealing with mine
Been traumatized over and over, now I've an emotionless mind
So I remind in every line, that tonight I'm doing fine
Until the day I'm pushed all crooked and raise that crimson knife!
You hear aggression in my rhymes, yet a calmness rests inside
So you can make a pity-me rap verse, or make sure your last words,
Are fighting ones! No fighting, done, if rhyming's fun, then why lose my mind? It's dumb
But I close my eyes I'm numb, swimming upriver, bite my line how come?
But even in the end, there's no godamn chance I'd run!
The world is a game, reality is my fun
Whether I win or lose, normality is shunned
Y'all are game pieces to manipulate, so get at me
Hit at me, but this kid's got infinite energy
So Mr. Autumn sir, Mr. poor me
Let's keep rap simple, not hypocritical not corny
And before you try to reply with your life story
I don't give a ****, I'll let you **** the world for me

Welcome yo.
Reply Mon 24 Feb, 2014 10:02 pm
missed ya drew Smile

and all yo homies

on my grind
on a rhyme
droing the sky
phoneix tears on the fly
dont cry mary jane get high
do what you gotta do to get by
get up
in all sorts a get ups
step up or step down
step on your necks clown , next
went from cassettes a vets
you bitches im a dogg, with pussy flesh
on my breath
im the best
of the best
**** the rest
dmt dmc , u aint sleeping on my rhymes
got um dreaming of lines
like feens doing time
yea i go hard
get that victory and a V card
my first time i **** your head up retard
breathe art , drink slaughter
D picked air , and think water
no battle scars on my avatars
leave ama chea's , for coroners to examine ya
bin brooding on the food in my empty stomach
hungry enough to eat my vomit
sick of the truth , I wanted
truth is they want proof im sick , 110% Im on it
, fly , honest , hi what up im high , grades in class ,
dont **** girls that want mo white then my caucasian ass
its a cold life , snow white,
low lifes, hold knives, to get a cut
slut , you think im nuts ,
i dont give a **** , hypocritical assholes calling me up
saying **** , Butt , they think they the **** ..Duck , duck
goosefeathered pillow over your face
my tounge taste
gonzo suitcase
boots laced ready for the big picture
graffiti all 3 bigs pictures
on a new canvas with a mixer
six sixers , 76'rs jersey n some elixer
drunk prophet that dont need liqour to talk ****
drunk monk on some funky skunk dropkick
in the middle off a mosh pit
in the oval office

Reply Mon 24 Feb, 2014 11:34 pm
Ooh Prof nice 3/4 style there

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