Reply Sat 8 Mar, 2014 03:43 pm
Plagiarism, point noted
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Reply Sun 9 Mar, 2014 06:54 am
you see that dude , no sign , no tatoo
, no gang sign , just my fists ima throw at chu
,clitorus bitch , little this , little that , ur illiterate ,scribble raps
flows hit your chest so hard ya ribs collapse
kids bones snap , lids domed capped
is that a track ima get on that
thats a rap till thats a wrap a plastic on the floor
44 against ya vocal chords
aint hear you whacks no more
wax the floor
with a cats valore
aint ever going back to less then ive had before
fill my bowls with yoda , i pack the force
toro toro , **** a matador
im catching z's ... Zorro ,Zorro,zohan
you smell like cat manure
thats some pussy ****
im over ya head on some hoodie ****
wheres my fourty bottle
deepthroat it bitch , shorty swallow
I dont need a gat , to shoot your ass
just my Mac , going brappppp
would you like bacon an cheese with that
**** the pigs ,hip hop i'll take some emcees with that
seed that , even a blind man can see that my stocks'll grow
acca flows drop um off at cha doe , knocking at ya third optical
if possibles in the hospital , chance is dead,
it must be fate driving foot on the go ,vahminos ,
I could bomb my foes , dalmer woes ,
rather bong the dro call dominos
im hungry you not
smoke some
get to cooking up devotion
heres a toast to ghostin my first phantom
first **** wit a verse then give birth to anthems
you can sit down if you dont stand for anything
you cant understand it
deeper in the ether then granite
im an artist who sees a bigger picture
ima need a bigger canvas
once upon a rhyme i wanted to paint the heavens bloody
saints impaled with there own buddies
let it rain and wash away the reigns thats stained the grains
we need a change from chain gangs
throw on 2 chains , change the game
this aint checkers , or chess
GTA and we aiming at your chest

Reply Sun 9 Mar, 2014 10:59 am
Martians? Well, they do say I'm weird
But I still raise a cheer because a new day is here
And I've woken up, brushed my teeth and choked up my halitosis
Made breakfast my social worker, to help me focus
Confidence is the catalyst of my happiness
I cop a shining knight suit, and conquer my sadness
Overthrow the madness, plunder the kingdom of the maniacs
Evil negaters, and naysaying addicts
Shady faggots, power-crazed braying maggots
who make game-playing an everyday habit
These dogs running their mouth like Bugs Bunny rabbits
Chirping like birds, they're chicken, those pussycats get their ass kicked
While I strut like James Bond making heads and tails of the hood
Pennies are flipping, up to no avail or no good
I keep it real like a street boss should
With more connections than a switchboard, knock on wood

Tried to adapt a Raekwon story-telling technique ......
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Reply Sun 9 Mar, 2014 12:24 pm
She's a super model, 33-33 model
Groovy models like the ones you see on the catwalk
Bollywood or Hollywood, dark, light or neutral
Any colour from the Lord's palette is beautiful
Or should I say "booty-ful", curves that go well
and go round and slalom like swerves on a rail
Everybody hail the R&B divas from Venus
The goddesses and queens with the chocolate Maltesers
that pluck my heart out like splinters by a tweezer
And I'm just a Londoner, a "geezer"
taking my fucked-up, retarded autism to the cleaners
like washing that's cleaned at 40 degrees
"(High pitch) Momma, your clothes are washed, shall I put them on the airer?"
"(Middle pitch) Yes, hang them to dry in the lounge, let them air up!"
I'm getting fed up
I can't find a model on the streets and it's tearing my little head up
into smithereens like a captain on a vessel
Grumbling like Muttley because he can't get a medal
cause the Dick is always confiscating them and that meddles
If a supermodel isn't what I want
Then just an ordinary girl is who I'll settle for
Someone I can pull together for, no metaphor
I'm not a pair of curtains or a set of drawers
but it seems that every broad I meet always throws a hand of darts
at a player and I always end up settling scores
I'm gonna get this whore, treat her like butter and spread the broad
Rape her senseless until she loses all her senses more
Yell out loud, "YU-GI-OH!" with my deck of cards
and if the ************ tries to pull a fast one, execute a Level 4
Raging Demon Instant Hell Murder Shungokusatsu
until the slut is flat on the bedroom floor

I need a girl like P Diddy and Loon
Cross my fingers, hoping that I'll hit on her soon
I'm being stereotyped to a certain limit, it's true
But if I smashed a type of stereo over this chick, she'd dig a good tune
They're all money-hungry, wanting thick riches and jewels
They're all dummy bunnies, loving big Indian fools
Get all lovey-dovey, touching slick business suits
These cool superstars with Subaru cars, Isuzu carts and super rods
Looking large like super malls, booing hard through school halls
like a mob of stupid broads always nagging to their Moms
"Dude, how come I'm not getting my share of the moolah wads?"
I've had it with this ****, I'm through

Moolah wads are another term for pocket money. Razz

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Reply Mon 10 Mar, 2014 11:06 pm
ayo ktown back , for all you fakes around i say GET down to that !
for **** sakes illistrate is the state bound rat ,
my mistake ? throw in the towel then you ******* take it face down fAST!

havent rapped in years an you fuckin bitch still writin ?
after all these years now , my pace and rates are climbin ,
with this race its time & steady throwin cakes at lions !
to death ill keep my 9 leave your family all cryin!

keep it tight son , ill kill you in the dark i dont need no light son !!
come on hands up lets fight , get it right son !
pussy ass nigga ill feed ya to my python , TONIGHT son !

you think you can chop me down?.. im 10 feet !
it'll take you 10 weeks , but hey go try it !! 100 foot stem tree !!
you just a fuckin cup a tea , to me ? ill eat everything thats attached , head to your dumb feet !
some heat, this track acopella , no dumb beats !!
up north where you niggas would fuckin Freeze , oh Canada
land of some tough BEASTS !

Reply Tue 11 Mar, 2014 03:10 am
You want to call me a rat, hear me creep through your floorboards
Give you a fright, make you scream like a lost whore
I keep it raw like a Chinese butcher
Light the kush up while smooth music moves through my Sony woofer
I go by what the rap game taught me
Expand my knowledge like a plasma-made Hitachi
or is it Samsung? You're coughing a bad lung
My bat's hung like a batsman when he bats with his packed nuts
instead of an actual bat
I spit facts that are collateral
Damaging you like Cruise sitting at the back of the
car while Jamie Foxx drives him like Daisy
This is crazy, I'm loco, my asshole is smaller than a single Polo
but I can still **** out better rhymes than this hustla, this kid is go-go
So I guess it's time to pull out my gadget and let him have it
Make this rabbit spring from here to another planet
Preferably one, that has little to none
of life, energy trapped by the Sun
Exposed to photosynthesis, you can't synthesise my flows
They're oh too dope for you, you overgrown ho
Ktownhustla, the A-town will snuff ya
Ludacris to think you could trade pounds with some of the
best in this ring, it's best that you sling
your hook, Ills and professor are kings
of this kingdom, with rings on, your style is wrinkly like Klingons
You little Cash Money fiend with your bling on
You're better off appearing on Disney's Sing-a-Long
Songs with Pinocchio while he's got his strings on
Reply Tue 11 Mar, 2014 09:30 am
whos the little punk climbing up
i decided to size em up
you're nobody, still not a playa
i pack a shotty, you just a mouth spraya
youll get an l when i spit my notorious pun
send a hustla to h*ll its just glorious fun
if ill is a rat you just cheese
just leave
havent rapped in years stick with that please

you in heaven still wouldnt get this halo
so when i hit you with a mongoose, betta pray yo
ill turn your python to some boots
couldnt get to the level im on like i won ladders and shoots
yo screw your cakes, mbk turn this game to a monopoly
like cars without breaks aint no stopping me

from canada thinkin you a hard hitta
youll get chard n*gga
cuz from canada we got the hardest spitta
prof smoke you like his rasta bowl
we face people like you daily so stop its old

thinking you ten feet will i leave most defeated
crusified like jesus
thinking you could just throw rocks but you hit the bees nets
Reply Tue 11 Mar, 2014 11:48 am
Can't a young nigga get money any more?
What don't kill me make me stronger I can feel it in my core.
Bitch real G's move in silence like Cologne, hell yeah I'm trynna bone more! what you think I put extra on for?!
Yeahhh she already sending nudes, what you think I keep lookin at my phone for?!

Yolo, ain't **** after death, like a blunt after you ash it.
Just a pile of skin in a tux in a casket.
Niggas getting paid 20 mil a year to put a ball in a basket.
Time goes by fast, that's why I like my road head best in traffic.
Dressed in white and black, so I already look classic.
check my new bitch, she fetch sticks and do tricks.
don't be a prick, unless you want yo ass kicked.
Drop dat ass that harder than Hendrix dropped acid.
These prickly bitches in the club thirstier than some cactus.
Stay Fly, like my nigga A.I.
done with all this talkin bout practice.

You see my gun? Yeah, you do not wanna see the tigger squeeze.
I could make the whole Nazi army stop burning victims by saying freeze.
Nigga please, I could eat tostistos In front of the cartel hollerin' "this Nacho cheese."
Aww hell, I could kill Obama as well, while Michelle fell to her knees.
Secretary of defense ain't got **** either, I fucked his secretary and told him suck some d's.
Even the doctor said I'm more I'll than disease.
I said **** you, I hate you and your medical degrees.
I can cure anything with ease.
all we need is to legalize trees.
In to my main squeeze...I'm made Danica Patrick go get my car keys.
she gave me head as we drove off with the top down feeling the 100 mile per hour breeze.
god bless y'all, I'm out., oh I thought a heard a sneeze.
Reply Tue 11 Mar, 2014 02:39 pm
yo ill - u - straight ? thinkin you the man dawg ! ?
i just got out the PEN for cuttin a mans hand off !
so im back on track , and my flow so damn raw !
you garbage bag faggot get your jam on !!!

UP north we kill animals , no fussin !!
gut them while they breathin still , YOU nothin !
cuz ill cut your guts out with a dull knife , an keep HUSTLIN !
while i sit on the toilet seat , your mama... , just keep BLUMPKIN!!

i pull out my stacks ,.... head to toe .. im just full of tats !!
spent those years in prison , thug life , you betta know the facts !
i control the strap, index finger just overloading caps !

you aint **** bitch , id grab you quick an twist your bones quick,
leave you alone in the bush ... let my wolves itch , for your dome snitch !!!
Reply Wed 12 Mar, 2014 01:09 am
the dark nova thinkin he a slick one ,
fist full of dick , cant talk his lips cummed , zip shut , his bitch dumb !
his bitch get slit on her wrist some , then ill **** your bitch mom !
ktown is where this sick kid from ,
disease an **** son , i melt like acid after the battery drips some !
i attack so fast , your lame raps are bad,
whats your excuse for that? ....

you can TRY to SIZE me up , but ill CUT you into sizes !
i can tell that you despise me... ive got you all vibe'n,
ive known prof longer then your pubes came in , am i lyin ??
ask him , that nigga roar like a lion !

you under our feet with this rap game ,
want a slug in your chest over a rap man?
pffft , 1 word ! ATTACK ..... the exact same ! ..
pigs will munch every bone including your wack brain !
come at me broo !!!!

Reply Wed 12 Mar, 2014 02:36 pm
Nice ripping off Lil Wayne in the beginning there
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Reply Fri 14 Mar, 2014 02:00 am
Whitey is alive or no?
0 Replies
Reply Fri 14 Mar, 2014 08:00 am
**** rhymes I write obituaries, for the wack-hearted
Diseased with cowardice, you get sent away like missionaries
My mind is like a dictionary, I put words in your mouth
the same way that a chick gets turned out
Rappers cry over milk that's spilt
Your generic thoughts are just not skilled like Ills'
I kill at will like Ice Cube's E.P.
You ain't got the willpower to outmatch me, see?
I'm a monster, a criminal, a lyrical devil
And ktownhustla can't get to my level
I'm jumping platforms and reaching higher heights
I'm fly like fighter jets taking to the brightest skies
My autism is not to be taken for weakness
I got bad tempers, homie; you'll be the one to see this
You don't want to set standards with somebody who's better
Your aims don't match mine, my targets are better
I'm a prodigy with skills gained over the course of time
And you're just a lame MC with boring rhymes
You're a prick kinda like the back of a porcupine
when the needles stick out, that's when your strength declines
I protect myself; you fucked with Ills and jeopardised your health
so you might as well inject yourself
I just overthrown your wack **** with my wack ****
My style hits you tenfold, you can't match it
My flex goes for miles, you can't catch this
You're a washed-up field-player who's tactless
0 Replies
Reply Sun 16 Mar, 2014 05:43 pm
another day getting gutter wage
boss says have patients it pays off
next day taste getting laid off
in the stomach make me wanna vomit
im sick a this bull ****
moneys sweeter then licorice I wanna full clip fatter then a bulls dick
i dont understand ya sandra bullox
bullock , but look , I know my vocal chords sharp enough to cut books
but **** , girl got a nice buttox
suits me like a Butt tux
on my nu-uts
only time my kinda girls stuck up
shut up how could I ? ,Nut up on a pre nump ,
girl I dont care weve bin dateing three months,
she like hun im hunnngry
im like yo cunnnt or tummmy
or does yo asss just want money ?
cha ching my dick wear a bitch like bling
**** a diamond ring ,a chain that hang to my dingaling
ring ring calling it the way it is
ring ring hello to my haters Bitch
ring ring 3 points from the top, hello to the baskets telling it to watch
cause im calling my shots , botox , chicken pox , chickens bock
pac dickens bach , rolled up an spliffin pot and gittin quap
use to get in **** a lot ,people said that guys going to hell
then He rolled 2 L's and He Rolled to HELL
for some dead presidents like roosevelt
dub that like roosevelts
thats that beat n i know it well
its going well im flowing swell
aint gonna fail ,when I dro inhale
when I drove in Hail , cause my drives so ice
flying high lit like my mic a pilot lite
Hip Hops oven is what I ignite
cooking up soul food for life

Copywrite 2014 Michael Vincent Dugas Calgary Alberta Canada

Reply Mon 17 Mar, 2014 09:29 am
dat vincent doe Wink
Reply Mon 17 Mar, 2014 11:49 am
lol Smile
Reply Tue 18 Mar, 2014 10:50 am
It's been a minute since i've been in this position,
sign say wait in line and have the admission,
the hardest part is admitting
i never truly got it until, these lies were most of what i was spittin'
I was trippin
but I haven't been more high in my life, so whats missing,
A nitro fluid engine , burn the tollbooths and good riddens
The cosmos calling me to the land of forbidden,
The mind is poisoned and stomach sickened,
then i woke up, what was i thinkin
even when it comes to defeating your enemy,
you have a second to think and realize recognition,
that this patron brought me here from straight hatred,
colorless, it caused blindness, the thought is so far fetched
so I start to draw
grab a pencil and make these shades of grey,
almost forgetting the one who rats is made of plague,
shift and erase, sketched and made,
a face i remembered from a dream or a random day,
long hair, eyes still had the same shades of grey,
black in the pupil, it remained to stay
maybe i should meditate
Close my eyes and reach a heightened state,
of emotional construction, soul abduction between the astral plane,
Clear mind with the spiritual wave, darkness braised,
the light has raised, and destroyed the fakes...
nvm i'll just watch hbo at home, alone chillin eating while watchin the game of thrones..


Reply Tue 18 Mar, 2014 03:27 pm
If I had 24 hours to live, I'd run back to west London
as fast as I can, and reunite Dad with his lost ones
Then sprint like Speedy until my feet are flat
Gatecrash [Ravi's] wedding and win [Deesha] back
Tell her my feelings, kiss her on her lips and scram
Before their families find out just where the **** I ran
(Where is he?!)
Become a millionaire and pull my family off the street
Then bring the chick back to my house and make her touch my mother's feet
Say hello to your new daughter-in-law
She's gonna help me motivate to the gate like Raekwon when he's raw
Become famous, get lots of fans, put some of my art out
Make my friends exclaim, "Whoa, dude! Your stuff is far out!"
Get rid of this autism once and for all and be normal for
once when I walk with all my cohorts in the shopping mall
If I had one day to live and I failed to do these things
Then I guess I'd have to commit suicide (NO!!!!)
I'm kidding, you guys! Don't take it personal
I'm not a quitter, goddamn it! Was my motive hurting you?
I'd take the mountain to Muhammad, Jesus, Vishnu, Guru Nanak and Ahura Mazda
then invite them all back for a Mardi Gras
0 Replies
Reply Wed 19 Mar, 2014 12:59 pm
blazing angels, getting high with devils an my demons schemeing accension
crept in gods garden planted my seed in
grew into a new breed n thrown out of eden
bleeding life into the darkness till it ignites
and see itself like an artist with a pen writes
shades a reality ,the depth of this insight
incites lucifers morning stars are bright
but I bin up all night , surviving
vibing in the silence
swimming through sirens
spirit eternal dieing of laughter
think your gonna take my life Very Happy ima deciding factor
devines tractor , for heavensake still pushing dirt
i dont write rhymes , I rewrite minds and the lines attached ta
spines , a master mind ya bizness ...
I put stocks in the garden watch um grow
gov put glocks in harlem charged um bullets 4 doe
shoot either way its money
i like girls like tyra n ashley that ass got Bank , money
sweeter then honey and chocolate undies
damn im hungry
asian pussy at the door , MMM Munchies Wink

Reply Thu 20 Mar, 2014 08:19 am
no ones to blame if my rap is lame
i aint got and excuse but i could rap obtuse
and still come wider angles than you
so you should 180 and try-angles
say something bout my lady youll die, see angels
thats a circle of life and your just a square
fist full of d*ck cuz im holding your neck like a snare
you getting beat like a snare youll fizzle out like a flare

now you dont want to rap battle me
you rap badly
"badly" not the way black people use it
i said you rap badly
like the way white people do it
this lyin lion liein for defyin
ill slug you then slug you cuz you a slug dude

punch then a shot for and insect
expect to be dissected and inspected
you infected smoked like meth heads

killed by my methods

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